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The Hindu (mis)leadership

The Hindu (mis)leadership

Sameer Bhagwat

The most surprising aspect of the Hindutva discourse has been that the leaders of the movement have been chosen by its visceral enemies. Take a recent example: Narendra Modi for a period of time, post-Godhra, was accepted as the tallest Hindu leader, and for many this still endures notwithstanding his staggering temple demolition drive.

The last 5 years have more than confirmed Narendra Modi to be only a secular leader (heading towards becoming secular) doing nothing at all about the sizeable Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrator population in Ahmedabad itself (no, not even in sound bytes). Yet the myth of Modi being a Hindu leader endures, though for most the veneer is wearing off.

Exactly the same thing happened before with L.K. Advani. The same secular media demonised him and, taking its cue from its sworn enemies - if you guys hate him so much there must be some good in him - Hindu society made him its leader, irrespective of what pronouncements Advani himself made. Even as Advani declared 6 December 1992 to be the saddest day in his life, Hindu society anointed him ‘Sardar the Second.’

In power, when Advani called for governance-sans-ideology, Hindu society blamed Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The blinkers finally came off (not even after Kandahar) after BSF Jawans were murdered by Bangladeshi (Muslim) goons and their bodies sent back like animal carcasses. Advani as Home Minister pleaded helplessness as he was busy batting for Sheikh Hasina to win the elections in Bangladesh – a supposedly grand strategy, as Hasina was supposed to be pro-India; but she was already the PM when these monstrosities took place, and she lost the elections to boot!

The die-hard Advani fan finally bit the dust when Advani eulogised Jinnah.

To those who oppose the fundamental premise of this article, I ask only the following question:

If Modi had been hauled over coals by the media for the 250+ HINDU lives lost in the Gujarat riots, or

if the media had cornered Advani on the betrayal of Kar Sevaks’ sacrifices in pulling down Babri mosque by describing it as a saddest day,

would they have become the Hindu leaders they became?

A few thoughts on India’s 2009 general elections

A few thoughts on India’s 2009 general elections

Come Carpentier de Gourdon

It is my experience that Indians of all parties, at least those who follow “Indic” creeds, are in their very vast majority, instinctively or intellectually secular or rather ecumenical. They see themselves as part of the cosmic family in which many beliefs and traditions exist with a valid claim to truth, at least in their relative space-time context, a concept that finds its scientific expression in quantic physics, but that Indian wisdom has professed for millennia. Many pious and scholarly Hindus, Jains and Sikhs feel that religion should not be mixed with partisan politics, though philosophy undeniably plays a seminal role in the Aristotelian description of politics. Therefore, they remain unconvinced by the attempts of certain Hindu nationalist politicians to promote notions of religious activism and policing borrowed from the semitic faiths that have come to dominate much of the world.

West’s pincer strategy

The fading of Confucianism and Buddhism in Korea paved the way for the birth and spread of the Moon Church and other rather bizarre Christian or non-Christian (i.e. Scientology) denominations that are in some cases used by US Intelligence agencies as recruiting grounds and support systems.

India must protect native faith

The prospect that India, under the unrelenting combined assault of American commercial “culture” and Biblical proselytizing, may lose large swathes of its traditional religious civilization to various forms of “materialistic imported monotheism” is unfolding in many areas and the Government should address that problem and not shun it with the excuse that religion is a matter of personal freedom and individual conscience.

If France for one has been able to adopt and enforce the legal notion of a “cultural exception” in order to protect itself upto a point from the Anglo-Saxon onslaught, there is no reason why India should not implement a similar set of measures with regard to its native religions and ways of life. Such an agenda should not be left to any one party, but rather can be a matter of national consensus.

Samarth : Enough of Democracy who gives such Rulers!

Samarth : Enough of Democracy who gives such Rulers!

