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VivekaJyoti: An uneducated alien woman controlling all of India and bleeding it with massive corruption...


Kudos to Dr. Swamy on lawsuit against Sonia Gandhi.

Here is video of brilliant speech by Dr. Swamy with full transcript of the speech during a NY 'Freedom of Speech' event arranged in support of the defendants of multiple 100 million dollar law suits filed by Sonia Gandhi proxies in US, in response to a full page Ad in New York Times on Sonia.   

It is the bankruptcy of leadership of India that an uneducated woman could control all of India and bleed it with massive corruption, have no respect for its laws,  using the country as if it her grandparent's property and destroying the nation and its culture.   All these years, what do we see in main opposition party BJP, same people hanging on to power and not speaking up or raise the country consciousness to this existential threat.  They are probably blackmailed and/or lack the courage to speak up.  Divided by region, divided by religion, divided by caste with petty desires for name and fame we are selling away our nation.   

In this battle, we need to include all sections of the country, including armed forces.  Let us not for a minute have any delusion of what we are up against. Arise India, arise until these destroyers are put where they belong, in Indian jails.  The biggest threat to India is not China, not Pakistan, it is our own internal crooks.

Let all Indians in India and around the world rally around Dr. Swamy and make sure the country protects him.  

Here is the full page NY Time Ad.

More details of the ad and about Sonia at:


Dr. Subramanian Swamy speech at Freedom of Speech Rally, New York on June 22nd, 2008
Text of Dr. Swamy speech

Role of Overseas Indians in restoration of democracy in India
Let me remind you that overseas Indians, particularly in United States played a major role in restoration of democracy (claps).  During emergency,  I had people argue and some people used to ask, (if we speak up) we will be targeted,  our passports will be cancelled, what is that we can do that you can’t do in India.  I said you have the freedom here to speak, exercise it and it could develop its own momentum,  and indeed Mrs. Gandhi herself told me  later on when she was reelected in 1980 and she wanted a favor from me in dealing with China and that time I was chit chatting with her and I asked her about emergency and why did you do the stupid thing of declaring elections that defeated you and she said that it came about by Indians abroad that spread my name all over and that I could not continue for ever without election, that’s why.  So, credit goes to you overseas Indians who stood for democracy and today the same democracy is threatened  (claps).     
Why are Sahani and Kataria chosen to file defamation lawsuit against?
I think Mr. Sahani and Mr Kataria are also targeted because they have been very active in organizing what is called Hindu Sangatan Divas year after year.   Hindu unity scares lot of people.   It scares Christian missionaries who want to convert, a hundred million converts in the next ten years,  this is target set two years ago in Dallas by Pat Robertson in a congregation of all foreign missionaries working abroad.    It is anathema to terrorists who are targeting Hindu institutions everyday,  who had driven out 500,000 hindus from Kashmir, who are butchering Hindus in Bangladesh.  Hindus are 83% of India and the day you unite, then you don’t need any Divas. (claps).  So Sahani and Kataria are organizing for long time these Hindu Sangathan Divas and all the enemies of India are against anyone who want to organize these.  So that is also a dimension, which I will refer towards the end.  And that is why it is appropriately called Hindu Defense Fund I think, to which you have to make your contributions.  It is not that those who are not Hindus cannot be part of, after all Muslims, Christians their ancestors are Hindus and if they proudly acknowledge that their ancestors are Hindus then they are part of the family because the term ‘Hindu’ is not a religious term, it is a term that describes our civilization and therefore if you identify with civilization of India it does not matter which religion you are.  Therefore, you are part of one family and you are welcome to join, provided you do not think your ancestors are Ghori and Ghazni.

