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Hindu Inspiration: Taking on Islamic hard-line? Be prudent, innovativ...

Hindu Inspiration: Taking on Islamic hard-line? Be prudent, innovativ...:

Don’t consider me as an infidel if I fail to differentiate between extremism and Islam, in full swing for more than a millennium. But if one is too interested to know the techniques, he must heed Allama Tahir Ashrafi, Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Counsel (PUC). The honorable individual has recently stated that easy availability of instigating literature in the market happens to be the core reason behind the exponential growth of extremism in Pakistan. He was found to state the same while denouncing a recent bomb blast in Lahore, leading to death of more than 10 persons and injury of hundreds of others.

In accordance with revered Allama Tahir Ashrafi, literature and CDs spreading hate against all schools of thoughts are highly available in Pakistani markets. And the governance in Pakistan simply fails to take any action against all these.

Is the situation in India too different? To find out the reality one must have a clear and unbiased perspective. A little introspection is enough to determine the reality. Almost each and every Muslim locality (termed as ghetto by Indian secularists) across India is getting stronger bit by bit. Undoubtedly, the aforesaid areas are arsenals but apart from these hate literatures and treasonable CDs are being found here at random.

Muslims to strengthen Islamic Ummah (the Muslim community or people, considered to extend from Mauritania to Pakistan) and conquer non-Islamic areas innovate newer techniques every now and then. If one has to live by taking on and trouncing Islamic proficiency, he must be smart, prudent and also roughshod at the same instant.

South Bengal Herald: Hindus becoming easy prey to Islamic rouges in CharaVidya


Can a simple sport of playing marbles turn into a violent feud ever? Many readers may become skeptic at this in the beginning but the bitter truth must be introspected as well. These types of chronicles are not rare in the rural sphere of the Indian state of West Bengal and are becoming more and more common with the passing of each day. Fresh turmoil and subsequent assaults on Hindu Samhati workers in areas belonging to areas under P.S.(police station) Basanti (CharaVidya, No.6) and P.S. Jibantala denote the same.

The incident took place in the Village Shoakhali under P.S. Jibantala (North 24 Paraganas), around 12.30 pm, on 18 April, 2011, and had its beginning concerning a scuffle between Hindu and Muslim boys playing marbles. And to save the situation from deteriorating further, workers of Hindu Samhati stepped in. But little they did know of the consequence of the same. Making use of the fiery situation, Mohammed Hossain Gayen (son of Mohd. Nachim Gayen) (as part of conspiracy hatched already) along with almost 200 Muslim youths, equipped with deadly weapons, attacked Chiranjit Mondal, well-known Hindu Samhati activist in the vicinity, and battered him extremely. Later the assailants struck him on his forehead.

It is to be noted that a few noted Islamic criminals in the neighborhood also did participate in the thrashing. These included Hassan Gayen (son of Mohd. Nachim Gayen), Yakub Gayen (son of Ibrahim Gayen), Yusuf Gayen (son of Ibrahim Gayen), EchaHaque Gayen (son of Ibrahim Gayen).

Chiranjit was admitted to Basanti Hospital at the outset but as advised by P.S. Basanti, he was later admitted to Canning sub-division Hospital. However Chiranjit Mondal is an inhabitant of P.S. Basanti but the incident occurred in an area under P.S. Jibantala.

Well, he was not the only one who was beaten up so savagely. Others were Jayanta Sardar, Amar Biswas, Ratan Mondal and Pratap Dolui and following the incident when Amar Biswas along with others went to P.S. Basanti to lodge a complaint against the Muslim thugs, they underwent an unusual situation. The complaint was not registered and they were asked to stay in the police station. As per police, an FIR had already been lodged against them in P.S. Jibantala. Muslims had filed an FIR against 12 Hindus. And as a result, Arun and Amar (had gone to P.S. Basanti) were arrested and produced later on in the court.

But the crisis didn’t end for the Hindu villagers. Armed gangs of Islamic criminals were seen visiting Hindu villages and warning hapless villagers.

More striking developments are yet to come. A large police contingent led by SDPO Chandan Kanti Neogy started patrolling the entire area (same day) and warning Hindus, having no role in particular, using abusive languages. Only Hindu households were searched thoroughly. As part of the latest development, complaint of Hindus (against Hossain Gayen and his cohorts) has already been referred to P.S. Jibantala by P.S. Basanti but the FIR number is yet to come.

You may be amazed to know this. Parents of injured Hindu boys went to meet SDPO today itself but they were treated badly there.

All these have made Hindus living here for centuries extremely scared.


Thanks Anna for exposing nation’s vulnerability - R Ashlesha - Vijayvaani


Thanks Anna for exposing nation’s vulnerability 
R Ashlesha

The visual impact of a young girl giving water to a septuagenarian man on fast is immense. The man finishes two thirds of it without the girl’s help and the girl is gently forced by camera-friendly Kiran Bedi to pose giving him water. The visible reluctance on the girls face poses many questions over the whole episode of fast for Lok Pal bill to the observant mind.


What struck me in particular was the pace at which events took place and sudden new nation icons were created out of little known people. Dissidence was shouted down, and the nation seemed in revolution behind a man on fast. I felt I didn’t know my nation. I didn’t know my people. Their behaviour and nature suddenly seemed alien to me. A revolution was supposed to be simmering across the nation but I could not feel it. Netizens who till a week back weren’t even aware of the Lok Pal bill were suddenly fighting for it.


But like the little girl on stage, forced to do something she didn’t understand, the ubercool, urban middle class which had disregarded the democratic process long back was forced to do things it didn’t understand and had no desire to take the effort to understand.


Let us first examine some important cornerstones of the media debate. First, Anna Hazare and his companions can’t be questioned. He is a Gandhian and like Gandhi he is of impeccable character; his words are sacrosanct. He and his cohorts represent civil society.


Can any of these ‘facts’ hold water? As a skeptic let me ask, does anyone across the nation know each and every person who was with him from the first day? Does anyone know the names of all other people who kept fast with him? If not, then were the fabulous five – Bhushan father-son duo, Hazare, Kiran Bedi, and Santosh Hegde – the only persons behind this whole movement? If yes, why haven’t they shown the same capability in any of the previous causes they fought for? Because they neither had the public standing before this event nor the resources. Someone somewhere is doing the needful.  


Anna is a Gandhian; that means he follows Gandhi’s principles. His fast seems proof of that. But Gandhi took years to build credibility. Gandhi is now being scrutinized by modern scholars – a recent book questions his sexual preferences – so why shouldn’t we investigate Anna, a mahatma of two weeks standing?


Let’s see the last two ‘Facts’ together. The trust of society is won by deeds and Anna Hazare has in the past proved his ability in an area in Maharashtra, though not across the nation. The eulogy he has received is more the trust of journalists rather than of the nation. The idea of him being of impeccable character was more because of continuous repetition rather than substantiation. The rhetorical eulogy by media and media created icons like TV and film stars is an outcome of their ignorance and opportunistic nature, rather than knowledge and trust. If someone had asked these people to speak five minutes on Anna’s past and his friends and why they were pushing him forward so much, the answer would have roused the nation.


But these are smaller questions for the issue under discussion. The institutional changes that will take place with the passing of the proposed bill, with draconian powers in the hands of a single institution surpassing the democratic principle of checks and balances, will be huge. Have this fact been duly passed on to the nation? Has the consent of the nation been taken? Why has public debate at grassroots level been done away with? I am asking this because the sovereignty of India and the authority of Constitution are enshrined in the people of India.


Taking a look at Abrahamic religions, I found these religions have a series of messiahs who rise out of the common mass and rise to prominence in a short span of time. The pre-messiah lives of these prophets are inconsequential. Their life is described in detail only when chosen by god as messenger. Why god choose them was never explained convincingly. Same is the case here. Suddenly for most of India, Anna Hazare was chosen and suddenly the government kneeled in front of him? Why did media follow so timidly?


The clue lies in the Abrahamic tradition. The masses were ignorant, ill-educated and emotionally charged; this was exploited by shrewd groups who made a messiah out of Jesus or Abraham, fooling his own tribe. The fans of Anna are also ignorant, self-serving people whose fight against corruption is not because they love the country, or because they feel anger at their tax money being looted. They exploit the anger of the common man, and have neither interest nor inclination to understand the pros and cons of such institutional change. To end corruption, they seek absolute power, which everyone knows, corrupts absolutely. I don’t expect the ‘Facebook revolutionaries’ to understand this but expect them to hear alternate views. Facebook is the ultimate in freedom of expression, isn’t it?


