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Purohits conference held in Tamil Nadu - dnaindia.com

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    • Kanchipuram:
    • The Purohiths (priests) conference held here has appealed to the government to
      constitute a welfare board for them and provide assistance for the education of their children.
    • The purohits, at the conference yesterday, said since they were economically backward, the government should implement various welfare schemes for them. The conference, organised by South Indian Purohits Trust, was inaugurated by Rama Gopalan, leader of Hindu Munnani.

      Speaking on the occasion, Kanchi seer Sri Jayendra Saraswathi asked purohiths to work for the welfare of the people.

'Sinhalese don't object to Tamils leaving Lanka': Rediff.com India News

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    • Sherry, a young girl, adds, "You know what filthy language the Sinhalese soldiers use when they see young Tamil girls. That is why refugees are still coming here. The sea route is not safe anymore and so they come by air."
    • For those who have a passport and the money getting to India is not a problem at all. In the villages, they inform the army that they are going to Colombo to see their relatives. Once they reach Colombo they just leave for India. The Sinhalese do not object to any Tamil leaving for India. In fact they don't object to any Tamil leaving for any country, Tamils, who have come over from Sri Lanka, told rediff.com
    • They can live in the camps or outside if they have the money to do so. About life in Sri Lanka, Sherry says, "The Sri Lankan government says it gives free rations in the IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps. It is true that they are giving food grains, but it is enough for only one meal a day."

      Outside the camps, life is controlled by the Lankan army. "There is no civil administration anywhere where the Tamils live. If the army says 'Sit!' we have to sit and if they say 'Stand!' we have to stand. We were better off under the LTTE [ Images ] (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam). At least they allowed us to work and move around freely. We did not have to take any pass from them to go anywhere. Now the army insists on a pass to go from one village to another and we have to inform them on when we will come back."

'Goa govt falsely implicating us on terror charge': Rediff.com India News

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    • Abhay Vartak, convenor of the Sanstha, says that their approach towards issues is what has put them in this situation.
    • Your organisation is very Maharashtra centric. What is this connection with Goa?

      The organisation has always been active in Goa. We have doing our work there too.

      However, the Sanstha sprung into the limelight when it raised its voice against the demolition of temples and desecration of idols in Goa. Idols in at least 30 temples were desecrated in the past two years and the Sanstha has been staging protests.

      The Goa government was under a lot of pressure to act. However they did not make a single arrest. The Goa government realised that the best way to shut our voices was by falsely implicating us in a case of terrorism. This is exactly what happened in the aftermath of the Margao blasts.
    • The police have said that the Nishaad Bakhale, one of the accused in the case, is associated with the Sanstha. The name of Yogesh Naik, a member of the Sanstha, who was injured in the blast and died on Tuesday, also crops up…

      Nishaad Bakhale is not at all associated with the Sanatan Sanstha. The media has been constantly stating that the owner of the scooter is the sadhak (follower) of Sanatan Sanstha. But, in fact, Bakhale is neither our sadhak nor is there any relation between the two. Yogesh Naik used to come to Sanatan's ashram to deliver milk and his linkage with the organisation is limited to this extent only.

    • The truth is that our organisation does not believe in terrorism. We only raise our voice against injustice and do not resort to violence.

Video - World's changing Demographics - Harangue.org

RSS outfits grow, away from politics | Sangh Parivar

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    • The BJP’s ongoing membership drive may be struggling but the party’s Sangh parivar siblings are growing robustly.

      These other RSS progenies claim that being away from power and politics is an advantage, and that the BJP’s departure from the Centre and loss of ground in some state strongholds have actually helped them.

    • He said that for the six years the BJP had ruled at the Centre, the BMS had repeatedly taken on the government over economic reforms and foreign direct investments — and that each time it did so, its membership grew.
    • “Because the BMS is not attached to a political party but to a service organisation like the RSS, we are not encumbered by compulsions to back a party’s agenda.”

      The leaders of some other RSS front outfits too cited their “autonomy” from the BJP as the main reason for their survival and growth.

