Monday, February 21, 2011

Purpose served Chidambaram, but not the way you think

Purpose served Chidambaram, but not the way you think 
Radha Rajan
18 Feb 2011

The Malegaon blasts of 2008 were followed by blasts in Modasa in Gujarat, serial blasts in Jaipur, on Ramjanmabhumi, last year in the German Bakery in Pune, and another near the Dasashwamedha Ghat in Varanasi; the nation is holding its breath waiting for the UPA government to pin these too on the RSS since no arrests have been made so far and no charge-sheet has been filed..   

One reason why other terrorism experts dismissed the Hindu terror theory was the fact that Hindus as individuals and Hindu groups do not have access to RDX, and this is a critical factor in the argument. It is around this critical factor that the diabolic plot to label Hindus as terrorists on their own bhumi has been crafted and executed. 

Hindus have the right to demand that the UPA government prove that it did not pick Col. Purohit to penetrate the RSS. Whoever masterminded this diabolic plot is almost certain to have had an Intelligence background if they could pick a man from Military Intelligence to head their CIA-like Dirty Tricks Department. Knowing full well that one of the arguments from terrorism experts to dismiss the Hindu terror story would be to raise the question how non-state, non-Muslim actors in India could access RDX, the mastermind picked on an army man who could then be passed off as the person who had access to the RDX under army lock and key.

What is obvious is that even as these grand plots to defile Hindu society were being brewed, the nation’s intelligence and investigating agencies were being deliberately sent on a wild goose chase, chasing the Hindu terror pink elephant, and that is why Ajmal Kasab and his fellow-jihadis could walk unchecked, unchallenged, unnoticed into this country through Mumbai, in Maharashtra, whose ATS chief was hand-picked by the then National Security Adviser.

A final word to one and all; there are no Hindu terrorists on Hindu bhumi. When Hindus pick up arms because the state fails intentionally to protect them and when the state fails intentionally to deal effectively with threats to the Hindu nation, then every Hindu who fights to defend his bhumi is a kshatriya.