Election 2009 - The BJP got what it deserved - IV

Election 2009 - The BJP got what it deserved - IV

Radha Rajan

RSS - unwilling parent

But if the RSS has to act, there has to be a re-orientation of its goals, its methods. It is not course correction that is required of the RSS; it is altering the course itself. The RSS has not lost direction, it is still plodding along on the same path as it had marked for itself in 1925; it needs new goals and new roads.

To put it bluntly, both Gandhi and Hedgewar, two most powerful Hindus of the time, heading two very powerful organizations, did not aim to stop the Muslim League or jihadi Islam in their tracks.

Not surprisingly Dr. Mukherjee challenged Nehru in his own personal fiefdom in J&K. His death in June 1953 when in custody in J&K was post-independent India’s first political assassination executed by state power.

Hedgewar, Golwalkar, Deen Dayal Upadhyaya and even other intellectuals in the parivar may all be described as social thinkers, but they had no political orientation and were therefore not political ideologues in the same mould as Aurobindo and Savarkar.

RSS ideologues believed in and promoted the idea that politics like power and money corrupts; and so an ordinary swayamsevak is not imparted the training to handle big money, big power and big politics.

The BJP went to the polls in 2004 without a Hindu agenda; in 2009, it went to the polls without any agenda. It had one of the best election manifestos but intentionally refused to speak about the manifesto; the issues in the manifesto were never made the political agenda or the talking points during the election campaign.

Not only was there bitter and acrimonious in-fighting among the leaders in the BJP, quarrels which they did not care to hide from the people who they expected to vote for them, there was bitter and acrimonious quarrels even among the parivar siblings. In the last decade, the RSS has allowed these quarrels and in-fighting to worsen and get out of control. When the BJP went to the polls, none of the issues plaguing the parivar had been resolved.

Does the RSS have it? We are a very long way away from infusing kshatriya blood into Hindu society. We need a healthy body first. The RSS has to heal itself before it heals the wounds to the body of the Hindu nation.

CM orders to sanction plan of Shivaji Maharaj statue Erection

CM orders to sanction plan of Shivaji Maharaj statue Erection

Know more about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

The State Chief Minister Ashok Chavan has issued an order to get the concept and plan, sanctioned within a month, for construction of a memorial, of international standard, of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of Hindvi Swaraj and the King revered all over India. (Both the Congress parties ruling the State have never uttered a single word against the Congress Government at the Centre for deliberate omission of history related to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and praising the Mughal invasion in history text books set by NCERT; but the State Government has continued with the same curriculum. Devout Hindus, therefore, give a damn to both the Congress even if they construct a number of such statues! – Editor)

The memorial will be of 309 feet in height and will have a museum where all things used by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and various writings will be on display. (Will Congress set up a scene that will show killing of Afzal Khan by Shivaji Maharaj? Or, is it going to show Chhatrapati Shivaraya as a secular king? Hindus must keep a vigil and see to it that Congress does not commit such sin! – Editor) There will be a helipad, restaurant, public washrooms as also a beautiful garden constructed at this place.

Who falls if India rises?

Who falls if India rises? – Tarun Vijay

We wanted a stable government, led by a party with a national outlook, which is necessarily free in taking decisions and without any dependence on the Left and other fringe elements. And an opposition that’s pan-national in its policies, and strong enough to stop any wrong by the treasury benches.

We got it.

India is passing through an ideological and programmatic transformation and the youth in the lead is bound to change the parliament’s body language and paradigms of behaviour. They are there in every party, though more glamorous and the powered will hog the headlines, thanks to the class conscious and politically correct media, the lesser souls will still be relevant and make their mark.

Let everyone ponder: Hindus have been continuously assaulted for the last twelve hundred years. Do they have a right to preserve their heritage and way of life after a partitioned independence or not?

That’s the cause of India.

Mother India needs the ideology that reflects the glory of our civilisational contours.

