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Compulsive Aggression and Profanity of Islam

Compulsive Aggression and Profanity of Islam: "Dharamveer

Islam is a predatory religion. It seeks to demean and destroy other cultures and replace them with Islamic-arab culture. To this end, it finds the things most sacred, most symbolically sublime in cultures it encounters, and then proceeds to systematically profane them. When Islam invaded India in 712AD, they found the Hindus to be very different from themselves. Alberuni, an Islamic historian who accompanied the brutal Islamic invasions of Mahmud Ghazni in 1000AD, states that the Hindus were, in every way, the opposite of muslims. It is interesting and educative to read his accounts. For instance, he mocks the Hindus for "consulting their women in every matter of importance" - referring to the high position of women in pre-Islamic India and the pathetic animal-like existence of women within Islam. In Islam, a woman is a mere possession of a man meant almost entirely for sexual pleasure - so a muslim would indeed find a Hindu consulting a woman on an important matter most incredible! Remember folks, women are Islam's first victims, and there is something very just about fighting an ideology that reduces women to the status that they "enjoy" in Islam



Teaching lesson on morality, Home Minister inaugurates a ‘Bar’ in Pandharpur

Teaching lesson on morality, Home Minister inaugurates a ‘Bar’ in Pandharpur: "The balance of social health has to be maintained while selling liquor. Nearly 12,000 people die in accidents in this country every year that take place due to drunken drivers. While one has to think about his sales, he should also observe restrictions of morality."

The balance of social health has to be maintained while selling liquor. Nearly 12,000 people die in accidents in this country every year that take place due to drunken drivers. While one has to think about his sales, he should also observe restrictions of morality. The above lessons were given by the State Home Minister R R Patil while inaugurating a hotel named ‘Atithi Family Restaurant and Bar’.

Disgraceful criticism of Pujya Asaram Bapu on ‘Star Majha’ channel

Disgraceful criticism of Pujya Asaram Bapu on ‘Star Majha’ channel: "One news item was telecast on a Marathi news channel ‘Star Majha’ criticizing Pujya Asaram Bapu in very harsh words which has hurt religious sentiments of His devotees and all Hindus. All Hindus should protest lawfully against it."

Valentine Day is not a part of Indian culture; but is a perverted gift from westerns. Being under strong influence of such foreign perversion, can lead to unmarried girls going on the path of pregnancy. The above guidance was given by Pujya Asaramji Bapu at Jhansi. The said statement was, however, twisted by ‘Star Majha’ giving it a meaning that ‘Valentine Day is the cause of getting affected by AIDS’.

A newsreader from this channel referred to Pujya Asaramaji Bapu disrespectfully and criticized him in a very derogatory manner. She said, “What can be done if some ascetic talks in such irresponsible manner leaving his spiritual meet Asaram Bapu should not leave his senses. If he starts making such irresponsible statements about people’s feelings instead of spirituality and detachment, no youth will go to him.”

Azadi not main concern in Kashmir, Islam is: Jamaat

Azadi not main concern in Kashmir, Islam is: Jamaat: "Kashmir's grand old religious-cum-political outfit Jamaat-i-Islami, which is the parent party of Hurriyat hawk Syed Ali Shah Geelani, on Monday said that the propagation of religion
, and not the pursuit of politics and power, is its primary concern, and hence, the struggle for Azadi is secondary for it."

Mumbai witnesses proclamations of victory of Pak on the occasion of Eid !

Mumbai witnesses proclamations of victory of Pak on the occasion of Eid !: "On the occasion of Eid large processions were organized in Kurla, Nagpada, Ghatkopar, Bhendi Bazaar, Jogeshwari and other Muslim dominant areas. The processions which started at 8 in the morning proceeded with slogans such as ‘Naar-e-Taqbeer’, ‘Allah-ho-Akbar’, and interspaced with the slogan ‘Pakistan Zindabad’."

Solapur: Hindus foil attempt to celebrate Eid in Temple premises

Solapur: Hindus foil attempt to celebrate Eid in Temple premises: "Solapur (Maharashtra): A pendal was being erected by Muslims in Shri Vijay Hanuman temple premises in Ashok Chowk for a program to celebrate Eid; but united Hindus stopped this in a legal manner."

