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The silent water wars have begun

The silent water wars have begun: "

By Santha Oorjitham

New Straits Times, May 25, 2011

Tension over precious water resources in Asia is already rising, warns Brahma Chellaney in an interview with SANTHA OORJITHAM

Q: The Tibetan plateau supplies water to 47 per cent of the world’s population. How would you rate cooperation between upstream and downstream countries on managing water resources?

A: There are treaties among riparian neighbours in South and Southeast Asia, but not between China and its neighbours.

For example, the lower Mekong states of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam have a water treaty. India has water-sharing treaties with both the countries located downstream — Bangladesh and Pakistan.

There are also water treaties between India and its two small upstream neighbours, Nepal and Bhutan. But China, the dominant riparian power of Asia, refuses to enter into water-sharing arrangements with any of its neighbours.

Yet China enjoys an unrivalled global status as the source of trans-boundary river flows to the largest number of countries, ranging from Vietnam and Afghanistan to Russia and Kazakhstan.

Significantly, the important international rivers in China all originate in ethnic-minority homelands, some of them wracked by separatist movements. The traditional homelands of ethnic minorities, extending from the Tibetan Plateau and Xinjiang to Inner Mongolia and Manchuria, actually span three-fifths of the landmass of the People’s Republic of China.

Teesta throws tantrums on frank question raised by Sanatan Prabhat's reporter

Teesta throws tantrums on frank question raised by Sanatan Prabhat's reporter: "Former Judge P. B. Sawant holds press conference to support Teesta Setalvad : Mr. Sawant speechless with frank questions raised by ‘Sanatan Prabhat’s reporter; whereas Teesta Setalvad throws tantrums !"

Muslim youth kidnaps minor Hindu girl at Jalgaon

Muslim youth kidnaps minor Hindu girl at Jalgaon:

BJP warns to start agitation

Jalgaon (Maharashtra): A minor Hindu girl residing in Bharatnagar area was called by a Muslim youth named Mausim Mushtaq Ali on 19th May between 4.00 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. near Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Sports Complex and kidnapped her. (Lack of ‘Dharmashikshan’ and ‘Dharmabhiman’ among Hindu girls is the cause of Hindu girls getting drawn by Muslims in their false ‘love-nets’. These Muslims leave them after taking all the advantages and the girls then have to repent for destroying their life. Such incidents are occurring continuously but Hindu young women have not learnt any lesson. It is, therefore, necessary to impart ‘Dharmashikshan’ to Hindu women to bring a change in this situation. – Editor SP)

The father of the Hindu girl has lodged a complaint with ‘Jilha Peth’ police station against Mausim Ali, his parents and uncle for kidnapping his daughter. Police have filed a case against them; but it was observed that no further action was taken since Mausim’s father is a police constable. (Such policemen, who do not perform their duty for appeasement of Muslims, can never do justice to Hindus. – Editor SP) BJP-women’s front and office bearers have submitted a representation to the Superintendent of Police against anti-Hindu attitude of the police and have warned to start agitation if there is further delay in taking action against the culprits. - J&K: Rendering Democratic Space into a Subversive Space by Ajay Chrungoo

J&K: Rendering Democratic Space into a Subversive Space

Ajay Chrungoo


Developments in the Middle East have created an impact in Jammu and Kashmir which witnessed a disturbed last summer. Events in Egypt and elsewhere have almost evaporated the public demoralization in Kashmir valley that had set in after the failed ‘Quit Kashmir’ campaign, and once again created a hope amongst the rank and file of the separatists that their tactics on the street may bear fruit in the near future.




The ‘Quit Kashmir’ campaign relied on violent mass mobilization, resorting to sustained stone-pelting assaults on police and paramilitary forces, hartals and protest demonstrations to bring public life and government functioning to a standstill. The campaigners were driven by a hope that the sustained mobilizations would galvanize international opinion in their favour. They believed the public outcry would force President Obama who was scheduled to visit India to exert more pressure on the Government of India to come to terms with the separatists and Pakistan. They hoped Indian political consensus on Kashmir would be further weakened to resist pressures for change of status quo in Kashmir in favour of the separatists.




