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Anna Hazare, Adolf Hitler & Neville Chamberlain

(title unknown): "

Anna Hazare ending his fast. He is The 29 September 1938, Adolf Hitler,
holding aloft the Gazette Notification Neville Chamberlain and
relating to the appointment of a Benito Mussolini signed the Munich
Drafting Committee for the Agreement. Neville Chamberlain
Lok Pal Bill to be introduced proudly displayed a copy of the
in the Monsoon Session of Munich Agreement at London Airport.
Parliament. Cheated by Sonia Gandhi Cheated by Hitler and his Nazi
and Sonia Congress UPA Government Government in September 1938
in April 2011

Anna Hazare went on a fast-onto-death last week against the multi-pronged, multi-dimensional gargantuan corruption raging in this country under the Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi on a scale that beats even the colonial loot and plunder of British Rule in India between 1757 and 1947.



The Chairperson of the Joint Drafting Committee shall be Pranab Mukherjee.

The Co-Chairperson of the Joint Drafting Committee shall be Shanti Bhushan.

The Convenor of the Join Drafting Committee shall be M Veerappa Moily.

The Joint Drafting Committee shall commence its work forthwith and evolve its own procedure to prepare the proposed legislation.

The Joint Drafting Committee shall complete its work latest by 30th June, 2011.

When Mr. Kejriwal was questioned for the inclusion of his friends and associates in the committee, rather than getting other civil society members, he has defended the whole thing by saying `We drafted the Jan Lokpal Bill. Therefore, “these people” can talk clause by clause with the government,' (Source:

'These people' includes him. Please follow the logic of this - only the 'founding fathers' (there are no 'mothers') of the bill, because they understand its clauses best, should be eligible to be Lokpal - in other words, Kejriwal or his 'friends and associates'. In the larger sphere, since judges are not the legislators, they are not competent to interpret laws - which is presumably why the draft bill drafted by Kejriwal & co. makes the LOKPAL prosecution, jury and judge ALL-IN-ONE.


कार्टून: भ्रष्टाचार के स्पेशलिस्ट !!

कार्टून: भ्रष्टाचार के स्पेशलिस्ट !!: "congress cartoon, janlokpal bill cartoon, corruption in india, indian political cartoon, India against corruption, fight against corruption carton, anna hazaare cartoon, anna hajaare cartoon
Cartoon by Kirtish Bhatt (www.bamulahija.com)

The vultures of Christianity are hovering all across the state of Panjab.

The vultures of Christianity are hovering all across the state of Panjab.:

Sikhs in Punjab are targeted by Christian Missionaries.

Christian Missionaries are hiding their daggers under their cloaks. They are dreaming of making short work of Sikhism in Panjab. They are dreaming of establishing a church in every village of Panjab. At this point in time,
60 % of villages in Panjab, have a church. Christian attack at this scale has not been witnessed before in the state of Panjab. But the modus operanda of Christian Missionaries is well-known.

To disguise Christianity, they have repackaged Christianity in Panjab. Jesus is called Satguru, church is called satsang, choir-singing is called Kirtan. Even their choir-boys wear turbans. But despite these attempts at camouflage, they cannot hide their real intent, which is to destroy Sikh faith. Socially and economically disadvantaged Sikhs are their special targets, they are being bribed with material possessions, such as cash and free education etc etc.

Despite its lofty propaganda, Christianity does not consider it wrong to take advantage of one's sorrows, miseries, and poverty, to lure and entice them into joining their Imperialist Christian System. In the kind of world, in which we are living, Christians consider it a Fair-Game. In fact, they consider it their method of choice. The choice is environment-driven and the environment is Doggy-Dog (Dog-Eat-Dog) world.

From: Surya Vamshi
To: Mohan Gupta
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2011 9:36 AM
Subject: Sikhs in Punjab are targeted by Christian Missionaries.

Conversion of Sikhs in Punjab is not a new issue and is well known to SGPC also. The writer of this mail himself visited some areas near Indo Pak border in Amritsar district some four years before and assessed the situation.

Some local Sikhs also conveyed this to SGPC also. But they ignored because they want to sit with Christian leader's in Delhi's MInority Commission Office and drink tea.

Christian Medical College in Jallandhar is the centre of this activity. Some Christian Officer's working in Indian Army's Jallandhar Cantonment is also encouraging this.

One more reason for this is the desire of Sikh to settle in Canada, Europe etc etc.

Anyway this may be one of the reasons for disappearance of Sikhism from this Earth.

From: surinder
Subject: Sikhs in Punjab are targeted by Christian Missionaries.

1. Subj: Sikhs in Punjab are targeted by Christian Missionaries.


4. Christian Missionaries are hiding their daggers under their cloaks. They are dreaming of making short work of Sikhism in Panjab. They are dreaming of establishing a church in every village of Panjab. At this point in time, 60 % of villages in Panjab, have a church. Christian attack at this scale has not been witnessed before in the state of Panjab. But the modus operanda of Christian Missionaries is well-known.

5. Christians target Mazbhi-Sikhs, the economically and socially disadvantaged section amongst the Sikhs. Mazbhi-Sikhs are poor and have historically been treated as Untouchables, by upper-caste Sikhs. The malaise of caste-ism amongst the Sikhs, is driving Mazbhi-Sikhs to Dera-Evangelicals, Christian-Evangelicals, Radhasoami-Evangelicals, etc.

6. To disguise Christianity, they have repackaged Christianity in Panjab. Jesus is called Satguru, church is called satsang, choir-singing is called Kirtan. Even their choir-boys wear turbans. But despite these attempts at camouflage, they cannot hide their real intent, which is to destroy Sikh faith. Socially and economically disadvantaged Sikhs are their special targets, they are being bribed with material possessions, such as cash and free education etc etc.