Purpose served Chidambaram, but not the way you think

Purpose served Chidambaram, but not the way you think 
Radha Rajan
18 Feb 2011

The Malegaon blasts of 2008 were followed by blasts in Modasa in Gujarat, serial blasts in Jaipur, on Ramjanmabhumi, last year in the German Bakery in Pune, and another near the Dasashwamedha Ghat in Varanasi; the nation is holding its breath waiting for the UPA government to pin these too on the RSS since no arrests have been made so far and no charge-sheet has been filed..   

One reason why other terrorism experts dismissed the Hindu terror theory was the fact that Hindus as individuals and Hindu groups do not have access to RDX, and this is a critical factor in the argument. It is around this critical factor that the diabolic plot to label Hindus as terrorists on their own bhumi has been crafted and executed. 

Hindus have the right to demand that the UPA government prove that it did not pick Col. Purohit to penetrate the RSS. Whoever masterminded this diabolic plot is almost certain to have had an Intelligence background if they could pick a man from Military Intelligence to head their CIA-like Dirty Tricks Department. Knowing full well that one of the arguments from terrorism experts to dismiss the Hindu terror story would be to raise the question how non-state, non-Muslim actors in India could access RDX, the mastermind picked on an army man who could then be passed off as the person who had access to the RDX under army lock and key.

What is obvious is that even as these grand plots to defile Hindu society were being brewed, the nation’s intelligence and investigating agencies were being deliberately sent on a wild goose chase, chasing the Hindu terror pink elephant, and that is why Ajmal Kasab and his fellow-jihadis could walk unchecked, unchallenged, unnoticed into this country through Mumbai, in Maharashtra, whose ATS chief was hand-picked by the then National Security Adviser.

A final word to one and all; there are no Hindu terrorists on Hindu bhumi. When Hindus pick up arms because the state fails intentionally to protect them and when the state fails intentionally to deal effectively with threats to the Hindu nation, then every Hindu who fights to defend his bhumi is a kshatriya. 

Cricket is a sport which is detrimental for the Nation

Cricket is a sport which is detrimental for the Nation: "This article gives us information on detrimental effects of Cricket on Nation, people and youth. It causes social harm and loss to nation. Developed countries like USA, China don't even think about this game."

Digvijay Singh’s comments on Hindu Bengalis flayed

Digvijay Singh’s comments on Hindu Bengalis flayed

A word of caution to Swamy Ramdevji

A word of caution to Swamy Ramdevji

15th February 2011

Swami Ramdev Ji
Bharat Swabhiman Trust,
Pathanjali Yogpeet
Maharishi Dayanand Nagar,
Haridwar 249403

Poojya Swami Ram Dev Ji,

Saadar Pranaam.

I last wrote to you on 20th October 2009, taking objection to your mentioning Quran as a Dharma Granth. Today I write to you complaining about a few dubious characters in your ‘India Against Corruption’ campaign. I also spoke to your office on phone, with one Mr. Anuj, today.

Your Movement ‘India Against Corruption’ is indeed the need of the hour. Hindu Voice (Monthly) and National Spirit (Weekly) fully support you in this endeavour and also in your Movement for Nayi Azaadi and Nayi Vyavastha in Bharat.

However, I am not able to digest a few persons of doubtful character in your ‘India Against Corruption’ campaign.

1. Swami Agnivesh: He is a known supporter of Maoists and Kashmir Separatists. He has addressed many meetings supporting Maoists and Kashmir Separatists. He instigates Muslims against singing Vande Mataram. He has recently raised his voice against the Chattisgarh High Court’s decision rejecting the bail plea of Binayak Sen, a Maoist supporter convicted for Life Imprisonment.

2. Medha Patkar: She is against development of our Nation. At the instigation of foreign powers, she provokes common people against development projects undertaken by various government agencies. Narmada Valley Corpn. is a case in point. In the guise of taking up common people’s cause, she instigates the project-affected people to put impediments in the development work. She is an agent of foreign forces, and probably gets paid by them.

3. Mallika Sarabai: She was carrying out a campaign against Narendra Modi ji, along with the entire secular gang. Any person who hates the uncorrupt Modi is a misfit in your campaign.

