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पश्चिमी उप्र आतंक का गढ बन गया:योगी आदित्यनाथ :: सहारा समय

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    • गोरखपुर के सांसद योगी आदित्यनाथ ने कहा कि पश्चिमी उत्तर प्रदेश आतंकवादियों का गढ बन गया है,जिसका एकजुट होकर ही मुकाबला किया जा सकता है।
      आदित्यनाथ आज सहारनपुर में संवाददाताओं से बातचीत कर रहे थे।
      उन्होंने कहा कि भारत को बाहरी ताकते गुलाम बनाना चाहती है जिनके मनसूबों को कभी कामयाब नहीं होने दिया जाएगा। इसके लिए सभी को सहयोग करते हुए उनके षडयंत्रों को विफल करना होगा।
      योगी ने गौ हत्या को गंभीर अपराध मानते हुए गोहत्यारों के खिलाफ सख्त कार्रवाई किये जाने की मांग की।
      विहिप नेता आदित्यनाथ नरे कहा कि नेपाल एक हिन्दू राष्ट्र है लेकन जिस प्रकार से चीन उस पर अपना आधिपत्य जमा रहा है वह भारत के लिए खतरा है।
    • सहारनपुर

What great Indians thought about the “Aryan Invasion theory” « Hindu focus

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    • By Devan Nair

      (Devan Nair, former President of Singapore, has sent the following message to be posted to the ECIT egroup. As an intellectual, a follower of Sri Aurobindo, and student of the recent re-evaluation of the Aryan-Invasion Theory, his message is very interesting to ponder.)

    • Even India’s present national anthem perpetuates the Aryan/Dravidian divide by referring to ‘Dravida’. It was a wrong-headed decision to discard the original national anthem “Vande Mataram” (’Salutation to the Mother’ Ð for the land of Bharatmata was originally conceived, not as a merely secular/geographical abstraction, but as Mother India Herself).
    • Even India’s present national anthem perpetuates the Aryan/Dravidian divide by referring to ‘Dravida’.
    • This plan misfired largely due to the great Indian savants (not academics, mind you!). The first to dispute the Aryan myth was Dayananda Saraswati. He rejected out of hand the whole 19th Century European view of the Veda. Here Michael Danino quotes Sri Aurobindo: “Dayananda seized justly on the Veda as India’s Rock of Ages. In the matter of Vedic interpretation I am convinced that whatever may be the final complete interpretation, Dayananda will be honored as the first discoverer of the right clues.”
    • My conclusions are:

      1. The Vedas do not know any such race as the Aryan race.

      2. There is no evidence in the Vedas of any invasion of India by the Aryan race and it having conquered the Dasas and Dasyus supposed to be the natives of India.

      3. There is no evidence to show that the distinction between Aryans, Dasas and Dasyus was a racial distinction.

      4. The Vedas do not support the contention that the Aryans were different in colour from the Dasas and Dasyus…..If anthropometry is a science which can be depended upon to determine the race of a people….. (then its) measurements establish that the Brahmins and the Untouchables belong to the same race. From this it follows that if the Brahmins are Aryans the Untouchables are also Aryans. If the Brahmins are Dravidians, the Untouchables are also Dravidians…..’

      (B. R. Ambedkar, ‘Writings and Speeches’

Rightwing Rumblings: Video - Sewa Bharathi & RSS IT Proffesionals in flood relief activities in AP

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    • Experience of an IT professional working with Seva bharathi / RSS in Flood relief
    • On Sunday 11 Oct we visited this place Rajouli (Mahaboobnagar dist) to get more details of how RSS is operating for relief work. Believe me, no media coverage or photos would have given even a closer understanding of the devastation than this first hand visit..
    • At the end of the day it was satisfaction of helping others in need and finding out truth for ones own self that gives peace. So I was a relieved man after working with the RSS / Sewa bharati volunteers now I know what it is.

नेशनल हाइवे पर बन गया धार्मिक स्थल!

