Wednesday, October 28, 2009 । विस्फोट.कॉम - सीमा पर बचे लेकिन सरकार से घायल

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    • मातृभूमि पर अपनी जान की बाजी लगा देने वाले सैनिकों को अपनी नौकरी से सेवानिवृत्त होने के बाद पैंशन के असमान वितरण से जूझना पड़ रहा है। आज के दौर में सरकार सैनिकों को पैंशन उनके रिटायरमेंट के समयानुसार प्रदान करती है। जिससे एक समान रैंक वाले दो सैनिकों को अलग-अलग सत्र में रिटायर होने के कारण अलग-अलग पैंशन मिलती है, जिसमें काफी बड़ा अंतर है। समान रैंक, समान पैंशन की मांगों को लेकर पूर्व सैनिकों ने 25 अक्टूबर को रविवार के दिन जंतर-मंतर पर धरना किया और पांचवी बार अपने पदकों को राष्ट्रपति को वापिस लौटा दिया।
    मेडल का कोई मोल नहीं

* VivekaJyoti *: Imperialist China flexing its muscles

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      Date: - 28.10.09
    • By Dr Jay Dubashi
    • Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, known generally as HSBC, and one of the biggest banks operating in the East, has decided to move its chief executive from London to Hong Kong. The move to Hong Kong, where the bank was founded in 1865, is to take account of the "shift in the world’s centre of economic gravity from West to East," according to an announcement.

      The Chinese, a shrewd lot, are interpreting this as a signal that they are once again the centre of the world, which they may not be right now but will certainly be twenty or thirty years from now, when it will be China, not America, that will call the shots.
    • China is now doing or will soon be doing what the western nations did in the sixteenth century when they descended on the East in the name of commerce.
    • We have to be realistic about China. She will behave in the same fashion as Britain did between 1600 and 1800, when she created an empire out of virtually nothing. China will go the same way because that is what power does to you. Power, which means economic and political power, is like a strong drink: it grows on you. You may talk about democracy and Marx, but that is only talk. The Christians who came to India in the wake of European conquerors also talked about Christ and the Bible. Ultimately, they wound up helping the ruler enslave us, talking of the Bible and Macaulay all the time.
    • Soon you will find large chunks of Africa swallowed up by the Chinese in the name of commerce, just as the East India Company did in the 17th and 18th centuries. And no African ruler will be able to dislodge them once they are in place, because the real rulers will be the Chinese.
    • Africa is already in a way a Chinese colony. The African rulers are already eating out of Chinese hands, whether they are Angola, Mozambique or Congo. The Chinese are investing heavily in these countries and will one day take them over, just as the British did.

ChennaiOnline News : Collector leads Dalits into temple

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    • nding their alleged discrimination and days of unrest, Dalits of Chettipulam village in Nagapattinam District today entered a local temple led by Collector C Munianathan.

      About 75 Dalits went into the Ekambareshwarar temple led by the Collector and offered worship. Members of other communities in the village also accompanied them. Collector Munianathan himself distributed 'prasadam' to all the Dalits.

    • Porayar (TN), Oct 27:

अयोध्या से जनकपुर जाएगी श्रीराम की बारात

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    श्रीराम जानकी विवाह बारात यात्रा 11 नवम्बर को जनकपुर के लिए प्रस्थान करेगी।
    • अयोध्या
    • विश्व हिन्दू परिषद(विहिप) की श्रीराम मंदिर आंदोलन को तेज करने की एक अनूठी रणनीति के तहत अयोध्या से बड़ी संख्या में साधु संत तथा राम भक्त भगवान राम की बारात निकाल कर सैकड़ों किलोमीटर की दूरी तय करते हुए नेपाल स्थित जनकपुर पहुंचेगे।