All the above three are a part of the secular brigade operating in Bharat. I am sure, what is known to me is definitely known to you too. And you may be having some compelling reasons to include them in your ‘India Against Corruption’ campaign. However, in the longer run, these people who have their own anti-national agenda, may cause more damage to the movement than any worthwhile contribution.

I thought of just cautioning you, hence this letter.

With my humble obeisances,

Your Wellwisher
In the Service of Bharat Mata

P. Deivamuthu
Editor, Hindu Voice & National Spirit

P.S. The sudden and untimely demise of Shri Rajiv Dixit ji is indeed shocking. Bharat Mata has lost a Great Son. It is an irreparable loss to the nation.

P.S. : Hard Copy posted on 17th and Email sent on 17th Feb. 2011

What reply would MK Gandhi have given to SoniaG’s letter of contempt admonishin​g Advani as man of stature?

What reply would MK Gandhi have given to SoniaG’s letter of contempt admonishin​g Advani as man of stature?: "

S. Kalyanaraman

What reply would MK Gandhi have given to SoniaG’s letter of contempt admonishing Advani as man of stature?

Here is a sample from Anon dated 21 Feb. 2011.

[The complete report is at]

Indian Black Money Abroad in Secret Banks and Tax Havens: Executive Summary

BJP Task Force

21 Feb 2011

Had Gandhi been in Advani’s position, what sort of reply he would have given? Here it is: -

## Dear Soniaji, On my return from Kolkota I found your letter waiting for me. We Indians should write to each other in Indian languages. There is no real swaraj without it. If Janardhan Dwivedi is not upto the task of tutoring you in writing in Hindi after 40 years, maybe you should look at other options. I shall have Pyarelal write to you about good teachers in Delhi if you wish. Mira behn can write excellent Hindi and she can vouch for the possibility of learning Hindi in relatively short time if sincere effort is put in. How is your health? Emotional distress can result in constipation. Your recent photos also suggest that you might be affected by it. You should take an enema prepared in the following way – 2 litres of water boiled to 100 degrees and cooled to 80 degrees, 1 cup of sea salt, 2 tsps of lemon juice. Do not eat any fried food for the next 10 days. Fasting always helps.

## Now, on your distress about my presence in the gathering to release the Task Force Report on black money – All the individuals in the panel are my esteemed colleagues and they were tasked by the party to prepare such a report and I shall say they have done a commendable job. Your denial’s truth value can only be measured by your openness and your Government’s openness in releasing all the account details the foreign banks have provided to our nation. The Task force has been constrained to go about its work with the available sources. If counter facts were made available I can assure you that they will be the first to correct their findings. You wouldn’t even have to write to me or them. In the possible event of your stance being correct, as a student of Gita I can only say our personal distress is part of the karma that we carry in providing public service, which is what I assume you are involved in. You will write to me if you don’t agree with my views. I am sending my personal stash of Kathiawari sea salt to 10 Janpath. Write to me about the results.


MK Gandhi.

## PS : I am copying this letter to Task force panel members and BJP President Nitin Gadkari.


21 Feb. 2011


Congress Loses Defamation Case Against Swamy

Congress Loses Defamation Case Against Swamy: "

1. Last January, an office-bearer of the Gujarat Youth Congress, Mr. Prakash Dharamsingh Gurjar filed a defamation case against Janata Party President Dr. Subramanian Swamy alleging that he had in a speech in Ahmedabad in December 2010 defamed Congress President Sonia Gandhi by alleging that she was a beneficiary in all corrupt deals since she came to India in 1968. He had also alleged that she had received Rs. 36,000 crores in the 2G Spectrum Scam and had several illegal foreign accounts abroad thus committing offences under IPC Sections 499 (defamation) read with 153A&B (promoting enmity and prejudice to national integration). and Section 2 of the Prevention of Unlawful Activities Act(1967).