6. Despite its lofty propaganda, Christianity does not consider it wrong to take advantage of one's sorrows, miseries, and poverty, to lure and entice them into joining their Imperialist Christian System. In the kind of world, in which we are living, Christians consider it a Fair-Game. In fact, they consider it their method of choice. The choice is environment-driven and the environment is Doggy-Dog (Dog-Eat-Dog) world.

Surinder Paul Attri

Telangana mantra at 'Sita Rama Kalyanam'

Telangana mantra at 'Sita Rama Kalyanam': "

Our Colony Association members planed to perform "Sita Rama Kalyanam" , An elderly person Yesterday came to Invite me for the same. Me being Agnostic wanted to say 'No I wont' , but ended up saying 'Yes I will'. This morning he again reminded me , I was in two minds, whether I should stick to the WORD, I gave him or following my Agnostic path, should stay away from Kalyanam??? Somehow I felt I shud keep up my WORD and went to attend the Kalyanam . Doest it make me Theist ??? ;););)
Pran Jaaye, Par Vachan Naa Jaaye !!! :) :)
The best thing I liked at Kalyanam is , the Brahman who was performing the Sita Rama Kalayanam was chanting all Vedic mantras and also said 'శిగరమే తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్ర ప్రాప్తిరస్తు' (May Telangana State be formed). I was so amused to hear that .

I'am told in all the Telangana temples while doing daily Archana to the Deity , the temple Poojari's are chanting ' ఆంధ్ర ప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్ర విచ్చినమస్తూ , తెలంగాణా రాష్ట్ర ఏర్పాటు సిద్దిరస్తూ ' ( May Andhra pradesh State disintegrate , May Telangana State be formed )along with other Vedic Mantras. Thus the temple poojaris are requesting the Hindu God's & Goddesses to bless and support the formation of Separate Telangana state.

At the Risk of Heresy: Why I am not Celebrating with Anna Hazare « Kafila



by Shuddhabrata Sengupta

At the risk of heresy, let me express my profound unease at the crescendo of euphoria surrounding the ‘Anna Hazare + Jan Lokpal Bill’ phenomenon as it has unfolded on Jantar Mantar in New Delhi and across several hysterical TV stations over the last few days.

We have been here before. Indira Gandhi’s early years were full of radical and populist posturing, and the mould that Anna Hazare fills is not necessarily the one that JP occupied (despite the commentary that repeatedly invokes JP). Perhaps we should be reminded of the man who was fondly spoken of as ‘Sarkari Sant’ – Vinoba Bhave. Bhave lent his considerable moral stature to the defence of the Internal Emergency (which, of course, dressed itself up in the colour of anti-corruption, anti-black marketeering rhetoric, to neutralize the anti-corruption thrust of the disaffection against Indira Gandhi’s regime). And while we are thinking about parallels in other times, let us not forget a parallel in another time and another place. Let us not forget the example of how Mao’s helmsmanship of the ‘cultural revolution’ skilfully orchestrated popular discontent against the ruling dispensation to strengthen the same ruling dispensation in China.

These are early days, but Anna Hazare may finally go down in history as the man who -  perhaps against his own instincts and interests – (I am not disputing his moral uprightness here) -  sanctified the entire spectrum of Indian politics by offering it the cosmetic cloak of the provisions of the draft Jan Lokpal Bill. The current UPA regime, like the NDA regime before it, has perfected the art of being the designer of its own opposition. The method is brilliant and imaginative. First, preside over profound corruption, then, utilise the public discontent against corruption to create a situation where the ruling dispensation can be seen as the source of the most sympathetic and sensitive response, while doing nothing, simultaneously, to challenge the abuse of power at a structural level.

Amartya Sen: The Dangerous Delusion

Amartya Sen: The Dangerous Delusion

Dr. Vijaya Rajiva

Nobel Prize winner (Economics, 1998) Amartya Sen’s new book The Idea of Justice (2009) is an interesting work, written in a chatty latter day Wittgensteinian style. It seeks to deal with the age old controversy in Western thought between Contract Theorists (in the Lockean tradition) and the situational ethics of thinkers such as Adam Smith, Condorcet, Karl Marx et al. In the former camp is the late John Rawls whose major work
The Theory of Justice (1971) became important not only for its continuation of classical liberal theory but its advocacy of distributive justice.

In essence he is advocating an abstract rationality in politics(unintentionally!) and he does this in an interesting but somewhat distorted way by engaging with the dilemma that Arjuna faced in the battle of Kurukshetra. This part of his book is only a few pages long, but is internally connected with the arguments of the entire book.

Arjuna, as Sen sees it ,stands for nyaya, while Krishna stands for niti. Nyaya is easily understood as justice and niti can be understood as custom or tradition . Sen does not use the word Dharma which is the best word to use in the context of the dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. Dharma is not only custom and tradition but encompasses a whole set of ethical and moral values that are not simply considered by Sen. He dismisses them as coming under the rubric of ‘religion.’

Sen, does not clarify whether Arjuna was right in going ahead with the battle or whether he himself would have called on Arjuna to withdraw from the battle. This ambiguity in Sen’s presentation of the debate is telling. But the entire thrust of the philosophical arguments of the book point in the direction of favouring a withdrawal.

What then would he advocate when India finds itself in a situation of dire threat ?
Can reasoning with the enemy help, even though one would like that outcome ?
Can India roll over and play dead when terrorist strikes are imminent, for instance?

Or should Indians prepare themselves for any eventuality ? Sen does use the phrase the ‘just war’ but does not elaborate on the more relevant (for the Indian situation) ‘defensive war’.

For Indians, their Dharma (however narrowly interpreted) is clear : they have to be prepared for any eventuality, and the defensive war, if and when it comes, must be fought without hesitation, to defend the Motherland. Had Indians in the past, clearly realized their Dharma , the two major Occupations (the Islamic and the British) could have been avoided.

