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Samarth: Hindus, be united before India becomes Pakistan! - Samarth |

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    • अब एक बार फिर राजनीतिक पार्टी के लोगो के रूप में स्वास्तिक का चिन्ह चर्चा में है। इस बार थाईलैंड की न्यू पॉलिटिक्स पार्टी ने स्वास्तिक को अपना लोगो बनाया है।

      थाईलैंड की न्यू पॉलिटिक्स पार्टी बौद्ध धर्म के अनुयायी थाईलैंड के नरेश के साथ जुड़ाव अभिव्यक्त करती है।

    • हिंदू, बौद्ध एवं जैन धर्म में स्वास्तिक को शुभ माना गया है। भारत, चीन, जापान एवं दक्षिणी यूरोप के देशों में स्वास्तिक को शुभकामना और समृद्धि के प्रतीक के रूप में स्वीकार किया गया है।
    • मिस्र के प्राचीन ट्राय शहर की पुरातात्विक खुदाई में प्राप्त मिट्टी की बर्तन एवं सिक्कों में भी स्वास्तिक चिन्ह नजर आता है।
    • [किरन दास]

ब्रिटेन में नकाबपोश के हमले में गंभीर रूप से घायल हुए गुरुद्वारा प्रमुख  विश्व समाचार

steps to second partition: root of australian anger : vote bank policy of UPA

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    • I have many near and dear ones in Australia .Their observation is that Aussies were highly offended by the churlish outbursts of UPA Ministers against Aussi Police who were investigating Dr.Haneef and links with his cousin brothers who were involved in the Air Port Jeep Bomb attack in Glasgo UK .
    • Final straw was Manmohan's statement that he was so disturbed by Dr Hanif's and Cousin Kafeel's arrests that he was unable to sleep at all.
    • Immediate reaction was that Aussies refused to be treated by the Indian Doctors irrespective of their Religeon.Hospitals did withdrew Indian doctors from their panels.

कार्टून : सुनिए !! ... आपसे कुछ कह रहे हैं.

Sanatan Sanstha: Valiant Hindu Kings - Vikramaditya and Daughters of King Dahir

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  • Prof. S. G. Shevde

    • Daughters of King Dahir:
    • Earlier battles were fought on the battlefield. Warriors fought against warriors. However these aggressive and cruel warriors killed innocent women, children and old people who were in their houses. They destroyed temples and the idols residing in the temples. They destroyed schools. They raped young women. The way they treated those who were their victims, was utterly cruel. That man can be so cruel was unprecedented and unknown to Bharatiya culture. This kind of demonic aggression left the entire society afraid and terrified. As a result the aggressors found literally no opposition.
    • Salutation to daughters of King Dahir who avenged the insulting defeat of Sindh by killing Mohammad Bin Qasim !:
    • They sent a letter to Mohammad Bin Qasim’s generals bearing the stamp and signature of the Khalif. The letter contained an order – ‘Put Mohammad in a leather bag, seal the bag and send it here’. The order was from the Khalif. The generals followed the order word to word;
    • When the ship reached Baghdad after 10-12 days, Mohammad Bin Qasim’s corpse had decayed to such an extent that worms had begun to devour the corpse. The decaying smell was unbearable.
    • The two girls then told the Khalif, “We sent a letter bearing your signature and stamp. We have taken revenge on the demon who inflicted untold misery in our kingdom. We have done this. We feel proud of what we have done. We have fulfilled our national duty. We are ready to face any consequences for this action.”
    • An enraged Khalif tied the hair of the two girls to the tails of horses and made the horses run throughout Baghdad. The girls were being kicked by the horses and their bodies were being stripped of its skin in the process. Their hair was being pulled and their heads were dashing against the knees of horses. Except for the bloodied heads, both bodies were stripped and cut into pieces and were being dropped on the road. But the two girls, who were proud of having avenged the insult to their kingdom, did not have a single tear in their eyes as they embraced martyrdom.
    • (When Bharat gained independence, statues of these two girls should have been erected on the Sindh border.)’ – Prof. S. G. Shevde

The Hindu : Girl ‘kidnapped’ in Delhi surfaces in Hyderabad

Anti-Hindu getting Funds of Hindu's

India and Pakistan, Hindus and Muslims, Masjid or Dargah, Prafull Goradia

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    • About The Book
    • Hindu Masjids: Symbolises the longstanding conflict between Hindus and Muslims, and tries to offer a solution. From Emperor Akbar to Rajiv Gandhi, many have tried to build bridges of friendship between the two communities but all of them, including Mahatma Gandhi, have failed. As the last five decades have proved, the partition of 1947 did not solve the problem.