2. In his judgment on Mr. Gurjar’s two complaints, No. P.A. No.7/2011& 16/2011, passed on 15.2.2011 by B.T. Dave ,Metropolitan Magistrate, Court No.7, Ahmedabad , while dismissing the complaint on ground of failure of Mr. Gurjar to give any facts on his examination as complainant ,which was requisite u/Section 200 Cr.P.C., also held that no prima facie case was made out and hence it was not maintainable. Mr. Gurjar had alleged Dr. Swamy of doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony, also invoked Section 153BI.P.C. (imputations ,assertions prejudicial to national integration) and Section 500 I.P.C. (Defamation) while demanding Dr. Swamy detention in prison under the Prevention of Unlawful Activities Act.

3. This is the fifth defamation case filed by Congress Party office bearers in the last two years against Dr. Swamy, and all of them have now been dismissed. Dr. Swamy had tried in these cases to summon Ms. Sonia Gandhi to the witness box to cross examine her, but before the case could reach that stage, all these cases have been dismissed.

Pran Nath Mago

Office Secretary


‘Distress’ and ‘regret’. Nation’s wealth in accounts abroad of SoniaG.

‘Distress’ and ‘regret’. Nation’s wealth in accounts abroad of SoniaG.: "

S. Kalyanaraman

Since SoniaG claims to be a national leader, her family monies held abroad should be brought into India’s financial system.

Private communications (which have a way of becoming public in India) with use of words like ‘contempt’, ‘lies’ or ‘allegations’ won’t do.

Facts have to be answered with facts, even for a leader of SoniaG’s eminence. SoniaG should come clean: accept the validity of facts cited in the IBAR (Indian Blackmoney Abroad Report dated 31 Jan. 2011) .

Distress and regret are personal problems quite unrelated to the imperative of restitution of nation’s wealth held abroad — this is poor peoples’ money which should go back to the poor people of India.

Congratulations to the authors of IBAR — Gurumurthy, Ajith Doval, Mahesh Jethmalani, R. Vaidyanathan – for bringing the issue of restitution of nation’s wealth held abroad, to the attention of citizens of India.

The nation’s present and future generations owe them a deep debt of gratitude.


‘Distress’ and ‘regret’

By S Gurumurthy

20 Feb 2011 10:36:00 PM IST

That leaks make news is well known. More sensitive the leaks more shocking the news. The alleged ‘apology’ of L K Advani to Sonia Gandhi to the Bharatiya Janata Party task force on black money abroad saying that she held secret Swiss bank accounts was indeed a stunner. The leak shocked the BJP to grief, surprised the Congress to joy, and bewildered the media to splits. A plain reading of Advani’s letter shows that he has not regretted for the task force report mentioning Sonia’s name at all. Yet, thanks to the media spin, the whole country believes he has.

Here is the story of the ‘regret’. The task force of the BJP consisting of four specialists — Ajit Doval, a security expert, Prof Vaidyanathan, a financial expert, Mahesh Jethmalani, a senior lawyer and myself, an experienced chartered accountant — had submitted a meticulous report, running to almost 100 pages, on the black money stashed away abroad. Citing two unbiased sources, the task force report had said that Sonia Gandhi family reportedly held huge funds in Swiss banks. This should have made big national news; but it did not. Why?

The Delhi media in strength had attended the release of the task force report by the tall leaders of the BJP and National Democratic Alliance (NDA) on February 1; but it hardly reported either the news or the contents of the report. That the task force had mentioned the name of Sonia Gandhi was presumed to be the reason for the self-censorship of the Delhi media. But, ironically, what the release of the task force report could not achieve, the leak of the ‘apology’ letter seems to be achieving. The clever leak of Advani’s letter, intended to abort any discussion on Sonia Gandhi family’s alleged Swiss bank accounts, has inevitably drawn her into it. Because, as the Delhi media discusses what the ‘apology’ is for, it is forced to refer to the Swiss account of Sonia Gandhi family mentioned in the task force report.

