Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kaushal's blog: Keeping the Savarkar flame alive

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    • Keep the flame alive
      Savarkar's Phoney Followers
      By Subhash Gatade
    • (Politics is a game of the impossible. The Sangh Parivar, which never enjoyed a smooth relationship with Vinayak Damodar Savarkar when alive, now wants us to believe that it is the true and the only heir to his legacy. It is a different matter that even Savarkar's diehard followers do not seem amused with all their ropetricks. The manner in which RSS-BJP handled the issue of memorial for Savarkar in faraway France indicates once again the floundering of their strategy.)
    • As revealed by 'Swatantryaveer Savarkar Seva Kendra' Jean Claude, Mayor of Marseilles did send a letter to the Prime Minister expressing his willingness to address concerns of Savarkar's followers, but it had reached the Prime Minister's Office exactly 11 years back ( 8 th July 1998).It was the period when Atal Bihari Vajpayee, a Sangh volunteer from his school days, happened to be Prime Minister of the Republic. Neither Mr Vajpayee nor the Prime Minister's Office deemed it necessary to even look into the matter and they forwarded the said letter to the Ministry for External Affairs to deliberate on the matter.
    • Savarkar's increasing frustration with RSS's docile nature and its activities was evident in the famous statement he made in the early forties unleashing his attack on RSS without munching any words :
      "The epitah for the RSS volunteer will be that he was born, he joined the RSS and died without accomplishing anything."- V. D. Savarkar
    • It was clear to even a layperson that the RSS as well as Jan Sangh were maintaining a distance from Savarkar. In fact Savarkar died a lonely man abhorred by the very people who once called him the pioneer theoretician of the project of Hindu Rashtra. It seems really ironic that these are the very people who are today engaged in an exercise to show that they are the real heirs to his legacy.

VHP showcases its contribution to India |

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    • Dr Pravin Togadia
    • great work where millions of the poor & needy have been benefiting is NOT of the work done by any government in power. Without any governmental power this work is being done for years by HINDU ORGANISATIONS like RSS, VHP & by THE HINDU SADHU SANTS like SRI SRI GURUJI RAVISHANKARJI, SRI SATHYA SAI BABA JI OF PUTTHA PARTHY, THE LTE SWAMI LAXMANANANDJI, SRI DUDHABABAJI, SADHVI RITAMBARAJI & many of such people.
    • The happiest part of this socio-developmental work is that it is a great joy to see tribal, poor children’s eyes shining bright when the study & go ahead in life., to see poor women happily telling friends as to how they got their daughters married with their own income, to see a terminally ill poor old man getting cured free & walking on his own feet….

      The saddest part is that the one-sided media & a few vested interests groups purposely ignore / demean such a good work & focus on tarnishing image of Hindu organizations & Sadhu-Sants with some one-off incidents & paints them (& Hindutva) as anti-development & out dated. The saddest part is also limited financial & other resources with Hindu Organizations. But the HINDU DREAMS ARE BRIGHTER & THE HORIZIN IS MUCH LARGER…

India Hoardings ‘Strictly Prohibit’ Preaching About Jesus Christ |

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    • Groups opposing missionaries have put up three anti-Christian hoardings in Bastar district in central Indian state of Chhattisgarh, sternly warning the Christians not to preach about Jesus Christ in the area.
    • Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) news reported that the Hindu extremists are allegedly from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) or literally World Hindu Council and Bajrang Dal, a youth wing of the VHP, who are known for their anti-Christian stance in the past.

    • The signboard put up in three different places said, “Preaching about Jesus Christ is strictly prohibited in the area, and a penalty of 1,130 Indian rupees (about 23 U.S dollars) will be imposed on those found guilty.” The hoardings also have pictures of Hindu deities along with names of the extremists group, EFI reported.

गौकश दबोचा, धुनाई कर पुलिस को सौंपा

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    • गौकश दबोचा, धुनाई कर पुलिस को सौंपा
    • आगरा
    • डौकी के गांव मेद का नगला में ग्रामीणों ने एक गौकश को दबोच जमकर मरम्मत करने के बाद पुलिस को सौंप दिया। आरोपी के खिलाफ गैंगस्टर की कार्रवाई को लेकर भीड़ काफी देर तक थाने पर जमी रही।
    • जानकारी होने पर विश्व हिंदू परिषद के जिलामंत्री अशोक लवानियां तथा बजरंग दल के पूर्व जिला संयोजक मुकेश दीक्षित भी मौके पर पहुंच गये।