Arun Shourie put it well when he said : we did not ask for it, but it has been imposed on us.

Vande Mataram !

(The writer is a Political Philosopher who taught Political Philosophy in a Canadian

Varna system should be seen as the greatest promoter of diversity and plurality.

Varna system should be seen as the greatest promoter of diversity and plurality.: "===========================================It assigns task to people according to their inner constitution, for its supporting cosmology believes that it is oppressive and unspiritual to subject people to tasks and vocations that are in contradiction to their natural proclivities. I think it should be quite clear to educators that it is really oppressive to subject people who are interested"

Some Thoughts on Varna, Jati, etc.

From our postcolonial perspective, I think as we interrogate our Indian socio-political existence, it is important to extend the same to the mainstream and dominant western modern and postmodern perspectives. The following comes up for me as I extend the inquiry:

When renaissance happened in Europe, Europe was coming out of dark ages. There were certain socio-political-historical circumstances in which the values of modernity and the modern world emerged. One of them was to jettison the tradition completely: Modernity has a huge distaste for traditions. In contrast, India was moving towards the dark ages around the same time, particularly from the perspective of the Hindus and Hindu civilization. It was able to resist its downfall till the time the Vijayanagara empire was in existence but after its collapse, it was practically the end of the story till the next stage of revival began. Since the socio-political-historical context of the Hindu civilization was different from that of European world, we do not need to be jettisoning our traditions. We do not need to re-enact the European gripe against tradition. We therefore need to examine our traditions on our own terms—from the perspective of the cosmology that supports our traditions and history. If the priesthood in Europe had become the guardians and brokers of power, it does not automatically mean that the Brahimins were doing the same in India.

Eurocentric history cannot be transposed in understanding traditions of the rest of the world. Equality, which is the corner stone of modernity, has an important assumption behind it—that of John Locke’s “Tabula Rasa.” That we are born with a mind that is a blank slate and that our personality is shaped by experiences that we gain through sense perceptions is just a mere assumption. It wears the cloak of science but it is the Christian understanding that we live our lives only once, unlike the Indian understanding that we are reborn and keep getting reborn till we attain our moksha, which informs this theory. Since the theory of rebirth has been validated by sages for centuries in India, even when they have been unorthodox with respect to the Vedas, there is no reason for us to swallow the theory of “tabula rasa” and hence equality hook, line, and sinker. Besides, as long as the scientific truth of “tabula rasa” is in question, there is additionally no reason to accept it as a gospel of truth. A critique of equality does not mean an automatic support of a fascist hierarchy.

A critique of equality does not mean supporting oppression, for the same principles that inform the varna system based on guna and karma, are quite emphatic in stating that any kind of oppression is non-dharmic and unspiritual. Varna system should be seen as the greatest promoter of diversity and plurality. It assigns task to people according to their inner constitution, for its supporting cosmology believes that it is oppressive and unspiritual to subject people to tasks and vocations that are in contradiction to their natural proclivities. I think it should be quite clear to educators that it is really oppressive to subject people who are interested in knowledge and finding out the ultimate secrets of reality and Truth (the natural Brahmans) to the work of governance or production of wealth. Similarly it is oppressive to make a natural businessman pursue spiritual knowledge. The gunas are arranged in hierarchy only in terms of the attainment of moksha and spiritual knowledge. Brahmans (not based on their house of birth but based on the predominance of satvic guna that they have) have the best shot to attain spiritual knowledge, but it must also be remembered that in order to become a yogi or jnani one has to go past all the gunas and consequently the varnas—one needs to become “trigunatita” to attain spiritual knowledge.

A Brahman is not superior to a shudra. Their status is relative to the predominant guna that they have. As long as people are performing their actions in tune with their predominant guna, they are all equal. If a person driven by sattva is pursuing dispassionate knowledge, and if a person driven by rajas and sattva is involved in governance and statesmanship, they both are equal—none is inferior or superior to the other. The notion of inferiority or superiority comes when one is not following one’s dharma according to one’s predominant guna (thus varna in the original sense). The critics of Hinduism forget that the Vedantic traditions are the biggest exponent of equality by stating that it is the same divine which is in everybody and in everything, and it is the one and the same divine that has become the lowest matter to the highest godhead. Besides in yogic pursuit, nurturing, fostering, and pursuing the quality of “samata” is extremely important. Though samata definitely does mean practicing equanimity, it also means seeing the divine equally in all beings and non-beings. If an hierarchical system creates problematic societal issues, a social system based on equality does that too. It is not that the west has created a heaven on earth based on the system of equality. There are many societal problems in the west that I think can be attributed to equality alone. Humility, for once I think takes the biggest hit, and we all know how important humility is for spiritual pursuits and for keeping family together. Equality also breeds arrogance, and I wonder if it has been greatly responsible for the breakdown of social fabric of the western world. It is not that hierarchy has completely disappeared from the western world.

Their class system is very much like the “caste” system. It is just that it is not acknowledged as it is. On the contrary, it has hidden itself in the western world as what we call in the psychological parlance “shadow.” It manifests in much insidious and hideous ways as opposed to when it is acknowledged and on the table. My understanding is that the Vedic system had a good balance of equality and hierarchy.

Whenever it was upset, sages appeared to set the record right. Even as they critiqued the existing social practices, they never critiqued or jettisoned the spiritual understanding or the cosmology of the varna system (the one that is exclusively based on gunas and not on the family of birth) including the Buddha. Both hierarchy and equality have value for creating a robust social system. In India, I think we need to create an ideal mix of hierarchy and equality. However, for integration and reconciliation of both, we need to first transcend the dichotomous divide of hierarchy and equality. By taking inspiration from the dharmic spiritual traditions (Vedanta and Mahayana Buddhism are big on this), we need to understand that both hierarchy and equality are determined by each other—one cannot exist without the other, just like right cannot exist without wrong, day cannot exist without night, mountain cannot be conceived without valley. Once the dichotomous divide has been transcended, we can integrate it following Sri Aurobindo’s principle of “transcend and integrate.”

