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steps to second partition: Muslims attack tribal villages in bengal...where are our secularists?

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    • पश्चिम बंगाल के बीरभूम ज़िले में मुसलमानों और आदिवासियों के बीच भड़की हिंसा में कई घरों को आग लगा दी गई है.

      पुलिस का कहना है कि एक मुसलमान व्यावसायी की हत्या से नाराज़ मुसलमानों ने गुरुवार की सुबह मोहम्मद बाज़ार इलाक़े के तीन जनजातीय गाँवों पर हमला कर दिया.

      एक पुलिस अधिकारी ने बताया कि मुसलमानों की उग्र भीड़ ने तीन गाँवों में कम से कम 50 घरों में आग लगा दी.
    • स्थानीय ग़ैर सरकारी संस्था के प्रमुख कुणाल देब ने आरोप लगाया है कि खान मालिक मुसलमानों को आदिवासियों के ख़िलाफ़ भड़का रहे हैं ताकि वे अपना ग़ैर क़ानूनी काम शुरू कर सकें.

      कुणाल देब ने बीबीसी के साथ बातचीत में कहा कि खान मालिक ये भी ग़लत आरोप लगा रहे हैं कि आदिवासियों को माओवादियों का समर्थन मिल रहा है.

      उन्होंने कहा, "खान मालिक चाहते हैं कि पुलिस आदिवासियों को प्रताड़ित करे ताकि आदिवासी अपना अभियान वापस ले लें."

      ग़ैर क़ानूनी खनन को लेकर आदिवासियों का विरोध दशकों पुराना है.

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steps to second partition: Sonia and rahul do not oppose maoists... why?

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    • What explains this gap between thought and action? The answer lies in the complete lack of will at the top of the political pyramid. This means Sonia Gandhi, not Manmohan Singh or Chidambaram. Given the extremely secretive nature of the Manmohan Singh-Sonia-Rahul Gandhi interface, it is not possible to conclusively prove this, but it is reasonable to presume that Sonia is not actively backing the government in its anti-Maoist campaign.

      We certainly haven’t heard a single Sonia statement on Maoism that backs the official stand of her government. At best we have had non-descript statements deploring violence — something similar to what the human-rightswallahs mumble when confronted with the latest Maoist atrocities. In her last statement before the Jharkhand polls, Sonia said “there is no place for violence in a democracy” — a motherhood statement at best. Her son Rahul blamed non-Congress governments for the Maoist violence, neatly deflecting the issue.

      This reluctance to back their own government on a hard policy issue is in sharp contrast to the way the dynasty hogs all credit for the aam aadmi schemes implemented by the UPA government.
    • There is some political method to this madness. A substantial chunk of the future vote bank of the Congress lies in the tribal belts where missionaries are active. This is also the area where the Maoists rule. But we do not hear of any clashes or even tensions between the soldiers of god and the mercenaries of Mao. On the other hand, we do have a case of a Maoist claiming “credit” for murdering a Hindu religious leader who was also doing missionary work in the tribal areas of Kandhamal — a traumatic event that triggered a terrible massacre of Christian tribals in retaliation. So what’s the nexus?
    • One thing is starkly clear. The Manmohan Singh government’s main job is not to do right by the country, but by the dynasty. As long as the decisions taken are politically acceptable to Sonia and Rahul, it’s fine. But when political capital has to be expended in the long-term interests of the country, the family will be far away. What else explains the reluctance of Rahul Gandhi to join the government when the PM was more than willing to give him a chance? The decision to decline power gives him obvious advantages: the media tom-toms this as a great sacrifice, something that proves that the Gandhis are not power-hungry. Actually, they are only wary of accountability.
    • The dynasty is internally playing the same role in UPA-2 that the Left was doing in UPA-1: demanding power without an iota of responsibility.
    • Let’s be clear. Manmohan Singh is the dynasty’s fall guy. He had better watch out.

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Haindava Keralam - Asianet's Vishu greetings by making fun of Lord Sri Krishna

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HINDU SAMHATI: Islamic youth attack Hindus at a Barrackpore Sports Center

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    • Incident report 16th April, 2010.
    • Then at around 6.15 pm, about 50-60 boys (age 16 – 22) came and entered the club building, specially in the bathrooms and the girls' dress changing room. The intruder boys started beating everyone of them black and blue.

      5 – 6 girl players were severely injured. Among them 2 Hindu girls, named Puja Singha (17) and Dolly Biswas (14) were mercilessly beaten up.

      Puja Singha, who was admitted to a local hospital Sarada Nursing Home for 2 days told the HS visiting team members, “I was mainly beaten up on my breast region, they stood on my breast and kicked me up.” When the correspondent asked her, who were those boys and whether she knows anyone of them? She replied that all of them were Muslim boys from Mohanpur (Chopkathalia) Masjid Para.
    • It was extremely difficult for our representatives to collect the detail information as the local people and club members are scared by both the Muslim hooligans and CPI(M) cadres. That Mohanpur Panchyat and the Sports Complex is totally controlled by CPIM.

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Haindava Keralam - Panchthupi Riot in Murshidabad ; The De-facto Pakistan in India

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    • From 14th April Communal Riot started in Panchthupi village and surrounding area of the village under BURWAN Police Station of Kandi sub division of Murshidabad district.

      This Panchthupi village is a very big village consisting of 18 paras (localities).

      The clash started when some Muslim boys spat on the Hindu devotees of Shiva on the day of Charak Puja. These devotees were drinking water from a tube well. The devotees protested resulting in clashes between two groups. Some people from both sides were injured.
    • Peace Committee was formed taking representatives from both communities.

      But, on 16th April, suddenly about 300 – 400 Muslims attacked the Hindus. Many Hindu houses and shops were looted and destroyed. Hindu houses were bomb charged indiscriminately. Naru Gopal Mukherjee’s house in Achoa Para and one ex elected Pradhan of Dakshin Para were damaged  in the bombing by the Muslims. Many Hindus were injured.
    • In this attack, Muslims from another village, named Godapara on the other side of the river Mayurakshi (now dry) joined the attackers.

      In this large scale bombing, one Hindu youth of 22 years age  Sujit Ghosh has been killed at about 11 am on 16.04.10. The bomb was thrown directly on the back of him.

      On the same day morning (16.04.10), the Dak Bunglow Market, about 6 km distant from Panchthupi village, was attacked by the Muslim miscreants.
    • Hindus are apprehensive what will happen when he police force will leave the place.

      In this, the District Magistrate (D.C.) Mr. Parvez Siddiqi is playing a dirty role to misuse administration in favour of Muslim hooligans.
    • He has made it a point to offer Namaz every Friday noon in different Mosques of the Baharampur town and Murshidabad dist. He particularly chooses those mosques which are not visited by many Muslims. His intention is to popularise that mosque and to give encouragement and inspiration to the Mullahs and Imams of those unpopular mosques.
    • Hindus are extremely scared as they know that they live in a de-facto Pakistan. In fact, in 1947, since 15 August, Pakistani Flag hoisted for three days in this district.

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Was Tipu Sultan Triator?

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    • Actually, I am analyzing the past records and history of Tipu Sultan. After completing it and reading what are you thinking, I will take action for removing or not removing name of Tipu Sultan in the list of freedom fighters of India. Please send me all these information at or write it in following comment box. Thanks

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