Sunday, May 10, 2009

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एक फोटो, जिसने 'सेकुलरिस्‍टों' की नींदें उड़ा दीं

हिन्‍दुस्‍तान टाइम्‍स से साभार

उत्तरप्रदेश में निजी स्कूल, मदरसे में बदल रहे हैं… Schools becoming Madarssa in UP

पीटीआई की एक रिपोर्ट के मुताबिक मोटी सरकारी मदद के लालच में उत्तरप्रदेश के कई निजी स्कूल धीरे-धीरे मदरसे में तब्दील हो रहे हैं। केन्द्र सरकार के “अर्जुनसिंह” मंत्रालय ने मदरसों के लिये एक विशेष योजना चलाई हुई है जिसका नाम है Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madarassa (SPQEM), जिसके अनुसार मदरसों की उन्नति(?) के लिये केन्द्र सरकार की ओर से 375 करोड़ रुपये का प्रावधान किया गया है और इसी रकम की लालच में कई निजी स्कूल अब मदरसे बन रहे हैं, और इनमें से अधिकतर स्कूल मालिक मुस्लिम हैं।

असली गरीब

जैसे ही लाश को कंधे पर उठाये जनपथ पर पहुँचे तो लाश में अवस्थित बेताल ने कहा- राजन! तुम क्यों परेशान हो रहे हो ? जब तक सत्ता है मौज करो । इस अंधेर नगरी में कोई चूँ तक करनेवाला नहीं है । पर पता नहीं तुम को क्या जिद है की हर वीक एंड पर लाश को ठिकाने लगाने निकल पड़ते हो । खैर तुम मानोगे तो नहीं । सो श्रम भुलाने के लिए तुम्हें एक कहानी सुनाता हूँ । यदि तुमने जानबूझ कर मेरे प्रश्न का उत्तर नहीं दिया तो तुम्हारे सिर के टुकड़े-टुकड़े हो जायेंगे ।

पिछ्ला हिसाब भी कराओ.....

Unsolicited advice to Michael Arrington…

If you don’t like handshakes, try a “Namaste” instead.

Just stumbed on Hand Shaking Is So Medieval. Let’s End It. Excerpts:

…there’s one thing that bugs me more than all of those things (email, voicemail and business cards) put together - the ubiquitous hand shake.

…Whatever the reason for hand shaking, it isn’t needed. …it’s a relic of an older time that’s not only no longer needed but actually causes inefficiency.

…The fact is that hand shakes spread germs. You shake someone’s hand and then touch your nose or mouth and you can get sick. I don’t like getting sick. But to turn down a hand shake is such an insult that there’s little choice. The hand is out there, in front of me waiting, so like everyone else I grasp it.

…So let’s start a new trend - not shaking hands.

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Of Indian Media and Elections

An SOS from Pakistan by Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy- Professor of Physics

An SOS from Pakistan
Pervez Hoodbhoy
March 16, 2009
Source: Frontline

This continental drift is not physical but cultural, driven by a belief that Pakistan must exchange its South Asian identity for an Arab-Muslim one. Grain by grain, the desert sands of Saudi Arabia are replacing the rich soil that had nurtured a rich Muslim culture in India for a thousand years. This culture produced Mughal architecture, the Taj Mahal, the poetry of Asadullah Ghalib, and much more. Now a stern, unyielding version of Islam - Wahabism - is replacing the kinder, gentler Islam of the sufis and saints who had walked on this land for hundreds of years.

In the Pakistani lower-middle and middle-middle classes lurks a grim and humourless Saudi-inspired revivalist movement which frowns on every expression of joy and pleasurable pastime. Lacking any positive connection to history, culture and knowledge, it seeks to eliminate "corruption" by regulating cultural life and seizing control of the education system.

As a part of General Zia-ul-Haq's cultural offensive, Hindi words were expunged from daily use and replaced with heavy-sounding Arabic ones. Persian, the language of Mughal India , had once been taught as a second or third language in many Pakistani schools. But, because of its association with Shiite Iran, it too was dropped and replaced with Arabic. The morphing of the traditional "khuda hafiz" (Persian for "God be with you") into "allah hafiz" (Arabic for "God be with you") took two decades to complete. The Arab import sounded odd and contrived, but ultimately the Arabic God won and the Persian God lost.

The commonly expressed view in Pakistan is that Islamic radicalism is a problem only in FATA, and that madrassas are the only jehad factories around. This could not be more wrong. Extremism is breeding at a ferocious rate in public and private schools within Pakistan 's towns and cities. Left unchallenged, this kind of education will produce a generation incapable of living together with any except strictly their own kind. Pakistan's education system demands that Islam be understood as a complete code of life, and creates in the mind of the schoolchild a sense of siege and constant embattlement by stressing that Islam is under threat everywhere.

UK Hindus not allowed to burn their dead

Shobha De and Seeta Sena

By Shri. Sudhir Patil

‘Shobha De’, a renowned writer has declared setting up of ‘Seeta Sena’ to fight on behalf of ‘Bar-girls’ involved in immoral activities in restaurants and bars and to counter Sree Ram Sena.

The first point is that it was a big mistake and most crude to set up such ‘Sena’ to support these kinds of activities. The second mistake is to name it as ‘Seeta Sena’ because Goddess Seeta was most virtuous and faithful wife of Sree Rama. She is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and worshipped all over the country as ‘Seetamayya’. Shobhaji has, therefore, hurt religious sentiments of all Indians by giving this name to the organization.

Desecration of idols of ‘Saat Devasthan’ at Cuncoleim, Goa

Cuncoleim (Goa): Idols of deities of ‘Saat Devasthan’ at Talwada in Cuncoleim, Goa were desecrated last night. The President of the temple, Shri. Prabhakar Gaonkar has filed a police complaint in this regard.

People inspecting the desecration
People inspecting the desecration

Samarth : Hindu girls-beware of Muslims!