VivekaJyoti: Insidious yet definitive anti-Hindu stance in NCERT History and Social Science and Political life text Books



I went over to the NCERT site and perused through some of their history and social science & political life textbooks. If I remember correctly, they have been thoroughly changed and revised under late Arjun Singh during UPA 1.0. Even on a very brief perusal, I could see a insidious yet definitive anti-Hindu stance. While social evils in Hindu society are thoroughly discussed and used to insidiously demean Hinduism in both subjects, there is no mention of any negatives of Islam and Christianity.

In the 6th std. social science & political life textbook, the "St. Thomas in Kerala" myth is outrageously mentioned as a historical truth. In the 7th std. textbook of the same subject, from outright Israel bashing in the first chapter to laying the groundwork for evangelism by surreptitiously justifying it as "secularist", in the 2nd chapter, it is as bad as it can get. I had been through NCERT textbooks as a student years ago, but these new versions are in a different league altogether. They actually make the older versions look good. After being fed the propaganda of these new textbooks future generations will turn out even more disconnected from their dhArmika roots...

Muslim encroachment on Hindu crematorium at Chopda (Jalgaon)

Muslim encroachment on Hindu crematorium at Chopda (Jalgaon): "It has been observed that while constructing the burial ground, Muslims have encroached upon the crematorium of Hindus. Muslims have erected 9 cement pillars on the crematorium ground which has enraged Hindus."

Hysteria will not end corruption - Tavleen Singh



Hysteria will not end corruption

Tavleen Singh


As I have watched mass hysteria build up over Anna Hazare’s fast, there have been moments when I felt that his supporters had forgotten that India is a democratic country. I have long believed that the most apolitical Indians are those who belong to the English speaking, tweeting, texting middle classes but I had no idea just how apolitical they were till last week. Without reading the Jan Lokpal bill that Anna Hazare is trying to ram down our throats, actors, writers, social activists, television anchors and sundry other supposedly educated Indians leapt on to Anna’s bandwagon.

If they had bothered to read the draft that Hazare’s Leftist advisors have drawn up, they would have noticed that

its worst flaw is that it is anti-democratic in the most frightening way.

It is not an ombudsman that it seeks to create but a despot with the powers to investigate, judge and punish anyone he suspects of corrupt practices. So if some NGO type of Leftist persuasion were to decide that his local MP was spending his constituency allowance on a project that did not benefit ‘the masses’, he (or she) could complain to his local Lokayukta and organise a raid on the MP’s property and order his arrest if he decides that public funds are being misused.

It is not just officials but private citizens who will be under the Lokpal’s purview.


This is the way of totalitarian countries like China. It is not India’s way but you would not know it if you had been watching our news channels last week. One famous TV anchor became a sort of Lokpal himself by haranguing a Congress Party spokesman on behalf of ‘the people of India.’

Meanwhile, hunger pangs appear to have caused Anna Hazare to suffer hallucinations of becoming India’s next Mahatma, so he has ordered a ‘jail bharo andolan’ as if we were still fighting the British. And, his coterie of Lefty advisors are using their fifteen minutes of fame to rant against the liberal economic policies that have brought the only prosperity that India has seen since 1947. Without it there would be no tweeting, texting middle class.

Speaking of which, I found it

most annoying last week to listen to NGOs behave as if they were the incorruptible, rightful spokesmen for ‘civil society’.

In my time, I have met as many corrupt NGOs as I have met corrupt officials and they are accountable to nobody.

Many receive funds from mysterious foreign sources that they would have to declare if they stood for elections. Is that why fasting in Jantar Mantar is the preferred option?

If NGO types want to make laws, let them get elected to the Lok Sabha or else go back to activities that are genuinely non-governmental. Making laws is the right of governments, no matter how ineffective or corrupt these governments may be. This appears to have been forgotten in the mass hysterics of last week. It is time to remember.

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Old Story: NREGA Causes Inflation

Old Story: NREGA Causes Inflation: "

Just thought that an old post from over three years ago in Jan 2008 is worth revisiting since it appears that some idiots people in India are waking up finally to the truth of how NREGA causes inflation. “Does the NREGS Cause Inflation?

Inflation happens when the total amount of money increases relative to the total amount of goods that are produced in the economy. If a scheme merely adds more money to the pot without increasing production, it will cause inflation. If you increase production and at the same time increase the total amount of money appropriately, there is no inflation.

If you do a pure income transfer, without raising the total amount of money, you do not have inflation.

So what is the NREGS doing? If it is merely printing money and handing it to unemployed people (who are not producing anything), then it leads to inflation. This inflation reduces the real incomes of people who are producing something. So in this case, it is a pure income redistribution scheme. Drèze knows this as he knows basic economics. But he cannot admit the truth because his job depends on being economical with the truth.


Charak Utsav in Charghat Darga Para faces Islamic and Police wrath

Charak Utsav in Charghat Darga Para faces Islamic and Police wrath: "

No Hindu way of worship is safe at the moment in West Bengal and experiences in Charghat Darga Para add woes to all these. But there is a deeper message as well; it is the might that wins the battle.

To know more log in: http://southbengalherald.blogspot.com/2011/04/charak-utsav-in-charghat-darga-para.html


Sins of the DMK in Tamil Nadu – HJS

Sins of the DMK in Tamil Nadu – HJS: "

Mr. Kaliagnar on a fast

Mr. Kalaignar with air conditioners on a 4-hour fast between breakfast and lunch.

