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Christian Journalist's advice to Baba Ramdev - Eat Beef for stamina

Christian Journalist's advice to Baba Ramdev - Eat Beef for stamina

A Sadhu is fasting for last six days against Corruption and Black Money for the better future of our coming generation and here we have Journalists like Joji Philip Thomas who mocks at this spiritual leader in a cruel way by his tweets.

The advice of this Economic Times journalist to Baba Ramdev is as follows.

This Christian Journalist dared to make such lewd comments only because of the fact that Hindus are being treated as a Public Drum – For any Tom, Dick or Harry to beat whenever they fancy. Had ever this Joji Philip dared to make cruel jokes linking Muslim spiritual leaders with pigs?

China’s Strategic Subterfuge

China’s Strategic Subterfuge: "

By Brahma Chellaney

Mint, June 10, 2011

The announcement that China’s first aircraft carrier is ready to set sail as early as this month-end has refocused attention on the larger Chinese naval ambitions. So also has the Pakistani defence minister’s disclosure that his country recently asked China to start building a naval base at the strategically positioned Gwadar on the Arabian Sea. More important, the dual revelations underscore China’s preference for subterfuge in making strategic moves.

महाजाल पर सुरेश चिपलूनकर (Suresh Chiplunkar): अब अन्ना के आंदोलन को निपटाने की बारी आई है… Anna Hajare, Baba Ramdev, Anti-Corruption Movement - June 4, Ramlila Maidan: Sonia Gandhi’s Night of Shame -by Radha Rajan

June 4, Ramlila Maidan: Sonia Gandhi’s Night of Shame 
Radha Rajan

What happened in the night of June 4 at Ramlila Maidan resembled a scene straight out of Macbeth. No Hindu king or ruler, not even Kamsa and Ravana, has gone so far as to use force of arms against defenseless, sleeping women and children. This is a familiar demoniac Abrahamic characteristic which the Christian and non-Muslim world has seen and experienced both in historical and contemporary times.


The UPA government, like Shakespeare’s infamous agents of evil and disorder, used the cover of darkness to arrest Baba Ramdev, physically molest women and children, brutally manhandle the men, and destroy the pandal and its fixtures in an orgy of violence and lawlessness. It is not difficult to guess who played Lady Macbeth.


It may perhaps come as a shock to Sonia Gandhi and her minions in the party and government, but IB sources had already informed a small group of people that Baba Ramdev would almost certainly be arrested; what was unexpected, however, was the insane midnight police assault on sleeping men, women and children.


This was surely a plot scripted by a deranged mind; or was it? Judging by the end result – Sonia Gandhi, Digvijay Singh and P. Chidambaram are the most detested persons in the country today – the writer is veering towards the conclusion that there was sure-footed method in the midnight madness. Pure evil raged on Ramlila maidan that night.


If Digvijay Singh’s opening statement to the media soon after Sonia Gandhi pushed the button on his back were to be carried to its logical conclusion, then from the fact that Baba Ramdev was arrested in the thick of the night, proves that the Congress is not simply afraid but terrified of what Sonia Gandhi thinks Baba Ramdev represents and symbolizes. The midnight assault on Ramlila Maidan has stripped naked Sonia Gandhi’s ill-concealed and demoniac ambition to rule a country not her own at any cost; it also revealed that someone close to her in government was determined that she will not be allowed to succeed, and in the process exposed to the discerning eye the deep divide between the Prime Minister and his imported boss lady.


While it is imperative for the nation’s collective conscience to be merciless towards Sonia Gandhi and her repeated Italian Mafioso methods to deal with a citizenry not impressed and even affronted by the colour of her skin, it is just as important to question the rationale which catapulted an ill-equipped Baba Ramdev to political center-stage, and the motives driving the individuals who used the yoga Guru for the purpose.



In Hindu-majority India, when people step out of their homes to participate in a public cause, the ‘people’ are Hindus; and Hindus respond spontaneously and with a sense of their responsibility to the nation when the movement is led from the front by Hindu religious leaders or by leaders who exert moral authority and whose call Hindus obey unquestioningly. This is the Hindu way, and when individuals like Gandhi and the chartered accountant-cum-investigative journalist use ordinary people to power their movements, the Hindu nation has the right to demand that the end objective of the movement serves the cause of Hindu rashtra.


