Thursday, June 11, 2009

Perception over substance

Perception over substance

The BJP was never really in the running because of its near zero presence (with or without allies) in over 180 seats and marginal presence in another 100. Take the allies off in the rest of the seats and what we have is BJP effectively fighting about 200 seats -implying, that it would have needed a strike rate of over 80% to even reach 160 seas on its own. Now that was always very improbable.

You could say the Congress has been lucky the second time round with many things falling in its favour. But the geographical spread probably was the main reason.

Blame game begins in BJP; knives are out!

Blame game begins in BJP; knives are out!

The blame-game has begun in the BJP. Those who are directly responsible for the party’s disastrous electoral performance are desperately trying to blame others lest their role comes under scrutiny.

On Wednesday, the ‘core group’ met for a bit of everything, so those who met were quite representative of the BJP as it is today, which is like a fish that has begun to rot head downward. [When we Bengalis buy fish, we check the gills; hence my choice of this metaphor.]

. The moral responsibility for the defeat is entirely that of those who led from the front. If they failed to enthuse voters, it is because they did not come across as inspirational leaders. The reasons for the credibility-deficit do not merit elaboration.

. Having abandoned the practice of collective leadership and placed individuals above party, not to speak of promoting those who thrive on divisions, groupism and factionalism, no purpose is served by pointing a finger at ‘disunity’ at the top.

. Hindutva is the new bogeyman. So blame it for everything wrong under the Sun. There’s a problem though. Even if the BJP were to abandon Hindutva – the Hindu ethos which once made the BJP stand out from others, the pride in India’s cultural heritage and civilisational identity, the unifying concept of nationhood – Muslims wouldn’t vote for the party. Not even after reading 'Advaniji at a glance (in Urdu)' and finding that all mention of Vande Mataram has been erased from the BJP Website by the 'laptop brigade' which was supposed to lead the party to a stunning victory, but instead led it to a humiliating defeat. AFiction: Muslim disquiet with BJP can be resolved. Fact: Muslim hatred of BJP is visceral. Problem: How do you work around it?

Elections come and go but parties remain, at least those who are in politics for more than power at any cost, now or never.

The BJP’s leadership is suffering from a disease called ‘last bus syndrome’: If it can’t catch this bus to power, then it will never get to be in power.

I am tempted to recall what LK Advani once told me, many years ago, before another general election: “As things stand, we could win enough seats to come to power. But I often ask myself, are we prepared for power?”

Muslim at Rabodi (District Thane) arrested

Thane: A Muslim youth by name Atik Ahamad alias Atish (age 31) cheated a Hindu girl Hemlata (cheated girl's changed name) by enticing her through the medium of 'Internet chatting' in January 2007, calling himself Hindu and marrying her within 8-10 days.

Hindustan Times Insults Lord Jagannanth

In the news of Hindustan Times dated 09-06-2009 'Astrologer treats god’s cough in Varanasi' Hindustan Times has insulted Lord Jagannanth by considering Him as a human being.

Move TTD Chief, urges Christian Evangelists!

Hyderabad: Christian Missionary groups in AP have met Andhra Chief Minister Samuel Reddy and demanded the removal of TTD Executive officer K. V. Ramanachary from his post. This is in wake of Hindu revival programs conducted by TTD which in turned checked the conversion agenda of Christians among poor and naive.

TTD in recent past has stepped up Hindu culture based programs like Annamacharya Kiratns,BajaGovindam, DalitaGovindam, teaching vedas to Fishermen & Tribal’s etc. The response to these Hindu revivalism was great.