I wish to raise two points, one on the conduct of media and another on the government response. India television media runs on rhetoric. Its immaturity can be understood by its age, which is around 14 years. An adolescent in its field, with behaviour to match. The television channels have proved they are vulnerable by boosting the voice of Anna and his gang without question. They were “more loyal than the king”. One 20-something Hindi journalist kept spouting that post independence this is the biggest movement and like a second independence. Was he unaware about the mass movements on reservations, state reorganization, and Emergency? If he is so uninformed why was he there? This raises questions about the capability of the editor of the channel. Television media has failed to train its journalists and has been taken for a ride in this movement by the hidden hands. Why the media could not see the modest participation in Delhi, the non-existent support in small towns and the zero-response in villages? Even major cities saw very modest excitement.


The truth is that the recent Gujjar and Jat agitations spawned much bigger crowds, and were ignored by the government. The media didn’t support them either. The sheer numbers of people coming out on the streets was enormous for a democratic society. But the government choose to go slow.


So why not go slow with Anna? What was the hurry to accept a proposal by a select group of people? Baba Ramdev has been talking about corruption for years why media refused to extend any support or even fair coverage. Why do NGOs have such high support in media? Isn’t media aware about the corruption in the NGO sector? The answer lies in the media-political nexus, the kind exposed in the Nira Radia tapes. Barkha Dutt went to India Gate to cover the celebrations of Anna supporters and was booed out. The video is available at


This prompted her to turn her guns on the movement and lambast its followers in her 15 April article in The Hindustan TimesNot maggi noodles”. At last even she realized the shallowness of “facebook revolutionaries” to whom she gave so much air time. A series of articles have now begun to appear questioning the impact of this draconian bill in every daily. Sensible people have begun to see something sinister in this whole drama. A CD purportedly showing Shanti Bhushan talking to Amar Singh on fixing some judge has turned up. Is he some sort of broker who fixes cases in courts? Does he owe his success in winning cases for civil society to ‘good relations’ with judges?


I want to leave a question to everyone. Mr. Hazare went on fast for a Lok Pal bill, but did not wait for Parliament to discuss the draft of a bill prepared by government, but instead came up with his own bill. Then, he did not offer this bill to any politician or political party to adopt as their own in the next session of Parliament either. He just sat on dharna-fast and forced his agenda on the nation.


What gave him the confidence that government would call him for talks and set up a committee where he and his team would constitute one-half of it? He was clear from beginning that the Opposition would not be included, even though there is a coalition government at the Centre. It certainly all seems very preplanned.


The drama went as scripted. Just one day ahead of IPL 4 the deal was done. The fast was over. But the greatest losers besides Democracy and the people, were BJP and Baba Ramdev, who blindly and foolishly allowed Anna to walk away their year-long anti-corruption campaign. Now they have lost both horse and cart!


The best part is that Congress and DMK were campaigning together in Tamil Nadu when this fast to death drama was going on. Anna has confidence in the ministers of this corrupt government. Someone must ask him – if he trusted these ministers then why did he fast? He could have simply submitted a proposal for their consideration. Think.


The author is a research scholar


Lokpal Bhushans get 10,000 sq mt

Lokpal Bhushans get 10,000 sq mt: "

A short post :

Exhibit-A : The cop

What he did not mention was the discretionary manner in which the Mayawati government, early this year, allotted this land to him and another 10,000 sq m farmhouse plot to his lawyer son Jayant Bhushan. And in what raises questions of conflict of interest, Jayant Bhushan has appeared against Mayawati in the Noida statue park case.


The cost of each farmhouse plot is Rs 3.5 crore and allottees had to pay just 10% — Rs 35 lakh — at the time of allotment, the rest in 16 instalments. This is less than a quarter of the market rate, according to Vikas Singh’s petition.

Source : IE (Bhushans get land from Mayawati)

Exhibit-B : The Robber

Amid mounting opposition pressure on Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa to quit following the controversy on allocation of prime urban land to his family members, the BJP leader’s son and daughter have surrendered their plots in the city.

Official sources said B Y Raghavendra, MP, submitted a letter to the Bangalore Development Authority surrendering 50 x 80 feet plot allotted to him in the upscale R M V Extension.

Source : IE (Yediyurappa Son /Daughter surrender plots)

A quick conversion of units :

Prashant Bhushan allotted 10,000 Sq Mt Noida farmhouse = 45 grounds (40×60 sq ft each) = 2.5 acres ; about 22 TIMES the size of Yeddy’s son BS Raghavendra.

Jayant Bhushan also allotted 10,000 Sq Mt Noida farmhouse = 45 grounds (40×60 sq ft each) = 2.5 acres ; about 22 TIMES the size of Yeddy’s son BS Raghavendra.

Actually, I dont mind these two luminaries taking crass advantage of this quota system. What really pisses me off is this defiant statement :

When contacted, Shanti Bhushan told The Indian Express: “My son and I were among the applicants and we were surprised when we got the allotment letters. I agree there is no transparency in the scheme and allotments have been made without any clear criterion. But why should we challenge this? The people who applied and were not given the farmland should challenge it. I have heard that bribes have passed hands for these allotments but, obviously, not from us. There may be a case for a scheme like this to be cancelled.”

Source (emphasis mine) : IE (Bhushans get land from Mayawati)

What ? Only people who get the shaft should challenge system ?

Then why are you (and your Dad) in the drafting panel ? You obviously dont know the feeling of shaft.

You, and your son sought to take full advantage of a system. One which in your own words

  1. is not ‘transparent”

  2. without “clear criterion”

  3. you have heard bribes passed hands

This is pretty much what everyone who will appear before your Lokpal will claim.


In another development, Mother India has been shown the door and Tiranga is in. Predictable.


(title unknown)

(title unknown): "


In the field of politics, I am an ardent follower of Dr. Subramanian Swamy. He is the only politician in the country who has fought and spoken against the Gargantuan Corruption of Sonia Gandhi and all the members of her none too civil family for more than 3 decades. Recently he has sent a letter to the Prime Minister of India seeking his permission to prosecute Sonia Gandhi under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Sonia Gandhi currently holds the position of the Chairperson of the National Advisory Council, with the rank of a Union Cabinet Minister. She is a public servant who can seek no special exemption or immunity under the Prevention of Corruption Act. The Prime Minister is the ‘Designated Authority’ for sanction of prosecution of Sonia Gandhi under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Sonia Gandhi will try to let loose the Congress Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Congress Bureau of Intimidation (CBI), Congress Bureau of Insinuation (CBI) against Dr. Subramanian Swamy and his Janata Party.

Finally, Dr Subramanian Swamy is absolutely right when he says that “I laude Anna Hazare for his fight for a Jan Lokpal Bill. If he wants his lofty mission to succeed then he should have politicians on his side. He should not allow himself to be surrounded by NGO’s who are bogus.”


What do you make of this?

What do you make of this?: "

Courtesy Bhaskar Chatterjee, I stumbled on this “map” on a section of the the ToI website:

Might this be a strawman / trial balloon to see how a solution that makes the LoC as a permanent border is received by the public? or am I reading too much into this?

I remember the days when such a map in an Indian publication would have led to copies of the magazine/newspaper being confiscated and/or banned and the offending map censored. I also remember one of the first “official” letters I wrote in the IFS, soon after joining the Embassy of India many years ago. It was to protest against a similar map that was printed in the Japan Times (this was 1994). But I guess times have changed.

Related Post: Has anyone else seen a smilar map? and Google Maps and Disputed Borders

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India is ruled by anti-nationals

India is ruled by anti-nationals: "

Government website has incomplete map of India

NEW DELHI: A government website, in one of its pages mapping the country’s police wireless communication network, shows a distorted map of India, cutting off parts of Jammu and Kashmir that New Delhi claims are under the illegal occupation of Pakistan and China.The map on website of the Directorate of Coordination PoliceWireless — https — could be the copy of the CIA India Map that had earlier stirred a controversy over Indian territory.The northern Areas of Kashmir, also called Gilgit Baltistan, and Aksai Chin are not included in the map. Gilgit-Baltistan was militarily occupied by Pakistan in 1948 and China gained control of Aksai Chin, towards east of Ladakh, in the 1962 war.The department, under the ministry of home affairs, is responsible for establishing the police telecommunication network in the country and also maintaining coordination.It has been entrusted with the responsibility of setting up an integrated police wireless network in the country, called POLNET, to create a direct link between all police stations for online crime and criminal information systems.It also advises the ministry on all telecommunication matters. The department has created a network of 27 inter-state police wireless stations.