    • The ABVP has the largest following in BJP-ruled Karnataka and in Andhra Pradesh, a state where the party practically doesn’t exist.

      “Students are attracted to us because we work beyond the campus for the betterment of society. Our biggest slogan is against the commercialisation of education and that affects one and all,” said Ravi Kumar, ABVP national secretary.

    • Kripa Prasad Singh, joint general secretary of the Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, which works mainly in the Maoist zones, said an “apolitical” outlook was the best way of ensuring that state governments did not stand in the organisation’s way.

      “Congress governments have never harassed us because they appreciate the services we render to the tribals,” Singh said.

      “Even the CPM government in Tripura has been friendly. But not the Bengal government — they deprive the tribals who use our schools and hostels of the monthly stipend they are entitled to.”

    • article by RADHIKA RAMASESHAN

visfot.com । विस्फोट.कॉम - राजमिस्त्री बनकर गुजारा कर रहा है एक दलित साहित्यकार

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    • दलित साहित्यकार मूलचंद मोघोनिया
    • 35 साल के मूलचंद ग्राम चीचली जिला नरसिंहपुर के रहने वाले है। अपने स्वतंत्रता संग्राम के लिए लड़ने वाले दादा से प्रेरित होकर वे दलित समाज व साहित्य की सेवा में युवावस्था से ही जुट पड़े । संत रविदास , कबीर ,गुरू घासीदास  के साहित्य और मानव सेवा को आधार बनाकर मूलचंद ने दलित व आदिवासी समाज के बीच चेतना जगाने और संगठित करने का काम किया । स्वयं दलित समाज से होने तथा क्षेत्र में दलित समाज की उपेक्षा को देखते हुए उन्होंने तमाम पत्र - पत्रिकाओं में काव्य , आलेख व बुंदेलखंड शैली के साहित्य का लेखन किया। नरसिंहपुर जिले में न सिर्फ दलित समाज को संगठित व जागरूक करने का पराक्रम किया साथ ही दलित साहित्य अकादमी व दलित समाज के राष्ट्रीय आयोजनों में हिस्सा लिया । स्वयं मूलचंद जी ने मध्यप्रदेश दलित साहित्यकार मंच की स्थापना कर उल्लेखनीय कार्य किया । साहित्य भूषण की मानद उपाधि प्राप्त यह साहित्यकार समाज सेवा व पत्रकारिता के लिए वर्ष 1994 में दिल्ली में दलित साहित्य अकादमी के राष्ट्रीय सम्मान से सम्मानित किया जा चुका है । बात सम्मान की हो तो मेधोनिया के पास सम्मानपत्रों का ढेर लगा हुआ है, लेकिन इन सम्मानपत्रों के ढेर से तो गुजारा नहीं किया जा सकता।

Arunachal Pradesh in India-China relations - Windows Live

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    • China's locus standi on Arunachal?

      The basis of its territorial claim is laughable

      The Economic Times, October 16, 2009
    • China's locus standi on Arunachal?

      The basis of its territorial claim is laughable
    • Brahma Chellaney
    • Brahma Chellaney, Strategic Affairs Expert
    • The issue in India-China relations up to 1962 was Aksai Chin; the issue now is Arunachal. If history is not to repeat itself, India must put the spotlight on the source of China’s claim — Tibet.

Hinduism Today Magazine » Obama Issues Special Diwali Video Congratulating Hindus

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    • Source: www.youtube.com

      WASHINGTON, DC, USA, October 16, 2009: President Barack Obama is not only the first American president to attend the annual Diwali celebration held at the White House, but he is also the first to issue a video congratulating Hindus. See it at source above.

      In his video message, President Obama talks about the Ramayana and the triumph of good over evil. The president mentions the Sanskrit mantra Asato Ma Sad Gamaya, and recites a translated version. It is a remarkable display of the respect the 2.4-million strong Hindu community in the U.S. has earned.

