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Is Mamata Banerjee the change Bengal seeks?

Is Mamata Banerjee the change Bengal seeks?

Indrani Roy Mitra

Of late, the Trinamool Congress, as a political party, has done a lot of homework, it has spent a considerable time in grooming itself.

Recently, viewers were taken aback by Mamata Banerjee's demeanour in a regional television show. For, here was a leader who was not getting ruffled by uncomfortable, daring and even offensive questions hurled at her by the viewers, rather she was accepting each one of them as a challenge, never losing either her cool or her smile. In fact, the host of the show got so carried away by her newfound 'charm' that he almost declared her the next chief minister of Bengal. The programme's TRPs soared.

Last weekend, the same channel had West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee speaking his mind about trying on his own (going out of the party mandate, of course) to bring back expelled members like veteran Somnath Chatterjee [Images] and the rebellious Saifuddin Chowdhury back into the party fold.

However, the two television shows send out one clear signal: While the Trinamool Congress chief has carefully altered her stance to win the people's verdict, veteran Buddhababu is shooting his mouth now only to say 'oops, I made a mistake again' then, much to the chagrin of his comrades.

Bengal has grown tired of the 32-year-old Left Front rule and a change is needed. No one is denying that. But the question is: Will this change be for the better?

If post-election violence in Nandigram is any yardstick to go by, will a Trinamool Congress regime put an end to bloodshed and misrule? One just can't be too sure, at least for the time being.

Mayawati will be shocked on May 16

Mayawati will be shocked on May 16


Squandering thousands of crores of precious funds on building Utopian parks and installing elephant statues for posterity has crossed all tolerable limits. Statues depicting 'Mayawati and her purse' have sent negative messages all over.

Frustrated Dalits versus the disproportionate Brahmin clout in the corrupt corridors of power causes acute Dalit heartburn.

Kanshi Ram's hardcore BAMCEF (All India Backward and Minority Employees Federation), which had fondly cradled her during her political infancy, is completely disillusioned and disgusted with her, and would like to see her ousted from power.

The Muslims, who earlier supported Mayawati, have become wary and suspicious of her unreliable nature. They have a growing apprehension that, ultimately, Mayawati will ditch them and join the Bharatiya Janata Party [Images] camp.

Today, she is hated by her own community. Except for the 'chamars' of her community, other Dalits like the 'dhobis', 'khatiks', 'bhangis', 'paasis' despise her.

Indira Gandhi [Images] was taught a harsh lesson in 1977. She had misjudged the public mood and was doomed. Mayawati shall, also, be 'educated' and 'taught a lesson' on May 16.

There is no takth (throne) for Maya this time. The takhta (guillotine) looms large this time.

Once that happens, this ambitious dictator shall have to console herself as the 'Mallika-e-Uttar Pradesh'!

The 1857 Jihad

The 1857 Jihad

However, citing the scholarly opinion of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, as expressed in his book Pakistan (1940), Prof. More contends, with an impressive array of other impeccable references to substantiate his view, that the popularly known '1857 War of Independence' was merely an intermediate stage of a movement with the entirely different objective of converting India into a Dar-ul-Islam (land ruled according to Islamic Law) (p. 7).

That movement had really commenced with the activism of Shah Waliullah after the Battle of Plassey in 1757, to be rejuvenated with the jihad undertaken by Sayyid Ahmad.The next stage was achieved when India became independent at the cost of partition and the creation of Pakistan in 1947.

'1857' was, according to the author, essentially a jihad with the sole aim of re-establishing Islamic rule, which had seen progressive decay since Aurangzeb' s death in 1707. It was not a freedom struggle at all in the sense we normally use the term.

That the revolt remained restricted to only certain areas of North India is explained by the author as a result of the primary cause - the compromising of Muslim power (p.104). The economic deprivation suffered by mainly Muslim tradesmen through the new policies of the British government is identified by him as another main cause (p. 96). Weavers, ship builders and maritime traders were predominantly Muslim and suffered the most with British takeover of their businesses. Annexation of native states or the enactment of laws prohibiting evil social customs like sati, are regarded by the author only as secondary or incidental causes. In actual fact, not a small section of Hindu society had actually welcomed those reforms!