1. Hatred of Karunanidhi the DMK Chief Minister, for Hindus

1A. Karunanidhi, the Hindu hater’s disrespect for the Bhagwad Gita ! : The President of the (Dravid Munnetra Kalegham’ (DMK), M. Karunanidhi on the birthday of Srikrushna, Janmashtami proclaimed that ‘the Gita is a meaningless book’. (Sanskrutik Vartapatra, 1.11.2004)

1B. Karunanidhi, the hater of Deity Sriram !

1B 1. DMK’s anti-Hindu Karunanidhi who compared himself to Sage Valmiki is certainly a descendant of the asurs (demons) ! : ‘Ram is a character from a story. I too write novels.’ – M. Karunanidhi, Chief Minister, Tamilnadu (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 21.9.2007)

1B 2. Would the DMK leader Karunanidhi who claims he will continue to criticise the Ramayan dare to say the same about the ‘Quran’ or ‘Bible’ ? : ‘I have been criticising the Ramayan since childhood and will continue to do so.’ – M. Karunanidhi, Chief Minister Tamilnadu (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 21.7.2009)

1B 3. Karunanidhi testing the tolerance of Hindus by referring to Sriram as an imaginary character ! : ‘The Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and the President of the DMK party, M. Karunanidhi in his speech has referred to ‘Sriram as an imaginary character’.Thereafter a citizen file a police complaint against BJP MP Mr. Ramvilas Vedanti charging that he was provoking people to behead Karunanidhi, under the sections that he was trying to create disturbance in different social elements and inciting the public, which was registered by the police.’ (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 26.9.2007)

1B 4. After the Ramjanmabhumi verdict the rebel Karunanidhi felt odd about the peace prevailing in society and tried to project the non-existent ‘Rajaraja’ as a Dravidian king, to rekindle the Aryan-Dravidian controversy ! : ‘ There is absolutely no need now to raise the Aryan-Dravidian controversy. In South Bharat (India) several are named after Sriram as Ramaswami, Ramachandran, Ramanathan, Ramamurty, Raman etc. However in entire South Bharat only one Tamilian DMK party considers itself as Dravidian. The Malyali, Telgu and Kannad speaking people stay away from this controversy. The Bharatiya cricketer Rahul Dravid despite his surname does not consider himself Dravidian, he considers himself a Bharatiya (Indian). Just as P.Chidambaram and Mulla Mulayam felt odd about the peace after the Ramjanmabhumi verdict, so did Karunanidhi. That is precisely why he printed an objectionable poster and pasted it all over the state of Tamilnadu. In the poster he says, ‘Ram is about 17 lakh years ago. If his birthplace is decided by the judges then why can the archaeology department not determine the birthplace of Rajaraja of the Chol dynasty from the 10th century ? Chol is a descendant of the Dravidians. Rajaraja was the first to rule democratically. He empowered the people at the village level. The Aryans suppressed the Dravidians. That is why despite Rajaraja’s existence only 1 lakh years ago, his birthplace is not traceable. But as Ram was an Aryan even after 17 lakh years of his existence the judges confirm his birthplace.’ If Karunanidhi was honest then he would have borne the cost for these posters himself but this did not happen. This unnecessary endeavour has been carried out at the cost of the Government, as the appeal of the Chief Minister.’ – Shri. Arun Ramtirthakar, senior journalist, Solapur (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 17.10.2010)

1B 5. The Hindu hater Karunanidhi displayed his hatred for Ram by falsely projecting a non-existent ‘Rajaraja’ as a Dravidian king ! : ‘The mission of extraordinary men is important. They have no identity at birth but it is with their actions that their birthplace acquires importance. This is with respect to ordinary mortals. But Ram was the son of King Dasharath. The king was overjoyed with the birth of a son, an Incarnation (avatar). How can Ram be compared to an ordinary mortal, the so-called King Rajaraja that Karunanidhi is referring to ? If Rajaraja was so great and Tamil sanskruti (culture) was so ancient then how was this great king forgotten ? There is a long list of valorous kings like Harihar-Bukka-Pulkeshi, Ramadevaraya, Krushnadevaraya, Krushnaraj from the Rashtrakut dynasty who excavated caves in 773 A.D. etc. whose birthplaces and even deeds are hidden from the new generation. There is room for only six lines on Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the history textbook in schools. Tomorrow even if this matter is dropped from the textbooks Maharashtrian parents will continue to tell their children about the valorous deeds of Shivaji Maharaj. Youth clubs will continue to organise discourses on him. The Maharashtrian will never forget the Chatrapati. If Karunanidhi has such immense love for Rajaraja then he should get the education department to write a series of books on him. Let him erect statues and name roads after him. If he was a king working for the welfare of his subjects then it is not at all wrong to glorify him. The objective behind dividing into states based on language was also this. To enable every state to follow its language, tradition and conserve and develop its culture, the system of districts was stopped. Who has stopped the DMK party which is continuously in power since 1967 A.D., from glorifying Rajaraja ? Karunanidhi had absolutely no love or attachment for Rajaraja in bringing out the poster. He did this simply to vomit the venom of hatred for Ram using the Ramjanmabhumi verdict as an excuse. He is now in his nineties.Even when he is closer to the end of life it is surprising how such dirty, rotten thoughts still persist in his mind !’ – Shri Arun Ramtirthakar, senior journalist, Solapur (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat , 17.10.2010)