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    • पटियाला
    • पटियाला—राजपुरा नेशनल हाइवे से मात्र एक फीट की दूरी पर सुप्रीम कोर्ट के आदेशों की धज्जियां उड़ा कर धार्मिक स्थल का निर्माण कर दिया गया। कमाल तो यह है कि निगम को इसकी कानों कान खबर तक नहीं लगी। मामला आज उस समय तूल पकड़ गया जब विश्व हिंदू संगठन, बजरंग दल और शिव सेना बाल ठाकरे ने मौके पर पहुंच कर धार्मिक स्थल का निर्माण कर रहे लोगों को वहां से भगा दिया।

      शिव सेना नेता हरीश सिंगला और विहिप नेता लखविंदर सरीन ने निगम पर आरोप लगाते हुए कहा कि उन्होंने निगम कमिश्नर मंजीत सिंह नारंग, मेयर अजीतपाल सिंह कोहली को इस अवैध निर्माण की सूचना फोन के जरिए दे दी थी, लेकिन देर रात तक निगम की ओर से इस संबंध में कोई कार्रवाई नहीं की गई।

    • इस बीच हिंदू संगठनों ने निगम के खिलाफ मोर्चा खोल दिया है। शिव सेना के पंजाब उप प्रमुख हरीश सिंगला ने एक प्रेस विज्ञप्ति में निगम कमिश्नर, मेयर और इलाके के निगम इंस्पेक्टर पर आरोप लगाते हुए कहा कि सुप्रीम कोर्ट के आदेश जिसमें सार्वजनिक स्थल पर धार्मिक स्थल के निर्माण पर रोक लगाई गई है।

      इसके बावजूद निगम के क्षेत्र में यह निर्माण निगम अधिकारियों की मिलीभगत से हुआ है। उन्होंने कहा कि सबसे पहले इलाके के निगम इंस्पेक्टर को तुरंत सस्पेंड किया जाए ताकि सच्चई सामने आ सके। इस संबंध में जल्द ही स्थानीय निकाय विभाग के उच्चधिकारियों से मिलकर शिकायत भी दर्ज करवाई जाएगी।

Genetic Engineering panel approves commercial release of Bt brinjal

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    Farmers protest in front of Ministers' houses on T. Chowdaiah Road in Bangalore, demanding a ban on Bt Brinjal and other Bt crops, earlier this year. Photo: K. Murali Kumar.
    • The Genetic Engineering Approvals Committee (GEAC) on Wednesday approved the commercialisation of genetically modified Bt brinjal.

      Bt Brinjal still needs the government's nod before its release in the market. If it gets the nod, Bt Brinjal will be the first genetically modified food in India.

    • But opposing the GEAC decision, farmers' union the All India Kisan Sabha said, “There are many unresolved issues surrounding the environmental release of the transgenic vegetable as well as genuine concerns expressed over its safety for human consumption. There is also the added threat of all future seeds and therefore Indian agriculture coming under the control of global MNCs and the charging of extortionate prices from Indian farmers.”
    • Farmers protest in front of Ministers' houses on T. Chowdaiah Road in Bangalore, demanding a ban on Bt Brinjal and other Bt crops, earlier this year. Photo: K. Murali Kumar.
    • In a statement, the Sabha said, “It has been pointed out that some of the 'experts' in the GEAC have conflicts of interest. Certain experts on the committee are reported to have expressed strong objections which were however not taken into account.
    • It pointed out that the European Union has banned genetically modified food crops.

कार्टून : पाकिस्तानी दिवाली

धर्म संस्कृति की रक्षा हेतु कार्य आवश्यक :: प्रेसनोट डाट इन | आपकी भाषा आपकी खबरें

