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“Sukhasya moolam Dharmah”

“Sukhasya moolam Dharmah”: "

Many of you must have come across this well-known sutra before. Some days back, I got curious to know more about it…and I turned to Radhakrishnan Pillai and Ranjit Shetty, co-Founders and Directors of the Chanakya Institute of Public Leadership in Mumbai. Radhakrishnan and Ranjit put me in touch with CIPL’s course-coordinator, Malathi..who sent me this very helpful email (thanks also to Rahul and Pravin – both participants at CIPL, who helped Malathi locate the sutras):

The sutras which you have asked the reference for comes in Chanakya Pranita Sutra which is also called Chankaya Sutra. It doesn’t come under Arthashastra. There are works by Chanakya other than Arthashastra like Laghu Chanakya, Rajneeti Shastra, Chanakya Neeti, Chanakya Sutra etc. Chanakya Sutra has 572 sutras. These are the first 10 sutras from Chanakya Sutra:

1. Sukhasya moolam Dharmah

Meaning – The basis of “sukha” or all true pleasantness is “dharma” or righteous conduct.

2. Dharmasya moolam Arthah

Meaning- The basis of all “dharma” is “artha” or wealth.

3. Arthasya moolam Rajyam

Meaning – The basis of all “artha” is “rajya” or the State.

4. Rajyasya moolam Indriya Jayah

Meaning – The basis for the stability of the State lies in control over the “indriya“ or sense faculties providing pleasure.

5. Indriyajayasya moolam Vinayah

Meaning – The basis for control over the sensual faculties is in “vinay” or humility.

6. Vinayasya moolam Vruddhopasevah

Meaning – The basis for humility is devotion to those grown old through wisdom.

7. Vruddhopasevaya Vijnanam

Meaning – Through devotion to the wise, one attains proficiency with the maximum efficiency.

8. Vijnanena atmaanam Sampadyet

Meaning – It is imperative for all the functionaries of the State to perform their duties with the maximum efficiency.

9. Samapaditatma jitatmama Bhavati

Meaning – To perform State duties with the maximum efficiency, the functionaries of the State must learn to control their sensual needs, and maximise their internal potential.

10. Jitatma sarvarthe Sanyujyate

Meaning – Those who have vanquished their baser selves will become prosperous naturally, can retain their prosperity, and (will) be successful in their endeavours.

Here are the sutras in Devanagari script:

सुखस्य मूलं धर्मः , धर्मस्य मूलं अर्थः

अर्थस्य मूलं राज्यं , राज्यस्य मूलं इन्द्रिय जयः

इन्द्रियाजयस्य मूलं विनयः, विनयस्य मूलं वृद्धोपसेवः

वृद्धोपसेवाय विग्न्यानं , विग्न्यानेनं आत्मानं सम्पद्येत

समपदितात्म जितात्मम भवति, जितात्मा सर्वार्थे संयुज्यते

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Muslims celebrate victory of Pakistan in cricket match

Muslims celebrate victory of Pakistan in cricket match: "Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra): Muslims from Guru Govind Singh Pura burst crackers after 10.00 p.m. violating the Supreme Court’s order when Pakistan won a cricket match."



And the man who said it is always right — Koenraad Elst.

Hinduism aka sanatana dharma is just a universal pool of wisdom — nothing else.

There is no founder. There is no final Prophet.

You can draw as much from the universal pool. You can contribute to it.

Or you can also piss on it the way Communists, Muslims, Christians and silly westerners do. However, it is an universal pool and these pisses won’t have any effect on the universal pool.

Have your choice.

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Solapur Municipal Corporation sold cows to butchers !

Solapur Municipal Corporation sold cows to butchers !: "Solapur (Maharashtra): The Municipal Corporation was taking custody of cows owned by the Hindus and was directly selling them to butchers. Its disgraceful act was brought to light by alert members of Sriram Sena."

Hindus force Muslim to banish himself for teasing Hindu girl

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Abdulla Govt.’s axe falls on Amarnath pilgrimage

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Haindava Keralam - Dandi March in US against corruption in India

Dandi March in US against corruption in India
03/03/2011 13:35:16 Deccanchronicle

Washington: A group of NRIs, inspired by the historic Dandi March led by Mahatma Gandhi in India's fight for freedom from foreign rule, have organised a 240-mile walk in the US against corruption in India.

Starting at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, San Diego, California March 12, 'Dandi March II' goes through Los Angeles and ends March 26 at Gandhi Statue, San Francisco. The dates coincide with the dates Gandhi did his historic march in 1930.

Every major city in USA, 10 major cities in India and 8 other countries globally join the movement by organizing supporting events March 26, the organisers said.

Conceived to fight those who seek to plunder and enslave their own country are to push the government to enact Jan Lokpal bill and ratify UNCAC which are designed to free India from the clutches of corruption, and to bring back the hidden money from foreign banks, they said.