      Is it to escape facing the truth about the past? Or is it to placate Muslim sentiments? Is it to avoid a controversy which might adversely affect one or more electoral verdicts?

    Hindu Masjids
    • Prafull Goradia has visited every masjid or dargah that has been discussed. Not alone, but accompanied by a research scholar as well as an excellent photographer. He now appeals to Muslims to abandon and not use these ill-gotten or looted edifices for praying to their one and only god, Allah.

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India's illegal wealth abroad is not just an issue of tax evasion

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    • The Indian government says it cannot disclose the names provided by Germany as they have been obtained under the Double Taxation Treaty but it has initiated proceedings against the accountholders under tax laws.

      This begs the question -- why did the government of India ask information under the Double Taxation Treaty when the LGT Bank issue doesn't have any link to that? Besides, where is the question of confidentiality when dealing with criminals? Germany has released its own list; how then is it asking India not to release it?

    • A report in a financial daily said out of 50 names in the LGT Bank list, 25 were from Mumbai, none being big industrialists or well-known individuals. Not surprising -- big industrialists and politicians will hardly hold these accounts under their names.

IntelliBriefs: CHINA-Recessionary Spiral?

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    • Dr Sheo Nandan Pandey
    • The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has been caught on its wrong foot in its mimic of the free market economy of the west and export led growth model of the East Asian tiger economies of yesteryears.
    • Annual rate of growth of China’s gross domestic product (GDP), for example, touched the nadir 6.1 per cent year-on-year during the first quarter of 2009.
    • Aggregate demand for goods and services, in particular its external component remains substantially weak. Output glut, massive lay offs, shutdowns, drop in energy consumption, decline in output, fall in government revenue and increase in budget deficits, cutback in private investments and the like tend to rule the roost.
    • In the short run, China’s absolute as much as relative capability to ward off recession and/ or early reset remains dependent on creating effective demand for the entire range of goods and services in the home and new foreign markets, plummeting under the weight of the global down turn.
    • The ground situation in China was just the opposite. Drop in the demand for exportable goods and services relate to totally elastic demand. The demand for capital and wage goods in respect of low income as much as laid off workers fall in a little different category.
    • While external shock is largely responsible for rocking the Chinese boat, the correctives have but to take care of side effects of an array of other shocks, in particular those which carry bearings on competitiveness of Chinese goods and services.
    • China followed a differential loaning policy to jack up demand for the worst affected industrial products, in particular automobiles, electronics and the like. Lower upfront payments and subsidies of different kinds including coupons constituted major devices.
    • As the global economy is slated to contract by 2.9 per cent 2009 and could hardly grow more than 2 per cent in 2010, the Chinese exports may not experience reckonable turn around.
    • In its stride, the Chinese State Council announced a spate of measures to jack up domestic consumption, which, inter alia, included raising pension and minimum allowance for low income people. The local governments, at their levels, went ahead with issuing concession vouchers during festive occasions. Property buying has been made a lot easier.
    • Simultaneously, China halved the purchase tax on passenger cars to 5 per cent for models with engine displacements of less than 1.6 liters.
    • Zhuang Jian, a senior economist with the Asian Development Bank, put a caveat for future sustainability of momentum in sales growth, in particular property and cars until the Chinese government undertook new measures to kindle consumer confidence.
    • Eventually even state owned industries can not keep on producing unsold products. In the case of SMEs, a large proportion of target consumers are in the process of de-leveraging, and actually saving. They would not be in buying spree of SME products.
    • The size of China’s bad loan has been a source of constant controversy. Gordon Chang, a China expert and author of "The Coming Collapse of China," told the hearing of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission that China's banks and instrumentalities were probably sitting on a trillion dollars of doubtful loans. He warned that "a bank failure in the next few years is possible, if not likely"

कार्टून : यहाँ तो मायावतीजी ख़ुद ही बैठेंगी