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    • उदयपुर,
    • स्थानीय बाईजी राज के कुण्ड पर नेपाल स्थित वाराह सिद्ध क्षेत्र आचार्य निम्बाकाचार्य सम्प्रदाय के आचार्य पीठाधीश्वर मोहनशरण आचार्य के उदयपुर आगमन पर स्वागत एवं संत मिलन समारोह आयोजित किया गया।
      इस अवसर पर आचार्य ने कहा कि धर्म एवं संस्कृति की रक्षा अक्षुण्ण बनाए रखने के लिए स्वयं को आगे लाकर ज ��टना होगा तभी आफ पीछे समाज जुड पाएगा। उन्होंने बताया कि जब तक बालक वैदिक, पौराणिक, इतिहास की महत्ता नहीं जान पाएगा तब तक हिन्दू संस्कृति एवं हिन्दू राष्ट्र को गौरवपूर्ण नहीं बनाया जा सकता क्योंकि बालक की भावी पीढी होती है और इसी कारण हमने नेपाल में वैदिक ज्ञान पाठशाला के साथ-साथ विभिन्न धार्मिक, सांस्कृतिक संस्थान चला कर प्रयास किया है जो आगे भी राधा-रानी की कृपा से चलता रहेगा।
    • नेपाल के ही संत कृष्णदास ने कहा कि नेपाल एवं भारत कभी अलग नहीं थे। दोनों की संस्कृति एक ही है क्योंकि भगवान सालिगराम की उत्पत्ति नेपाल में होती है और पूजा भारत में होती है।
    • कार्यक्रम अध्यक्ष कुंड मंदिर के पीठाधीश मोहन वल्लभ आचार्य ने कहा कि हम सभी राम की संतान होने के कारण नेपाल हमारा ननिहाल है और ननिहाल से आने वाले हमारे नाना-मामा कहलाते है अर्थात् पीठाधीश्वर हमसे भिन्न नहीं है वह भारत और नेपाल दोनों के बीच हिन्दू संस्कृति को जागृत करने की कडी भारत भ्रमण पर निकले जो आज हमारे बीच में उपस्थित है। अतिः भगवान नवनीतराय की कृपा से नेपाल पुनः हिन्दू राष्ट्र बनें और हिन्दू धर्म की ज्योति अखण्ड बनें। यही हमारी कामना है।

बंधु के अंगरक्षकों ने संतों को धमकाया, आज इटकी बंद

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    • विधायक बंधु तिर्की के अंगरक्षकों ने मंगलवार को विश्व मंगल गो ग्राम यात्रा रथ को सियारटोली ( इटकी) में रोक दिया. रथ पर सवार संतों को गोली से उड़ा देने की धमकी दी. उनके साथ र्दुव्‍यवहार भी किया. घटना को लेकर क्षेत्र में तनाव है. आक्रोशित लोगों ने इटकी में विधायक के पोस्टर व होर्डिग फाड़ डाले. देर शाम बाजारटांड़ में विधायक का पुतला फूंका गया. सैकड़ों समर्थकों के साथ कई संत थाने पहुंचे. घटना की लिखित जानकारी थानेदार की दी. केंद्रीय हिंदू जागरण समिति ने घटना में शामिल विधायक के सरकारी अंगरक्षकों को तत्काल निलंबित करने की मांग की है. घटना के विरोध में बुधवार को इटकी बंद की घोषणा की गयी है.         मंगलवार को इटकी क्षेत्र में रथ का भ्रमण कार्यक्रम था. रथ इटकी के सियारटोली बस्ती पहुंचा
    • इटकी :

Hurriyat may involve Jammu to find solution to Kashmir issue | Top News

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    • For the fist time in two decades, the Kashmiri separatist conglomerate All Parties Hurriyat Conference has expressed its willingness to take Jammu on board in seeking a lasting solution to the Kashmir issue.
    • For the fist time in two decades, the Kashmiri separatist conglomerate All Parties Hurriyat Conference has expressed its willingness to take Jammu on board in seeking a lasting solution to the Kashmir issue.
    • "We are keen to get Jammu (people) on board," APHC chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq told HT over phone. "We will be visiting Jammu in December to talk to a cross section of the people there.”
    • The Hurriyat Conference is looking forward to the start of dialogue process with the Centre in the next few weeks’ time, most likely in November-December.

RSS raps BJP Bihar unit for minority appeasement | Top News

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    • Suresh ‘Bhaiyaji’ Joshi, general secretary of the RSS, a Hindu cultural body that controls the BJP, made it clear at a meeting in Rajgir, 110 km southeast of Patna, that the RSS was not happy with the state BJP’s role.
    • He said on Sunday that the Janata Dal (United)-BJP government in Bihar should not have agreed to allot a 100-acre plot of land for setting up a branch of the Aligarh Muslim University in Kishanganj.
    • The border district of Kishanganj has been struggling with infiltration from Bangladesh for quite some time.

      The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, the BJP’s student wing, held a protest march against infiltration in Kishanganj on December 17 last year.