The report cited two independent, credible sources for the alleged secret Swiss accounts and other secret funds of the Sonia Gandhi family. The first was an exposure in the most popular news magazine of Switzerland, Schweizer Illustrierte (November 11, 1991). The Swiss magazine had alleged that some 14 leaders of third world countries had stashed away their bribes in Swiss banks; the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi with $2.2 billions in secret accounts was one of them. The next was a research book, based on the declassified KGB documents, written by Yuvegina Albats, a Russian journalist. The KGB documents cited by Albats said that, in the year 1985, when Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister, he had expressed gratefulness to the KGB for financial favours shown to the Gandhi family. The task force report had also pointed out that A G Noorani, well-known columnist, first wrote about these exposes in The Statesman newspaper in 1988; later, Subramanian Swamy put out the photocopies of the Swiss magazine and the extracts of Albats’ book in the Janata Party website from 2001; subsequently, well-known columnist Rajinder Puri wrote about Albats’ expose in his column in 2005; afterwards, I wrote about it in detail in the year 2009 and again in January this year in The New Indian Express; finally, Ram Jethmalani wrote on it in India Today. The task force pointed out that the Gandhi family did not contest nor dare sue any of the writers or publishers in or outside India. It had also contrasted their silence with how Morarji Desai, when he was 87, filed a $50 million damages suit in US when Seymour Hersh wrote in his book that Desai was a CIA agent, disproved the charge and saved his and the nation’s honour. The task force asked why the Gandhi family did not emulate Desai to establish the honour of Rajiv Gandhi and the nation. The task force had also pointed out that to make the matters worse, when an advertisement containing the alleged Swiss accounts in Sonia family name was issued in The New York Times issued by some NRIs at the time of Sonia Gandhi’s visit to US in 2008, the Indian National Overseas Congress sued for $100 millions in damages to defend the honour of Sonia Gandhi but did not contest the allegation about Swiss money; and it also withdrew the suit!

After the task force report was released, on February 15, Sonia Gandhi wrote a secret, not open, letter to Advani expressing her disappointment at a person of his stature releasing the task force report of the BJP endorsing what she called as “scurrilous allegations” against her family, which she had treated with “contempt”. Are the exposes Schweizer Illustrierte and Albats scurrilous? On February 16, expressing happiness at her denial of the allegations, Advani said that had she denied it earlier the task force would have factored it in its report. He concluded, “Even so, I deeply regret the distress caused to you”, which made the Congress to gloat over. Explicitly, it is no regret for the report mentioning her family’s alleged Swiss accounts. A dignified regret for the personal distress has been turned into a political apology.

The task force has asserted that it is the author of the report. The BJP or NDA could accept or reject its report. But, they considered the report, accepted and released it. The task force members have reiterated that they stand by every word of their report including about the alleged secret funds of the Sonia Gandhi family based on the sources cited. The task force is an independent body of domain specialists. It has castigated all political parties and all political leaders as lacking in credibility, thus not sparing the BJP, which had sought its views. The leak has only helped to confirm the independence of the task force. And more, it has also helped to lift the self-censorship of the Delhi media and open the alleged Sonia Gandhi family Swiss accounts for public debate

S Gurumurthy is a well-known commentator on political and economic issues


India's Soft-Power:Call Comes From The East!

India's Soft-Power:Call Comes From The East!: "
Apparently, Indian civil society has no time for another Hindu temple dispute with international ramifications. Indian civil society has been very vocal on the issues related to Palestine, sending relief ships to Gaza strip so as to defeat the Israel-imposed naval blockade of Gaza.

There has been renewed fighting over the last few weeks between two Asian nations Thailand and Cambodia, in India’s near abroad region, over the 9th Century Hindu Temple complex situated on a mountain-top. Preah Vihear is a Shiva Temple constructed by the Hindu Khmer kings from 9th Century to 11th Century CE. Later on it came under Buddhist influence when Thailand ruled over the northwestern Cambodia from the late 18th century until the early 20th century. In the early part of the 20th century French colonialists expelled the Thais to current international border. The dispute between the two nations is longstanding and is based on different interpretations of a French colonial map. In 1962 the International Court of Justice in The Hague awarded the temple complex to Cambodia. In July 2008 the temple complex was declared as the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Thailand opposed it on grounds that the territory around the temple was never demarcated between the two countries. The current conflict is precipitated by the Thai electoral politics between the “red-shirts” and the “yellows-shirts” and possibility of electoral defeat of the Prime Minister Abhisit Veijajiva in the next general elections. Clearly, hyper-nationalism drives this
longstanding dispute between two of our neighbors. It would be naïve to presume that any international intervention would quickly resolve this complex problem with strong nationalistic overtones.