Gandhi used his multi-religious, pluralist prayer meetings where the majority were Hindus to lead the country towards vivisection in 1947; this movement where individuals used Baba Ramdev ended in unmitigated disaster not only for Baba Ramdev himself but for all those who were deceived into believing that something momentous was happening finally to serve the Hindu cause. The issue of black money abroad, which has now become a part of the national movement against corruption, is in very real danger of losing steam because this time the duo which used Baba Ramdev to breathe new life into the dead issue had obviously not planned even the mammoth gathering at Ramlila Maidan to the last detail, much less thought beyond the Delhi satyagraha. Such was their touching faith in Sonia Gandhi that they did not think anything could go wrong.


Had there been wider consultations, had the duo consulted thinkers, retired intelligence officers, retired army personnel, and not just adoring sycophants and loyalists, the campaign would not have come to the tragic, abrupt and ignominious end that Sonia Gandhi and her spittle-licking government inflicted upon it.


The issue of black money abroad, while important, is nevertheless not something for which people will lay down their lives, and no matter how earth-shaking the response to Baba Ramdev’s call, it had less to do with the issue and more to do with personal bhakti for their Guru; most important though, the campaign was certain to lose steam because once Baba Ramdev was removed from the venue and his bhaktas dispersed, the government was sure to allow it to die a natural death, all the while making polite and soothing noises about corruption.


The Vigil book on NGOs was a well-researched expose of foreign-funded NGOs and political activists. Subsequent to publishing the book, the website has a webpage for news updates on these and other NGOs, and the notorious band of activists who are unambiguously anti-Hindu in speech, writing and action and who can be seen preening before media cameras in Sonia Gandhi’s NAC, including in team Anna Hazare and the Lokpal Bill.


The webpage NGO Watch carries detailed analysis of foreign money coming into the country from governments, churches and funding agencies in America and Europe to fund subversive NGOs and anti-Hindu political activists. Prof. Vaidyanathan and Sanjeev Nayyar (of Mumbai) have analysed the dangerous inflow of money into the country from available government data – from the website of Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs and FCRA.     


If the chartered accountant-cum-investigative journalist and his partner in Delhi were planning to use Baba Ramdev to mount a national campaign, surely it should have been presented to the ordinary people as an issue which poses a great threat to Hindus, Hindu religion and the Hindu Nation. This could have been done only by-


-        Making the connection between illegal money hidden abroad and foreign money coming into the country


-        Making removal of Sonia Gandhi from the political arena as the explicit end objective of the campaign


-        Bringing down the anti-Hindu UPA government 


This group wanted to wage what was in actual fact a war against Sonia Gandhi by hiding behind Baba Ramdev. Let there be no doubt that while the issue may be about bringing back money taken out of the country, Sonia Gandhi rightly perceived herself to be the end objective; and the chowki which she usurped from under poor Sitaram Kesri in 1998 and which had seemed invincible, was beginning to rock.


Our enemies have always had a vastly superior understanding of the war against Hindu India than Hindus have had about war or about Hinduism’s enemies.  


This small group working from behind Baba Ramdev ought to have known that arraigned on the other side was not Sonia Gandhi the individual, but the Generic Church. The formidable Generic Church (American and European governments, American and European churches, the Vatican and World Council of Churches) stands behind Sonia Gandhi, equipped with all instruments of state, including weapons of war, and creatures of their making - pan-national and international structures and organizations (United Nations; International Court of Justice, The Hague; The International Criminal Court; Human Rights Watch; Amnesty International; Red Cross; American think-tanks) making Sonia Gandhi almost invincible. But the group behind Baba Ramdev in choosing not to seek organizational or any other back up support, thought they could get Baba Ramdev to mobilize people to Delhi in tens of thousands by hiding from public view and directing the movement insultingly from the shadows and over the cellular phone.



Every intelligent and politically conscious Hindu must question those individuals who dragged Baba Ramdev to do politics, for publicly and humiliatingly letting down Baba Ramdev, and all those Hindus who had gathered faithfully at Ramlila Maidan on 3rd and 4th June, and all those Hindus who thought (and wrongly thought) that this was some great Hindu awakening.    



The writer has been troubled by the question – did the issue of black money in Swiss Banks and tax havens merit the kind of gathering at Ramlila Maidan, and did this issue merit a fast unto death? Sonia Gandhi’s decision to take forcible charge of the Congress Party and her subsequent rise in national politics, the corresponding weakening of the BJP, compounded by the BJP’s floundering sense of self-identity, has had a catastrophic effect on Hindus and Hindu religion.


