Sunday, October 18, 2009

Islam’s Gifts to the World

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    Obama genuflects to Saudi King

      Muslims are the first to determine that explosives in the rectum cannot be detected:
    Rectal suicide bombing
    • After safely passing security on a suicide mission:
    Prayer after security

      (Islam allows sex with captured women)

    Islamic female-women spoil of war for sex

      Quran 65:4 allows sex with little girls:

    Islamic pedophilia

      Muslims are the first to come up with this useful warfare technique. They got this idea from hostage dramas on TV.

    Hamas uses civilians as shields in war

Shadow Warrior: guess who? and other mohammedan gifts to the world, from

yup, the same guy who has his finger on the red button. jeez. makes me feel real safe at night.

remember his greeting to hindus: "happy diwali and saal mubarak". why on earth would he use mohammedan lingo? why couldn't he have said, "happy new year"? well, that was a rhetorical question.

Incognito thoughts: Ahimsa Dharma

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    • Tolerance of the intolerable is adharma.
    • When a person subjects himself to be beaten up by another, in the belief that such act will cause the other to feel guilty and withdraw, this person does three wrong things.
    • All three points are against the message of the gita, mahabharata, ramayana and the 'traditional indian culture' which exhorts people to uphold dharma, to live peaceful life in consonance with Nature, not indulging in violent acts with selfish purpose, and to actualise karma without seeking fruits thereof.
    • Gandhi's exhortion to accept indignities without demur is on the lines of "show the other cheek" phrase attributed to christ.
      That he was comprehensively influenced by church and bible is evident upon reading his collected works(CWMG).

      His public claims of following the gita and Sri Rama are incongruent with his actual actions and exhortions.
    • Gandhi on retrospection turns out to be a product of those times, a result of missionary influenced education system that de-valued indian culture and values, which caused many such 'educated' people to be influenced by christian ideas and western propaganda. Such people, deracinated, were unable to appreciate indian culture, unable to understand spirituality, which is the main theme of indian culture.
    • The result is for all to see.

      When China does border intrusion, India finds virtue in 'ahimsa'.

      When Pakistan sends armed merceneries to kill indian civilians, India seeks virtue in 'restraint' and 'talks'.
    • Gandhi is rightfully called 'father of the nation'. That is actually an indictment considering the state of the nation and that of its citizens, who cannot understand dharma let alone the need to uphold it.

|| Satyameva Jayate || - Why are Christian Missionaries Targeting India - V

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    • Pl. discuss all aspects related to conversions, missionary activity, distortions and mis-interpretations of scriptures and sacred stories by Christian media on this thread.

      To kick off the discussion, here is an observation that I posted on twitter just now:


      Here’s how you include Jesus & avoid ShriRam in a news-story on Diwali.

    • (note the words “Sanskrit” instead of “Vedic”?

HJS clarifies no connection with Goa blasts, Sanatan also denies - Sanatan Sanstha |

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    • One Marathi news channel has been broadcasting false news, saying that Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is connected with the blasts in Margao, Goa on Friday night. This is nothing but a planned conspiracy to defame Hindu Janajagruti Samiti even though HJS is not at all related with the Margao blasts and not a single Official has charged HJS for the same.

      The said news channel did not even bother to contact any responsible person of HJS and is thus broadcasting one-sided news. We hereby clarify that HJS is not related with this case. We are also warning that if this News channel continues to defame HJS in this case, then we will have to take legal action against the officials of this news channel. This information was given by Mr. Jayesh Thali, the Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for Goa.
    • Sanatan's Seeker dies in the Madgaon blast triggered by unknown miscreants !
    • Sanatan Sanstha assures of complete co-operation in the investigation! - Pakistan's Double Game

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    • By Bruce P. Cameron
    • The core challenge to President Barack Obama’s Afghan War may not be the Taliban, nor even al-Qaeda, but rather Pakistan’s shadowy intelligence service, the ISI, with its dual loyalties when it comes to fighting Islamic extremists.
    • Indeed, the success of Obama’s Af-Pak policy may depend on whether Pakistan’s ISI – officially named the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate – can be neutralized or dismantled.

      If the ISI remains intact, Obama may never know exactly what side of the street the Pakistani government is really working, given ISI’s historic role in organizing many of the miltant Islamic forces that are now challenging U.S. interests in the region.

YouTube - ParasRajput At Sant Sammelan in Gujrat Part 2

YouTube - ParasRajput At Sant Sammelan in Gujrat Part 1

Now, Indians joining British Army to beat Taliban - Yahoo! India News

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    • Indians are now rushing to join the British Army to fight the Taliban.

      They will be entitled to sign up as Commonwealth nationals.

      The current trend can be attributed to the recent threat of a Taliban victory in Afghanistan, which can have dangerous implications for Pakistan.

      Sharat S. Mulchandi, 18, from Karnataka, is undergoing army cadet training at home and plans to join a British infantry regiment when he flies into the UK.

    • In March, there were just 80 Indian nationals in the British Army. The total is expected to rise considerably when new figures are compiled.

