Monday, July 20, 2009

Leap of faith - Muslim, and Hindu as well

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    • Sikander is one among the 10-lakh strong community of Cheetah-KathatMehrat — spread over the four districts of Ajmer, Bhilwara, Pali and Rajsamand in Rajasthan — who are in a unique predicament over their religious identity. Descendants of the Chauhan rulers, the community took to Islam about 700 years ago, and adopted only the three practices of dafan, khatna and zabiha (burial, circumcision and eating halal) from the religion.The rest of their lifestyle — names, marriage rituals, dressing styles — continued to be the same as Hindus.

      So even though Shanti and Mithu call themselves Muslim they retain their Hindu names, and at their wedding a decade ago, took the pheras (circling the fire). Shanti still likes to wear the ghaghra-choli, and her son Sikander’s ‘school name’ is Hitesh.

    • Those who have been ‘exposed’, like Sikander’s father Mithu, have started offering namaaz and practising Islamic rituals. “We have also started sending Sikander to the madrasa,” says Mithu.

      Today no one in the village takes the pheras;all my younger brothers and sis ters had the nikaah,” his wife pipes in.

    • Only, this ‘change’ has brought along its share of problems. The once peaceful existence of the community is now disrupted by sporadic accusations of ‘forcible’ religious conversions and some violence as well.

Shadow Warrior: Gathering Storm: China to attack India based on Obama’s ‘surge, bribe and run’ time-table?

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    • Most scholars, starting with Roderick McFarquhar are agreed that China brilliantly timed its last attack on India to coincide with the Cuban missile crisis. because the Soviets (our ostensible allies) were busy sorting out their own problem, it prevented them from lending India a helping hand in our conflict.

      This history is very relevant today. Bharat Verma has raised the alarm on a Chinese attack – in addition one has to ask – will China attack India as soon as ‘surge, bribe and run’ is completed in Af-Pak?

* VivekaJyoti *: Temples have become a treasure-hunt for the officers, incharge of the Temples

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    • Sri Kamal Kumara Swamy ji has dedicated his life to the noble cause of Protecting Temples and Temple properties. To rejenuvate the traditional Bharateeya Culture it is necessary to get the Temples back to their glory. Sri Kamal Kumar Swamiji has established Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samithi - a full time organization working on every aspect of TEMPLES such as Protesting Temple Lands auctioning, Encroachments, Temple demolitions, Conversions and propagation of other religions in Hindu Temples and many more.

      Sri Kamal Kumara Swamy ji is the First person to take up the arduous task of doing Paada Yatra throughout Andhra Pradesh for the past 3 years
      • he is planning to start the 3rd Paada Yatra in the Greater Hyderabad covering 3000 Temple in all Bastis in 130 days. This will start from 20/09/2009.

        • Visiting each and every temple in Greater Hyderabad.
        • Explaining the present threat to the temples by Govt.
        • Highlighting the need to protect temples, rituals and traditions in public meetings.
        We earnestly appeal and request the representatives of the different associations, Peetams, Maths, Spiritual Organisations and devotees to kindly participate in MEETING, give their valuable suggestions and take active interest in this noble task and make the third Paada Yatra successful.
    • Meeting Schedule:

      9th August 2009 Time: 5.30 pm.

      Kowtha Kamakoti Kalyana Mantapam (Swaraj Press Compound),
      Padmarao Nagar, Secunderabad.

* VivekaJyoti *: A "short" list of schemes, roads etc. for Nehru-Gandhi dynasty promotion with Tax Payers money! । विस्फोट.कॉम - हिलेरी की यात्रा का असल मकसद

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    • बुधवार को ही उन्होंने अमेरिका के असली दर्द को बयान किया. उन्होंने कहा " आज जो आर्थिक संकट है यह और प्रलयंकारी हो जाएगा अगर विश्व व्यापार आगे नहीं बढ़ा तो." साफ है अमेरिका चाहता है कि दुनिया के कुछ विकासशील देश जो कि दोहा दौर की शर्तों को मान्य नहीं कर रहे हैं इससे अमेरिका को विस्तार करने में दिक्कत आ रही है. इसीलिए हिलेरी भारत को महाशक्ति का झुनझुना पकड़ा रही हैं ताकि भारत और रोड़ा न अटकाए.

      वैसे भी हिलेरी 1986 से 1992 तक वालमार्ट की डायरेक्टर रह चुकी हैं. जब वे वालमार्ट की डायरेक्टर बनी थीं तो उनके पति बिल क्लिंटन आर्कान्सन्स के गवर्नर हुआ करते थे. डायरेक्टर का कार्यकाल पूरा होने के बाद भी उनका वालमार्ट से संबंध बना हुआ है. रिटेल कारोबार पर नजर रखनेवाले जानकार बताते हैं कि हिलेरी के न्यूयार्क स्थित आवास पर वालमार्ट के अधिकारों के डिनर होते रहते हैं. ऐसा कहा जाता है कि हिलेरी क्लिंटन के पास वालमार्ट कंपनी के लाखों डालर के शेयर भी हैं. । विस्फोट.कॉम - आंगनवाड़ी की आड़ में चल रहा है धर्मपरिवर्तन का धंधा

Who discovered America? « Hindu focus

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    • Who discovered America

      Ricardo Palleres 

    • What if Europe was really in darkness in comparison to the Far East and India that Columbus set sail to find? What if the popular idea that the Tibetans and the American Indians have much in common in terms of their spiritual culture is largely a result of another historical scenario? What if Hindus and Hopis, Advaitins and Aztecs, Tibetan monks and Mayans were part of one world culture — a spiritual one?
    • Another historical scenario: The spiritually sophisticated Asians were the first to set foot on Western shores, and Asia, not Europe, was the seat of culture. The central focus of that culture was genuine spiritual development, not the mere shadow of the same in the form of the politically-motivated Pauline Christianity and later the Protestant ethic, which licensed humankind’s exploitation of nature.

      This theory is found in the Vedic literature of India. The ancient Puranas (literally, histories) and the Mahabharata make mention of the Americas as lands rich with gold and silver. Argentina, which means ‘related to silver,’ is thought to have been named after Arjuna (of silver hue), one of the heroes of that great epic.

    • Many historians have scrutinized historical evidence to find more insight into the marvelous cultures that populated the American continent before Christopher Columbus was born. Their thirst for research was based on the assumption that the great Mayan, Aztec, and Incan civilizations could not have appeared all of a sudden in the Western world. Rather, they must have received strong influence from ancient Eastern cultures, mainly from India.
    • Alexander von Humbolt (1769-1859), an eminent European scholar and anthropologist, was one of the first to postulate the Asiatic origin of the Indian civilizations of the Americas.
    • The Aztec Calendar is known as the Aztec Chakra to Hindu Astronomers. (National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico.)