Wednesday, October 28, 2009

QUIZ: Who is This Politician? HINT: Not who you think! | Faith Freedom International

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    • He was born to a part of the population that was often despised and mocked by the majority. 

      He was “abandoned” by his parents early on in his life. 

      He spent his formative years abroad, outside his country. 

      He never accomplished anything of note before he became the leader of his party (in his late thirties) and the ruler of his country (in his mid-forties). 

    • He was a master of using “new media” and advanced technology in his electoral campaigns. He revolutionized the face of politics. Among his main keywords were: “change” and “hope”. He attracted massive crowds to his rallies. 

      His party won democratic and fair elections and he assumed the supreme executive office of his country in January the following year. 

      His rule was favorably compared with the much hated administration that preceded him which was identified with an unprecedented economic recession and meltdown and with a humiliating resolution to an an unsuccessful and unnecessary protracted war abroad. 

      When he rose to power, he was loved and admired in his country and throughout the world. The federation of states he governed gradually re-captured the role of a superpower. 

      At first, he was championed as a peacemaker by foreign politicians and the global media.

    • He befriended the Muslim world and ascendant polities in Asia. Still, his experience in foreign affairs and his knowledge of foreign languages were very limited. 

      In the first two years of his administration, he pushed through a massive economic stimulus package; reformed the country’s social services (especially healthcare and education); introduced enhanced and all-pervasive regulation and state oversight of industry and finance; and invested heavily in infrastructure. He took credit for the economic recovery that ensued (and which was, actually, part of a global trend). 


      Many accused him of being born abroad, of not being native-born (i.e., of being a foreigner). 

    • So, who is this politician?