The ideology that has been fortified by the martyrdoms and dedication of thousands of unknown and unsung foot soldiers led by Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya. Both the great stalwarts were murdered mysteriously in their early fifties. They became leaders of a mass party when they were in their forties. And remember they initiated Bharatiya Janasangh, and not Hindu Janasangh, hence their vision was essentially all-inclusive.

Nationalism means India first without getting embarrassed or apologetic for our Hinduness. The situation demands a better solidarity and not further divisions. It requires an intellectual commitment to India as envisioned by Sri Aurobindo.

We must prove ourselves worthy of it.

कार्टून:- सीट न दो तो भी चलेगा, पर....

कार्टून:- सीट न दो तो भी चलेगा, पर....

Why Kasab should not be forgiven?

Why Kasab should not be forgiven?

By Rajani

In view of Kasab’s lawyer comparing him to sage Valmiki before he became a sage, and asking to forgive his plaintiff, it becomes very important that we look into this seriously.

Hindus are paying a heavy price for this largeheartedness of theirs. Should we remain like this even now? Recounting the war between Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammad Ghori:

, with the Rajputs in hot pursuit, the fleeing Muslim general Kutub-ud-din Aibak let loose a large herd of cows chained to each other to block the path of the pursing Hindu army.

When the captured Mohammed Ghori was brought before Prithviraja as a captive bound in chains, he pretended to be repentant, while internally he was seething with rage at being humiliated for having been captured by a Kafir king. This rage proved itself a few years later when their (Prithviraj’s and Ghori’s) roles were reversed.

But for now as a prisoner in chains before Prithviraja, Mohammed Ghori begged for mercy and promised that he would never lift his eyes toward India.

, he ordered Mohammed to be released and as a token of his generosity, he also gifted his captive with five hundred horses and twenty elephants, and honorably released him!

So he resorted to another patented Muslim subterfuge of single comba – called Mard-O-Mard in Farsi.

In order to humiliate Prithviraj, Mohammed sent word that he would call off the battle, if Prithviraja came and fought his champion Qutub-ud-din Aibak in single combat. To save the lives of his soldiers, and to conclude the war quickly Prithviraja agreed.

This was a foul move, and it would have been fair, had after this, Qutub, also dismounted and fought Prithviraja on foot.

The betrayal and blinding of Prithviraja, and how he avenged his humiliation

On hearing this Mohammed and his courtiers laughed derisively at Prithviraja and told him that he did not understand Islam and the Muslim psyche!

Prithviraja told him that a Rajput’s eyes are lowered only after death, Mohammed in a fit of rage ordered that Prithviraja’s eyes be pierced with red hot irons.

Muslim bridegroom romps on Sacred platform in Khamgaon

Muslim bridegroom romps on Sacred platform in Khamgaon

Khamgaon (Maharashtra): A news item has been published in Marathi daily newspaper 'Dainik Saamna' about a Muslim groom dancing on a 'Devi's Ota' revered by local Hindus in Pahurjira taluka. Not only the Muslim bridegroom danced on the 'Ota' but the horse which he was riding was also made to climb on the 'Ota' which made Hindus furious.

Police arrested the horse owner but conveniently avoided arresting Rahim Khan, the mastermind in this case.

“सोनिया सरकार” का पहला तोहफ़ा– विदेशी संस्था का हस्तक्षेप यानी राष्ट्रीय स्वाभिमान को ठोकर…

“सोनिया सरकार” का पहला तोहफ़ा– विदेशी संस्था का हस्तक्षेप यानी राष्ट्रीय स्वाभिमान को ठोकर… USCIRF visit Religious Freedom and Human Rights in India

किसी भी देश की सार्वभौमिकता, एकता और अखण्डता के साथ-साथ उस देश का “राष्ट्रीय स्वाभिमान” या राष्ट्र-गौरव भी एक प्रमुख घटक होता है। भारत की अब तक यह नीति रही है कि “हमारे अन्दरूनी मामलों में कोई भी देश, संस्था या अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय संगठन हस्तक्षेप नहीं कर सकता…”, लेकिन सोनिया सरकार ने इस नीति को उलट दिया है। अमेरिका की एक संस्था है “USCIRF” अर्थात US Commission on International Religious Freedom, इस संस्था को जून 2009 में पहली बार भारत का दौरा करने की अनुमति “सोनिया गाँधी सरकार” द्वारा प्रदान कर दी गई है।