Is Sonia her real name?
Sonia Gandhi, is her real name?  Her birth certificate says it is Antonia Maino.  Her passport application, Indian Passport application also says her name is Antonia Maino.  So why is this name Sonia Gandhi is used?  For Gandhi, I understand she is married to the family.  But why Sonia?  Because Sonia is not even a Italian name.  It is a Russian name.  So, why is this in Sonia Gandhi name, why is the name ‘Sonia’ taken?  Lots of rumors have spread, but the reason is her father was jailed for four years as a prisoner of war.  He had signed for Hitler’s army, Hitler’s army went into Russia, so after war at St. Petersburg he was taken for prisoner for four years, but unlike all other German Soldiers that Russian never release before 14 years,  in this case they released in four years, which is taken to mean he must have capitulated to become a member of KGB and that is why he is let go.   So, he came back and gave Russian names to all his children.  
Sonia’s faking birth place?
Of course, there is one point I do not want to get into it,  it is irrelevant.  But I think I will mention it.  According to Sonia Gandhi Birth date, her birth certificate she was born in December 1944.  But at that time her father was in jail in Russia.   Unless like Jesus Christ, I cannot explain how this is possible that she claims her father is Maino but her fathers was in jail at that time.  That leads to another mystery.   Parliamentary records of Sonia Gandhi says she was born in Orbassano, but birth certification says she is born in Luciano, which is on the border to Switzerland.  It was a resort town for German Soldiers.  So, why you are lying your place of birth, unless you do not want birth place to be known?  I leave that to you as an area of speculation,  not connected to the lawsuit, but of course if it comes on for cross examination,  then the lawyers have legitimate right to ask where are you born,  on which date, who is your father,  where was he at that time.  These are all permitted cross examinations.   (On audience comments on Nehru family), It seems to be a problem with Nehru family.  No body know who the father is, who the mother is.
Sonia’s faking degree
Another thing it (the ad) talks about is faking her degree as from Cambridge university.   Is that wrong?  I have letter from the university Cambridge.  She has given an affidavit, sworn affidavit,  that she studied English in university of Cambridge.  And I got letter from the university there is no such student, never.  I went to court.   And finally the supreme court chief justice, told me, be generous,  Dr. swamy, be large hearted,  this is an old matter, leave it.  Of course, subsequently, Sonia Gandhi dropped from her affidavits.  The claim that degree in Cambridge is case of perjury.  One affidavit you says you were and another affidavit you are silent on it, it means that you are admitting perjury and unfortunately our society would not be tough enough.  In any other country, if you have faked your degree it would be serious.  Even in our own country, if a common man fakes his degree to get a job, if caught will lose his job.  Supreme court have repeatedly upheld that one of the most heinous crimes is to fake your education degree to get a job.  And here, a person who wants to rule the country has faked.  The only objection I have to satya (and friends) advertisement is in that he said she passed high school.  She has not passed high school.  In this she shares a common education background as Karunanidhi.  
Sonia as Au-Pair (A young foreigner who lives with a family in return for doing light housework.)
It says in the advertisement, she worked an as au-pair.  What did you do?  If you are not studying in University of Cambridge and you were five years in England,  how did you support yourself?  Don’t you think we have right to ask these questions?  Even in a marriage you know, we ask these questions.  Why can’t we ask the antecedents of sonia Gandhi. Where did you work?  Without a college education, without a high school degree where did you work?  We have a right to know.  I tell you, I have done investigation, it is shocking, what I found out?  When you seek a job, you are asked this question.  If you go to an employer for job, he will ask who is your previous employer.  You are asking someone who wants to be leader of the country, you have no right to ask this question?  For that you file a defamation case,  in order to silence, so that you do not ask these questions. 
Sonia’s Citizenship
In the citizenship question, is she a citizen of India?  She has registered as a citizen, but of course after 18 years of staying in India.  In her citizenship application,  the copy of which I have on my website, what did Sonia Gandhi answer to the question, ‘did you renounce the citizenship of your country’.  What did Sonia Gandhi write?  Not Applicable.   Why, why did she write that.  A junior officer objects to that.  No, she can’t write like that.  You have to produce a certificate from your government that you have renounced your citizenship.  She produces a letter from ambassador of Italy, saying that Sonia Gandhi has informed us she renounced her citizenship.  And Indira Gandhi orders that should be accepted.  Under section 10 of citizenship act,  any illegality found at any time in citizenship form,  filled by a person is a offence and can lead to cancellation of citizenship.  (Claps).  A new Government in India without any chamchas in it, can easily cancel it with one stroke of a pen.  Home minister can write himself that I am satisfied with myself that Ms. Sonia Gandhi has not filled the application properly and thereby order the cancellation of citizenship.  So, her future is very bleak in this.  We can ask this questions. 