1B 6. The Hindu hater M. Karunanidhi called Ram imaginary when jayantis (birth anniversaries) of imaginary figures are never celebrated and when millions of Hindus have been celebrating Ramnavami for thousands of years ! : ‘Ram is our ideal. Books on imaginary men are never written. If one writer writes a novel then other writers do not steal his characters to create their own novel. Each one writes his novel independently. There are 40 main Ramayans with 400 other versions. How is it that all these have a common story ? This is the greatest evidence available, yet Karunanidhi questions, ‘Who was Ram ?’ Despite passage of so many years the story of Ram has remained the same. There may be several versions from different people but the basic skeleton of the story is the same. Yet he asks, ‘Who is Ram ?’ The jayantis of imaginary characters are never celebrated. For millions of years Hindus have been celebrating Ramnavami year after year, yet he asks, ‘Who is Ram ?’’Sage Narad has described 14 virtues of Ram. All these people are nowhwere close to even a single virtue of this Ram. How will they be able to endure him? Ram does not exist even in their names. It is really amazing that in our own country these people ask us questions about our sacred Deities. In the Mahabharat Sage Vyas has written, ‘The one who participated in the war on the side of the Pandavs is the 26th descendant of Ram.’ If Ramayan was imaginary then why would Sage Vyas write this ? Vyas and Valmiki were two different Sages. There was absolutely no need for Sage Vyas to refer to a Holy text written by Sage Valmiki. Does all this not prove that the ‘Ramayan’ was not a mere novel ?’ – Dr. Sacchidanand Shewde, the well-known Pravachankar (one who delivers discourses) (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 3.1.2008)

1B 7. The anti-Hindu DMK government of Tamilnadu which does nothing against Muslims involved in anti-nationalist activities but takes action against trawlers ferrying millions of Hindu devotees to catch a glimpse of the Ramsetu, their seat of worship ! : ‘6 fishermen were arrested by the Tamilnadu police for ferrying pilgrims and foreign tourists in their trawlers to see the Ramsetu, without Government permission, based on a complaint filed by the fisheries department. The police stated that the trawler owners were ferrying tourists to the controversial Ramsetu without any prior permission from the Government and without any life-saving devices for the passengers’. The licences of these fishing trawlers have been suspended and the permit for fuel supply has also been cancelled.’ (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 30.1.2008)

1B 8. M. Karunanidhi the anti-Hindu Chief Minister of Tamilnadu says, ‘All those who with support of God, Dharma (religion), epics and Purans (Holy Scriptures) are opposing the Setusamudram project are anti-nationalists !’ (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 1.7.2007)

1C. The Muslim attitude of the DMK threatening to stop processions of immersion of idols of Sri Ganesh ! : ‘To protest against the so-called provocation to behead the President of the DMK party, M. Karunanidhi for his criticism on Sriram, the supporters of the DMK threatened ‘to stop the immersion processions of Sri Siddhivinayak idols on the day of Anant Chaturdashi from Chennai city’.’ (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 24.9.2007)

1D. Karunanidhi’s disrespect for the highest religious leader of the Hindus ! : The Shankaracharya is an anti-nationalist – Karunanidhi (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat 1.7.2007)

2. Karunanidhi’s hatred for other states

2A. The regional-minded Karunanidhi ! : ‘In Northern Bharat religious fundamentalists are trying to create obstacles in the Setusamudran project. They are trying to replicate the situation that was created after demolition of the Babri Masjid, in Tamilnadu. M. Karunanidhi has alleged that these North Bharatiyas resent any development in South Bharat.’ (When it is the need of the hour for Hindus to unite and for building National Unity, the hatred harboured towards Hindus with the intention of dividing them regionally, by Karunanidhi calls for an inevitable intellectual revolution ! – Editor SP) (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 5.5.2007)

2B. ‘If M. Karunanidhi who had burnt the National flag during the agitation against Hindi language considers and calls himself a patriot, then there is nothing more unfortunate than this for this country !’ – Adv. Daulat Mutkekar, Belgaum (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 1.7.2007)

3. Karunanidhi and his DMK party which dishonours the Judiciary

3A. What law and order will the anti-people and lawbreaker party maintain in the state when ignoring the Supreme Court order it displayed unconstitutional conduct by organising a bandha ? : ‘ In the state of Tamilnadu despite the Supreme Court order banning bandhas the ruling DMK observed a statewide bandha on 1.10.2007. Taking cognisance of this the enraged Supreme Court proclaimed that due to defiance of the order of the Supreme Court it would not hesitate to suggest to the Central Government to impose President’s rule in the state’. (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 2.10.2007)

3B. The lawbreaker M. Karunanidhi’s lies in an attempt to save his government after defying the Supreme Court order ! : ‘On 1st October in support of the Setusamudram project of the Central Government the DMK leaders and the Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi had appealed for a ‘Tamilnadu bandha’. This was carried out despite the Supreme Court directives not to do so. The explanation given by M. Karunanidhi thereafter, in this era of radio and television, was that ‘ the Court order could not be conveyed to the public because of its late receipt’, was indeed ridiculous. The AIADMK leader Smt. Jayalalitha refused to accept this explanation and criticised them saying that ‘this explanation was given only out of fear and that the DMK government should be dismissed.’ (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat , 7.10.2007)

3C. A slap on the face of the DMK by the Madras High Court that ‘the Gayatri mantra belongs to the entire human race’ when the DMK tried to humiliate the mantra as ‘unconstitutional’! : ‘The Gayatri mantra is not meant for a particular religion, sect, dynasty, caste or society, it is meant for the entire human race. That is why its use by a Government or a semi-government office or its publication on an invitation card etc. is not against the constitution of Bharat’. This is an important verdict given by the Judge of the Madras High Court D.Raju on 30th August 1992. In his judgement Justice D.Raju stated that’felicitating someone with a Gayatri mantra is not against the secular nature of the Constitution’ and dismissed the petition. In 1983 the United Insurance Company had printed 5000 Deepavali greeting cards with the Gayatri mantra on it and the DMK had protested against this saying that ‘publishing the Gayatri mantra on a greeting card was unconstitutional’. The Justice described the ‘Gayatri mantra as Shabdhabrahman (God in the form of a word) !’ and added, ‘This mantra (of Vishwamitra) from the Rugveda is thekey to Vedic knowledge. It is inappropriate to say that the Gayatri mantra is associated with a particular religion. From times immemorial the Vedas have been considered the heritage of humanity and are not limited to a particular religion. There is nothing to prove that the Gayatri mantra is the right or property of a particular class, caste or society.” In his judgement the Justice has shown that ‘secularism’ does not mean absence of religion or being against a religion. The essence of this is only that the Government should not be linked to any one particular religion !’ (Masik Dharmabhaskar, October 1992) (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat , 16.9.2007)