      विहिप के प्रांतीय मीडिया प्रभारी शरद शर्मा ने आज यहां बताया कि श्रीराम जानकी विवाह बारात यात्रा आगामी 11 नवम्बर को सरयू पूजन तथा हवन अनुष्ठान के उपरान्त 12 नवम्बर को जनकपुर के लिए प्रस्थान करेगी। जो 24 नवम्बर को वापस अयोध्या लौट आएगी।

आईजी रामफल सिंह की कड़ी निंदा

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    • अजमेर
    • आईजी रामफल सिंह लिखित पुस्तक ‘मेघवंश : एक सिंहावलोन’ में महर्षि दधीचि पर की गई टिप्पणियों की दधीचि समाज ने कड़ी निंदा की है। समाज ने अपनी तीखी प्रतिक्रिया में कहा कि शांति एवं कानून व्यवस्था संभालने जैसे पद पर बैठे सिंह ने समाज की भावनाएं आहत करने व रोष फैलाने का काम किया है। इससे दाधीच ही नहीं बल्कि संपूर्ण दधीचि समाज और हिंदू धर्म में आस्था रखने वाले लोगों को गहरा आघात पहुंचा है।

Sarabha Panjab: British Indian girls working in Pakistan Brothels

    • Lahore Pakistan
    • Gullible young girls from as far as the Middle East, India and UK are being forced into prostitution after being lured by organised syndicates promising them glamorous careers and lucrative jobs, a humans rights group has said.
    • "The situation is extremely serious with smart operators hunting for good looking young girls for modelling assignments or jobs in call centres with good salaries," said Hasina Kharbih, chairperson of Impulse NGO Network, a rights group working in rescuing women trafficked.
    • Impulse activists recently rescued at least four young girls from Lahores ‘Heera Mandi’ district. "The girls were Hindus from Northeast India and were lured by agents who promised them good modelling roles and handsomely paid jobs in call centres," Kharbih says.
    • "We were told by these rescued girls that there were more women from the northeast in the flesh trade racket who were trapped with such baits."
    • The Story of a British Panjabi girl who was tricked into prostitution
    • About an hour later, we were approached by this really nice looking guy, came over to my mate and started chatting, we then noticed the "Kara" on his arm so we assumed it was ok to chat to him, his name was "Mick". We were then introduced to his mates, all of them were really smart and good looking. And we were enjoying this mingling with boys for the first time, we felt both scared and excited, because we had never done this before.
    • This was going to be my first relationship. I got to know "Abs" over the next couple of months, we would arrange, the best times for him to call me, it was exciting, no one knew about him, I felt needed and loved. He was 18 at the time, and I had just turned 16. He drove a really nice car and worked for his uncle, in I.T.
    • I did notice that he was not Punjabi, he dressed different to normal Punjabi boys that age, and he didn't drink and smoke. He knew a lot of Muslims, but I decide to ignore that fact, as I was having the time of my life.
    • I had a funny feeling he was Muslim, but he wore a Kara? and I never had the courage to ask him, because I didn’t want to ruin anything between us. But finally that day came when he revealed that he must go to the mosque, I was taken back, I didn’t know how to respond, my boyfriend was a Muslim, and I loved him too much to let him go. I asked him about his name, his nickname was Abs. he had told me his name was Harbinder, but in fact his name was Yasseen.
    • This was a distressing situation, he had lied to me and led me on to believe he was Sikh, but was in fact a Muslim. I confronted him, I asked him, you knew I was a Sikh, then why did you get into this relationship with me? He answered my question with a question, does it matter? And I remember replying "No" after a few minutes, I thought to myself he's not your typical Muslim, and he has treated me with respect.