The instigators, leaders and beneficiaries of the uprising who are identified in three chapters were Muslim almost to a man and subscribed to the Waliullahi philosophy. Nanasahib, Laxmibai and not least of all, Mangal Pandey who is credited as being the 'first freedom fighter', had all been enticed, coerced, beguiled or befuddled into the fray, says the author.

As further evidence in support of his view, the author presents in a subsequent chapter numerous appeals, declarations, proclamations and fatwas issued by the various players of 1857, explaining their content and intent. It includes such documents issued, among others, by Nanasahib and Laxmibai which the author shows were jihadi in essence. He claims that internal evidence of their contents establishes beyond any doubt that they were actually drafted by Muslim clerics and passed off in the names of influential persons like Nanasahib and Laxmibai, who had no choice but to sanction them.

The last chapter narrates the innumerable grievous clashes that took place between Hindus and Muslims during the period of the uprising, completely belying an impression that communal harmony prevailed, which eulogists would have their readers to receive.

The book presents a disturbingly new angle to events of the 1857 Uprising and is certain to make very interesting reading.

The 1857 JIHAD
Author: Sheshrao More
Translator: Bhalchandrarao C. Patwardhan
Pages: 518
ISBN 978-81-7049-337-2
Publisher: Manas Publications, Delhi
Price: Rs.795/-

Have we forgotten Kargil already?

Have we forgotten Kargil already?

Colonel A Sridharan VSM (retd)

For any nation, the soldiers are its assets. You can replace a weapon or buy new weapon systems but it takes years to train a soldier and make him fight as part of a group that is willing to sacrifice its life for protecting the country.

It takes years to train a combat pilot or a sailor. Soldiers, sailors and airmen give 'their today for your tomorrow,' which I quote from the graves in Kohima, Nagaland, left behind by the British after World War II, but still taken good care of. They continue to pay their debt of gratitude to those who laid their lives in that war, fought so fiercely for a tennis court in Kohima.

The Americans too care for their armed forces personnel. Their leaders show genuine concern and match their promises with action. Their veterans are the blessed lot and, what they get for what they gave is something the veterans in India can only dream of.

In our country, soldiers are remembered only in times of need.

The enormity of the situation, the lessons learnt and the corrective action that were needed after Kargil were discussed and forgotten. Kargil is a blur in our memory, an event of history to be forgotten only to be remembered when reminded that we need to celebrate Kargil Diwas! Sadly, we have even stopped doing that!

It is not selective amnesia but permanent dementia. And as for the soldiers who were disabled or who lost their lives, less said the better.

The ESM have been forced to come out in large numbers onto the streets, shouting slogans to attract attention. The country as a whole has forgotten them and it is a pity that the ESM need to remind our countrymen to remember them by adopting agitation as the means to achieve their end.

Sadly, what they are asking for is One Rank and One Pension -- a small price for what they have given to our country for so long.

Why is it that our nation has pushed its veterans to this state of helplessness that today this apolitical force is taking sides with political parties to make their demand met? Does our country's leadership realise that the armed forces which had remained apolitical so far are now becoming politicised? Surely this is not a healthy trend.

Rahul Gandhi scared of FBI, avoids visiting USA

Rahul Gandhi scared of FBI, avoids visiting USA

Pix: Rahul Gandhi & his columbian GF Veronica(Veroinique) a.k.a Junaita

In Sep 2004 when Washington played host to Young political sons, Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora, Jitin Prasada (all Congress Party), and Manvendra Singh (a lone BJP ) followed by liquor baron who got himself elected to a the Rajya Sabha, Vijay Mallya (Janata Party) and ever smiling Rajiv Shukla of the Congress. Yet one prominent face was missing which was that of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi didn't go to USA with the young politicians. It was Shukla who conceived the idea of the Indo-US Parliamentary Forum to create a counterpart to the India Caucus in the US House of Representatives. Rahul Gandhi had to avoid going to the U.S. forever, because of the pending police questions he could be arrested again by FBI if he ever steps in to US.