महाजाल पर सुरेश चिपलूनकर (Suresh Chiplunkar): स्नेही पाठकों और ब्लागरों को दीपावली का तोहफ़ा, मेरा ब्लॉग कॉपीराइट से मुक्त… Creative Commons License and Copyright Terms

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    • इस बात पर मैं काफ़ी समय से विचार कर रहा था, और आखिर मैंने दीपावली इस पावन अवसर पर अपने पाठकों, प्रशंसकों (जितने भी हैं) को यह तोहफ़ा देने का निश्चय किया है कि आज से मेरा यह ब्लाग और इसके सभी लेख कॉपीराइट की कड़ी शर्तों से मुक्त रहेंगे (कुछ शर्तें तो फ़िर भी रहेंगी ही)।
    • सवाल उठता है कि आखिर मैंने ऐसा विचार क्यों किया? जैसा कि सभी जानते हैं कि हमारा प्रिंट और इलेक्ट्रानिक मीडिया राष्ट्रवादी और हिन्दुत्ववादी विचारों का विरोधी है, यदि सबूत चाहिये हो तो खुद ही कोई हिन्दुत्ववादी लेख किसी अखबार में भेजकर देख लो, नहीं छपेगा, कैसी भी राष्ट्रवादी खबर जो हिन्दुओं के दमन से सम्बन्धित हो, नहीं दिखाई जायेगी। यानी कि कोई भी खालिस "शर्मनिरपेक्षता" वाली खबर किसी इलेक्ट्रानिक मीडिया को भेजकर देख लो, नहीं छापेंगे, नहीं दिखायेंगे। ब्लॉग एक ऐसा माध्यम है जिसके जरिये हम अपने विचार दुनिया तक आसानी से पहुँचा सकते हैं, और गत दो-ढाई साल से पूरी प्रतिबद्धता और ऊर्जा के साथ मैंने इस काम को अंजाम देने की कोशिश की है।
    • पिछले एक साल में ही हिट्स की संख्या दोगुनी होने और सब्स्क्राइबरों की संख्या तेजी से बढ़ने के कारण यह अहसास हुआ कि राष्ट्रवादी विचार पढ़ने-सुनने की ललक और भूख लोगों में है, सिर्फ़ उनका अधिकाधिक लोगों तक पहुँचना जरूरी है, क्योंकि वर्तमान समय में मीडिया इतना बिका हुआ, गिरा हुआ और पक्षपाती हो गया है कि कुछ खास लोगों की ही बात सुनी-पढ़ी-दिखाई जाती है। ऐसे में यह जरूरी हो जाता है कि अभिव्यक्ति की स्वतन्त्रता के इस माध्यम अर्थात ब्लॉग को बहुसंख्य लोगों तक पहुँचाया जाये, और मीडिया जो लोकतन्त्र में अपनी भूमिका का ठीक से निर्वहन नहीं कर पा रहा है, तब ब्लॉग को एक वैकल्पिक मंच बनाया जाये।
    • इस काम में मुझे युवाओं से अधिक आशाएं हैं, क्योंकि उन्हें यह बताने की सबसे अधिक आवश्यकता है कि, कांग्रेसी भ्रष्टाचार, इस्लामी आतंकवाद, और ईसाई धर्मान्तरण नामक तीन शैतान उनकी पूरी पीढ़ी को बरबाद कर देंगे… इसलिये युवाओं को देश की हालत की "वास्तविकता का परिचय" करवाना होगा। दीपावली के इस शुभ अवसर पर मैं समस्त पाठकों से आव्हान करता हूं, कि इन विचारों का प्रकाश दूर तक फ़ैलायें। मुझे उम्मीद है कि जनजागरण के इस प्रयास में मेरा "जुगनू" जैसा काम कुछ तो फ़ायदा पहुँचायेगा…