अखण्ड भारत

अखण्ड भारत: "

-अखण्ड भारत- यह सांस्कृतिक संकल्पना है, राजनैतिक नहीं।
-जिस तरह स्वाधीनता से पहले प्रत्येक राष्ट्रभक्त के लिए स्वाधीनता की भावना प्रेरणा का मुख्य स्रोत हुआ करती थी उसी तरह स्वाधीनता के बाद अखण्ड भारत का स्वप्न प्रत्येक राष्ट्रभक्त के लिए प्रेरणा का मुख्य स्रोत होना चाहिए और इस स्वप्न को साकार करने के लिये उसको सतत् क्रियाशील रहना चाहिए।
-विभाजन का मूल कारण है राष्ट्र और संस्कृति के बारे में भ्रामक धारणा। अंग्रेजों के जाल में हमारा नेतृत्व फंसा। तबसे राष्ट्र और संस्कृति के विषय में सर्वसामान्य जनता की भी धारणा भ्रामक हो गई। मिला-जुला राष्ट्र और मिली-जुली संस्कृति के विचार के कारण एक राष्ट्र, एक संस्कृति की बात गलत लगने लगी।
-स्वाधीनता संग्राम के एक प्रमुख नेता जवाहरलाल नेहरू कहा करते थे कि 'We are a nation in the making' अर्थात् ''हम राष्ट्र बनने की प्रक्रिया में है''। अंग्रेजों ने यह संभ्रम फैलाने का प्रयास किया कि भारत कभी एक राष्ट्र रहा ही नहीं, उन्‍होंने इसे एक राष्ट्र बनाया है।
-अंग्रेजों की शह से पुष्ट हुई मुस्लिम लीग ने 1940 में देश के विभाजन की मांग की, अंग्रेजों ने 3 जून 1947 को विभाजन की योजना प्रस्तुत की और 14-15 अगस्त 1947 की मध्यरात्रि को देश का विभाजन हो गया।
विभाजन के बीज:
1906 में की गई पृथक निर्वाचक-मण्डल की मांग को भारत विभाजन की दिशा का पहला कदम कहा जा सकता है। यह स्पष्ट रूप से मुस्लिम अलगाववाद था और इसे अंग्रेजों का समर्थन प्राप्त था।
1906 में अड़तालीसवें शिया इमाम आगा खां के नेतृत्व में एक प्रतिनिधिमंडल लार्ड मिण्टो से मिला। इसकी प्रमुख मांग थी- मुसलमानों के लिए पृथक् निर्वाचक मण्डल। लार्ड मिण्टो ने इस मांग के प्रति अपनी सहमति जाहिर की और आगे चलकर 1909 के मार्ले-मिण्टो सुधारों में इसे सम्मिलित किया।
तुष्टीकरण के अंतर्गत शर्तों के आधार पर मुसलमानों को स्वाधीनता संग्राम में सम्मिलित करने के लिए कांग्रेस ने राष्ट्रीय मानबिन्दुओं के साथ समझौते किए। 1923 में कांग्रेस के काकीनाड़ा अधिवेशन में प्रख्यात गायक पं। पलुस्कर ने जैसे ही 'वन्देमातरम्' का गायन प्रारंभ किया वैसे ही कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष मोहम्मद अली ने यह कहते हुए गायन को रोकने का प्रयास किया कि इसमें मूर्ति पूजा है इसलिए इससे मुसलमानों की भावनाओं को ठेस पहुंचती है मंच पर आसीन एक भी नेता ने इसका विरोध नहीं किया। पं. पलुस्कर ने मोहम्मद अली को यह कहकर चुप कर दिया कि मुझे यहां 'वन्देमातरम्' गाने के लिए बुलाया गया है और मैं तो गाऊंगा। इसके बाद उन्होंने संपूर्ण 'वन्देमातरम्' गाया और उस दौरान मोहम्मद अली मंच से उठकर चले गये। आगे चलकर 1937 में यह देखने के लिए एक समिति बनाई गई कि 'वन्देमातरम्' का कौन सा हिस्सा मुसलमानों के लिए आपत्तिाजनक है। उनके निष्कर्ष के अनुसार ' वन्देमातरम्' के केवल पहले दो पद ही गाये जायेंगे ऐसा तय हुआ और आगे का 'वन्देमातरम्' निकाल दिया गया। आज भी हमारे स्वीकृत राष्ट्रगीत 'वन्देमातरम्' में पहले दो पद ही हैं, संपूर्ण 'वन्देमातरम्' नहीं है।
मोहम्मद अली जिन्ना की अध्यक्षता में 1927 में प्रमुख मुस्लिम नेताओं की एक बैठक हुई। इसमें उनकी मांगें ''चार सूत्र'' के रूप में प्रस्तुत की गई इस समय तक पृथक निर्वाचन-मंडल वाली बात निष्प्रभावी हो चुकी थी, अत: चार सूत्रों के बदले पृथक निर्वाचक मंडल के स्थान पर आरक्षण वाले संयुक्त निर्वाचन क्षेत्रों की बात स्वीकार करने की बात कही गई-
(1) सिंध का मुंबई प्रांत से अलग किया जाये
(2) पश्चिमोत्तार सीमा प्रांत और ब्लूचिस्तान का स्तर बढ़ाकर उन्हें पूर्ण गवर्नर का प्रांत बनाया जाये।
(3) पंजाब और बंगाल इन मुस्लिम बहुल प्रांतों में जनसंख्या के अनुपात में प्रतिनिधित्व दिया जाये।
(4) केन्द्रीय विधानमंडल में कम से कम एक तिहाई सदस्य मुसलमान हों।
सभी मांगें खतरनाक थीं। विशेष रूप से सिंध को मुंबई से अलग करने की। क्योंकि इससे सिंध मुस्लिम बहुल प्रांत बननेवाला था। (सिंध के मुस्लिम बहुत प्रांत बनने से ही विभाजन के समय वह पाकिस्तान में शामिल हो गया, जबकि यदि वह हिन्दू-बहुल मुंबई प्रांत का हिस्सा होता तो सिंध आज भारत में होता।) कांग्रेस ने पहली तीन मांगें स्वीकार कर लीं। जब जिन्ना ने देखा कि कांग्रेस इतना झुक रही है तो उसने 1928 में ''जिन्ना के चौदह सूत्र' प्रस्तुत कर दिए। इनमें पिछली सारी मांगें तो थी हीं, साथ में कुछ और मांगें भी थीं, जिनमें प्रमुख थी-
(1) पंजाब, बंगाल और पश्चिमोत्तार सीमाप्रांत का कोई ऐसा पुनर्गठन न हो जिससे उनका मुस्लिम बाहुल्य समाप्त हो।
(2) केन्द्रीय और सभी प्रांतीय मंत्रिकंडलों में कम से कम एक तिहाई मुस्लिम हों।
साथ ही इसमें फिर से पृथक् निर्वाचक मण्डल की मांग की गई थी। इसमें यह भी घोषणा की गई कि मुसलमान मात्र एक समुदाय नहीं, बल्कि विशेष दृष्टि से स्वयं में एक राष्ट्र है। इस तरह कांग्रेस के मुस्लिम तुष्टीकरण के कारण अलगाववादी मुस्लिम नेताओं की मांगें बढ़ती ही गई।
1930 में लंदन में हुए प्रथम गोलमेज सम्मेलन का कांग्रेस ने नमक सत्याग्रह के कारण बहिष्कार किया इस कारण वह निष्फल हुआ। 1939 में हुए दूसरे गोलमेज सम्मेलन में कांग्रेस की ओर से गांधीजी सम्मिलित हुए। आगा खां को मुसलमानों के प्रतिनिधि के रूप में चुना गया। इसमें कोई सर्वसम्मत निष्कर्ष नहीं निकला परन्तु इस सम्मेलन में ही पहली बार 'पाकिस्तान'' यह शब्द अस्तित्व में आया।
1939 में जब द्वितीय विश्वयुध्द आरंभ हुआ तब भारतीयों का समर्थन और सहयोग प्राप्त करने के लिए वाइसराय लिनलिथगोने गांधीजी के साथ जिन्ना को भी वार्ता क के लिए आमंत्रित किया। इस तरह अंग्रेजों ने जिन्नों को गांधीजी के बराबरी का स्थान दिया। कांग्रेस ने युध्द समाप्ति के बाद भारत के लिए पूर्ण स्वाधीनता की मांग की। परन्तु मुस्लिम लीग ने हमेशा की तरह केवल अलगाववाद पर आधारित मुस्लिम हित ही सामने रखा, भारत की स्वाधीनता के संबंध में कोई बात नहीं की। उन्होंने दो मांगें की-
1) कांग्रेस-शासित प्रांतों में मुसलमानों को न्याय और उचित व्यवहार मिलना चाहिए।
(2) मुस्लिम लीग की सहमति के बिना भारत की संवैधानिक प्रगति के प्रश्न पर न तो कोई घोषणा की जाये और न ही कोई संविधान बनाया जाये।
अंग्रेजों ने अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर पर अखिल इस्लामवाद को खाद-पानी देना प्रारंभ किया ताकि युध्द के दौरान मुस्लिम देश उनके निकट आ जायें। इसका लाभ भी मुस्लिम लीग उठा रही थी। ऐसे वायुमंडल में 1940 के लाहौर अधिवेशन में मुस्लिम लीग ने मुसलमानों के लिए अलग देश की मांग की। इसे ''पाकिस्तान प्रस्ताव'' के रूप में जाना जाता है।