Sonia connections with KGB
She has connections with KGB.  I told you her father was in jail there.  She has been accused by the person who was appointed by member of a commission to investigate the affairs of KGB of Russia by President Yeltsin,  who then wrote a book in which she said,  Rajiv Gandhi and her family were regular recipients of this money.  And they were paid to company setup by the family.  This is there in black and white in Yevgenia Albats book, ‘The state within state, the role of KGB in Russia’.   It is there in writing. Yevgenia came to Harvard to get  PhD and I ran into her when I went to teach and I asked her.  And she said yes, the records were given to her as member of commission.  I asked her do you have a record and she said it is all in the library.  I went to Harvard library and downloaded it,  filed it in the high court,  the Delhi high court then issue notice to CBI,  go find out and CBI came back and reported that Russian authorities are ready to give the originals and attest the copies,  provided we give them a letter regatory?  Which is a communication from court of India to Govt of Russia  and that letter regatory cannot be issued unless you register an FIR and the Govt of India refused to file FIR and that is why my case went abyss.  I can revive it any time.  So, what is wrong in saying you have connections with KGB? There is prima facie evidence.  That is truth.    
Sonia’s – Heir of two billion dollars in Swiss account
She has received two billion dollars in her name in 1991.  Who says this?  The Government of Switzerland.  Why did they say it?  Because, Americans put pressure on that Government to tell about Ferdinand Marcos.  They put so much pressure, that the swiss authorities tabulated all the foreign leaders who had accounts, illegal accounts and they put photograph of Rajiv Gandhi,  in a magazine Schweitzer Ilustrete.  Schweitzer is name of Switzerland in German and that its caption on Rajiv Gandhi photo, that he and his company has two billion US dollars in account in 1991.  And, who is beneficiary of Rajiv Gandhi’s death?  Sonia Gandhi.  All that money has gone to her.  All the money of Indira Gandhi, (to) Sonia Gandhi.  Most money of Sanjay Gandhi (to), Sonia Gandhi.   Death is very profitable for Sonia Gandhi.   I would say in any criminal case, the first suspect is always the beneficiary.  Some day we have to find out.    What is wrong in asking these questions? 
Sonia – Antiques smuggling
Her sister, Anushka, that is a Russian name,  real name is Alexandria,  but father gave her name Anushka.  She has two shops, in Italy.  One is called, ethnica and another is called Ganapath, in the home town of Sonia Gandhi mother.  And photographs have been produced and I put it in court,  and it shows antiques stolen from all over India.   Who got it there?  The LTTE.  People did not believe but now that the Government has arrested there 33 LTTE persons in Italy, people have come to know that there is something after all.   Quaddrotchi used to sell weapons to LTTE.  And LTTE has huge presence in Palermo, Naper? and Milan.   Now that Americans have come to them, all European Governments are cracking on them, there and in Canada.  Now, anway antique smuggling.  Why should the sister of Sonia Gandhi has antique shop in the first place,  on the Indian antiques?   So, they are smuggled, kept in a shop and then they are prepared and take them to London and auctioned in Sotheby’s and Christies.  This racket also I documented, court was convinced and issued notice to CBI.  CBI wrote to Italy and Italy wrote back, give us a letter.  Govt of India said no.  Matter rested.  So, these are things that should shock you.  Our own national wealth is squandered this way, taken abroad, stolen,  using Air India flights, using Govt powers so that they are not inspected.  These are the people, she is a bogus Gandhi, not a real Gnadhi.  (I only have one thing about the legitimancy of various Gandhis going round in the internet,  Rajiv Gandhi is not son of Feroze Khan as websites has put up.  He is grandson of well known lawyer by name Kakar and Kakar is mayor of Allahabad and once he defeated Jawaharlal Nehru,  So, parentage is not strong point of Nehru, so we will not go into that).  
Rahul Gandhi – Lies on Education