    • So we decided to give it a shot, (what fool I was), we would spend a lot of time together, he got me job at his uncle’s firm, they all treated me with respect although I was a Sikh, and all of them were Muslim, they were so nice to me. I felt wanted and at home with me boyfriends family.
    • We saw each other for over 2 year's (all through collage) and then came the time for me to leave my home and go to university, I went out of town a good few hours away, I wanted to live as far as away from my family as possible, as they were the obstacle, in my life from him. I had stopped wearing my Kara and my gold khanda necklace. I also stopped going to the Gurdwara, because I did not want to offend him, and I would use that time instead to be with him. I loved him and would do anything for him, anything.
    • During this time, I started to stop going home, I would say that I had too much uni work to do, and so I couldn’t come home. Then, I stopped answering my phone from my family and friends, because I knew all they would say is to stop seeing him, and come home etc. so I changed my number, that's not the only thing I changed, a few months later I changed my name!
    • We were happy together, we were in love, we were made for each other!! A few months later I even changed my faith, I became a Muslim, I was happy then to finally be apart of something that was so great, everyone loved me, and I was finally at home and peace. Islam then offered everything to me, it made sense and was the truth, Sikhism had to many flaws in it, or that is what I was told, and I believed everything he said, it all made sense, Sikhism was a man-made religion, it believed in caste (we had Gurdwara made on caste) we would make our women dance half naked on bhangra video's, while Islam would teach us to cover the women because she is so precious, like an diamond. I was duped, I knew nothing about Sikhism, my parents never told me, and I never learnt anything at the Gurdwara, never understood what the Granthi's were saying. And as a result I believed everything he told me.
    • We then decided to get married, but he said we should go to Pakistan to that, because his sisters were there, and they were all dying to meet me! So I agreed, we went. The year was 1994, I was 19 years old.
    • We were driving for a few hours, and I was absolutely worn out. We then stopped at what seemed to be a police station or the local sheriff's office, the luggage was taken out of the jeep, and these men came and took the luggage away, Yasseen came over and took my personal belongings, everything, my passport, money even my toothbrush, he said the police wanted to check our things, in case we were smuggling drugs, I remember laughing at first, but when I looked at his face, he was deadly serious, I gave him everything and then I was taken to a room, where I was told to wait. They asked Yasseen questions.
    • Finally, a middle aged man came over and started to ask me personal questions. I had trouble understanding what he was saying, he spoke so fast, in Urdu. I kept asking him to take me to Yasseen. He said "Yasseen has gone", those three words stopped my heart beating, I was alone in a remote village in Pakistan, with no belongings and locked up a room.
    • I was not alone there were 3 other girls (Sikh) that were in the same situation as me. We were all kept on the top floor, we were all given one room each. The other girls had been there longer than me, we would get a chance to speak during the night. They told me of their stories and how they got here, they sounded familiar. It would be very cold during the night. They told me, on the 3rd day, what happens here. This where, the locals came to enjoy themselves. I was very frightened.