3D. When A. Raja a DMK leader threatens the Justice and the Judiciary does nothing about this, how will the public have faith in the Judiciary ? : ‘Justice of the Madras High Court Khalifulla in one of his judgements has said, ‘the DMK leader and former Telecommunications Minister A. Raja involved in the 2-G Spectrum scam which has caused a loss of 1 lakh 76 thousand crores of rupees to the country had threatened Justice Raghupati’. As per the news on 2.7.2009 Justice Raghupati had written to the then Deputy Collector K.G. Balakrushnan that in connection with a scam a Central Minister named Raja had telephoned him in an attempt to influence .’ (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 8.12.2010)

4. Anti-Hindu Karunanidhi promoting reservations

4A. Tamilnadu’s communal Chief Minister, M. Karunanidhi, allotting reservations to Christians and Muslims in the name of social equality, pretending to bring about a so-called social revolution ! : ‘30% reservation in Government jobs is for the backward classes. Resolutions were passed in the Tamilnadu Assembly that out of these 3 ½ % jobs would be given to Muslims and 3 ½% to Christians. This resolution was passed unanimously by voice vote. When addressing the House on this occasion the Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi said, “I have started building a statue of social equality. I am chiselling its parts one by one. When I will create eyes for this statue this social revolution will acquire a closely set purpose. The people of Tamilnadu are waking up slowly. When they open their eyes wide and look at the world, the social revolution will have been accomplished.’ – Shri. Arvind Vithal Kulkarni, senior journalist , Mumbai. (Saptahik Sanatan Prabhat, year 2007 A.D., Issue no. 50)

4B. The anti-Constitutional and communal Chief Minister of Tamilnadu M. Karunanidhi giving reservations to Muslims and Christians in the name of religion, trampling upon the Constitutional clauses ! : ‘On 13th September 2007 the Tamilnadu Chief Minister passed an ordinance that 3 ½ % reservations each would be allotted to Muslims and Christians in State educational institutions and Government offices. (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 14.9.2007)

5. Karunanidhi’s hatred for temples

5A. The Anti-Hindu Chief Minister of Tamilnadu M. Karunanidhi eager to grab the land in the possession of Hindu Charitable Institutions ! : ‘Dr. Jagan Kaul of ‘Hindu Jagran Forum’ from America wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M. Karunanidhi on ‘The right to decide about the use of land and other wealth of Hindu temples’. Dr. Kaul in this letter has stated that he was drawing Mr. Karunanidhi’s attention to the fact that the departments of the State and Central Governments were demanding the land in the possession of the Hindu Charitable Institutions in Chennai. He stated further that Hindu temples and their wealth were created by ancestors of Hindus over hundreds of years. So only Hindus have the right to them. He emphasised that this wealth had to be used for renovation of temples and the benefit of Hindu society. The Government’s attempt to control them meant breaking the existing laws. The State Government is defying the Constitution by depriving Hindus of their religious independence and is looting their wealth and property.’ (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 4.9.2009)

5B. The anti-Hindu Government of Tamilnadu will allot contracts to private organisations to maintain cleanliness in temples thus allowing workers of other religions to enter the them ! : ‘The Tamilnadu Government will choose private organisations in the State to maintain cleanliness in temples.’ – R. Periyakaruppan, Minister for Hindu and religious organisations. (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 14.11.2009)

Are Hindus allowed to clean mosques?

5C. The Anti-Hindu Tamilnadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi of DMK appointing Muslim Ministers to manage the affairs of Hindu temples who are in majority, and to grab their wealth! : ‘The law of Government taking over Hindus temples has been existing in Tamilnadu since the British rule. As there is was no clause ‘that the Minister managing this portfolio should be a Hindu, presently a Muslim Minister is looking after the activities of the temple. A lot of wealth from Hindu temples has been grabbed by those in power.’ (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 22.4.2007)

6. Karunanidhi the promoter of a dynasty in politics

6A. Karunanidhi changing democracy to a dynasty in politics ! : ‘Chief Minister Karunanidhi of the DMK party was from the very beginning insisting on granting of maximum ministerial berths in the State Government to his children from three wives. He was interested in giving the Central Ministerial posts to seven of his family members. That is why he had boycotted the swearing–in ceremony of the Cabinet Ministers on 22nd May.’ (Arya Niti, 10.11.2009)

6B. The undemocratic Karunanidhi encouraging dynasties in politics by giving ministerial posts to his own sons and daughters ! : ‘Azagiri, A. Raja and Dayanidhi Maran, sons of Karunanidhi of DMK, will be given the posts of Cabinet Ministers and his daughter, Kanimozi and three others will be sworn in as State Cabinet Ministers in the Central Ministry of the 15th Loksabha.’ (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 25.5.2009)

7. Overthrow the corrupt Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Karunanidhi, President of the DMK who are looting the public of their hard-earned money

‘The Congress President Sonia Gandhi, the DMK President Karunanidhi and A. Raja have looted 36000 crores, 18000 crores and 6000 crores respectively in the ‘2-G Spectrum’ scam. Sonia Gandhi has divided her share of money into two equal parts of 18000 crores each and deposited them in the names of her two sisters living abroad.’ – Dr. Subramanyam Swami, President, Rashtriya Janata Party. (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 31.12. 2010)