Similarly the question of Rahul Gandhi.  Why is he registered as Rahul Vinci Gandhi in Rolings college in Orlando or some place like that, which is a Christian missionary college.  Why did he not register himself as Rahul Gandhi?  Why did he claim he has M.Phil from Cambridge.  University of Cambridge has no record of any thesis, you cannot get M.Phil without any thesis.  How did he claim that?  I asked university of Cambridge to give me a letter.  The university said we know what you did with Sonia Gandhi letter, we are not going to give any more letters.  So, they decline to give me any letter.   I went to the library where all thesis are kept.  His name is not there.   Not there as a student also.  Not there in registrar’s office as student who took exam, in the year he mentioned, 1995.   So, why did he claim.  He first claimed he went to Harvard.  Yes, he went to Harvard, in the sense, when Rajiv Gandhi was Prime Minister, Indujas gave 11 million dollars to  Harvard Medical School  and on donor’s quota and Harvard has this quota, but once you enter, you have to compete,  in three months, Harvard said we don’t think you belong here.  So, he dropped out.  Now, he doesn’t use the word Harvard.  Unfortunately for him, some one in politics like me has long standing connection with Harvard.  Why you tell lies like this?  Because in our country we respect education.   So, you tell a lie about education.   All of us work hard, to pass examination and get a degree,  these guys don’t do anything, and they put themselves as educated. 
Rahul Citizenship
Is Rahul a citizen of India?   He is born in India.  But the Italian law says that if your mother is Italian citizen at the time of your birth,  which in 1970, which time Sonia Gandhi was a citizen (of Italy),  then you automatically become a citizen of Italy.   And law in India says, you cannot be a citizen of India, unless you renounce the citizenship of another country.  Rahul Gandhi never renounced that citizenship because you are required by the law to declare  and give  a certificate to  Italian government that I have renounced that citizenship.  In fact, he uses a Italian passport by the name of Rahul Vinci,  Any time tomorrow, the Government comes that does not have the sychophants or those who are blackmailed by them,  then you can say that Rahul Gandhi also, you are not a citizen of India.  One of the things they have secretly kept, but that has gottenout now, is that Rahul Gandhi has gotten admission into ?? college on two grounds.  A) He is a Christian, in record and B) he is a marksman rifle shooter.   So, on sportsmen quota he got admission, not on grades.   How did he have to do that.  He could not pass hindi exam and he is representing the state of Uttar Pradesh. 
This is the person who needs to be shown that he has nothing to do with Gandhi.  Gandhi was a man who was a barrister,  earned a name as a lawyer of south Africa, gave it all away for the country,  then if Rahul is using that name, you have a right to say, you are an imposter,  you don’t belong here.  (Claps).  
Rahul Gandhi arrested by FBI
Rahul Gandhi was arrested at Boston airport.  He had 160,000 dollars in cash.  In united states, you cannot enter with more than 10,000 dollars without declaring it.  He didn’t declare and got caught.  He had with him a girlfriend by name Veronique Cartelli, citizen, passport holder spain, father Colombian.  Cartelli, means drug mafia.   And something else is there, which has not been identified.  27th September, 2001, they have SPG, like a royal family they have SPG cover. SPG said he is son of former Prime Minister and FBI said we don’t care.   It is the law.  Nine hours they kept.  Government of India intervened,  Condelezza Rice was told this will affect Indo-US relationship,  and then the FBI was told to let him go.  FBI registered a FIR or equivalent of FIR,  I don’t know what they call here, criminal case or whatever,  and was told anytime we want we can call you and you can go.  They let him go.  My friends here try to get information using freedom of information act to FBI and FBI said they will give his records, provided we get no objection certification from Rahul Gandhi because it is his personal records.   That’s the law.  So, I wrote a letter to Rahul Gandhi.   If you have nothing to hide, give us the permission.   He never replied.  Everybody knows.  This is in record.  Nothing to hide.  160,000 dollars in cash, carry such cash for what for?  
Rahul Gandhi – living with his girl friend
Don’t we think we have right to know if Rahul Gandhi is married or not?  In his house in Tughlak lane,  there is a foreign woman there.  Her name is Veronique Cartelli.   Is he married to her or not married to her?   Or is he living with her?   Can he not make that public?  What would the Indians think.  Rajiv Gandhi wife a foreigner.  Rahul Gandhi wife a foreigner.  Can’t  he find Indian girls at all?  And what were the antecedents of Veronique?   Daughter of drug mafia.  So,  we need to know.  Even in marriages,  we need to know.  Accountability in India is one can go to village and find out everything about me.  When you have a foreigner, you have to be doubly careful.  That should be doubly watched. 
Degradation of Hindu values since Sonia came to power
Ever since Sonia came to power, we find Hindu values are degraded.  Jayendra sarawati, jayalalitha did it but so many pressures were put on her,  why put him in jail like a criminal,  on diwali day in Andhra Pradesh,  any time other than a diwali day could have been done.
Why destroy ramasethu and there are so many alternate routes but it is to degrade Hindus.  Hindus says why we are always beaten and we are used to it.  That is not true.  Muslims went to Iran and conquered in 15 years, Iraq and Saudi Arabia in short time.  Today,  they still debate in Saudi and other countries why India was not conquered.  After 800 years of Islamic rule and 200 years of European rule, India is still 83%. Why?  
Rana Pratap is hero not Mansingh who catipulated to Moghuls.   This is what a hero.