1939 में भारत के कम्युनिस्ट द्वितीय विश्वयुध्द में अंग्रेजों के विरूध्द थे क्योंकि जर्मनी के हिटलर ने रूस के स्टालिन से संधि की थी। परन्तु जब जर्मनी ने 1941 में रूस पर आक्रमण कर दिया तब अपनी पहले की भूमिका बदलकर वे अंग्रेजों के समर्थक बन गए। इस कारण उन्होंने भी 1942 के ''भारत छोड़ों'' आंदोलन का विरोध किया। साथ ही उन्होंने मुस्लिम लीग की देश विभाजन की मांग का समर्थन किया और अपने अनेक मुस्लिम सदस्यों को निर्देश दिया कि द्वि-राष्ट्र सिध्दांत को बौध्दिक बल देने के लिए वे मुस्लिम लीग में शामिल हों। उन्‍होंने तो ऐसा कहना भी प्रारंभ किया कि प्रत्येक भाषाई इकाई अलग राष्ट्र है और उन्हें अलग होने का अधिकार है। इस तरह अंग्रेज-लीग-कम्युनिस्ट गठबधंन भारत की स्वाधीनता और अखण्डता की जड़ें काटने में जुट गया।
1945-46 में जो चुनाव हुए उनमें कांग्रेस 'अखण्ड भारत' के नारे के साथ चुनाव मैदान में उतरी तो मुस्लिम लीग 'पाकिस्तान' के नारे के साथ। इस चुनाव में जहां एक ओर सभी सामान्य क्षेत्रों में कांग्रेस विजयी रही और केन्द्रीय धारा सभा में उसे 91।3 प्रतिशत मत प्राप्त हुए वहीं दूसरी ओर मुस्लिम लीग को सभी मुस्लिम सीटों पर विजय मिली। उसके मतों का प्रतिशत 86.8 था। इस बात से लीग के नेता उन्मत्ता हुए और वे खुली लड़ाई की चुनौतियां देने लगे।
कांग्रेस ने 8 मार्च 1947 की बैठक में इस घोषणा का स्वागत किया और मांग की कि पंजाब और बंगाल का सांप्रदायिक आधार पर विभाजन किया जाये। इस तरह कांग्रेस ने यह संकेत दे दिया कि उसने पाकिस्तान की मांग को सिध्दांत रूप में स्वीकार कर लिया है और वह आधा पंजाब और आधा बंगाल भारत में लाने के लिए प्रयत्नशील है।
माउंटबेटन ने 2 जून को मेनन योजना सबके सामने रखी। कांग्रेस ने इसे इस शर्त पर स्वीकार किया कि मुस्लिम लीग भी इसे बिना किसी शर्त के स्वीकार करे। 2 जून की रात्रि को जब माउंटबेटन ने जिन्ना से भेंट की तो उसने कहा कि लीग को अखिल भारतीय परिषद की सहमति प्राप्त करने के लिए एक सप्ताह चाहिए। इस पर माउंटबेटन ने उसे स्पष्ट चेतावनी दी कि यदि तुरंत स्वीकृति नहीं मिली तो कांग्रेस भी अपनी स्वीकृति वापस ले लेगी और उसके हाथ से पाकिस्तान प्राप्ति का अवसर सदा-सदा के लिए निकल जाएगा। तब जिन्ना ने भी अपनी स्वीकृति दी।
3 जून को एटली ने हाउस ऑफ कॉमंस में योजना की अधिकृत घोषणा की इसलिए इसे '3 जून योजना' कहा गया। इसमें सत्ता हस्तातंरण की तिथि जून 1948 से पीछे खिसककर 15 अगस्त 1947 कर दी गई।
14-15 जून को अखिल भारतीय कांग्रेस समिति की बैठक में 3 जून योजना को स्वीकृति दी जानी थी। वरिष्ठ नेताओं में से केवल बाबू पुरुषोत्ताम दास टंडन ने विभाजन की 3 जून योजना का विरोध किया, परंतु उनके भाषण पर तालियों की भारी गड़बड़ाहट हुई। ऐसे समय गांधीजी ने 3 जून योजना का समर्थन किया। प्रस्ताव के पक्ष में 157 और विपक्ष में 29 मत पड़े। 32 सदस्य तटस्थ रहे। इस तरह वह प्रस्ताव पारित हो गया। (यहां यह प्रश्न पूछा जा सकता है कि जिस कांग्रेस ने 1945-46 का चुनाव ''अखंड भारत'' के नारे पर लड़ा और जीता उसे विभाजन स्वीकार करने का क्या नैतिक अधिकार था?) इस प्रकार स्वाधीनता संग्राम का नेतृत्व करने वाली कांग्रेस ने विभाजन को स्वीकृति देकर राष्ट्रीय एकता और अखंडता के मूल प्रश्न पर आत्मसमर्पण कर दिया जिसके परिणामस्वरूप 14-15 अगस्त 1947 की मध्य रात्रि को देश का दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण विभाजन होकर उसे स्वाधीनता मिली।
मुस्लिम लीग की हठधर्मिता और हिंसात्मक कारवाइयों के कारण विवश होकर कांग्रेस ने विभाजन को स्वीकृति दी। परंतु यदि यह स्वीकृति नहीं दी जाती तो क्या होता? अधिक से अधिक गृहयुध्द होता। किंतु क्या देश की अखंडता के लिए गृहयुध्द नहीं किया जा सकता? अमरीकी इतिहास में अब्राहम लिंकन ने देश विभाजन और गृहयुध्द में से गृहयुध्द को चुना और अंततोगत्वा वे देश को अखंड रखने में सफल हुए। आज कोई भी उन्हें युध्दपिपासु नहीं कहता, उन्हें महापुरुष माना जाता है।
कभी-कभी ऐसा विचार भी मन में आ सकता है कि जब हमारे श्रध्देय नेताओं ने विभाजन स्वीकार कर लिया तो हमने भी उसे स्वीकार कर लेना चाहिए। परंतु जरा विचार करें। जितने भी लोगों ने स्वाधीनता के लिए प्रयास किये, उनकी आंखों के सामने अखंड भारत था या खंडित भारत। इसका उत्तर - अखंड भारत।
द्वितीय विश्वयुध्द के बाद जर्मनी का विभाजन हो गया। इतनी सख्ती थीं कि अब यह विभाजन सदैव के लिए है ऐसा लगने लगा था परन्तु आज जर्मनी फिर से अपने अखण्ड रूप में है। वियतनाम का एकीकरण हो चुका है।
अखंड भारत के विषय को आम लोगों के हृदय तक पहुंचाने के लिए निम्न उपाय करने होंगे- -'अखण्ड भारत स्मृति दिवस' का आयोजन करना, ताकि युवा पीढी के सामने अखण्ड भारत का सपना बरकरार रहे।
-अखण्ड भारत का चित्र अपने कमरों में लगाना, यह हमारे आंखों के सामने रहेगा जिससे हमारा संकल्प और मजबूत होता रहे।
महापुरूषों के विचार:
मैं स्पष्ट रूप से यह चित्र देख रहा हूं कि भारतमाता अखण्ड होकर फिर से विश्वगुरू के सिंहासन पर आरूढ है।
-अरविन्द घोष
आइये, प्राप्त स्वतंत्रता को हम सुदृढ़ नींव पर खड़ी करें अखंड भारत के लिए प्रतिज्ञाबध्द हों।
-स्वातंत्र्यवीर सावरकर
अखंड भारत मात्र एक विचार न होकर विचारपूर्वक किया हुआ संकल्प है। कुछ लोग विभाजन को पत्थर रेखा मानते हैं। उनका ऐसा दृष्टिकोण सर्वथा उनुचित है। मन में मातृभूमि के प्रति उत्कट भक्ति न होने का वह परिचायक है।
-पंडित दीनदयाल उपाध्याय
पाकिस्तान तो इस्लामी भावना के ही विपरीत है। यह कैसे कहा जा सकता है कि जिन प्रांतों में मुसलमान अधिक है वे पाक हैं और दूसरे सब प्रांत नापाक हैं।
-मौलाना अबुल कलाम आजाद
पश्चाताप से पाप प्राय: धुल जाता है किंतु जिनकी आत्मा को विभाजन के कुकृत्य पर संतप्त होना चाहिए था वे ही लोग अपनी अपकीर्ति की धूल में लोट लगाकर प्रसन्न हो रहे हैं। आइए, जनता ही पश्चाताप कर ले-न केवल अपनी भूलचूक के लिए, बल्कि अपने नेताओं के कुकर्मों के लिए भी।
-डा. राम मनोहर लोहिया
हम सब अर्थात् भारत, पाकिस्तान और बांग्लादेश इन तीनों देशों में रहने वाले लोग वस्तुत: एक ही राष्ट्र भारत के वासी हैं। हमारी राजनीतिक इकाइयां भले ही भिन्न हों, परंतु हमारी राष्ट्रीयता एक ही रही है और वह है भारतीय।
-लोकनायक जयप्रकाश नारायण
पिछले चालीस वर्ष का इतिहास इस बात का गवाह है कि विभाजन ने किसी को फायदा नहीं पहुंचाया। अगर आज भारत अपवने मूल रूप में अखंडित होता तो न केवल वह दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी ताकत बन सकता था, बल्कि दुनिया में अमन-चैन कायम करने में उसकी खास भूमिका होती।
-जिए सिंध के प्रणेता गुलाम मुर्तजा सैयद
मुझे वास्तविक शिकायत यह है कि राष्ट्रवादी मुसलमानों के प्रति न केलव कांग्रेस अपितु महात्मा गांधी भी उदासीन रहे। उन्होंने जिन्ना एवं उनके सांप्रदायिक अनुयायियों को ही महत्व दिया। मुझे पूरा विश्वास है कि यदि उन्होंने हमारा समर्थन किया होता तो हम जिन्ना की हर बात का खंडन कर देते और विभाजनवादी आंदोलन के आरंभ काल में पर्याप्त संख्या में मुसलमानों को राष्ट्रवादी बना देते।
-न्यायमूर्ति मोहम्मद करीम छागला