भारत के अन्दरूनी मामलों में दखल-अंदाजी को बर्दाश्त न करने की इस नीति को NDA (1999-2004) और UPA (2004-2009) की सरकारों ने बनाये रखा, जो कि नरसिम्हाराव, देवेगौड़ा और गुजराल सरकार की भी नीति रही।

भारत में “धार्मिक स्वतन्त्रता” और “मानवाधिकारों” का हनन किस सम्प्रदाय पर ज्यादा हो रहा है? जी हाँ, बिलकुल सही पहचाना आपने, सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़ “ईसाईयों” पर। वैसे तो कहने के लिये “मुस्लिमों” पर भी भारत में “भारी अत्याचार”(??) हो रहे हैं, लेकिन उनकी फ़िक्र करने के लिये इधर पहले से ही बहुत सारे “सेकुलर” मौजूद हैं, और अमेरिका को वैसे भी मुस्लिमों से विशेष प्रेम नहीं है, सो वह इस संस्था के सदस्यों को पूरे विश्व में सिर्फ़ “ईसाईयों” पर होने वाले अत्याचारों की रिपोर्ट लेने भेजता है।

भारत के बारे में इस संस्था की रिपोर्ट इनकी वेबसाईट पर देखी जा सकती है। USCIRF धर्म परिवर्तन विरोधी कानून बनाने वालों के खिलाफ़ खास “लॉबी” बनाती है,

यह देखना रोचक होगा कि “हिन्दू हृदय सम्राट” नरेन्द्र मोदी भी आडवाणी की तरह “सेकुलरता” का ढोंग करके USCIRF के गोरे साहबों का स्वागत करते हैं या सच्चे हिन्दू देशभक्त की तरह उन्हें लतियाकर बेरंग लौटाते हैं, यह भी देखना मजेदार होगा कि ताजा-ताजा सेकुलर बने पटनायक उन्हें उड़ीसा के आदिवासी इलाकों में चल रही “हरकतों” की असलियत बतायेंगे या नहीं।

सवाल है कि “सेकुलर” राजनीति बड़ी है या देश का स्वाभिमान? अल्पसंख्यकों को खुश करने और हिन्दुओं की नाक मोरी में रगड़ने के लिये सेकुलरिस्ट किस हद तक जा सकते हैं यह अगले 5 साल में हमें देखने मिलेगा, क्योंकि आखिर इस देश की जनता ने “स्थिर सरकार”, “रोजी-रोटी देने वाली सरकार”, “गरीबों का साथ देने वाली सरकार” को चुन लिया है…

Bangladesh: Hindu Boys Targeted for Indoctrination with Jihad

Bangladesh: Hindu Boys Targeted for Indoctrination with Jihad

ISKCON in Bangladesh Under Attack by Muslim Terrorists

ISKCON in Bangladesh Under Fear of Attack by Muslim Terrorists

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), a Hindu organization, fear attacks by Islamic militants after helping rescuedminor Hindu boy from madrasa.

Recently, a minor Hindu boy, 13-year-old Poresh Chandra Sarkar, was traced out of his long disappearance. The boy from poor family took up job as child labour in a restaurant in the capital. Dhaka. Far from his village, there a Muslim man, named Hamdu Mia, came to know about the boy’s helpless condition, and with the help of some Maolanas (Muslim clerics) of a madrasa, they illegally converted this immature boy to a Islam from Hinduism and confined him in madrasa, away from all contact with his parents.