8. Karunanidhi considers the 2-G Spectrum scam ordinary, as if it is nothing

‘The former Telecommunications Minister A. Raja forwarded the resignation of his post in the DMK when under arrest in the ‘2-G Spectrum’ scam. However the party President Karunanidhi did not accept it. On the contrary he blamed the ‘Opposition’ saying that they were simply making a ‘mountain out of a molehill’.’ (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 4.2.2011)

9. Instead of giving his son a Dravidian name DMK President Karunanidhi, a Dravidian protagonist chose to give his son the name of a Russian dictator

‘None will call the leader of DMK and the Chief Minister Karunanidhi who is protecting his relative A. Raja who has swindled 90 thousand crores of rupees in the ‘2-G Spectrum’ scam, and is threatening the Congress that he has to be given the same portfolio again, a clean person. At the centre he gives all the Ministerial berths allotted to his party to his relatives and in the state he is the Chief Minister and his son, the Deputy Chief Minister. This is his way of meting out justice to his party workers. His son named Stalin was born when the dictator Stalin was in power in Russia. He is such a staunch protagonist of Dravidian culture, but when naming his son he chose a Russian name instead of a Dravidian one. This is the way he loves Dravidian culture or the State.’ – Shri. Arun Ramtirthakar, senior journalist, Solapur (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 17.10.2010)

10. The hypocrite, Dravidian politician who accepts the Dashagranthi Brahman, Ravan as God but promotes a revolution against Brahmans

The hypocrisy of love for Dravidian culture was also seen in the mentor of Karunanidhi, the DMK leader Anna Durai and his guide, E.V. Ramaswami. Ramaswami founded the Dravid Kalagham Party. They accepted Ravan as God because he was Dravidian and called Ram a demon. In 1968 this Ramaswami led a procession in Salem keeping an idol of Deity Ramachandra on a truck. He was sitting beside the idol and hitting it with slippers. What is amusing is that the Ravan he worshipped was a Dashagranthi Brahman; yet he had started a revolution against Brahmans. Anna Durai started a revolution for an independent ‘Dravidistan’. He banned Hindi calling it the language of the Aryans from the North. To make things easier in politics he founded the DMK (Dravid Munnetra Kalagham) party. In 1976 he came to power and took the oath as the Chief Minister to maintain an undivided Bharat. Though he gave up the demand for an independent Dravidistan the opposition to Hindi persisted and it is still existing there.’ – Shri. Arun Ramtirthakar, senior journalist, Solapur. (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 17.10.2010)

11. How will the untrustworthy Karunanidhi give a clean administration when despite Prabhakaran continuing terrorist activities in Sri Lanka for several years he betrayed the people’s trust by saying ‘he is not a terrorist’?

‘ The Chief of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) Prabhakaran is my friend and he is not a terrorist.’ – Karunanidhi, Chief Minister, Tamilnadu. (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat, 21.4.200


Hindus hand over Christians, who denigrated Hindu Deities, to the police

Hindus hand over Christians, who denigrated Hindu Deities, to the police: "Mumbai: Few Christians were breaking the picture-frames of Hindu Deities leading to their denigration so as to deceive Hindus and convert them; but the devout Hindus handed them over to the police."

Anna Hazare: Sonia Gandhi's civilian coup d’état? Sandhya Jain - Vijayvaani.com



Anna Hazare: Sonia Gandhi's civilian coup d’état? 

Sandhya Jain

The Hazare saga has ended; but the real fate of the draft and legislation lies ahead because what was attempted was a palace coup to destabilize Dr Manmohan Singh. It was a calibrated urban relay-revolution tapping into the Facebook-Twitter crowd’s quest for a ‘worthy cause’ to espouse, with prime time TV playing ball with the patrons of the draft. But there are limits to the attention span of Twitter-walas, and as IPL 4 grabbed eyeballs on 8 April, the Hazare camp began cracking under pressure as many owed their prestige to government patronage and could not afford scrutiny; a compromise was quickly sewn up to retreat from Jantar Mantar.


It does not take a rocket scientist to see that as there is an overlap in membership of the Jan Lokpal draftees and Sonia Gandhi’s publicly-funded National Advisory Committee, both the draft bill and the agitation to inflict it upon the nation draw strength from the NAC.


Interestingly, the claim that the Jan Lokpal draft compares with the powers of the Hong Kong ombudsman is untrue. The Hong Kong ombudsman has no powers of prosecution; he merely submits a report to the Chief Executive; and is appointed by politicians. Actually, no country in the world permits civil society nominees to initiate prosecution against citizens, and judge and punish them. It decapitates the constitutional separation of powers. Sonia Gandhi must explain why she wants such powers for a band of moral pretenders owing allegiance to her.

As Lokpal bill activists derive their clout from involvement with the Right to Information legislation, this writer hereby submits an open RTI application on behalf of the nation. We demand that all prominent persons supporting civil (read a chosen faction) participation in drafting a new Lokpal Bill, make full disclosure of all personal assets and monies held by them, their spouses, and minor children.


Disclosures must cover assets and monies of NGOs they run directly or are associated with, complete with details of projects, funding and utilization, diversification of funds (if any). The institutional revelations must extend to trustees / board members of these NGOs, to reveal links with current or retired civil servants and / or politicians. And since prominent NGOs tend to corner a disproportionate share of government funding, they should henceforth submit to the scrutiny of the Comptroller & Auditor General.


The draft bill is nothing more than an Uber Ordinance trying to force Parliament to enact it into an Uber Law in order to make the NAC the de jure power of the nation. With such totalitarian powers at its command – equivalent to wielding Emergency style powers without invoking an Emergency and without needing Parliamentary endorsement for any action – Ms Sonia Gandhi and her coterie will elevate themselves into the ranks of awesome leaders like Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and her own native Benito Mussolini.


One admires the breathtaking audacity. The only institution they dared not touch (in the first instance) is the Armed Forces. One shudders to think of our fate should they ever acquire powers to meddle with national security …



The author is Editor, www.vijayvaani.com