    • But the RSS rates chief minister Nitish Kumar of JD(U) quite highly as a leading BJP ally. The choice of Rajgir as the venue of the meeting is being interpreted by experts as an expression of the RSS’ strategy to make Bihar the next launching pad.

Communal RSS | Sangh Parivar

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    • But then, at the end of day, RSS is still a Hindu Fascist and Communalorganisation, where the Swayamsevaks, regardless of being a PHD Holder or anuneducated mason, are still considered to be known for their 'Communal bias'and 'Communal Violence' in the name of Hindutva. 
    • Below are some pictures which again prove this mentality: 

steps to second partition: SIkhas can't carry kripan in USA , what is our government doing which lost sleep when kafeel was arrested in Australia

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    • A bill to educate law enforcement officers about the religious significance of 'kirpans' has been vetoed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who found it "unnecessary," drawing angry reaction from the Sikh community in the US.
    • The bill was passed unanimously in both Houses, by 77-0 in the Assembly and by 36-0 in the Senate.
    • "This loss for the Sikh community is a reminder of our serious lack of political clout in this state. After months of hard work and 100 per cent support from our lawmakers, the Sikh voice was still not strong enough to overcome the whim of one man," said Prabhjot Singh, Sikh Coalition Board chairman.
    • Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the arrests of Sikhs nationwide for carrying kirpans in the absence of an understanding among law enforcers.

Shadow Warrior: abhaya's curse: Nun’s death case hampers congregation’s work, says superior അഭയയുടെ മരണം; കന്യാസ്ത്രീയാകാന്‍ ആളില്ല!

Dutch lawmaker wins appeal against ban from UK | Faith Freedom International

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    • A far-right Dutch lawmaker who was refused entry to Britain won an appeal against his ban on Tuesday, a tribunal spokeswoman said.


      Geert Wilders, 46, leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV), was sent back to the Netherlands on a plane shortly after being detained by immigration officials on arrival at London’s Heathrow airport on February 12.

      Wilders had been invited to screen “Fitna” — his controversial 17-minute film about Islam in the Netherlands — in the House of Lords, Britain’s unelected upper chamber of parliament.

    Geert Wilders film likens Islam to Nazism
    • “Fitna”, which likens Islam to Nazism and juxtaposes images of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States with pictures of the Koran, has been described as “offensively anti-Islamic” by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

* VivekaJyoti *: By converting the Taj Mahal complex into a sacred Moslem mausoleum Shajahan insured that the Hindus would never want it back.

I can’t See.. I Can | Faith Freedom International

Jihadi Terrorism: Ridiculous Explanations, Complex Solutions

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    • By Dr. Babu Suseelan
    • Breaking through the Islamic closed system

      Communist societies used control mechanisms to maintain closed systems. But it collapsed under tremendous covert and overt pressure from democratic nations. They were forced to accept social evolution, democracy and individual freedom and the closed Communist system lost its equilibrium. But Islam, an imperialist dogma masked in religious phraseology is a hard nut to crack.
    • We need to introduce programs for Thinking For A Change and split terrorist gangs and cliques. Devise psychological techniques and emotional programs to induce fear, guilt, remorse and shame among Muslims. And eventually we have to give the ultimate ultimatum “you have to change or you will forced to be free”. Coercive or negative reinforcement techniques and effective paradigm breaking programming shall have positive effect on modifying cognitive and behavior processes.

      The cognitive programming, which disrupts criminal thinking, thinking errors, and dogmatic systems must by steadily reinforced through education, media and propaganda. The goal is to send a liberating message, mind altering ideas, not through appeasement, negotiation or discussion, but through overt and covert dialogue to strongly pursue an agenda to break through the closed, dogmatic mindset of jihad Muslims.

      Long-term strategies shall include restructuring or destroying the closed ideology of fundamentalist Islam, anti-social attitudes, values, and beliefs. We need an integrated approach to break pro-terrorist association, target criminogenic risk, crimnogenic logic using reward and punishment. Jihad Muslims shall be changed and re-socialized with a forceful, balanced approach utilizing psychological warfare, social learning techniques and propaganda. The value of psycho, social, cognitive strategies extend well beyond the military methods and it can be applied successfully in several settings.
    • The challenge before us is to translate all available means, legal, military, economic, political, social and psychological strategies to eliminate terrorism once for all.