Friday, September 18, 2009

Won't give up Hindutva to get votes: RSS: news

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    • RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Thursday said he would not stop using words 'Hindutva' or 'Hindu' even if political parties close to the Sangh get fewer votes during elections.
    • There was no need to define Hindutva as defining it would create more confusion, he said.

      "Also to define who is Hindu is more complex than defining what is Hindutva," Bhagwat said.

      "When Sangh says it is Hindu organization, it includes everybody. Sangh believes everybody is Hindu and does not leave anyone out," he said.

'Lawyer son of Kanishka suspect misled court': news

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    • The lawyer-son of Ripudaman Singh Malik, acquitted in the Air India [ Images ] plane Kanishka Air bombing case, has been found guilty of professional misconduct by the Law Society of British Columbia.

      Jaspreet Singh Malik was cited by the society in January 2006 over his involvement in his father's application for government funding for his defence team during the trial of the Air India plane bombing.

    • In 2005, Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajib Singh Bagri were acquitted in the June 1985 Air India plane bombing that claimed the lives of 331 people.

Great news! Hindus will no longer be asked to pay money to Christians to build churches « Indian Realist

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    • In an allegedly secular country, churches were going to be built by government’s tax revenue! This is how Congress hides its anti-Hinduism under the shroud of phoney secularism.
    • Thankfully, the court stepped in to save Hindus from the consequences of their political blindness and ignorance about what is happening outside their day to day life.
    • The bench of Chief Justice Anil R Dave and Justice C V Nagarjuna Reddy was hearing a writ petition filed by Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary complaining that the state government was engaging itself in the promotion of a religion contrary to court injunctions. He listed 49 GOs, placing 150 Christian institutions as beneficiaries of state aid.
    • The petitioner had earlier filed a writ challenging the action of the government in granting funds for Christian pilgrimage. A two-member bench by an order dated July 22 had suspended the GO granting such allowances. 
    • The problem is that unlike the Jews, the Hindus don’t sue enough for attacks on their faith and traditions and use thier tax money to create an army of anti-Hindus in their own country. Sue the bastards, is my advice to the Hindus. It is a cheap and efficient way to cook the goose of these Congress thugs and left-liberal mafia.

      By the way, the brainchild of this “build churches by government money” scheme was that soon-to-be-sainted goon of AP, YSR.

सादगी जरूरी, पर सुरक्षा उससे भी ज्यादा जरूरी

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    • क्या पांच करोड़ में इमारत नई न बन जाए। पर रेनोवेशन का बिल आया है नौ करोड़ रुपए। सरकारी खजाने की ऐसी बेहिसाब लूट पर किसी को एतराज नहीं। पर एसएम कृष्णा, शशि थरूर अपने पैसे से फाइव स्टार में रहें। तो एतराज। यह कैसी सादगी। यह तो सादगी की चोंचलेबाजी। वैसे भी कौन मन से अपना रहा था सादगी मंत्र।
    • कम से कम कांग्रेस के मंत्रियों को ऐसी सादगी की आदत नहीं। पर सादगी से ज्यादा तो नौटंकी हो गई। सादगी होती, अगर मन से होती। पर अपन इस बहस में नहीं जाते। सादगी से ज्यादा फिक्र की बात सुरक्षा की। पानीपत के पास जो कुछ हुआ। उसका जिम्मेदार कौन। क्या खुद राहुल नहीं। राहुल लौट रहे थे लुधियाना से। तो शताब्दी पर पथराव हो गया। क्या ट्रेन में सफर की नुमाइश को अपन सादगी कहें। राहुल ने एसपीजी रूल बुक का भी खुल्ला उल्लंघन किया। एसपीजी के साथ नाईंसाफी की। अगर राहुल को कुछ हो जाता। तो कौन जिम्मेदार होता।

Indian Perspective: ‘Secular’ Congress or ‘Communal, Anti-national’ Congress?

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    • The Congress Party claims to be a ‘secular’ party. The party president Ms. Sonia Gandhi and PM Dr. Manmohan Singh have repeatedly stated that Congress is a ‘secular’ party to the core.


      The dictionary meaning of ‘secular’ is: ‘not pertaining to or connected with religion’.


      Let us look at some of the allies of the ‘secular’ Congress:

      1. Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) in Kerala – a Muslim party

      2. Kerala Congress (Mani) [KC(M)] in Kerala – a Christian party

      3. All India Majlis e-Itaahid al-Muslimin (MIM) in Andhra Pradesh – a Muslim party.

      Among these 3 parties, the two Muslim parties are exclusively Islamic in their outlook and membership. How could these parties be called ‘secular’? Can the Congress justify its alliance with these parties?

    • IUML is the new arm of erstwhile Muslim League which partitioned the nation on the basis of religion. The Muslims of North Kerala were staunch supporters of Muslim League in the pre-independence era and had also showed their beastly nature by killing thousands of Hindus during the Moplah rebellion. Post-independence, the community has been supporting IUML.
    • MIM is even more radical. It was a party which opposed the integration of Hyderabad with India. It was the party which organised Razakars who went about killing thousands of Hindus to maintain the ‘Islamic’ State of Hyderabad.
    • Thus, we see that Congress is allied not only with three ‘communal’ parties but also, two ‘anti-national’ parties. Still, it dares to call itself has ‘secular’ (or perhaps they mean ‘sickular’).
    • The current Congress leadership does not appear to care about the integrity of the country. This party’s leadership accepted to a partition of India. How can we be sure that they will not do so once again just to remain in power? After all, the support given by this treacherous party to the various successor parties of the anti-national Islamic parties and the way they encourage illegal infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims into Assam and West Bengal does show the true philosophy of the party leadership which is ‘anything shall be done to remain in power’. It is lead by power-mongers who do not care about the nation a single bit.

जयराम रमेश की गुस्ताखी

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    • इस लेख के लेखक श्रीमान एलएन शीतल, स्वदेश (भोपाल) के संपादक हैं ।
    • केन्द्रीय पर्यावरण एवम् वन राज्य मन्त्री (स्वतन्त्र प्रभार) जयराम रमेश ने पाकिस्तान के संस्थापक मोहम्मद अली जिन्ना को करोड़ों हिन्दुओं के आराध्य देव भगवान शंकर के समान बताकर एक और अनावश्यक विवाद तो खड़ा किया ही है, हजारों साल पुरानी भारतीय संस्कृति के अपमान का अक्षम्य अपराध भी किया है।
    • यदि उनमें साहस है तो जरा पैगम्बर मोहम्मद साहिब या ईसा मसीह से किसी की तुलना करके दिखायें।
    • बहरहाल, इससे पहले कि करोड़ों हिन्दुओं की कोई तीव्र प्रतिक्रिया सामने आये, कांग्रेस को पूरे देश से अविलम्ब क्षमा याचना करनी चाहिए। लेकिन, उसके लिए केवल इतना ही काफी नहीं, उसे श्री रमेश को पार्टी से निष्कासित भी कर देना चाहिए।