Tuesday, October 6, 2009

IntelliBriefs: China's naval nationalism: Has A K Antony blinked?

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    • C. Raja Mohan
    • http://www.indianexpress.com/news/chinas-naval-nationalism-has-a-k-antony-blinked/525249/0
    • The Indian Navy, which has a longer record of modern operations at sea and enjoys many maritime advantages over China, appears increasingly tied down by the terrible timidity of the MoD's political leadership.
    • If Antony thinks he is being 'nice' to the Chinese by cancelling exercises in the Western Pacific, he has no inkling of how Beijing thinks. The Chinese respect those with the will to power, and they mount relentless pressure on those who wilt.
    • As it rises, China will inevitably build a powerful navy. It is also logical that China will protect its growing interests in the Indian Ocean. There is no way India can or should stop it. New Delhi must focus, instead, on consolidating its own position in the Indian Ocean and elevating its maritime profile in the Western Pacific.

First Post from Incognito thoughts: Who are we ?

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    • Do you think of ideas ? Search of truth interests you ? Principles and principled positions attract you ?
      You think like a Brahmana.

      Do you think of events, actions, look fwd to making things happen ?
      You act like a Kshatriya

      Does objects interest you ? Gadgets ? materials ?
      You may create things like a Vyshya

      Do you venerate personalities, identify with heroes and stars ?
      You act like a Sudra.

Rightwing Rumblings: Support SEVA BHARATI , Flood Relief Activities in Andhra Pradesh

Sewa Vibhag Flood Relief Update 6th Oct 2009

सृजन: हमास प्रायोजित शादी, क्या ऐसा होता है?

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    • ये सारी तस्वीरें गाजा मैं उस हमास (Islamic Resistance Movement) प्रायोजित विवाह समारोह से ली गई हैं जिसमे ४५० जोडों की शादी कराई गई (अगस्त २००९) | हमास नेता महमूद जहार ने खुद ही दूल्हा-दुल्हन जोड़ी को बधाई दी | हमास की तरफ से हर दुल्हे को $500 (५०० डालर) और दुल्हन को white gown भेंट किया गया |

      हमास नेता इब्राहिम सलाफ के मुताबिक - "हमास की तरफ से ये शादी का उपहार उन वीर जवानों के लिए है जो इस्राईल के खिलाफ युद्ध मैं बहादुरी से लड़े हैं" |