छात्रों को मुख्यधारा से अलग करने का षडयंत्र

छात्रों को मुख्यधारा से अलग करने का षडयंत्र: "

संप्रग सरकार की हिंदू विरोधी भावनाएं लगातार बढ़ रही हैं। जो काम मुगलों और अंग्रेजों ने नहीं किया उसे सोनिया गांधी की अगुवाई वाली केन्द्र सरकार अंजाम दे रही है। एक ओर सरकार शिक्षा में अल्पसंख्यकवाद को पुरस्कृत करने में जुटी हुई है तो वहीं दूसरी ओर हिन्दुओं की आस्था से खिलवाड़ करने से बाज नहीं आ रही है।

ज्ञात हो कि दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय में स्नातक कला(बीए) इतिहास ऑनर्स(द्वितीय वर्ष) वर्ष के पाठयक्रम में शामिल 'एनशिएंट कल्चर इन इंडिया' पुस्तक में भगवान राम तथा रामायण से संबंधित तथ्यों को तोड़-मरोड़ कर पेश किया गया है, इसके चलते करोड़ों हिंदुओं की भावनाएं आहत हुई हैं। इस आपत्तिजनक अंशों को हटाने की मांग को लेकर अखिल भारतीय विद्यार्थी परिषद छात्रों के बीच जागरण अभियान चला रही है।

इसी क्रम में गत 25 फरवरी को विद्यार्थी परिषद के बैनर तले छात्र दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय के इतिहास विभागाध्यक्ष के समक्ष अपने विचार रखने पहुंचे तो उन्होंने छात्रों की बात सुनने से इंकार कर दिया। इससे उत्तेजित होकर छात्र विभागाध्यक्ष के खिलाफ नारे लगाने लगे। विश्वविद्यालय प्रशासन के इशारे पर पुलिस ने छात्रों के साथ बदसलूकी की और विद्यार्थी परिषद के तीन कार्यकर्ताओं को गिरफ्तार कर लिया।

दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय में स्नातक कला(बीए) इतिहास ऑनर्स (द्वितीय वर्ष) के पाठयक्रम में शामिल 'एनशिएंट कल्चर इन इंडिया' पुस्तक में विद्यार्थियों को जो पढ़ाया जा रहा है, उससे किसी भी देशभक्त का खून खौल उठेगा-

-रावण और मंदोदरी की कोई संतान नहीं थी। दोनों ने शिवजी की पूजा की। शिवजी ने उन्हें पुत्र प्राप्ति के लिए आम खाने को दिया। गलती से सारा आम रावण ने खा लिया और उसे गर्भ ठहर गया। बड़ी स्वच्छंदता से रावण के नौ मास के गर्भधारण की व्यथा का वर्णन किया गया है।

-दु:ख से बेचैन रावण ने छींक मारी और सीता का जन्म हुआ। सीता रावण की पुत्री थी। उसने उसे जनकपुरी के खेत में त्याग दिया।

-हिन्दुओं की मति भ्रमित करने के लिए कहा गया कि हनुमान छुटभैया एक छोटा सा बंदर था। हनुमान की अवमानना करते हुए लिखा गया है कि वह एक कामुक व्यक्ति था वह लंका के शयनकक्षाओं में झांकता रहता था और वह स्त्रियों और पुरूषों को आमोद-प्रमोद करते बेशर्मी से देखता फिरता था।

-रावण का वध राम से नहीं लक्ष्मण से हुआ।

-रावण और लक्ष्मण ने सीता के साथ व्यभिचार किया।

और स्नातक कला(प्रथम वर्ष) में पढ़ाया जा रहा है-

-ऋग्वेद में कहा गया है कि स्त्रियों का स्थान शूद्रों तथा कुत्तों के समान है।

-स्त्रियों को वेद पढ़ने पढ़ाने का कोई भी अधिकार नहीं था और न ही वह धार्मिक क्रिया-कर्म कर सकती थी।
-अथर्ववेद में महिलाओं को केवल संतान उत्पन्न का साधन माना जाता था।
-लड़कियां उनके लिए अभिशाप थीं।
- स्त्रियां एक वस्तु समझी जाती थी उन्हें खरीदा तथा बेचा जा सकता था।