An Incident of Barbaric Islamic Cruelty | Faith Freedom International

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    • Interrogation further revealed that Mhiuddin at first strangled Razia with her scarf and then he tried to sever her head with the kitchen knife. But failing to do so, with the fragile kitchen knife, he finally put his left foot on Razia’s chest, caught hold of her hair and tore the head off from her body.
    • It is more necessary to investigate why only Muslims are seen to commit such horrible acts of brutality? The present author is fully convinced that it is the creed of Islam that inspires the Muslims to commit such horrid acts of violence. Islam has originated in Arabia where, still today, pastoral life-style persists.
    • For an individual in a pastoral society, meat is a staple food and hence killing animals and letting blood is a daily routine matter. This pastoral cruelty is overwhelmingly reflected in the Koran, where Allah asks the Muslims to mount such cruelties on the kafirs. Moreover, Allah himself scares the kafirs with various types of extremely cruel punishments in hell. As a follow up, one finds the Muslim rulers in India resorted to punish the kafirs with horribly cruel acts during the Muslim rule that continued for nearly 700 years in this country. One may recall that by the order of Aurangzib, three disciples of Guru Govind Singh were murdered with extreme cruelty. Bhai Moti Dass was sawed alive like a log, Bhai Dyala was boiled alive and another disciple was burnt alive. Firstly he was wrapped with cotton and linen, soaked the cotton with oil and then setting it to fire.
    • There were people who could invent newer kind of cruelties like flaying a child in front of a mother, flaying the husband in front of his wife and force her eat the flesh of her husband, cutting a child into pieces on his or her mother’s lap and so on.
    • The Prophet Mohammad, in his life time, had taught his followers many such pastoral brutalities and it will be relevant to narrate one of them in the present context. In one occasion eight people, belonging to the Ukl clan, came to Medina and embraced Islam and hence became very dear to Mohammad. But the climate of Medina did not suit them and hence they fell ill. Mohammad prescribed camel-milk as food and camel-urine as medicine for the recovery and hence they were shifted to stable of camels. Within a short time, they recovered from their illness. But after that they committed an unpardonable crime. They murdered the stable keeper, fled with the camels and deserted Islam. They were soon captured by Mohammad’s men and brought to Medina .
    • They committed three very serious crimes. Firstly, they murdered the stable keeper. Secondly, they stole the camels of the stable. And thirdly, they abandoned Islam. The first and the third crime deserved death sentence, while the second crime was enough to chop their right hands off. Mohammad decided to punish them with exemplary punishments and that too by his own hands. He took two iron rods, made them red hot and then pushed the rods into the eyes of the victims. Then he chopped the limbs of the victims off and kept them lying on the hot sand under mid-day sun with the faces up. Within a couple of hours, all the eight victims died. If the Prophet could have exhibited such examples of cruelty, what can one expect from his followers? The most important part of the episode is that, Muslims around the world quickly pick up this pastoral cruelty, after conversion to Islam, through Koran and Hadiths, and the teachings of the Imams of the mosques. And it is needless to say that Islam has instilled the said pastoral cruelty into Mohiuddin of Moukhali village in West Bengal .

Accusation of Sanatan's involvement in Goa Blasts is plot against it : Prominent Personalities - Sanatan Sanstha | hindujagruti.org

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    • Thanks to everyone for showing faith on Sanatan in most trying circumstances!

      People’s Representatives

      Targeting Pro-Hindu organisations is the policy of Congress Government and Police ! – Mr. Sanjay Raut, MP and Shiv Sena Leader

    • Government should not leave robbers and hang Holy Saints ! – Mr. Shripad Naik, MP, BJP

    • Defaming Pro-Hindu Organisations is part of a conspiracy ! – Mr. Vinod Tavde, MLA, BJP

    • There is no doubt about the activities of Sanatan Sanstha! -  MLA Milind Naik, BJP Murgaon

    • Without obtaining solid evidence nobody should be accused of being guilty! – MLA Shyam Satardekar, Congress, Kudchade, Goa

    • Why did the Police not show this efficiency and urgency in relation to the case of finding swords at Motidongar? – MLA Mr. Dilip Parulekar, BJP, Salgaon, Goa