UN Role:
Cambodia has taken this serious issue to UN Security Council as it threatens the regional stability. The Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has already written a letter to Ban-ki Moon and decided to take the dispute and the recent clashes to the UN Security Council where India is one of the non-permanent members. Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Veijajiva has demanded that “the Cambodian practice of stationing military forces at the temple must end entirely”. Cambodian Foreign Ministry has denied this charge and said “there have never been and there will never be Cambodian soldiers at the Temple of Preah Vihear”. Cambodia also called for UN peacekeepers to help maintain peace and tranquility across the Thai-Cambodian border and to prevent further military clashes. Both Cambodia and Thailand are the members of ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations). The ASEAN charter mandates renunciation of force and use of military in solving bilateral disputes. Some persons of eminence from the region have called for ASEAN mediation in this intra-ASEAN conflict. All this prompted calls for restraint by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who expressed “deep concern” at the emerging clashes between the two nations. UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova also issued an appeal for calm and restraint around the temple in order to safeguard this World Heritage Site for all the humanity.

Temple is currently in dilapidated state and any further escalation of military hostilities might damage the structure. Any possible UN peace-keeping mission must start with an acknowledgement of the fact that this is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva where a large number of devotees still throng for religious services. It is worth noting that Islamic countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh have traditionally provided troops for various UN missions. The UN must avoid deployment of troops from countries that are either Islamic or Christian on the territories of a Hindu Temple. Considering the religious sensitivities involved, only Hindu and Buddhist peace-keeping forces should be deployed by the UN in order to prevent any possible intentional or unintentional desecration of an ancient and revered Hindu Temple by the uninformed UN peacekeepers.

Indian role:
Indian media is generally silent on this dispute in India’s neighbor-hood although this may have long-term geo-political significance. Except for a coupe of news-items in the Hindu from Chennai, there has been no media coverage. Indian media is more preoccupied with Egypt, Tunisia and broader middle-east related issues. Indian strategic community is equally silent on this dispute between two traditionally India-friendly nations in our neighborhood. The Ministry for External Affairs and the Government of India have not realized the geo-political significance of this dispute. No appeal for restraint has been issued so far. While we aspire to a superpower status and yearn to be permanent member of the UN Security Council, no mediatory efforts have been made so far by the Government of India. Perhaps, as a goodwill gesture, the Government of India and specifically the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) can take a lead in renovating this Hindu Temple just like the famous Angkor Wat was restored by the UNESCO. Perhaps, as a confidence-building measure, the government of India should announce allocation of $ 100 million immediately for the work on renovation and restoration of the Preah Vihear temple complex.

Apparently, Indian civil society has no time for another Hindu temple dispute with international ramifications. Indian civil society has been very vocal on the issues related to Palestine, sending relief ships to Gaza strip so as to defeat the Israel-imposed naval blockade of Gaza. In absence of any mediatory efforts by the government of India, there is a role for track II diplomacy on behalf of Indian civil society in immediate containment and long-term resolution of this dispute. Indian NGOs working in the related fields can take initiative and have a possible role in mediation between the two neighbours. Efforts should be made to use Dharma principles like peace, harmony and universal brotherhood to defuse the situation and avoid further blood-shed. Perhaps, it will make sense to arrange an international Yoga camp near the Preah Vihear Temple in order defuse the situation. Under Dharmic leadership, joint sovereignty could be considered as one of the possible solutions.

This regional Dharmic dispute has long-term geo-political implications. India needs to take pro-active steps to maintain and extend its soft-power. India could partner with Japan in the mediating and facilitating role as two ancient Asian civilizations. India’s role as a civilisational power is meaningless if we can not utilize our soft-power to the common good of humanity in resolving disputes in our near abroad region. India should enter as a suave and moderating influence in aiming to resolve this dispute. Enhancing peace and stability on the Thai-Cambodian border will go a long way in establishing India’s credentials as a benign power in the ASEAN region.

Dr. Adityanjee is the President of the Council for Strategic Affairs, New Delhi

Published Date : 16 February, 2011