      This is where they would come to quench their desires. I remember how they treated us, they would treat us like animals, they would rape us, and then spit on our faces after they were done. It was a living nightmare, with no escape.
    • I spent 15 months here, over that period of time, I have seen 36 more girls been brought here, I have some commit suicide and some taken away by rich businessmen who would use them in their own brothels.
    • A time came when me and another girl, got the opportunity to escape,
    • I am now 29, married and have a 3 year old girl. I re-initiated into Sikhism in 1998, me and my friend, we took Amrit and took an active role to combat what had happened to us and help others in the same situation.

* VivekaJyoti *: That Christians are cornering the benefits of reservations meant for the deprived in Hindu society by lying about their religion is now proved.

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    • from Radha Rajan
    • But in today's The Hindu there is an advertisement that says that Justice Ashok Kumar is slated for a Christian burial in some cemetery. So, that Christians are cornering the benefits of reservations and other preferential arrangements meant for the deprived in Hindu society either by lying about their religion or hiding behind caste while abusing caste in the same breath, is now proved.
    • Pl see the reference to Justice Ashok Kumar. The man pretended to reconvert to hinduism probably only to avail of the benefits reserved for Hindu harijans. But that he is getting a christian funeral exposes the rascally lie.

IntelliBriefs: At old British base, US and India train for new wars

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    • Indian and American troops at Yudh Abhyas ’09, a joint exercise between forces of the two countries, in Babina on Monday
    • While joint foreign deployments may be some time off, the most complex war game between the two countries has made one thing clear — India and US can now operate together in a hostile environment like Iraq or Afghanistan and deliver the goods.
    • “I will be comfortable going with the Indian Army anywhere, anytime,” said Lt Gen Benjamin Mixon, Commander, US Army, Pacific at the conclusion of a 15-day exercise that involved over 300 US troops and 17 Stryker ICVs brought in from Hawaii.
    • If Malabar 2007 was the turning point for Navy-Navy ties between the two countries and Red Flag 2008 redefined the relation between the two air forces, the anti-terror Yudh Abhyas that featured tanks, UAVs, ICVs, anti-tank missiles and heliborne operations has taken Army-Army ties to a new level.

* VivekaJyoti *: Seventy-eight percent of the temples under the control of the HR & CE Department in Tamil Nadu are in shambles. `They are being run like govt depts'

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    • from HARAN BR
    • Seventy-Eight percent of the temples under the control of the HR & CE Department are in shambles. According to activists, its time the government hands over the control of the temples to an independent, politically neutral body. – T.Muruganandam reports.
    • Kings built most of the temples, but they never intervened in the traditional worship there. Even the Britishers never interfered in the administration of temples, he points out, strongly arguing for handing over temple administration to a non-political independent body.
    • In figures 38,465 temples in the State are controlled by the HR&CE dept that comes under the State government.

      Under the pre text of land reforms, the State government drastically reduced the income of the temples over a period of time -- NARAYANASWAMI

      30,000 temples are getting less than Rs 5,000 as annual income. Of these many are in dilapidated state and need funds for renovation, according to the HR & CE dept's policy note.

    • “Most of the funds for temple kumbhabhishekham are raised by devotees and not the govt. So, why shouldn't they be allowed to run the temples themselves?”
    • Besides, cases of temple break-ins resulting in idol theft or breaking of hundis (fund collection boxes) and killing of temple watchmen have gone up manifold over the years, exposing the government's total ineptitude, they say.

QUIZ: Who is This Politician? HINT: Not who you think! | Faith Freedom International

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    • He was born to a part of the population that was often despised and mocked by the majority. 

      He was “abandoned” by his parents early on in his life. 

      He spent his formative years abroad, outside his country. 

      He never accomplished anything of note before he became the leader of his party (in his late thirties) and the ruler of his country (in his mid-forties). 

    • He was a master of using “new media” and advanced technology in his electoral campaigns. He revolutionized the face of politics. Among his main keywords were: “change” and “hope”. He attracted massive crowds to his rallies. 

      His party won democratic and fair elections and he assumed the supreme executive office of his country in January the following year. 

      His rule was favorably compared with the much hated administration that preceded him which was identified with an unprecedented economic recession and meltdown and with a humiliating resolution to an an unsuccessful and unnecessary protracted war abroad. 

      When he rose to power, he was loved and admired in his country and throughout the world. The federation of states he governed gradually re-captured the role of a superpower. 

      At first, he was championed as a peacemaker by foreign politicians and the global media.

    • He befriended the Muslim world and ascendant polities in Asia. Still, his experience in foreign affairs and his knowledge of foreign languages were very limited. 

      In the first two years of his administration, he pushed through a massive economic stimulus package; reformed the country’s social services (especially healthcare and education); introduced enhanced and all-pervasive regulation and state oversight of industry and finance; and invested heavily in infrastructure. He took credit for the economic recovery that ensued (and which was, actually, part of a global trend). 


      Many accused him of being born abroad, of not being native-born (i.e., of being a foreigner). 

    • So, who is this politician? 