हिन्दू संगठन जांच में सहयोग को तैयार - Desh -

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    • गोवा में शुक्रवार रात एक स्कूटर में हुए विस्फोट में कथित रुप से शामिल हिंदू संगठन सनातन संस्था ने शनिवार को कहा कि संगठन इस विस्फोट के मामले में जांच में सहयोग देने के लिए तैयार है।

      संस्था ने पणजी में जारी विज्ञप्ति में मीडिया पर आरोप लगाया है कि उसने संस्था को विस्फोट में शामिल बताकर एक धार्मिक संगठन की छवि को धूमिल करने का प्रयास किया है।

जयपुर में दो समुदाय में विवाद, माहौल तनावपूर्ण

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    • राजधानी के लालकोठी में हुए दो समुदाय के विवाद के बाद स्थिति तनाव की बन गई। इस विवाद में तीन लोग घायल हो गए हैं। जिन्हें सवाई मानसिंह अस्पताल ले जाया गया है। इसके अतिरिक्त एक पुलिस का सिपाही भी घायल हो गया है।

      विवाद की शुरुआत उस वक्त हुई जब दोनों समुदाय के लड़के रामनिवास बाग में क्रिकेट खेल रहे थे। इसी दौरान दोनों में कहासुनी हो गई। मैदान में शुरु हुआ विवाद घर तक आ गया। और देखते-देखते मोहल्ले में पथराव शुरू हो गया। मामले की गंभीरता को देखते हुए क्षेत्र में बड़े पैमाने पर पुलिस की तैनाती कर दी गई है।

India has a moral commitment on Tibet-II | Sangh Parivar

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    • We need a strategic vision.
      Leverage on diplomatic relations
    • By Ram Madhav
    • ‘Dialogue is the only solution’, our leaders untiringly exhort when it comes to our relations with the neighbours. Undoubtedly. But what is more important is perseverance. 
    • Can we show that firmness? Have we done that before? China insisted that it wouldn’t recognize McMahon Line since it is an ‘Imperial Line’. Have we come across a Yeltsin in India who would have told them that if McMahon Line is fine for China and Burma to settle their borders why not the same for China and India? Do we have the courage to tell them that barring some ‘minor technicalities’, the border should be where it lied in 1947 or 1949? 
    • No meaningful settlement will be possible between two unequal neighbours.
    • in military terms what is important is capability, not necessarily parity. Through capability one can build deterrents without actually entering into a race for parity. And that is what China did in the last 15 years. 
    • The US and many others tend to dismiss all this as Chinese propaganda. It may be partly true. But the underlying lesson remains; that you don’t have to acquire same number of naval carriers as your adversary; you should rather have enough capability to disable them. The mute point is: where do we stand in terms of research and production of modern weaponry? Prof. Steve Cohen of the Brookings Institute says that India is the most lethargic country when it comes to indigenous production of weapons. May be our politicians and military bosses are driven by ‘other’ considerations in depending on imports rather than developing indigenously? 
    • Another important lesson that we should learn is to frustrate the enemy. China practices it to the full. It has encircled us from all sides.
    • Sadly, we are doing nothing on that front too. We have done precious little to help countries like Taiwan. The Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj was in India last month. Despite the fact that we have best of the relations with that country which is very strategically located: land-locked between Russia and China, we hardly thought of leveraging our relations to the strategic advantage of our country. The argument is that such a move would unnecessarily ‘irritate’ China. We have an Air Force base in Kazakhstan but no aircraft. 
    • (The writer is member of National Executive Council, RSS.)

steps to second partition: a lvoe story murdered in kashmir why secularists are silent?

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    • This week Anchal would have been celebrating Diwali with her husband Rajneesh but for if this ultimate Taliban act. Surprisingly the incident, so brutal and tragic hasn’t found an echo in the elite human-rightist circles of Delhi and the self-righteous media which had taken up the Rizwan case of Kolkata at a greater war footing than it has shown regarding Chinese incursions.
    • Rajneesh's "murder" in a police post in Srinagar wouldn’t have occurred if Rajneesh was a "Rizwan" and the girl had remained an Ameena.
    • So who is going to help Anchal? She seems to be a courageous beloved of her "slain" husband and has been facing media crews with grit. She has refused an ex gratia grant by the state government and has demanded a CBI inquiry. The state leaders, who made a beeline to Shopian, have not bothered to say even a word of sympathy, leave aside visiting her.

After Love Jihad, It's time for 'Clinical Jihad' - Attacks |

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    • Kozhikode (Kerala):
    • After the successful implementation of 'Love Jihad'in Kerala, Jihadi organisations in Kerala had reportedl started 'Clinical Jihad'.
    • As per some shocking report from Malabar, Kozhikode based Jihadi organisation who is now under Police scanner had implemented 'Clinical Jihad'.Presence of Jihadi organisations in Medical colleges were already reported and now the very same people have identified and recruited Jihadi doctors with clear instructions to prescribe wrong medicines to naive Non Muslim patients.They are also instructed to prescribe costly medicines to empty their pocket.

Forced to eat beef, NRI's wife gets divorce - Indians Abroad - World - The Times of India

Trees chopped near the Taj Mahal

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    • At least two dozen full grown trees have been chopped off in the premises of a state-run hotel located near the Taj Mahal, within the eco-sensitive 500 metre zone of the monument.
    • The Supreme Court had in 1996 ordered intensive afforestation around the Taj Mahal to insulate it from air pollution. In the past two decades, vast sums of money [^] have been spent on greening the area around the Taj.
    • A hotel employee said: ‘Foreign tourists were finding it hard to get a clearer glimpse of the Taj Mahal because the trees obstructed the view. So the trees were cut from the top.’

The Pioneer > SMS rate hike on Diwali raises hackles

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    • Rathin Das | Ahmedabad
    • Service providers in Gujarat have announced a hike in SMS tariff during the two-day Diwali celebrations on October 16 and 17. The rates would be double than normal, they said. Wracked by a sense of outrage, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has sent legal notices to all cell phone service providers over their policy of hiking SMS rates during Diwali
    • The legal notices, sent on behalf of VHP international general secretary Pravin Togadia, said that doubling of SMS rates during Diwali amounts to discrimination. The legal notices also mention that the SMS charges were not hiked during other religions festivals.