Wednesday, October 28, 2009

IntelliBriefs: At old British base, US and India train for new wars

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    • Indian and American troops at Yudh Abhyas ’09, a joint exercise between forces of the two countries, in Babina on Monday
    • While joint foreign deployments may be some time off, the most complex war game between the two countries has made one thing clear — India and US can now operate together in a hostile environment like Iraq or Afghanistan and deliver the goods.
    • “I will be comfortable going with the Indian Army anywhere, anytime,” said Lt Gen Benjamin Mixon, Commander, US Army, Pacific at the conclusion of a 15-day exercise that involved over 300 US troops and 17 Stryker ICVs brought in from Hawaii.
    • If Malabar 2007 was the turning point for Navy-Navy ties between the two countries and Red Flag 2008 redefined the relation between the two air forces, the anti-terror Yudh Abhyas that featured tanks, UAVs, ICVs, anti-tank missiles and heliborne operations has taken Army-Army ties to a new level.