Thursday, July 30, 2009

Govt. can’t interfere in minorities' schools – HRD minister - National Issue |

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    • HRD Minister, Kapil Sibbal stated in the Upper House of the Parliament that the Central Government can not interfere in the management of schools run by minorities. (The Govt. has every right to interfere where the matter relates to anti-national activities. Those, who can not take such action, are not fit to govern. But one can not expect a statement that would put a curb on Muslims, from a minister in Congress Government that has always overlooked every act of Muslims!  – Editor SP)

RSS organises Training camp of Muslim Rashtriya Manch - RSS |

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    • Could some one explain this please. Is there no work to be done for Hindu upliftment? There are 300,000 Hindu refugees in Kashmir.  Bangladeshi Islamic aggression is increasing in West Bengal & Assam. Can't we take care of the hundreds victims of terrorism? Can't we educate hundreds of millions of Hindus about various dangers facing Bharat and Hindu Dharma. Then why would we waste our time with a Muslim Rashtriya Manch?

      "British had divided the Muslims and the Hindus for their political endgame. We must understand that politics divides while the culture
      unites,” said Shri KS Sudarshan, former Sarsanghachalak of RSS. (The HIstory of India proves that Hindus & Muslims were not united before British period & even in British period. Pakistan founder Jinnah said that Hindus & Muslims are two battling nations and they can't come together in any regime. Has RSS forgotten these words of Jinnah?)

चालीस साल पुराना पीपल हुआ ट्रांसप्लांट

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    • मोमासर
    • निकटवर्ती गांव के पंडित बनवारीलाल शर्मा ने इस कार्य को अंजाम दिया है। गांव के इंद्रकुमार सोनी के घर के सामने करीब चालीस साल पुराना पीपल का पेड़ जो बड़ा होने पर उसके घर में भी फैलने लगा था। हिंदू मान्यता के अनुसार पीपल का पेड़ घर में होना अशुभ माना जाता है तथा इसे काटना भी शुभ नहीं माना जाता है। इस कारण से यह पेड़ इंद्रकुमार के लिए संशय बना हुआ था। इस संबंध में इंद्रकुमार सहित अन्य ग्रामीणों ने पंडित से बात की तो पंडित ने इस कार्य को अंजाम देने की स्वीकृति दे दी।