Sonia Gandhi’s determination to plant loyalists in every single constitutional and administrative position in the country:

-        The rise of Christian Chief Ministers


-        The rise of Christian aspirants for 7, Race Course Road


-        The growing visibility of Christians in all important positions within the Congress party


-        The craven and cowardly submission of all English print and electronic media to the Pompadour’s will


-        The relentless mission of all denominations of the Church to end Hindu religion in its own bhumi


-        UPA Government-driven empowerment of the Abrahamic minorities in all spheres of public life


-        The unending infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims into the country


Every one of these issues is linked directly either to the rise of Sonia Gandhi in India’s polity, or to foreign money coming into the country. In short, the rise of Sonia Gandhi in India’s polity can be traced to the Generic Church’s politco-religious agenda for Asia. China, South Korea, Japan and India are the prime targets in the Generic Church’s quest for world domination. South Korea is already Christian-majority, Japan has been irreversibly Christianised in its collective mind; China and India alone remain the last bastion against the Abrahamic onslaught.


Surely these issues, including the sudden and steep increase in the volume of foreign money being pumped here ostensibly for social charity, which must be laid squarely at Sonia Gandhi’s door, demanded the kind of national awareness and response that Baba Ramdev created in the country?


The Generic Church could not have a Hindu sanyasi threatening Sonia Gandhi and in the process unravelling their plot to eventually control and rule India. And so the resistance had to be broken and broken both insultingly and brutally. This was not Jallianwala Bagh; this was 1909 – the year the British government ruthlessly removed Aurobindo, Tilak and Savarkar, three towering Hindu nationalists from the polity, to facilitate Gandhi taking over the Congress after his rather hasty departure from South Africa. It speaks volumes for the knowledge that Hindus have of their own history, that while people compared what happened on June 4 to the Emergency and Jallianwala Bagh, no one saw it as a replay of 1909.



The RSS, preoccupied with its annual shibirs which are conducted across the country, obviously was never part of Baba Ramdev’s Delhi Satyagraha. Those familiar with the RSS’ shiksha varga know that all RSS karyalayas throughout the country empty themselves during the months of April, May and June and all swayamsevaks and pracharaks are deputed to the various camps for different tasks and duties.


The same would have been true of Delhi too. When tragedy struck Ramlila Maidan on the night of June 4, there would have been no swayamsevak or pracharak in Delhi that night. The BJP too had already planned its National Executive meeting in Lucknow on that day. Which brings us back to the question raised earlier – why was there no careful planning of the Delhi satyagraha considering that both the RSS and BJP would not be present in Delhi that night?


As pointed out earlier, our enemies have a far better understanding of Hindus than we have of them. Sonia Gandhi’s handlers would have known that the RSS and BJP top brass would not be in Delhi that night and that is why Sonia Gandhi sent the Delhi Police to Ramlila Maidan even as the Prime Minister’s emissaries were still negotiating with Baba Ramdev. The Prime Minister may not be in a position to tell the nation just yet if Kapil Sibal and Subodh Kant Sahay were reporting to him or to Sonia Gandhi and her minions.


The Prime Minister may also not be in a position to tell us why, if he was engaging Baba Ramdev by day, Sonia Gandhi had to arrest him at night. The Prime Minister is also not in a position to tell us why, if on the one hand he conducts himself with correctness and accords Hindu sanyasis the high respect that is due to them, Rahul Gandhi’s spittle-licking Digvijay Singh is allowed to run amok enraging Hindus and offending Hindu sensibilities.


This brutal mission of arresting Baba Ramdev and forcibly throwing him out of Delhi and evicting hapless men, women and children, could not have been undertaken during daytime without a violent backlash from the people; that is why in true Gestapo style, in a style befitting the Italian Mafioso and Stalinist Russia, 50,000 Hindus gathered at Ramlila Maidan could be brutalised and dispersed only in the dead of the night.


The fact that Hindus will step out of their homes at the call of their religious leaders or to the call of a Hindu cause, is the biggest reason to hope that this war is not over yet. The RSS, the BJP, and our religious leaders must sit down and first acknowledge collectively that Sonia Gandhi and the Generic Church pose the biggest threat to this nation and the quantum of foreign money which the Generic Church is pouring into the country and Sonia Gandhi’s politics of minority-ism have to be fought with the full might of Hindu power.