-Dharma Yodha

Vimanas !!! Flying Machines of the Past

Vimanas !!! Flying Machines of the Past

We have have flying vehicles described over and over again in ancient Indian literature. Now, for the first time, See an ancient Indian document of aeronautical science, the Vymanika Shastra(VS) that gives us technical and schematical information on propulsion, energy, weapons, flight tactics, pilots food and clothes and metallurgy. This is the the most groud-breaking document ever and has been studied by many scholars, engineers and scientists from Europe and India from the early 20th century and onwards. Vaimanika Shastra is a book written by Maharshi Bharadwaja.

It is currently being studied on the highest level of the Indian government and scientifiic community, at the Aeronautical Development Agency(ADA) of the Indian Ministry of Defence. Indian scientists have been able to succesfully recreate the prescribed alloys according to the formulas in the VS.

Vymanika Shastra itself means 'treatise on aeronautics'. or "science of aeronautics"

Here are some Sanskrit terms which is useful for understanding Vymanika Shastra.

Adrishya: Invisibility
Antara: Difference
Bhaava: Being or becoming
Darpana: Mirror
Drishya: Vision
Jyotibhaava: Becoming glowing
Karan: Action/do
Kiran: Ray
Loha: Metal
Mani: Crystal
Naali: Channel
Paroksh: Contract
Roopa: Appearance
Roopaantra: Taking on a different appearance
Roopakarshana: Attracting an appearance
Sankorcha: Contract
Shakti: Power
Surya: Sun or of relating to sun
Vayu: Wind or air
Vimana: Flying craft or bird-like
Viroopa karana: To make Bad form or shape
Yantra: Machine/device

The flying vehicles, are called Vimanas, and used throughout vedic literature to denote flying vehicles of the gods and the ruling class.

They contain various yantras(machines/devices) with various functions in various parts of the vimanas. All of the major onboard yantras are comprised of darpanas(mirrors or lens), manis(crystals) and naalis(channels and outpius) The machines function on various sources of shakti(power)

The vimanas's aerodynamics as described in the shastra are similar to the aerodynamics of the common UFO.

Only a few years ago, the Chinese discovered some Sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University said recently that the documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships!

It is interesting to note, that the Nazis developed the first practical pulse-jet engines for their V-8 rocket "buzz bombs." Hitler and the Nazi staff were exceptionally interested in ancient India and Tibet and sent expeditions to both these places yearly, starting in the 30's, in order to gather esoteric evidence that they did so, and perhaps it was from these people that the Nazis gained some of their scientific information!

It is interesting to note that when Alexander the Great invaded India more than two thousand years ago, his historians chronicled that at one point they were attacked by "flying, fiery shields" that dove at his army and frightened the cavalry while crossing Jaxartes River. These "flying saucers" did not use any atomic bombs or beam weapons on Alexander's army however, perhaps out of benevolence, and Alexander went on to conquer India.

These are the pictures of Flying Vehicles found in Pyramid of Egypt. We all know that Indus valley Civilization traded with Egypt, Greece and Sumeria. Is it possible they are depicting some astonishing thing that they saw in India ????

Orville Wright demonstrated on December 17th 1903 that it was possible for a ‘manned heavier than air machine to fly’. But, in 1895, eight years earlier, the Sanskrit scholar Shivkar Bapuji Talpade had designed a basic aircraft called Marutsakthi (meaning Power of Air) based on Vedic technology and had it take off unmanned before a large audience in the Chowpathy beach of Bombay. The importance of the Wright brothers lies in the fact, that it was a manned flight for a distance of 120 feet and Orville Wright became the first man to fly. But Talpade’s unmanned aircraft flew to a height of 1500 feet before crashing down and the historian Evan Koshtka, has described Talpade as the ‘first creator of an aircraft’.

But this success of an Indian scientist was not liked by the Imperial rulers. Warned by the British Government the Maharaja of Baroda stopped helping Talpade. It is said that the remains of the Marutsakthi were sold to ‘foreign parties’ by the relatives of Talpade in order to salvage whatever they can out of their loans to him. Talpade’s wife died at this critical juncture and he was not in a mental frame to continue with his researches. But his efforts to make known the greatness of Vedic Shastras was recognised by Indian scholars, who gave him the title of Vidya Prakash Pra-deep.

सोनिया ने ही छाँटा वरुण और मेनका को!