महाजाल पर सुरेश चिपलूनकर (Suresh Chiplunkar): फ़ाइव स्टार होटल की नौकरी छोड़कर, मदुरै की सड़कों पर मनोरोगियों, पागलों और विक्षिप्तों को भोजन कराता एक महात्मा… A Social Worker Madurai

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    • यही सारे प्रश्न मदुराई के एक युवक एन कृष्णन के दिमाग में उठते थे, लेकिन उसने वह कर दिखाया जो कई लोग या तो सोच ही नहीं पाते, अथवा सिर्फ़ सोचकर रह जाते हैं। मदुराई का यह कर्मठ महात्मा, पिछले सात साल से रोज़ाना दिन में तीन बार शहर में घूम-घूमकर ऐसे रोगियों, विक्षिप्तों और बेसहारा लोगों को खाना खिलाता है। मात्र 30 वर्ष की उम्र में "अक्षयपात्र" नामक ट्रस्ट के जरिये वे यह सेवाकार्य चलाते हैं।
    • अक्षयपात्र ट्रस्ट की रसोई में झांककर जब हम देखते हैं, तो पाते हैं कि चमचमाते हुए करीने से रखे बर्तन, शुद्ध दाल, चावल, सब्जियाँ और मसाले… ऐसा लगता है कि हम किसी 5 सितारा होटल के किचन में हैं, और हो भी क्यों ना, आखिर एन कृष्णन बंगलोर के एक 5 सितारा होटल के "शेफ़" रह चुके हैं (इतने बड़े होटल के शेफ़ की तनख्वाह जानकर क्या करेंगे)। कृष्णन बताते हैं कि आज सुबह उन्होंने दही चावल तथा घर के बने अचार का मेनू तय किया है, जबकि शाम को वे इडली-सांभर बनाने वाले हैं… हम लोग भी तो एक जैसा भोजन नहीं खा सकते, उकता जाते हैं, ऐसे में क्या उन लोगों को भी अलग-अलग और ताज़ा खाना मिलने का हक नहीं है?"। कृष्णन की मदद के लिये दो रसोईये हैं, तीनों मिलकर नाश्ता तथा दोपहर और रात का खाना बनाते हैं, और अपनी गाड़ी लेकर भोजन बाँटते हैं, न सिर्फ़ बाँटते हैं बल्कि कई मनोरोगियों और विकलांगों को अपने हाथ से खिलाते भी हैं।
    कृष्णन अभी तक अविवाहित हैं, और उनकी यह शर्त है कि जिसे भी मुझसे शादी करना हो, उसे मेरा यह जीवन स्वीकार करना होगा, चाहे किसी भी तरह की समस्याएं आयें।

HINDU SAMHATI: Powerful Hindu Protest Against Islamist Persection in Taki-Hasnabad

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    • At the time of Kalipuja (Hindu festival also known as Deepavali - October 17, 2009), there was a cultural function by a Club Puja Committee in the Taki town in Basirhat subdivision of North 24 Parganas dist of West Bengal, India. Several Muslim youths from nearby Sankhchura village came to the function and misbehaved. Hindu sentiments were hurt by the outsiders' actions and words, a small scuffle occurred and the intruding miscreants were driven away from the venue.
    • In retaliation for this defensive action, on October 25th 2009, about 30-35 Muslim youths from Sankhchura village came to Taki town and beat up 2-3 Hindu boys and fled.
    • The village of Sankhchura is a notorious Islamist controlled village. It is a permanent headache for the administration and local Hindus. Moreover, a number of Jihadis (Silamist reactionary terrorists) and ISI (Pakistani spy agency) agents were caught by police from this village.

Hinduism Today Magazine - Hindu Press International » Daily Inspiration

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    • India was the motherland of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe’s languages. India was the mother of our philosophy, of much of our mathematics, of the ideals embodied in Christianity… of self-government and democracy. In many ways, Mother India is the mother of us all.
         Will Durant, American Historian (1885-1981)