-वेदों के अर्थों का अनर्थ कर महिलाओं को घृणा की दृष्टि से दिखलाया गया है।

केंद्र सरकार के साढ़े तीन वर्ष के कार्यकाल के दौरान लिए गये निर्णयों पर नजर डालने यह स्पष्ट हो जाता है कि हिंदुओं को अपमानित करना ही इस सरकार का प्रमुख कार्य है। सरकार ने पहले रामसेतु के मुद्दे पर गलत हलफनामा पेश कर कहा था कि भगवान राम का अस्तित्व ही नहीं है। डेनमार्क में पैगम्बर मोहम्मद के कार्टून पर भारत सरकार ने अधिकृत रूप से चिंता और खेद जताया लेकिन जिस एम.एफ. हुसैन ने मां सीता और भारतमाता के अश्लील चित्र बनाए, उस पर कोई बयान तक नहीं दिया। राम के अस्तित्व पर सवाल खड़ा करने वाले रामद्रोही ही नहीं वरन राष्ट्रद्रोही है। दरअसल, यह मार्क्‍स-मैकाले के मानस मस्तिष्कों का कमाल है। जो राष्ट्रविरोधी कचड़ा उनके दिमाग में होता है वही विभिन्न माध्यमों से वे बाहर अभिव्यक्त करते रहते हैं। कभी पेंटिंग बनाकर, लेख लिखकर, पाठयक्रमों में गलत तथ्य समाहित कर। वे जानते है कि विदेशी विचारधारा भारत में तभी प्रबल हो सकता है जब नौजवानों में राष्ट्रनायकों के प्रति हीन भावना उत्पन्न हो जाए। किसी को भी किसी भी धर्म का अपमान करने का अधिकार नहीं दिया जाना चाहिये। देश के छात्र-नौजवान किसी भी हालत में राष्ट्रनायकों का अपमान बर्दाश्त नहीं करेंगे।

Bajrang Dal rally on Hanuman Jayanti attracts Huge crowd in Hyderabad

Bajrang Dal rally on Hanuman Jayanti attracts Huge crowd in Hyderabad: "

There was an unexpected turnout of Hindu Youth at Bajranga Dal sponsered ' Sri Hanuman Jayanti Shoba Yatra ' today in Hyderabad . An estimated 25000 youth participated on 2 wheelers holding Bhagwa Dwaj , the number went far than the expectation . City dwellers were shocked to see such a huge congregation moving peacefully from one point to next. The city turned Orange with Bhagwa Flags seen every where , it gave a great festive look

Lakhs of Hindu Men and Women lined up on either side of the road to welcome the Bajrang Dal activists participating in 'Vir Hanuman Vijay Yatra'. Children washed roads with water as shobha yatra proceeded , Women welcomed rally with 'Aarthi's' , Men of all ages cheered the Hindu activists and showered flower petals as a mark of respect . Youngsters danced to the Songs being played by an DJ over digital sound systems.

Huge number of Sangh Parivar activist belonging to VHP, ABVP, RSS particpated with lot of fan fare . With Saffron headbands and holding huge flags of saffron color with Hanuman printed over it added colour to the rally . Thousands of Hindu activist turned up with their vehicles at the Gowliguda Ram temple to offer prayers . After chanting 'Hanuman Chalisa' enmass , the rally was flagged off . With Slogans of 'Jai Sri Ram' , 'Hindu Hindu Bhai Bhai' , 'Jai Bajrang Bali' echoed all over the city .

All who watched the rally kept saying that they have never witnessed such a big vehicle rally in their life time . Police officers too agreed that Hyderabad city has witnessed many rallies , but none of them are any match to todays rally . Police officials were dumb stuck to see such a Huge congregation of Hindu youth. Senior IPS officials at the end of the event went to VHP/Bajrang Dal organisers and congratulated them for conducting the rally in peaceful manner . The rally was taken out from the Gowliguda Ram Mandir around 12PM and ended at Tadbun Hanuman temple around 6 PM.

All through the rally route dozens of makeshift pandals were erected to welcome the procession . For the first time Political leaders belongind to Congress,TDP, TRS kept their Flags,ideologies aside and participated in rally. This show of "Hindu Unity" by politicians is first of its kind in recent past . At many places they have installed arches and cheered the participant. Many of Bhakta mandalis made drinking water arrangements all through the route

With last years attack on the rally by Muslim Jehadis , organisers made their own security to prevent any untoward incidents . All precautions were taken. Vishwa Hindu Parishad State leaders made special request over public address system for peaceful conduct of the rally and adviced activists to co-operate with the police officials .Much to the relief of the administration bajrang Dal rally ended peacefully around 6 PM at Tadbund hanuman temple.

Protest: Auction of M F Husain's paintings by SaffronArt on April 20-21

Protest: Auction of M F Husain's paintings by SaffronArt on April 20-21: "'Saffron Art' has organised an online auction of paintings which will start on April 20, 2011 at 8.00 P.M. The auction contains paintings by Anti-Hindu and Anti-National painter M F Husain. All Hindus should protest against Saffron Art to remove Husain's paintings."

Two Hindu brothers forcefully converted to Islam at Sambhajinagar

Two Hindu brothers forcefully converted to Islam at Sambhajinagar: "A complaint has been lodged with Sillod Gramin Police Station at Dongargaon by Balu Sandu Maid that his two brothers have been converted after luring and then threatening them."

Chetan Bhagat calls on Modi to shift to national level

Chetan Bhagat calls on Modi to shift to national level
17/04/2011 08:48:23  PTI

Saying that there was a dearth of good leaders in the country, best-selling writer Chetan Bhagat on Sunday called on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to play a bigger role in the national politics.

Bhagat was speaking at a seminar organised by Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries (GCCI),attended by the Chief Minister and Dileep Modi, President of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), among others Bhagat, the author of novels such as `Five Point Someone' and `2 States', said the Chief Minister was the best orator and he was feeling nervous speaking in Modi's presence.

"When I came to Ahmedabad, I felt Gujaratis possess many qualities but they don't market it well. They remain quiet. But it should be spread," Bhagat said. "But CM sir, you are doing well here, this is only one state and 27 are still left. We wish there could be many good leaders, but we don't have....IPL is IPL, and country's team is country's team. You think over it, rest of the things you will understand anyway,"

Bhagat said. The ASSOCHAM president described Modi as a father figure and an icon. "Modiji is a true icon that people look forward to follow. He is a true icon for the India's youth," he said. Both Dileep Modi and Bhagat were conferred with the first GCCI Youth Icon Awards. Responding to the praise, the Gujarat Chief Minister said in a lighter vein that he did not know what would happen to Bhagat and Dileep Modi (now that they had praised him).

A nationwide agitation against corruption is being planned with three main RSS sympathisers -- K.N. Govindacharya, S. Gurumurthy and Subramanian Swamy -- at the helm of affairs.

A nationwide agitation against corruption is being planned with three main RSS sympathisers -- K.N. Govindacharya, S. Gurumurthy and Subramanian Swamy -- at the helm of affairs.: "
  • What came out of the session chaired by Govindacharya was that there is an understanding that corruption is the biggest issue agitating people and the political class is too discredited to leverage that. Hence, the Hindutva groups are creating a broad-based alliance with small political groups and people working for electoral reforms - such as Jayaprakash Narain of the Lok Satta, the Janata Party headed by Subramanian Swamy and the Rashtriya Krantikari Janata Party from Bihar - to whip up support for a mass movement.
What it all added to was that the Hinduta groups, supported by the RSS, are gearing up for a second mass movement against the Congress based on corruption. It is not irrelevant to mention here that the anti-Emergency movement led by Jayaprakash Narayan in the 70s too had an important strategist called Nanaji Deshmukh and a sideeffect of that agitation was the political legitimisation of the RSS.

VivekaJyoti: An uneducated alien woman controlling all of India and bleeding it with massive corruption...


Kudos to Dr. Swamy on lawsuit against Sonia Gandhi.

Here is video of brilliant speech by Dr. Swamy with full transcript of the speech during a NY 'Freedom of Speech' event arranged in support of the defendants of multiple 100 million dollar law suits filed by Sonia Gandhi proxies in US, in response to a full page Ad in New York Times on Sonia.   

It is the bankruptcy of leadership of India that an uneducated woman could control all of India and bleed it with massive corruption, have no respect for its laws,  using the country as if it her grandparent's property and destroying the nation and its culture.   All these years, what do we see in main opposition party BJP, same people hanging on to power and not speaking up or raise the country consciousness to this existential threat.  They are probably blackmailed and/or lack the courage to speak up.  Divided by region, divided by religion, divided by caste with petty desires for name and fame we are selling away our nation.   