सोनिया ने ही छाँटा वरुण और मेनका को!

आज ये दोनों गाँधी परिवार में शामिल ही नहीं...!!!!!

वरुण में राहुल के मुकाबले कहीं ज्यादा फायर है और राहुल राजनीति में जो स्थान पाँच वर्षों में नहीं बना पाए वो वरुण ने पाँच महीनों में ही बना लिया है। अब वे उप्र के मुख्यमंत्री की दौड़ में हैं

...इसका कारण है कि भारतीय राजनीति में शुरुआती स्थान तो फायर ब्राण्ड अपनाकर ही बनाया जा सकता है।

नरेन्द्र मोदी का उदाहरण आपके-हमारे सामने है।

औऱ यह तय है कि अगले लोकसभा चुनाव यानी 2014 में वे ही भाजपा की ओर से प्रधानमंत्री पद के उम्मीदवार होंगे।

बेचारा पाकिस्तान क्या करे

बेचारा पाकिस्तान क्या करे

पाकिस्तानी सरकार ने भारत से इन आरोपियों के बारे में कुछ सरल सवाल पूछे हैं मगर भारत सरकार इनका ज़वाब ही नहीं दे पा रही है । अब सवालों के ज़वाब न मिले उन पर कैसे मुक़दमा चलाया जा सकता है और कैसे अनंत काल तक हिरासत में रखा जा सकता है ।

अगर ज़वाबों के अभाव में पाकिस्तान सरकार को उन्हें रिहा करना पड़ गया तो ये सज्जन तो सेवक हैं । सेवा करते-करते पता नहीं कहाँ और किधर निकल जायें फिर इनको ढूँढ़ना मुश्किल हो जाएगा तो भारत फिर कहेगा कि अपराधियों को भगा दिया ।

उस दशा में पाकिस्तान को आतंकवाद मिटाने में सहयोग न करने के लिए दोषी नहीं ठहराया जा सकेगा । और सारी जिम्मेदारी भारत की होगी ।

Use Of Soft Power In Counter-Terrorism

Use Of Soft Power In Counter-Terrorism---What I Wrote On

Use Of Soft Power In Counter-Terrorism---What I Wrote On November 17, 2007

By B. Raman

Anger is a common root cause of all terrorism---ideological, ethnic, separatist, sectarian or religious. Terrorist organisations exploit the anger to motivate the members of the community from which they have arisen to support them in their acts of terrorism. Such support can be in the form of volunteers for committing acts of terrorism, contribution of funds, logistic support etc. Extreme anger in individuals can motivate them to resort to terrorism as individuals without their belonging to any organisation.

Anger containment and ultimate reduction has, therefore, to be an important component of counter-terrorism.

2. Terrorists use the soft power of the media----old and new--- to keep the anger sustained and make it increase in order to maintain a high level of motivation.

3. It is more difficult---often impossible--- to remove strategic causes of anger.

7. One has been seeing since 9/11 that jihadi terrorist organisations----particularly Al Qaeda and its associates--- have become more adept in their use of soft power against their State adversaries than their State adversaries in their use against the terrorists.

8. The inability of the US-led coalition to use soft power effectively against the jihadi terrorists comes in the way of the campaign against terrorism making headway.

10. One of the reasons the US was able to use its soft power effectively during the Cold War was the availability of a large reservoir of political dissidents from the Communist countries, who co-operated in the running of the radio stations and imparted credibility to their broadcasts.

11 Al Qaeda and its associates have shown some sophistication in their use of soft power against the US and its allies.

12. Any strategy for the use of soft power against Al Qaeda and its associates has to provide for two totally different kinds of audience.

The first audience is the people in the spawning areas of jihadi terrorism. The only instrument of dissemination with which they feel comfortable is the radio. Moreover, they are so poor that radio is the only instrument which they can afford.

16. The second audience is the diaspora of Muslims across the Western world.

17. While the second audience feels comfortable with all instruments of dissemination, it avoids the Western print media which it looks upon as controlled by Jewish money and interests. It, therefore, relies almost exclusively on the Internet for its jihadi mission. Al Qaeda and its associates too use the Internet for rallying radical elements of the diaspora to their cause.