After the happenings in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East, the Indian Prime Minister tried to assure the nation that, “whatever happens in the Gulf or in West Asia including the countries mentioned (Egypt) is a matter of concern to us… replication of such events is not possible in India, because India is a functioning democracy… There is no question that things that have happened in Egypt and other Arab countries can be replicated in India.” Dr Manmohan Singh’s statement could not hide the nervousness which has beset his government in the Centre and the ruling alliance in Jammu and Kashmir. “I hope summer this year will be peaceful… I have no power to predict the future. I can only say that there are continuous efforts on our part to ensure that there is no repeat of summer unrest in 2011,” has been the refrain of Chief Minister Omar Abdullah. More conspicuous is the disconnect between the perceptions of the Prime Minister and that of the people in the Kashmir valley. 



The author is chairman, Panun Kashmir


Udupi: Over 2,000 Dalits Blindly Switch Allegiance to Buddhism

Udupi: Over 2,000 Dalits Blindly Switch Allegiance to Buddhism:

Udupi (Karanataka) : Over 2,000 Dalits gathered as part of a Buddhist convention in the Shri Narayana Guru auditorium in Bannanje here on Tuesday, May 24 and swore allegiance to Buddhism.

The programme was jointly held under the aegis of the Abhidhamma Trust, DK district Bauddha Mahasabha and Karnataka Dalit Sangharsh Samiti (Ambedkar-oriented).

The convention also marked the 2600th birth anniversary of Tathagatha Gautam Buddha. Buddhist monk Manorakkhita Bhanteji led the swearing-in ceremony and read out the oaths for recitation by the neophytes. Tisarana and Panch Sheel rites were conducted over and Dhamma Deekshe was imparted to them to formally accept them into the fold.

Earlier the gathering went in procession from Ambedkar Bhavan in Adiudupi to the auditorium in Bannanje. Statue and portraits of Buddha and photographs of Bharat Ratna Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar were carried by the participants.

Dalit leaders Chandrakant Poste, Kantappa Alangar, Venkatalakshmi, Nandakumar, researcher Prof Murugeshi and others were present on the occasion. State DSS committee member Sundar Master welcomed the gathering.

The programme began with Buddha Vandana. The neophytes took a pledge not to believe in or venerate 33 crore gods and to conduct Buddha pooja on auspicious days. They also swore not to have any marriages and such other occasions solemnized by Brahmins, and to evolve their lives based on Dhamma Sangh's teachings and norms. By embracing Buddhist faith, they pledged themselves to follow the tenets of Panch Sheela and adopt a new way of life, thereby obtaining true joy and peace.

Monk Bhanteji said that when the eyes of conscientiousness opened to reality in the present-day caste-ridden society, it was possible to respect other fellow-human beings. Buddha's message was highly relevant in a society plagued by different forms of violence like communalism and terrorism to rid itself of sorrow and fear.

Voila, Muslims behind Samjhauta blasts: Now will Congress pseudos & Indian media apologise for coining the term “Hindu Terror”

Voila, Muslims behind Samjhauta blasts: Now will Congress pseudos & Indian media apologise for coining the term “Hindu Terror”: "

Now it is proved that the allegation of Hindu terror is just a hoax.

See this secular Times of India link:

The interrogation report of a Pakistani businessman and Guantanamo Bay detainee, Saifullah Paracha, has revealed that LeT was in touch with a US-based "al-Qaida anthrax operative'' as it tried to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

Qasmani is among the four men whose assets had been frozen by the US for their alleged involvement in the 2006 Mumbai train blasts. The US notification, in fact, had said that Qasmani also facilitated the Samjhauta blast in 2007.

Now will the Indian media dogs and their pseudo cohort politicians apologize to Hindus for false maligning us and linking us to terrorists.

Make no doubts about it. Islamic/Evangelical/Commie terror is the real thing. Hindu terror is like a bancou’s ghost which does not exist.

And finally back to my favourite words: Truth remains truth even if media dogs bark 24 X 7.

Postscript: Now what about Swami Aseemananda who was falsely cornered on the charges of Samjhauta blasts?