In this battle, we need to include all sections of the country, including armed forces.  Let us not for a minute have any delusion of what we are up against. Arise India, arise until these destroyers are put where they belong, in Indian jails.  The biggest threat to India is not China, not Pakistan, it is our own internal crooks.

Let all Indians in India and around the world rally around Dr. Swamy and make sure the country protects him.  

Here is the full page NY Time Ad.

More details of the ad and about Sonia at:


Dr. Subramanian Swamy speech at Freedom of Speech Rally, New York on June 22nd, 2008
Text of Dr. Swamy speech

Role of Overseas Indians in restoration of democracy in India
Let me remind you that overseas Indians, particularly in United States played a major role in restoration of democracy (claps).  During emergency,  I had people argue and some people used to ask, (if we speak up) we will be targeted,  our passports will be cancelled, what is that we can do that you can’t do in India.  I said you have the freedom here to speak, exercise it and it could develop its own momentum,  and indeed Mrs. Gandhi herself told me  later on when she was reelected in 1980 and she wanted a favor from me in dealing with China and that time I was chit chatting with her and I asked her about emergency and why did you do the stupid thing of declaring elections that defeated you and she said that it came about by Indians abroad that spread my name all over and that I could not continue for ever without election, that’s why.  So, credit goes to you overseas Indians who stood for democracy and today the same democracy is threatened  (claps).     
Why are Sahani and Kataria chosen to file defamation lawsuit against?
I think Mr. Sahani and Mr Kataria are also targeted because they have been very active in organizing what is called Hindu Sangatan Divas year after year.   Hindu unity scares lot of people.   It scares Christian missionaries who want to convert, a hundred million converts in the next ten years,  this is target set two years ago in Dallas by Pat Robertson in a congregation of all foreign missionaries working abroad.    It is anathema to terrorists who are targeting Hindu institutions everyday,  who had driven out 500,000 hindus from Kashmir, who are butchering Hindus in Bangladesh.  Hindus are 83% of India and the day you unite, then you don’t need any Divas. (claps).  So Sahani and Kataria are organizing for long time these Hindu Sangathan Divas and all the enemies of India are against anyone who want to organize these.  So that is also a dimension, which I will refer towards the end.  And that is why it is appropriately called Hindu Defense Fund I think, to which you have to make your contributions.  It is not that those who are not Hindus cannot be part of, after all Muslims, Christians their ancestors are Hindus and if they proudly acknowledge that their ancestors are Hindus then they are part of the family because the term ‘Hindu’ is not a religious term, it is a term that describes our civilization and therefore if you identify with civilization of India it does not matter which religion you are.  Therefore, you are part of one family and you are welcome to join, provided you do not think your ancestors are Ghori and Ghazni.