17. The focus of counter-terrorism experts till now has been on countering the operational use of the Internet by the terrorists for acts of terrorism. Not adequate thought has been given to countering the use of the Internet as an instrument of soft power.

19. The Internet provides an excellent means of empowering this inarticulate majority and encouraging it to come out against religious radicalism and the resort to terror, without fearing the consequences of their Internet activism.

We can update this and say in the context of today's so-called war on terrorism: "When funds are limitless, a battlefield casualty is your imagination."

अन्तरिक्ष में जीवन की संभावनाऎं

अन्तरिक्ष में जीवन की संभावनाऎं

सोनिया ने जो चाहा वो किया है

सोनिया ने जो चाहा वो किया है!

खैर, इटली से मुझे याद आया कि सोनिया की भारत में कोई संपत्ति नहीं है। उन्होंने चुनाव लड़ते समय अपनी संपत्ति की घोषणा की जो महज 18 लाख रुपए थी। कमाल है। जिस कांग्रेस पार्टी की सोनिया अध्यक्ष हैं उस पार्टी ने इस बार के लोकसभा चुनाव लड़ने में 1000 करोड़ रुपए का खर्चा किया है। लेकिन सोनिया के पास ना कार है और ना मकान। क्योंकि उन्होंने अपना मकान भी इटली में ही दिखाया है।

दूसरे, उनके सुपुत्र राहुल गाँधी ने भी अपनी संपत्ति एक करोड़ 80 लाख रुपए बताई जबकि राहुल ने दिल्ली में अपने जिस प्लाट की कीमत १० लाख रुपए बताई है वो दरअसल 35 करोड़ रुपए का है। अरे, आप ही बताइए भला, दिल्ली में १० लाख रुपए में कुछ आता है क्या...???? इतने रुपए से तो वहाँ गुसलखाना भी ना बन सके। इन नेताओं की घोषित संपत्ति की भी जाँच होनी चाहिए।

खैर, अब मुद्दे की बात..... ये बात कुछ पुरानी है। तब इस देश के राष्ट्रपति श्री आर.वेंकटरमण थे। भले आदमी थे। दक्षिण के ब्राह्मण थे। तो उनका राष्ट्रपति के तौर पर एक टर्म पूरा हो चुका था।और राजेनद्र प्रसाद तथा राधाकृष्णन जी के बाद वो तीसरे राष्ट्रपति बनने जा रहे थे जिनके दूसरे टर्म को लेकर गंभीरता से विचार किया जा रहा था।

तो वेंकटरमण ने राष्ट्रपति भवन के आखिरी दिनों के दौरान राजीव जी को सोनिया के साथ अपने आवास पर आमंत्रित किया। वहाँ कोई पूजा-अनुष्ठान था। राजीव जी गए, उनके साथ सोनिया भी थी। तब वेंकटरमण उन्हें वही तमिल लुंगी और माथे पर त्रिपुंड लगाए मिले। नाक के दोनों ओर चंदन लगा हुआ था। पूरी दक्षिण भारत वेशभूषा थी। राष्ट्रपति जी की पत्नी भी उनके साथ थीं। उसी प्रकार की वेशभूषा में। बस, फिर क्या था। सोनिया ने यह सब देखा और चिढ़ गईं।

लौटते समय घर जाते-जाते सोनिया ने राजीव जी का मूड बदल दिया और फरमान जारी कर दिया कि ये आदमी दूसरी बार तो राष्ट्रपति नहीं बनेगा। अब बेचारा पति क्या करता, पत्नी की तो सुनना ही है। वेंकटरमण की छुट्टी हो गई। राजीव जी चाहते हुए भी कुछ नहीं कर पाए।

.....इसी ज्योतिषी ने सोनिया को यह भी बताया था कि वे खुद कभी प्रधानमंत्री नहीं बनें, नहीं तो उनके बच्चे अनाथ हो सकते हैं। यानी सोनिया को प्रधानमंत्री पद ग्रहण करने के बाद जान का जबरदस्त खतरा हो सकता है।.....

Sonia Congress Brand Secularism

Sonia Congress Brand Secularism!