The Hindu Nation is losing its people and its territory to the Church and Islam. All three forces have to come together to combat the Generic Church. This cannot be done by our religious leaders without the RSS’ organizing capacity; this cannot be done by the RSS alone without the BJP’s political delivery mechanism and the sanctity and mobilising capacity of our religious leaders, and this cannot be done by the BJP alone without the moral authority of the RSS and the spiritual and religious authority of our sanyasis, Gurus and Acharyas.


We cannot allow individuals to launch nation-wide movements without preparation and without nationalism. It is not enough for the RSS to merely extend ‘support’ to our religious leaders when they step forward to take up a national cause. This is akin to outside support extended by irresponsible political parties and politicians to any government. The RSS must openly take the lead and forge a proactive and invincible partnership with the BJP and our religious leaders if Hindu India must be saved from going the way of South Korea now, and East Timor and The Philippines before that. The synergy of Hindu religious leaders, RSS and BJP must –


-        Demand stopping all foreign money from coming into India. Hindu religious leaders and Hindu organizations receiving foreign money must also be prepared to do without it, because money coming to Christian and Muslim groups is the single most destructive power threatening Hindu religion


-        Bring down the UPA government at the earliest


-        Remove Sonia Gandhi permanently from the political arena, and if possible mount a campaign why any member of this family poses the same threat


Sonia Gandhi is the most detested person in the country today. Our religious leaders, the RSS and the BJP must ensure she does not rise again. The time to remove her forcibly from the political arena like she removed Pujya Kanchi Periava and Baba Ramdev is now. It’s payback time for the Congress and its imported usurper. Dr. Manmohan Singh may yet be called to account by the Akal Takht. He should now do what he can to make the Akal Takht look more kindly upon him.


If Ramlila Maidan showed us our weaknesses, it also showed us what is possible, and that should bring the Hindu nation together to combat the Generic Church.

कार्टून: न्याय की अमेरिकी मूर्ति.

कार्टून: न्याय की अमेरिकी मूर्ति.: "obama cartoon, Terrorism Cartoon, justice, Pakistan Cartoon, mumbai, indian political cartoon
Cartoon by Kirtish Bhatt (

