Wednesday, October 28, 2009

* VivekaJyoti *: Imperialist China flexing its muscles

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      Date: - 28.10.09
    • By Dr Jay Dubashi
    • Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, known generally as HSBC, and one of the biggest banks operating in the East, has decided to move its chief executive from London to Hong Kong. The move to Hong Kong, where the bank was founded in 1865, is to take account of the "shift in the world’s centre of economic gravity from West to East," according to an announcement.

      The Chinese, a shrewd lot, are interpreting this as a signal that they are once again the centre of the world, which they may not be right now but will certainly be twenty or thirty years from now, when it will be China, not America, that will call the shots.
    • China is now doing or will soon be doing what the western nations did in the sixteenth century when they descended on the East in the name of commerce.
    • We have to be realistic about China. She will behave in the same fashion as Britain did between 1600 and 1800, when she created an empire out of virtually nothing. China will go the same way because that is what power does to you. Power, which means economic and political power, is like a strong drink: it grows on you. You may talk about democracy and Marx, but that is only talk. The Christians who came to India in the wake of European conquerors also talked about Christ and the Bible. Ultimately, they wound up helping the ruler enslave us, talking of the Bible and Macaulay all the time.
    • Soon you will find large chunks of Africa swallowed up by the Chinese in the name of commerce, just as the East India Company did in the 17th and 18th centuries. And no African ruler will be able to dislodge them once they are in place, because the real rulers will be the Chinese.
    • Africa is already in a way a Chinese colony. The African rulers are already eating out of Chinese hands, whether they are Angola, Mozambique or Congo. The Chinese are investing heavily in these countries and will one day take them over, just as the British did.