The Congress’ perception was thus jaundiced. It was visually handicapped in its outlook of India. Could not view the people of this country as citizens—as Indians but saw them as Muslims, Christians, and Hindus/north/south. To make it an variable to easily quantify— majority and minority—was inserted and this became the guiding index in its approach.

The Scheduled caste leaders keep the Scheduled castes in oppression and in poverty because they are the barters for their own power. Take for example Mayawati—a simple distribution of all the money she has accrued and the huge amounts she is spending on massive structures with domes and stupas for Kanshi Ram, Ambedkar and herself will just wipe out the poverty of the Schedule caste in UP.

One area of empowerment was the Reservation policy — both in education and in employment. This has been hijacked by the creamy layer. The well of have siphoned all the benefits. Even Mr P Chidambaram in a TV channel accepted that he had benefited from the Reservation policy! Most of the IAS officers have used to benefit their own families.

Minority concept is not only a numerical concept but it denotes powerlessness, economic, political and social. In certain countries this is true especially in our neighborhood countries. But in India it is not so. Minority is strength. Except for the numerical size the minority concept does not have the other concomitants.

The power of bargaining—the leverage the minority holds and also the ability to activate global concerns and lobbies counts and we can safely determined that the Muslims and the Christians in India are more powerful in this respect— and do not suffer from any of the disadvantages that impinges on a minority people.

Vastness and large numbers in today’s world is no longer a sign of power. At the press of a button the whole globe can be destroyed. Who controls that button –in that single individual all power is concentrated.

If the Gujarat riots has made him communal then the 1984 Sikh genocide has made the Congress doubly communal and a fascist party.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

Victimizing Varun – A case of ‘Secularist’ Vendetta

Victimizing Varun – A case of ‘Secularist’ Vendetta
By The Editorial Team, on 09-05-2009 23:40
Published in : Editorial

When NSA was unexpectedly invoked it was not surprising to note the ‘secularist' cam indulging itself in euphorically endorsing this authoritarian step evading any uncomfortable query as communal. Political parties too having displayed their obsession with "competitive secularism" endorsed the move understanding the implicit implications for their highly held vote bank.

Any neutral observer would not have given a second thought in realising the underlying political motives in invoking NSA, a law which is invoked in rarest of the rare case.

Common people could have hardly appreciated such a move when many hardened criminals are roaming free and seeking tickets to contest elections. While these hardcore criminals even with proven links with terror network and mafia dons are rewarded by their political masters, a person like Varun Gandhi having not a single case against him was booked under NSA.

Had the same kind of ‘speed' displayed by these ‘secularist' political parties India could have been freed from menace of terrorism and criminalization of society and politics - and the money stashed in Swiss Banks would have been recovered and Quattorcchi could have been cooling his heels in Tihar jail.

While the Jamia Vice Chancellor Mushirul Hassan declared legal aid to the SIMI activists arrested from the scene of Batla House encounter,

the leaders of BSP, SP and Congress went along with Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid to express solidarity with the arrested SIMI activist Abu Bashir in relation to Ahmedabad blasts.

While SIMI was banned and its new avatara Indian Mujahideen went on bombing the Indian cities with serial blasts inflicting heavy casualities, attempts were made to find its Hindu equivalent in Bajrang Dal, Col. Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur. On failing to collect clinching evidence and material proofs against them, the ‘secularist camp' was desperately looking for an escape route.

It seems that
Varun Gandhi was their new scape goat.

Which is worse: Inequality or Extreme Poverty?

Which is worse: Inequality or Extreme Poverty?

Let’s take a look at the Gini coefficient which measures inequality of income distribution. The lower the number, the more the equality. India doesn’t fare too badly. Income disparity seems very high in South America and higher in China than in India, although there are fewer poor people in China.

A high Gini coefficient can lead to an unstable society. But a way to tackle the discontent that arises in an in unequal society is to ensure equal opportunity for all.

I need hardly add that India will fare worse than America.

The high costs of education must be one of the obstacles to success in a country like America. A few smart people can rise in life without an education, but most cannot.

In India college education is not that expensive but often it is not of a good quality. Not that all of the poor manage to get themselves educated. The extreme poverty forces parents to send their children off to work, not to school. And then in India there is far too much reliance on influence and contacts when it comes to jobs.