बाबा चले थे कल्याण करने ....हो गया कल्याण

बाबा चले थे कल्याण करने ....हो गया कल्याण: "
पिछले दिनों एक लेख पढ़ा किसी अखबार में .....बार बार दिमाग में घूम रही है वही बात .....सोचा की आप लोगों के साथ शेयर करूँ .......हिंदी साहित्य के मूर्धन्य व्यंगकार हरिशंकर परसाई ने एक व्यंग लिखा था साठ के दशक में .....मैंने वो एक पुस्तक में पढ़ा था जब मैं आठवीं क्लास में पढता था .वो व्यंग उस ज़माने में जितना प्रासंगिक था ...आज भी उतना ही प्रासंगिक है .किस्सा कुछ यूँ है की कृष्ण जी .......यानि अपने lord krishna ........वही गीता महाभारत वाले ......एक दिन उन्होंने सोचा वहां बैकुंठ (स्वर्ग ) में बैठे बैठे की कितनी दुर्दशा है मेरे भारत देश की और मैं यहाँ स्वर्ग में मज़े ले रहा हूँ सो मुझे अपने इन प्यारे भक्तों के लिए कुछ करना चाहिए .......सो जब उन्होंने वहां अपने कुछ दोस्त मित्रों से सलाह की तो सबने कहा की प्रभु आईडिया तो बहुत अच्छा है ......और आप तो वहां ऐसे ही पूजे जाते हो ......बड़ी fan following है आपकी, सो आप जा के अपने इन बेचारे भक्तों का कल्याण करो ........बस प्रभु emotional हो गए और चल पड़े मृत्युलोक की ओर ........यहाँ पहुंचे तो हल्ला मच गया ....अरे भगवान् साक्षात् पधारे है .........टूट पड़ी दुनिया ......दर्शनों के लिए ........कुछ दिन बड़ा हल्ला गुल्ला रहा ....प्रभु जहाँ जाते ,भक्त लाखों की संख्या में इकट्ठे हो जाते ......राजा प्रजा सब जुट जाते ......प्रभु गद गद ,चेले भी गद गद .....प्रभु ने कहा की व्यवस्था परिवर्तन करेंगे जिससे प्राणी मात्र का कल्याण हो .......अब राजाओ का माथा ठनका ......अबे ये तो व्यवस्था परिवर्तन की बात कर रहा है.....अपना क्या होगा ........खैर प्रभु ने एक एक कर के राजाओं से भी मिलना शुरू किया .......सो एक राजा बोला की स्वागत है आपका ....आप हमारे साथ मिल कर काम करिए .........प्रभु बड़े खुश हुए .....राजा बोला की वैसे आप तो यादव हैं न .......कृष्ण कुमार यादव .....अब प्रभु का माथा ठनका ........वो बोले हम कोई यादव वादव नहीं हैं ....हम तो भगवान् हैं .........सबके भगवान् ......सभी प्राणी हमारे लिए एक समान ......राजा बोला प्रभु ये फिलोसफी वहां स्वर्ग लोक के लिए तो ठीक है पर भैया यहाँ मृत्यु लोक में तो कोई न कोई tag तो लगाना ही पड़ेगा ........सो आप यादव हैं यादव ही रहिये .......तभी कल्याण होगा .......अब प्रभु भड़क गए और वहां से निकल लिए .......दूसरे राजा के पास गए ...उसके पास सारी रिपोर्ट थी ......उसने उन्हें पटा लिया और अपने साथ काम करने के लिए राज़ी कर लिया ........अब मचा हाहाकार ......पहला राजा बड़ा परेशान .......बोला ये तो सारी equation ही change हो गयी .........उसका एक मंत्री था ....बड़ा कुटिल ...बोला महाराज क्यों फ़िक्र करते हैं ....सब ठीक कर देंगे ......उसने अपने कारिंदों को बोला की इस पट्ठे की ज़रा history चेक करो ......कारिंदे बोले हुज़ूर उनकी क्या हिस्टरी ....वो तो भगवान् हैं ....मंत्री बोला की अबे भगवान् वगवान कुछ नहीं होता ........तुम बस history निकालो .........इसे तो मैं ठीक करता हूँ ......तो भैया हिस्टरी तो सबकी होती ही है कुछ न कुछ .......अब लगे ढिंढोरा पीटने सब गला फाड़ फाड़ के ........अबे ये तो एक नंबर का चोर है बचपन से ही ....पूरे मोहल्ले का जीना हराम कर रखा था इसने .....मक्खन तक नहीं छोड़ता था ........एक नंबर का चरित्रहीन था ....नहाती हुई लड़कियों के कपडे उठा के ले जाता था .........पड़ोस की लड़की थी रुक्मणी ...उसे भगा के ले गया था .......अगर इसे राजा बना दिया तो हमारे तो देश की बहू बेटियां ही सुरक्षित नहीं रहेंगी ..........बस फिर क्या था ...भक्तों ने लिया प्रभु को तरिया ......अब प्रभु की अक्ल ठिकाने आई की भैया अपने राम तो वहीं ठीक हैं बैकुंठ में ...........भक्तों का कुछ नहीं हो सकता .........
तो साहब ये हाल हैं हमारे यहाँ ...........बाबा चले थे भक्तों का कल्याण करने .........भक्तों ने रात के दो बजे दौड़ा दौड़ा के पीटा......अब बैठे हैं नाराज़ हो के भूखे प्यासे ......कोई पूछने वाला नहीं है ......भक्तों ने कह दिया है .....मरता है तो मरे ......अब अगर बाबा सलाह मान जाते और अगर राम देव की जगह राम देव यादव बन जाते तो आज ये नौबत ना आती .......फिर क्या मजाल थी किसी की, की कोई हाथ भी लगा देता ...........जाट गूजरों को लगाया किसी ने हाथ ....... है किसी की हिम्मत .....मिमिया रहे थे उनके सामने सब ......महीनों उन्होंने पूरे देश को बंधक बना के रखा ........फिर भी सब पाँव पूजते रहे .....बाबा देश हित की बात कर रहा था फिर भी दूदरे दिन ही लठिया दिया ........अब देखना है की बाबा डटे रहते हैं या वापस बैकुंठ चले जाते हैं .......बाबा को भी दो चार कुटिल मंत्री रख लेने चाहिए ........