Is Sonia her real name?
Sonia Gandhi, is her real name?  Her birth certificate says it is Antonia Maino.  Her passport application, Indian Passport application also says her name is Antonia Maino.  So why is this name Sonia Gandhi is used?  For Gandhi, I understand she is married to the family.  But why Sonia?  Because Sonia is not even a Italian name.  It is a Russian name.  So, why is this in Sonia Gandhi name, why is the name ‘Sonia’ taken?  Lots of rumors have spread, but the reason is her father was jailed for four years as a prisoner of war.  He had signed for Hitler’s army, Hitler’s army went into Russia, so after war at St. Petersburg he was taken for prisoner for four years, but unlike all other German Soldiers that Russian never release before 14 years,  in this case they released in four years, which is taken to mean he must have capitulated to become a member of KGB and that is why he is let go.   So, he came back and gave Russian names to all his children.  
Sonia’s faking birth place?
Of course, there is one point I do not want to get into it,  it is irrelevant.  But I think I will mention it.  According to Sonia Gandhi Birth date, her birth certificate she was born in December 1944.  But at that time her father was in jail in Russia.   Unless like Jesus Christ, I cannot explain how this is possible that she claims her father is Maino but her fathers was in jail at that time.  That leads to another mystery.   Parliamentary records of Sonia Gandhi says she was born in Orbassano, but birth certification says she is born in Luciano, which is on the border to Switzerland.  It was a resort town for German Soldiers.  So, why you are lying your place of birth, unless you do not want birth place to be known?  I leave that to you as an area of speculation,  not connected to the lawsuit, but of course if it comes on for cross examination,  then the lawyers have legitimate right to ask where are you born,  on which date, who is your father,  where was he at that time.  These are all permitted cross examinations.   (On audience comments on Nehru family), It seems to be a problem with Nehru family.  No body know who the father is, who the mother is.
Sonia’s faking degree
Another thing it (the ad) talks about is faking her degree as from Cambridge university.   Is that wrong?  I have letter from the university Cambridge.  She has given an affidavit, sworn affidavit,  that she studied English in university of Cambridge.  And I got letter from the university there is no such student, never.  I went to court.   And finally the supreme court chief justice, told me, be generous,  Dr. swamy, be large hearted,  this is an old matter, leave it.  Of course, subsequently, Sonia Gandhi dropped from her affidavits.  The claim that degree in Cambridge is case of perjury.  One affidavit you says you were and another affidavit you are silent on it, it means that you are admitting perjury and unfortunately our society would not be tough enough.  In any other country, if you have faked your degree it would be serious.  Even in our own country, if a common man fakes his degree to get a job, if caught will lose his job.  Supreme court have repeatedly upheld that one of the most heinous crimes is to fake your education degree to get a job.  And here, a person who wants to rule the country has faked.  The only objection I have to satya (and friends) advertisement is in that he said she passed high school.  She has not passed high school.  In this she shares a common education background as Karunanidhi.  
Sonia as Au-Pair (A young foreigner who lives with a family in return for doing light housework.)
It says in the advertisement, she worked an as au-pair.  What did you do?  If you are not studying in University of Cambridge and you were five years in England,  how did you support yourself?  Don’t you think we have right to ask these questions?  Even in a marriage you know, we ask these questions.  Why can’t we ask the antecedents of sonia Gandhi. Where did you work?  Without a college education, without a high school degree where did you work?  We have a right to know.  I tell you, I have done investigation, it is shocking, what I found out?  When you seek a job, you are asked this question.  If you go to an employer for job, he will ask who is your previous employer.  You are asking someone who wants to be leader of the country, you have no right to ask this question?  For that you file a defamation case,  in order to silence, so that you do not ask these questions. 
Sonia’s Citizenship
In the citizenship question, is she a citizen of India?  She has registered as a citizen, but of course after 18 years of staying in India.  In her citizenship application,  the copy of which I have on my website, what did Sonia Gandhi answer to the question, ‘did you renounce the citizenship of your country’.  What did Sonia Gandhi write?  Not Applicable.   Why, why did she write that.  A junior officer objects to that.  No, she can’t write like that.  You have to produce a certificate from your government that you have renounced your citizenship.  She produces a letter from ambassador of Italy, saying that Sonia Gandhi has informed us she renounced her citizenship.  And Indira Gandhi orders that should be accepted.  Under section 10 of citizenship act,  any illegality found at any time in citizenship form,  filled by a person is a offence and can lead to cancellation of citizenship.  (Claps).  A new Government in India without any chamchas in it, can easily cancel it with one stroke of a pen.  Home minister can write himself that I am satisfied with myself that Ms. Sonia Gandhi has not filled the application properly and thereby order the cancellation of citizenship.  So, her future is very bleak in this.  We can ask this questions. 
Sonia connections with KGB
She has connections with KGB.  I told you her father was in jail there.  She has been accused by the person who was appointed by member of a commission to investigate the affairs of KGB of Russia by President Yeltsin,  who then wrote a book in which she said,  Rajiv Gandhi and her family were regular recipients of this money.  And they were paid to company setup by the family.  This is there in black and white in Yevgenia Albats book, ‘The state within state, the role of KGB in Russia’.   It is there in writing. Yevgenia came to Harvard to get  PhD and I ran into her when I went to teach and I asked her.  And she said yes, the records were given to her as member of commission.  I asked her do you have a record and she said it is all in the library.  I went to Harvard library and downloaded it,  filed it in the high court,  the Delhi high court then issue notice to CBI,  go find out and CBI came back and reported that Russian authorities are ready to give the originals and attest the copies,  provided we give them a letter regatory?  Which is a communication from court of India to Govt of Russia  and that letter regatory cannot be issued unless you register an FIR and the Govt of India refused to file FIR and that is why my case went abyss.  I can revive it any time.  So, what is wrong in saying you have connections with KGB? There is prima facie evidence.  That is truth.    
Sonia’s – Heir of two billion dollars in Swiss account
She has received two billion dollars in her name in 1991.  Who says this?  The Government of Switzerland.  Why did they say it?  Because, Americans put pressure on that Government to tell about Ferdinand Marcos.  They put so much pressure, that the swiss authorities tabulated all the foreign leaders who had accounts, illegal accounts and they put photograph of Rajiv Gandhi,  in a magazine Schweitzer Ilustrete.  Schweitzer is name of Switzerland in German and that its caption on Rajiv Gandhi photo, that he and his company has two billion US dollars in account in 1991.  And, who is beneficiary of Rajiv Gandhi’s death?  Sonia Gandhi.  All that money has gone to her.  All the money of Indira Gandhi, (to) Sonia Gandhi.  Most money of Sanjay Gandhi (to), Sonia Gandhi.   Death is very profitable for Sonia Gandhi.   I would say in any criminal case, the first suspect is always the beneficiary.  Some day we have to find out.    What is wrong in asking these questions? 
Sonia – Antiques smuggling
Her sister, Anushka, that is a Russian name,  real name is Alexandria,  but father gave her name Anushka.  She has two shops, in Italy.  One is called, ethnica and another is called Ganapath, in the home town of Sonia Gandhi mother.  And photographs have been produced and I put it in court,  and it shows antiques stolen from all over India.   Who got it there?  The LTTE.  People did not believe but now that the Government has arrested there 33 LTTE persons in Italy, people have come to know that there is something after all.   Quaddrotchi used to sell weapons to LTTE.  And LTTE has huge presence in Palermo, Naper? and Milan.   Now that Americans have come to them, all European Governments are cracking on them, there and in Canada.  Now, anway antique smuggling.  Why should the sister of Sonia Gandhi has antique shop in the first place,  on the Indian antiques?   So, they are smuggled, kept in a shop and then they are prepared and take them to London and auctioned in Sotheby’s and Christies.  This racket also I documented, court was convinced and issued notice to CBI.  CBI wrote to Italy and Italy wrote back, give us a letter.  Govt of India said no.  Matter rested.  So, these are things that should shock you.  Our own national wealth is squandered this way, taken abroad, stolen,  using Air India flights, using Govt powers so that they are not inspected.  These are the people, she is a bogus Gandhi, not a real Gnadhi.  (I only have one thing about the legitimancy of various Gandhis going round in the internet,  Rajiv Gandhi is not son of Feroze Khan as websites has put up.  He is grandson of well known lawyer by name Kakar and Kakar is mayor of Allahabad and once he defeated Jawaharlal Nehru,  So, parentage is not strong point of Nehru, so we will not go into that).  
Rahul Gandhi – Lies on Education
Similarly the question of Rahul Gandhi.  Why is he registered as Rahul Vinci Gandhi in Rolings college in Orlando or some place like that, which is a Christian missionary college.  Why did he not register himself as Rahul Gandhi?  Why did he claim he has M.Phil from Cambridge.  University of Cambridge has no record of any thesis, you cannot get M.Phil without any thesis.  How did he claim that?  I asked university of Cambridge to give me a letter.  The university said we know what you did with Sonia Gandhi letter, we are not going to give any more letters.  So, they decline to give me any letter.   I went to the library where all thesis are kept.  His name is not there.   Not there as a student also.  Not there in registrar’s office as student who took exam, in the year he mentioned, 1995.   So, why did he claim.  He first claimed he went to Harvard.  Yes, he went to Harvard, in the sense, when Rajiv Gandhi was Prime Minister, Indujas gave 11 million dollars to  Harvard Medical School  and on donor’s quota and Harvard has this quota, but once you enter, you have to compete,  in three months, Harvard said we don’t think you belong here.  So, he dropped out.  Now, he doesn’t use the word Harvard.  Unfortunately for him, some one in politics like me has long standing connection with Harvard.  Why you tell lies like this?  Because in our country we respect education.   So, you tell a lie about education.   All of us work hard, to pass examination and get a degree,  these guys don’t do anything, and they put themselves as educated. 
Rahul Citizenship
Is Rahul a citizen of India?   He is born in India.  But the Italian law says that if your mother is Italian citizen at the time of your birth,  which in 1970, which time Sonia Gandhi was a citizen (of Italy),  then you automatically become a citizen of Italy.   And law in India says, you cannot be a citizen of India, unless you renounce the citizenship of another country.  Rahul Gandhi never renounced that citizenship because you are required by the law to declare  and give  a certificate to  Italian government that I have renounced that citizenship.  In fact, he uses a Italian passport by the name of Rahul Vinci,  Any time tomorrow, the Government comes that does not have the sychophants or those who are blackmailed by them,  then you can say that Rahul Gandhi also, you are not a citizen of India.  One of the things they have secretly kept, but that has gottenout now, is that Rahul Gandhi has gotten admission into ?? college on two grounds.  A) He is a Christian, in record and B) he is a marksman rifle shooter.   So, on sportsmen quota he got admission, not on grades.   How did he have to do that.  He could not pass hindi exam and he is representing the state of Uttar Pradesh. 
This is the person who needs to be shown that he has nothing to do with Gandhi.  Gandhi was a man who was a barrister,  earned a name as a lawyer of south Africa, gave it all away for the country,  then if Rahul is using that name, you have a right to say, you are an imposter,  you don’t belong here.  (Claps).  
Rahul Gandhi arrested by FBI
Rahul Gandhi was arrested at Boston airport.  He had 160,000 dollars in cash.  In united states, you cannot enter with more than 10,000 dollars without declaring it.  He didn’t declare and got caught.  He had with him a girlfriend by name Veronique Cartelli, citizen, passport holder spain, father Colombian.  Cartelli, means drug mafia.   And something else is there, which has not been identified.  27th September, 2001, they have SPG, like a royal family they have SPG cover. SPG said he is son of former Prime Minister and FBI said we don’t care.   It is the law.  Nine hours they kept.  Government of India intervened,  Condelezza Rice was told this will affect Indo-US relationship,  and then the FBI was told to let him go.  FBI registered a FIR or equivalent of FIR,  I don’t know what they call here, criminal case or whatever,  and was told anytime we want we can call you and you can go.  They let him go.  My friends here try to get information using freedom of information act to FBI and FBI said they will give his records, provided we get no objection certification from Rahul Gandhi because it is his personal records.   That’s the law.  So, I wrote a letter to Rahul Gandhi.   If you have nothing to hide, give us the permission.   He never replied.  Everybody knows.  This is in record.  Nothing to hide.  160,000 dollars in cash, carry such cash for what for?  
Rahul Gandhi – living with his girl friend
Don’t we think we have right to know if Rahul Gandhi is married or not?  In his house in Tughlak lane,  there is a foreign woman there.  Her name is Veronique Cartelli.   Is he married to her or not married to her?   Or is he living with her?   Can he not make that public?  What would the Indians think.  Rajiv Gandhi wife a foreigner.  Rahul Gandhi wife a foreigner.  Can’t  he find Indian girls at all?  And what were the antecedents of Veronique?   Daughter of drug mafia.  So,  we need to know.  Even in marriages,  we need to know.  Accountability in India is one can go to village and find out everything about me.  When you have a foreigner, you have to be doubly careful.  That should be doubly watched. 
Degradation of Hindu values since Sonia came to power
Ever since Sonia came to power, we find Hindu values are degraded.  Jayendra sarawati, jayalalitha did it but so many pressures were put on her,  why put him in jail like a criminal,  on diwali day in Andhra Pradesh,  any time other than a diwali day could have been done.
Why destroy ramasethu and there are so many alternate routes but it is to degrade Hindus.  Hindus says why we are always beaten and we are used to it.  That is not true.  Muslims went to Iran and conquered in 15 years, Iraq and Saudi Arabia in short time.  Today,  they still debate in Saudi and other countries why India was not conquered.  After 800 years of Islamic rule and 200 years of European rule, India is still 83%. Why?  
Rana Pratap is hero not Mansingh who catipulated to Moghuls.   This is what a hero.