    • Ugly Conspiracy to defame Sanatan’s name! – MLA Dayanand Sopte, BJP, Pedne, Goa

    • Such an act is impossible! – Mr. Vijaykumar Deshmukh, MLS, BJP, Solapur

    • Hindus will not believe this ugly conspiracy against Sanatan ! – Mr. Suresh Halwankar, Opposition Leader, Corporation

    • Sanatan is innocent is my strong belief ! – Sunita More, Chief of Women Wing of Shiv Sena

    • Efforts to finish Pro-Hindus ! – Mr. Digambar Jadhav, Maharastra Navnirman Sena, Head of Miraj City

    • This is like leaving a robber and hanging a Holy Saint! – Mr. Vikas Suryavansi, Shiv Sena, Head, Miraj City

    • Behaving in a prejudiced manner with Sanatan ! – Mr. Makrand Deshpande, Corporator, BJP

    • Religious Leaders

      This is like calling the hunted the hunter! – Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Central Advisor, Mr. Acharya Dharmendraji

    • Total belief in Sanatan Sanstha! - Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide Guruji , Founder, Shiv Pratishthan
    • Sanatan Sanstha is an organisation which protects righteousness and works for its progress !- Shri. Br. 108 H.H. Dr Mr. Shivyogi Shivacharya Mahaswamiji, Shubhshetra Sansthan Hiremath, Maishal Taluka Miraj
    • Hindu organisations should warn the government for defaming Sanatan Sanstha ! - Dharmacharya Yogiraj Bhainath Maharaj
    • The media should put forward the actual facts ! - H.H. Shivanand Maharaj, Shivdham, District  Satara.
    • Police should not be prejudiced against Sanatan ! - H. B. P. Ramakant Bongale Maharaj, District Head, VHP Sangli.
    • This is a conspiracy of Congress government !- H.H. Pendse Maharaj.
    • Respected Personalities

      To achieve the goal of realising Eshwari Rajya (Divine Kingdom), the spiritual energy provided by Sanatan Sanstha is enough ! – Senior Journalist Mr. Arvind VIththal Kulkarni.

    • Defamation of Sanatan Sanstha will not be tolerated! – National Pravachankar Mr. S.G. Shevde
    • Leaders of Pro-Hindu Organisations

      Investigation against Sanatan is deplorable! – Chairman of Abhinav Bharat Sanghatna, Smt. Himani Savarkar

    • Efforts to involve Sanatan in Margao blasts! – Sudhir Avsare, Shri Shiv Pratishtan

    • Conspiracy to defame Sanatan! – Prof. Venkatesh Abdev, National Vice President, VHP.
    • Effort by media and anti-social tendencies to defame the holy work of Sanatan Sanstha! – Mr. Deva Kesarkar, Pro-Hindu, Miraj
    • As Sanatan Prabhat is awakening Hindus, efforts are made to intentionally involve them! – Mr. Narayanrao Kadam, Acting President, Hindu Ekata Andolan.

visfot.com । विस्फोट.कॉम - जहरभरा जहाज भारत के सिर, एक बार फिर

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    • गोपाल कृष्ण
    • दिल्ली की मशहूर मॉडल जेसिका लाल की हत्या ने भारतीय लोकतंत्र के इतिहास में मीडिया का सबसे बड़ा ट्रायल साबित हुआ. इसका परिणाम यह हुआ कि जेसिका की हत्या देश के हर नागरिक के लिए चर्चा का विषय बन गया था. लेकिन हम जिस जेसिका की बात करने जा रहे हैं उसने एक साथ छह जानें ले ली लेकिन उसके बारे में कोई मीडिया ट्रायल नहीं हुआ. यह एमएस जेसिका गुजरात के अलंग समुद्र तट पर खड़े एक जहाज का नाम है जिसने 4 अगस्त 2009 की सुबह छह मजदूरों की जान ले ली लेकिन दिल्ली के किसी अखबार में इस जेसिका के कारनामे की खबर नहीं छपी.

|| Satyameva Jayate || - “The Godfather of Bangalore” - Excerpts

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    • *** Excerpts from “The Godfather of Bangalore” by Scott Carney ***
    • …But high prices are only part of the problem for businesses looking for space in the city. It’s nearly impossible to determine who actually owns any given piece of Bangalorean real estate. Some 85 percent of citizens occupy land illegally, according to Solomon Benjamin, a University of Toronto urban studies professor who specializes in Bangalore’s real estate market.