MECCA IMAM'S VISIT TO INDIA: "Visit ignored by the Mumbai media. Interesting to know that form cricket captain Azharuddin flew with the Maulana to Deoband. Key observations -

1. The way the Saudi priest called on the religious groups of Indian Muslims and asked them to unite their co-religionists in the country for changing their existing social order suggest that the Saudi Government has an interest in transforming the Indian Muslims as pro-Saudi strategic ally.

2. He urged the Indian Muslims 'to unite to change the social order' in India and suggested that the followers of Islam should use advance technology including internet and electronic media to take the message of the religion across the world. He plumped for setting up an Islamic TV channel in India for preaching the teachings of the companions of the Prophet.
3. Or is the visit part of UPA’s vote-bank politics policy.
Some Observations. 29/5/2011
By R. Upadhyay

Vedic rituals lower water, soil contamination: Scientists

Vedic rituals lower water, soil contamination: Scientists: "The initial findings of a scientific study carried out during the Vedic ritual in Kerala show that the ancient Sanskrit chants, rites and smoke from the sacred fire accelerate germination of seeds in the vicinity and lower the level of microbe contamination in water and ambient soil, scientists said."

Why fighting corruption is important ? : Dr. Swamy

Why fighting corruption is important ? : Dr. Swamy: "The entire world is watching as Indians attempt to purge India of corruption using classically Indian means of protest. Hindutva and Sanatana Dharma represent the only viable cures to the cancer of corruption which is destroying the entrails of our civilisation."

One of the worst problems with corruption in India is the creation of “black money”— money that is used in such transactions and is obviously unreported, hence is neither taxed nor is spent openly. It travels to secret bank accounts abroad, or, worse, is used by the corrupt to indulge in gross luxurious consumption and bribery. Such black money stock also creates inflation by enabling easy finance for hoarding of supplies even as the GDP growth rate accelerates.

Corruption, therefore, impacts on economic development of a nation in five dimensions:

1. Decisions taken for corrupt motive sub-optimises the allocation of scarce national resources and hence in the long run lowers the rate of growth in GDP. It also encourages buccaneers instead of innovative entrepreneurs.

2. By the use of bribe money which escapes the tax net and is mostly stashed away in banks abroad or in trunks in safe houses, is deployed in luxury goods purchase, ostentatious life, splurging in five star hotels, real estate, and on partying. This raises demand for luxury production and services, and in turn distorts investment priorities. In India, 70 per cent of the investment goes directly or indirectly to sustain the luxury sector.

3. Unaccounted bribe money is lent to hoarders and speculators who then cause artificial shortages and thus inflation and property bubbles.

4. Since the most in corrupt activities would be in public office, they enact laws to not only to safeguard the booty by lax criminal investigations and prosecutions, but to enable earning interest or return on the bribe money. The invention of Participatory Notes (PNs) and the Mauritius Tax & Capital Gains exemption treaties is aimed at that sordid objective (see below).

5. Corruption enables beneficiaries to involve foreign governments seeking influence and criminal gangs resident abroad to launder money and provide protection.

The view of Integral Humanism as propounded by Deendayal Upadhaya or what we have for centuries have called as Sanatana Dharma is that a society is healthy only if there is a harmonisation of material pursuits and spiritual advancement in a human being. The social structure called Varna, till it degenerated into a birth-based social cartel, was designed to downgrade wealth as the indicator of status and elevate sacrifice and simplicity as a desirable value.

Our goal has to be thus the efficient use of resources, human and physical, hardware and software by an able and human spiritually guided and ethically organizational leadership in a framework of competitive market economies.

Hence, concisely stated, for a corruption free society to be achieved on a long term basis the Indian economy should be founded on a harmonisation of efficient organisational leadership and abiding spiritual values which we call as Sanatana Dharma. That can be nurtured only bottom up i.e., educate our growth accordingly — to synthesise material pursuits with spiritual values which lauds simplicity and eschews greed.

Ultimately it will also be decided by how we vote in elections. But we need a new ideology to combat the cancer of corruption in our system. For this we need a new breed of Indian leaders-educated, courageous, and rational risk takers. That we can get only if the ethos of our people changes from the purely individualist pursuit of material pleasures and goals, to an integral outlook. Corruption is the cancer today in our society but Hindutva (Hinduness) or Sanatana Dharma imbibed character is the cure.

The writer is president, Janata Party

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