Monday, February 21, 2011

Compulsive Aggression and Profanity of Islam

Compulsive Aggression and Profanity of Islam: "Dharamveer

Islam is a predatory religion. It seeks to demean and destroy other cultures and replace them with Islamic-arab culture. To this end, it finds the things most sacred, most symbolically sublime in cultures it encounters, and then proceeds to systematically profane them. When Islam invaded India in 712AD, they found the Hindus to be very different from themselves. Alberuni, an Islamic historian who accompanied the brutal Islamic invasions of Mahmud Ghazni in 1000AD, states that the Hindus were, in every way, the opposite of muslims. It is interesting and educative to read his accounts. For instance, he mocks the Hindus for "consulting their women in every matter of importance" - referring to the high position of women in pre-Islamic India and the pathetic animal-like existence of women within Islam. In Islam, a woman is a mere possession of a man meant almost entirely for sexual pleasure - so a muslim would indeed find a Hindu consulting a woman on an important matter most incredible! Remember folks, women are Islam's first victims, and there is something very just about fighting an ideology that reduces women to the status that they "enjoy" in Islam