Monday, June 20, 2011



RSS is the new ISI. Chetan Bhagat has hit the nail where the BJP should have but, inexplicably, hasn’t.

Ever since the Congress stormed back to power in 2009, it has launched such a vicious and relentless attack on the RSS that one cannot be faulted for believing that the organisation is as dangerous a terror outfit as the Al Qaida, and is out to destabilise and dismember India. At the same time, the party and the government have all but forgiven Pakistan for all its sins and launched an equally relentless campaign to convince Indians that they have more in common with Pakistanis than with Indians who do not subscribe to the views of the Congress and embedded media.

For Congress if the RSS is the new ISI, the latter has to be the new – though unstated, for obvious reasons -- friend. And so it seems it is.

When the Congress party did better than even it expected during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, among the many theories doing the rounds was one that was whispered but not openly articulated, the evidence then being not solid enough to substantiate it. As per this conspiracy theory, the ISI had a role to play in the victory of the Congress and defeat of the BJP.


Why has there been no Pak-sponsored terror attack since 26/11? The answer, to my mind, is simple. When the Indian government has taken upon itself to unwittingly further the agenda of the ISI, where is the need for it to resort to active jihad that will inflame passions and undo the good work prematurely? For the last two years, little has been heard of the SIMI and IM too. Have these outfits dissolved or are they, with ISI’s help, quietly expanding their base even as Indian intelligence agencies look the other way in line with the dictates of their political masters who see the voting machine and nothing else?

Sonia Gandhi’s hatred for the Hindu Right is well known. Vir Sanghvi wrote about it and Wikileaks has confirmed it. But it now appears that her antipathy extends to Hindus as a whole. Nothing else can explain the manner in which the the Communal Violence Bill that she has approved, has been prepared in unholy haste by her handpicked, unelected team that includes known Hindu haters, even though there have been no communal riots for almost a decade.

In one stroke, the bill has achieved what a thousand terror attacks cannot. The Hindu has been virtually declared The Terrorist in his own country and, – if the bill is passed – subject to draconian provisions of law that even terrorists who blast innocent people are not. He cannot speak, he cannot write, much less do, anything that can be construed as offensive by a member of a minority community. Worse, even democratically elected governments, where Hindus are going to be in majority, have been declared untrustworthy; unelected bodies where minorities are in majority will decide whether the Hindu is guilty or not. His voice has, thus, been throttled and his spirit, his freedom killed far more effectively than the ISI could have in a hundred years, if at all.

When your own government nukes you, where is the need for the ISI to send Fedayeen to kill a few innocent people here and there?

If Sonia’s Congress continues to speed India to its ruin in this manner, a deceptive peace will prevail. This is not a peace to celebrate; it is a peace to fear. This is not a peace that will lead to peace; it is a peace that will end in mayhem. This is not a peace that will make India strong; it is a peace that will make its enemies strong. Do you want to go along, or would you rather be dubbed the new ISI?

Issue of murder of a Hindu by Muslims at Nandre (Taluka Tasgaon)

Issue of murder of a Hindu by Muslims at Nandre (Taluka Tasgaon): "A Hindu youth from Nandre was brutally murdered by 3 Muslims. His body was then wrapped in a green cloth and the murderers hoisted Pakistan’s flag on a durgah."