On Taliban, English education and Pakistani hypocrisy

On Taliban, English education and Pakistani hypocrisy

post by Abbas Zaidi Taliban’s hypocrisy is in fact Pakistan’s national trait. Brief excerpts follow. Please note that emphasis (bold) has been added by me.

*** Excerpts from Taliban’s hypocrisy is in fact Pakistan’s national trait ***

Muslim Khan, the spokesman of Pakistani Taliban…has justified the bombing of schools on many pretexts, but one stands out: Muslims must not get “English” education. By which Muslim Khan means that any school which has anything to do with the English language must be demolished.

…At long last, someone found out that Muslim Khan’s own son is a graduate student at the University of Peshawar and the medium of his education is English. When the question about his son was tossed to him, the great Muslim Khan was philosophical: “My son is disobedient!” The filed closed.

This is not just Taliban hypocrisy; this is typical Pakistani hypocrisy.

I have studied, visited, and lived in a number of countries. I have always tried to understand how Pakistani expatriate communities live. I can report a lot of incidents, but I will narrate only of which I have had the very first hand experience.

…Typically Pakistanis are hypocritical, intellectually dishonest, and morally bankrupt. I challenge anyone to visit Pakistanis living abroad. Day in and day out, they denounce their host countries—Australia, Britain, Canada, etc—for being immoral and anti-Islamic, but will never leave and settle down in Pakistan.

…In Pakistan, an American drone attack will outrage the entire nation for killing a dozen people, but the beheading and burning alive of hundreds of Muslims and non-Muslims by the fundamentalists is condemned by only a handful of brave people. I can quote dozens of examples where little girls were raped in the mosques, but no one raised a voice against the rapes, and no one was ever punished for those rapes (All of the rapists were imams or pesh-imams of those mosques).

Our national hypocrisy is one reason that Pakistan will always remain a heart of darkness.

Blame it on the media!

Blame it on the media!

True, it's been less than a week since the BJP was trounced in Election 2009 and reduced to 116 seats (its worst ever performance since 1991) compared to the Congress's 206 in the Lok Sabha. Flatterers in the party will say: You possibly can't review, re-assess and re-strategise in less than seven days. Point conceded: Having taken years to get where the BJP has got, it will take some doing to get out of the rut.

But surely a week is a long time to indicate your intentions? That is, provided you have any.

Similarly, a chorus is now being heard, blaming the media for the BJP's poor performance at the national level. The media, especially television channels, are 'biased', they 'promoted' the Congress, they 'ran down' the BJP, etc, etc. So slyly pass on the buck, don't let it stop with you.

1. Media is bad, media is terrible.
2. Boycott media.
3. Media abuses BJP.

आपका भविष्य आपके हाथ में है?

आपका भविष्य आपके हाथ में है?

image क्या आपके विचार आपका भविष्य बदल सकते है?

सच यह है कि किसी भी विषय पर मनुष्य का नजरिया उसके वर्तमान को दिशा देता है, और यह उसके भविष्य को रूप देता है और इस तरह उसका नजरिया वाकई में उसके अनजाने उसके भविष्य को प्रभावित करता है.

दुनियां के सफल वैज्ञानिक, वकील, व्यापारी, डाक्टर, इंजिनियर, संगीतज्ञ, कलाकार आदि के जीवन को ही देख लीजिये. दस में सिर्फ दो मिलेंगे जो हर तरह से सुविधासंपन्न थे. बाकि आठ के समक्ष निराशा ही निराशा थी. अभाव ही अभाव था. लेकिन कुंठित होने, निराश होने, मैदान छोडने के बदले वे सकारात्मक नजरिये से कार्य करते रहे. एक दिन सफलता उनके चरणों में आ गिरी.

आपका भविष्य वाकई में आप के हाथ में है. आज से जरा हर कार्य को सकारात्मक नजरिये से देखना शुरू कीजिये, और छ: महीने के बाद देखिये कि कितना फरक पड गया है.

कार्टून : बख्शीश तो दीजिये !

कार्टून : बख्शीश तो दीजिये !