We know that this is the case in India but why is there less dissatisfaction in America if indeed their society does not provide equal opportunity for all?

Random conversations with poor people in India will reveal that they do not expect to become rich. If they have not turned unhappy and bitter it is more to do with the fact that they have accepted their “karma”.

A time will come when they won’t accept it and in fact the new generation isn’t accepting it. If India doesn’t give them opportunities we will have grave problems. Naxalism is an ever present danger.

अपना-अपना डर

अपना-अपना डर

My Country and My Views

My Country and My Views

Jai Ganga Mayya

Jai Ganga Mayya !!!

“You Indian, you do as you’re told.”

“You Indian, you do as you’re told.”

No, its not what some white said to an Indian in colonial india.
The White cricket coach has the cheek to say this in a tournament called the INDIAN Premier League, a coach of a team named after and Indian city Kolkata and owned by an Indian. Still , no one cares, no one bothers. Why? Because mentally we are still slaves of the whites. We still see the whites as our masters, we still look at every opportunity to lick their feet.

fight AK 47 with lathis - India's political class to police

fight AK 47 with lathis - India's political class to police

Interfaith meeting in Europe without Hindus

Interfaith meeting in Europe without Hindus

JEWS HAVE strongly criticised the European Commission and the European Parliament for ignoring the Hindus in the inter-faith gathering held on May 11, in Brussels to discuss ethical contributions for economic governance.

Tilak on Gita Rahasya

** Tilak on Gita Rahasya

The Same Story Redux

The Same Story Redux

A rethink on majority and minorities…

A rethink on majority and minorities…

The BJP repudiates the division of Indian society along communal lines which has been fostered by the Congress and the Left in pursuit of their vote-bank politics. Categorisation of communities as ‘minorities’ perpetuates notions of imagined discrimination and victimhood; it reinforces the perception of the ‘minority’ identity as separate from the national identity.

कार्टून : सारे खुले हैं जी......विकल्प


मिट्टी का चंदन: मजाक या सच

मिट्टी का चंदन: मजाक या सच

माओ कि मसखरियां

माओ इतने सालों तक चीन के सर्वोच्च पद पर रहे. इतने बड़े देश के सर्वोच्च पद पर पहुंचे लोगों से अपेक्षा यह तो है ही कि उनमें ‘common sense’ नाम की uncommon चीज थोड़ी मिले, लेकिन विश्व के बाकी देशों से चीन अपवाद क्यों बने. अपने देश समेत हर देश में सनकी, गैर जिम्मेदार, और नाकाबिल लोग ही सर्वोच्च पदों पर ज्यादा पहुंचते हैं. खैर बात उनकी नहीं माओ की हो रही है. तो आज याद करते हैं माओ कि कुछ ऐसी मसखरियों को जिनकी कीमत चीन के लोगों ने गहरी चुकाई.maomaomao सचमुच माओ ने कुछ ऐसे अजीब फैसले लिये जिन्हें भीषण अदूरदर्शिता और सनक ही मान सकते हैं.

प्रियंका को फिर भी ना बचा सकीं सोनिया!

प्रियंका को फिर भी ना बचा सकीं सोनिया!

तो सुनिए, प्रियंका और राबर्ट स्कूल के समय से दोस्त हैं। राबर्ट एक बहुत अच्छा सालसा डांसर है और उसकी इसी अदा पर प्रियंका मर मिटीं। स्कूल के समय से ही दोनों जोड़ा बनाकर सालसा करते थे। हालांकि इससे पहले सोनिया ने कई लोगों की नजरों से प्रियंका को बचाए रखा लेकिन यहाँ आकर वो गच्चा खा गईं।
जब प्रियंका ने राबर्ट से शादी की तब इस बात से झल्लाई जया बच्चन ने नंदा फैमिली (जो बच्चन परिवार के साथ ही गाँधी परिवार के रिश्ते में भी है) में यह कह दिया कि आखिर प्रियंका गई तो एक कबाड़ी के साथ ही ना..!!!!!!! (विदित है कि राबर्ट का पारिवारिक धंधा एंटीक बर्तन-भांडों के व्यापार से संबंधित है)