      …Disputes are inevitable.

      That’s where Bangalore’s land mafia comes in.

    • …According to a lawyer who deals with land issues, the system works like this: Asked to intercede by a prospective buyer, Rai checks out the parcel for competing owners. If two parties assert ownership, he hears both sides plead their case and decides which has the more legitimate claim (what he calls “80 percent legal”). He offers that person 50 percent of the land’s current value in cash. To the other, he offers 25 percent to abandon their claim—still a fortune to most Indians, given the inflated price of Bangalorean real estate. Then he sells the land to his client for the market price and pockets the remaining 25 percent. Anyone who wants to dispute the judgment can take it up with him directly.
    • Rai’s lieutenant, Sangeeth—who prefers to be identified as the boss’s “blue-eyed boy”—says that violence is almost never an issue. “All anyone needs to hear is his name,” he says. “If a rowdy won’t back down, then we go to the person who is behind him and cut it off at the spine,” Sangeeth explains. “In the hypothetical instance where it does need to come to violence, someone might need to be beaten up. The next day we would leave a message that we were behind it and that this was just a warning. The name alone has power.”

‘Do We Want Our Troops To Get Stuck Like The Americans In Afghanistan?’

  • ‘Do We Want Our Troops To Get Stuck Like The Americans In Afghanistan?’


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    • Arms and the man Gill receiving weapons from a surrendered militant in Punjab
    • You are known as the man who sorted out Punjab. What, in your view, is the best way to tackle Naxalism? Is a security-centric response — where the State actually ends up battling its own people — the only solution?
      You cannot reduce it to such simple terms, that ‘you are battling your own people’. The Naxalite ideologues feel that they have an alternative political model for the country. That they will help the oppressed and the dispossessed find a voice. Unfortunately, the truth is entirely different. The Naxalites are one of the biggest extortion mafias in the country, probably bigger than Dawood.
    • The Planning Commission is not geared to target a certain community or a certain area. It takes an overall view. I remember we had this situation in Punjab when we found out that 125 villages alone accounted for 75 percent of the terrorists. I said address the villages, why can’t you address the villages? The Planning Commission said it can’t.
    • In Chhattisgarh, it is about the Baniya-tribal relationship. It is as exploitative as was the Jat Sikh-Baniya relationship in Punjab. You need protection laws.
    • You haven’t answered my question. Why is the man accused of severe human rights violations speaking a totally different language today – one of non-violence?
      Punjab and Chhattisgarh are very different. Punjab was a developed society even then. In Chhattisgarh, we are talking about a society that is in the process of development. You know, Punjab has been a settled state for many many years and even during the insurgency, was the second most industrialised state.
    • What do the tribals in Chhattisgarh want? They want education, they want good drinking water, two square meals a day and protection from diseases like malaria and proper ownership rights. They don’t want Operation Green Hunt. Governments should not be falling into intellectual traps devised by the Naxals. The government should be spending time devising a proper development model for the tribals. Till then, the Naxals will be in a position to expand their areas of influence and operation. If there was any compelling ideology, the Naxals wouldn’t have to use violence to convince their subjects that they are right.
    • But you don’t think Kashmir’s answer may lie in greater autonomy?
      I don’t know whether you will publish this or not. Jaswant Singh held a meeting recently where I was present and so were others like [former IB chief] AK Doval. [Chief Information Commissioner] Wajahat Habibullah came and addressed us and told us that while the Jammu situation is a law and order problem, Kashmir is a political problem and has to be addressed politically. The next day we had someone else — I forget his name, he was a Hindu — who said that the Srinagar situation is a law and order situation and the Jammu situation is a political one. So when you have such extreme thoughts, how do you find a solution?
    • Why can’t New Delhi look at greater autonomy for Kashmir just as you want the tribal to be the ultimate stakeholder in Chhattisgarh?
      In Kashmir, India should do what China has done. Settle non-Kashmiris in Kashmir. In Chhattisgarh, the tribal has to become a stakeholder in a big way. Even now, don’t think the Naxalite has got hold of his mind. The tribal is totally scared. They have some armed cadres, but that is not how you create a revolution.

