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Fraudster Agnivesh's next 'Jail Bharo' agitation for Muslim reservation?

Fraudster Agnivesh's next 'Jail Bharo' agitation for Muslim reservation?

Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind (JUH) on Friday announced to launch a ‘jail bharo’ agitation from April 28 from Lucknow to demand reservation in jobs and admission to educational institutions at the Central and state levels.

JUH secretary general Maulana Hakeemuddin Qasmi said the non-violent agitation will continue for a month each in Lucknow and Maharashtra, followed by Tripura and New Delhi.

“In due course, we will cover each state, one after the other,” he said.

Qasmi said a total of 313 people will voluntarily offer arrests in each state.

He said before taking the decision to launch the agitation, an 18-member delegation, which included Swami Agnivesh, had met PM Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi twice in the last one year. But no progress had taken place so far, except for assurances.

Geelani assures 90% will protect KPs, so the other 10% can be blamed when pandits are massacred again. Very smart indeed

Geelani assures 90% will protect KPs, so the other 10% can be blamed when pandits are massacred again. Very smart indeed: "http://rajeev2004.blogspot.com/
Srinagar, April 17 (IANS) Separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani Sunday assured Kashmiri Pandits that 90 percent of the Muslim population in Jammu and Kashmir would protect their Hindu brethren if they returned to the Valley.Read More"

admirable candor. PM says his job "is done if india-pak ties normalize". i thought his job was to pursue india's interests, silly me.

admirable candor. PM says his job "is done if india-pak ties normalize". i thought his job was to pursue india's interests, silly me.: "
apr 18th, 2011 CE

can't blame PM for not saying what he really believes. other examples include:

1. "brit colonialism was good for india" (speech while receiving honorary doctorate from some brit univ)
2. "india's resources are first meant for mohammedans"
3. "pak is as much a victim of terrorism as india is"
4. "i am losing sleep because mohammedan indian doc in australia is being called a terrorist"

so this is the mother of all freudian slips

if PM's job is to 'normalize' indo-pak relations (a euphemism for giving kashmir to pak), who gave him this job?

some candidates leap to mind: NATO? US? UK? china? saudi arabia? i admit this is just conjecture. but clearly it is not the indian voter who has given him this job, because the indian voter is interested primarily in cricket and doesn't really give much of a damn about 'normalizing' indo-pak ties.

silly me, i had been laboring under the misconception that his job was to uphold india's supposedly religion-blind constitution (wrong, see 2 and 4), or uphold india's interests (wrong, see 1 and 3).

really, can't blame PM. he's been telling all of us for some time that he has a job to do, and dammit, he's going to do it.

now he tells us what the job is.

this is all clear as day.

any questions?

Tumkur : Muslims brutally kill cows

Tumkur : Muslims brutally kill cows: "A group of Muslims from Bukkapatna in Tumkur District of Karnataka brutally killed a pregnant cow."

Kolhapur Dist. Collector spits venom against Hindu Dharma

Kolhapur Dist. Collector spits venom against Hindu Dharma: "Growth of Hindus has been hampered because Hindu Dharma does not believe in right to education;whereas those who were declined by the governance based on Hindu Dharma, were given new life by Christian missionaries,said District Collector Lakshmikant Deshmukh."

Islam converted the Pagans but did Paganism convert Islam? | Faithfreedom.org


Islam and the black stone 

Islam and the black stone

The name of the new God was “Allah” and according to the followers of Islam the impurity and errors of Judaism and Christianity were meant to have found their final home within the final messenger.  This final messenger in Islamic tradition was Mohammed therefore Islam implies a link which unifies the Abrahamic faiths and is based on “the oneness of God” and the principles of monotheism.

In fact, Islam, in the eyes of conservative Orthodox Muslims is pure monotheism and the other two Abrahamic faiths have been diluted.  Also, Mohammed and his followers believed that they had cleansed Arabia of Paganism.

Yet the name Allah already existed and Mohammed’s father was called Abd-ullah (Slave of Allah).  In fact, just like the concept of Allah had already existed it soon becomes apparent that the very foundations of Islam are based on Paganism.  Therefore, rather than “revolutionary change” it is apparent that you have modifications but these modifications are within the Pagan dominated Arabia of Mohammed’s childhood.

Deodorus Sicolus in 60 B.C. mentions the Ka’aba and it is clear that the Ka’aba, hajj (pilgrimage) and other customs existed before the Islamic faith.  Pagan Arabs therefore worshipped at the Ka’aba, did their obligatory hajj and threw stones at Iblis (the devil) in Wadi Mina.

If Pagan Arabs could see the modern day hajj and Muslims walking around a black stone (animism) and then witness Muslims throwing stones at Iblis; then surely they would believe that the Pagan faith had triumphed over monotheism and other faiths which existed during the childhood of Mohammed.

The Sabaeans in the time of Mohammed prayed seven times a day and just like Islam, at appointed times.  Ritual is very powerful in Islam and the Sabaeans fasted and celebrated Eid and just like the Ka’aba and stoning Iblis; it is abundantly clear that the religion of Islam incorporated all these things from different faiths within Arabia.

Monotheism now became fused within the power of a black stone and the animistic worldview, alongside constant pagan rituals. This transformed Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and others, and recreated the old texts within a fusion of Paganism.

The mystical night journey where Mohammed claims to ride on a magical horse called Buraq; does not find itself within the Abrahamic fold. However, the image would have been symbolic within the Zoroastrian faith.

The mystical virgins in heaven who are waiting to serve men do not belong to Abrahamic concepts.  Yet, in Zoroastrianism the wide-eyed houris could have been seen within the paaris but unlike the Zoroastrian concept; the Islamic fusion uses the houris by rewarding Muslim martyrs who kill non-Muslims.

Mohammed, therefore, fuses elements of monotheism and borrows from his knowledge of Christianity and Judaism; albeit, with mistakes added.  At the same time he fully understands that the powerhouse belongs to Arab Paganism and while he destroys other gods at the Ka’aba; he still incorporates the old ways and the black stone and other rituals are maintained.

http://moderntokyotimes.com (please visit)


The black stone of Kabba is said to be an ancient shiv linga. If true muslims are in esssence worshiping a hindu diety.

Poverty among British students getting worse; and they just gave #650 mill to pak!

Poverty among British students getting worse; and they just gave #650 mill to pak!: "
apr 18th, 2011 CE

david cameron just announced a 650 million pound grant to pak to improve its schools!

something doesn't compute.

i am torn between schadenfreude and bafflement at pak's astonishing ability to hoodwink.

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Subject: Poverty among British students getting worse

*Poverty among U.K. pupils increasing *



Jeevan Vasagar

Four in 10 staff at schools and colleges across England say poverty among
their students has got worse since the recession began and that some parents
can no longer afford to give their children breakfast, according to a survey
by a teaching union.

Teachers also report cases of children wearing ill-fitting shoes, coming to
school inappropriately dressed, and missing classes because they cannot
afford bus fares. Nearly 80 per cent of staff say they have students at
their school or college living in poverty, according to the survey by the
Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL). Most teachers say students
whose families are affected by poverty are coming to school tired and
hungry. Staff say many such children cannot concentrate and have higher
rates of absence.

A teacher from Suffolk, eastern England, said: “More children from middle-
to lower-income families are not going on school trips and these families
find it difficult to meet the basic cost of living.” A teacher working with
sixth-form students in Nottingham, central England, says she had a student
who “*had not eaten for three days as their mother had no money until
payday.*” She knows of students who work long hours to pay for their bus
passes and food.

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