Pratahkal - सांगानेर में तनाव, बाजार बंद

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    • प नगर सांगानेर में पटाखे छोडऩे को लेकर दो सम्प्रदायों के बीच मारपीट, पथराव में तीन जनें घायल हो गए। इस घटना को लेकर वहां तनाव पैदा हो गया और आज बाजार बन्द रखे गए। हिन्दू समाज के लोग धरने पर बैठ गए हैं।
    • भीलवाड़ा
    • जानकारी के अनुसार सांगानेर कस्बे के रावला चौक में अब्दुल रशीद की होटल के पास कल रात हंसराज, भैरू जाट और शंकर कीर आतिशबाजी कर रहे थे। इसे लेकर अब्दुल रशीद सहित कुछ लोगों ने इन्हें पीट दिया जिससे दो जनें गंभीर रूप से घायल हो गए।
    • बड़ी संख्या में पुलिसकर्मी कस्बे के चप्पे-चप्पे पर तैनात कर दिए गए। इस दौरान मोमीन मौहल्ले में पथराव की वारदात भी हुई। पुलिस ने रात को दोनों ही पक्षों को समझाने का प्रयास किया लेकिन वे नहीं माने। देर रात पुलिस ने धरपकड़ अभियान शुरू किया। जिसमें दोनों ही पक्षों के १४ लोगों को हिरासत में लिया गया है।
    • पुलिस द्वारा की गई धरपकड़ से हिन्दू समाज के लोग भड़क गए और उन्होंने बड़े मंदिर पर बैठक की और और एक ज्ञापन पुलिस को दिया जिसमें पुलिस चौकी के सामने स्थित होटल के कारोबार को बन्द करवाने, इसी स्थान पर महिलाओं से होने वाली छेड़छाड़ को रोकने, आरोपियों की गिरफ्तारी और पकड़े गए निर्दोष लोगों को छोडऩे की मांग को लेकर सांगानेर को अनिश्चतकालीन बन्द रखने की घोषणा के साथ ही धरने पर बैठ गए।
    • भंवर कोठारी के नेतृत्व में पहले बड़े मंदिर पर धरना दिया और बाद में जैल भरो आन्दोलन का श्री गणेश करते हुए २० जनों ने स्वेच्छा से गिरफ्तारी दी।

'गो माता' की रक्षा के लिए आगे आएं: तोगड़िया

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    तोगड़िया इन दिनों देश भर में \'गो माता\' की रक्षा के लिए अभियान चला रहे हैं।
    • विश्व हिंदू परिषद (विहिप) के नेता प्रवीण तोगड़िया ने सोमवार को गायों की रक्षा करने का आह्वान किया है। तोगड़िया ने गाय के गोबर और मूत्र से बने सामानों के व्यापक तौर पर इस्तेमाल किए जाने की वकालत की है। तोगड़िया इन दिनों देश भर में 'गो माता' की रक्षा के लिए अभियान चला रहे हैं।
    • लखनऊ।
    • उन्होंने कहा, "अब समय आ गया है जब हम सभी भारतीयों और हिंदुओं को अपनी रक्षात्मक दृष्टि को त्याग देना चाहिए और अधिक आक्रामक हो जाना चाहिए।"
    • तोगड़िया ने कहा, "44 मुस्लिम देशों में सुअर वध पर प्रतिबंध लगा दिया गया है। ऐसे में भारत सरकार गायों के वध के लिए कड़ा कानून क्यों नहीं बनाती।"