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Gandhi and His Freedom Struggle in the history of Hindu nation by Radha Rajan released in New Delh - Organiser - Content

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    • Gandhi and His Freedom Struggle in the history of Hindu nation by Radha Rajan released in New Delhi
      By Pramod Kumar
    • The Hindus constitute 83 per cent of the total population in the country but they still do not influence the nation as Hindus. We still find assaults on the Hindus everyday from all sides—Hindu temples, muths, symbols, customs, beliefs, traditions and religious leaders.
    • The book has been published by New Age Publishers Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata, Former Secretary General of the Lok Sabha and a member of the Constitution Review Committee Dr Subhash C Kashyap and noted swadeshi thinker, ideologue Shri Govindacharya and Shri Sinha Roy of the New Age Publishers were also present on the occasion. The writer Smt Radha Rajan is a Chennai based political commentator.

गुजरात में मिशनरी स्कूल के प्राचार्य पर हमला

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    • अहमदाबाद। मेंहदी लगाकर आई छात्राओं पर नाराजगी जताना गुजरात में मिशनरी स्कूल के एक प्राचार्य को महंगा पड़ा। राज्य के दाहोद जिले में कथित रूप से इसी मुद्दे पर नाराज एक हिंदू संगठन के कार्यकर्ताओं ने प्राचार्य की पिटाई कर दी।

      पुलिस के मुताबिक दाहोद के सेंट स्टीफंस हाईस्कूल के प्राचार्य फादर सी. रायप्पन की सोमवार को कुछ अराजक तत्वों ने पिटाई कर दी।

'बर्गर किंग' से हिंदू देवी वाला ऐड हटाने की मांग -परदेसी इंडियन-दुनिया-Navbharat Times

Exhibition on Aurangzeb stopped by Police in Kerala

Foot-in-the-Mouth Judge « Indian Realist

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    • SC judge apologises for ‘Taliban’ remarks on Muslims
    • Under criticism from Mulsim groups, Supreme Court judge Justice Markandeya Katju apologised for his controversial comments that Muslim students cannot insist on sporting beards as it would lead to ‘Talibanisation’ of the country.

Was Gandhi a British Creation? « Indian Realist

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    • It is my firm conviction that Gandhi was a creation of the British. He was artificially propped up and promoted by the British to serve their own interests and prolong their rule in India. The British were willing to go to any extent to raise the profile of Gandhi as well as his side-kick Nehru in the eyes of the Indian people.

      On the other hand, they were brutal beyond belief with the real threats to their rule — Savarkar (jailed for life), Aurobindo Ghosh (exiled), Lala Lajpat Rai (beaten to death), Bhagat Singh (hanged), Subhash Bose (dissappeared for ever)… You have to see the treatment given to Gandhi and Nehru by the British to realise the game.

      It is not necessary to pay a leader money to raise his profile or use him to achieve one’s strategic objectives.

      Do you know who Gandhi was surrounded with at Tolstoy Farm in South Africa and who arranged for his marches and publicity and gave him guidance? They were all White missionaries and church-men. They surrounded him at all times and lived with him.

    • The Britisher’s propping up of Gandhi had a precedent for the Brits. They knew how the Romans circulated the fable of Jesus Christ among the restive Jews under their occupation and — what a coincidence — Jesus’s message was exactly similar to Gandhi’s with respect to the invaders — “turn the other cheek” and “Give unto Ceasear what belongs to Ceaser.” It is not a coincidence that in the entire Bible, there is  not one derogatory reference to the Romans. But the Jews are abused and cursed all through, with calls for thier genocide. By convering jews to christianity, the Romans managed to create an indegenous militia against the Jews. (same thing that the church is now doing in Orissa. It converts tribals and turns them into an armed militia against the Hindus.)
    • It is not a coincidence that a leader preaching non-violence arose in India within 25 years of the revolt of 1857.

» Blog Archive » कारगिल में हमला बचाया जा सकता था

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    • आलोक तोमर
    • 25 अगस्त 1998 को 121 ब्रिगेड के मेजर आर के द्विवेदी ने सेना प्रमुख को एक पत्र लिखा था। तत्कालीन सेना प्रमुख वीपी मलिक कारगिल के दौरे पर आने वाले थे और इस पत्र में बयालीस तर्क थे और उनके साथ नक्शे और फोटो भी लगे थे। सेना के लहजे में लिखे गए एक पत्र में साफ लिखा था कि पाकिस्तान पोखरण द्वितीय के बाद और शार्क देशों की 29 जुलाई की बैठकों के बाद आतंकवादियों को और सैनिकों को कारगिल इलाके में बड़े पैमाने पर भेजने वाला है।
    • मेजर जनरल वी एस बधवार उन दिनों लेह में चिड़िया घर बनाने में लगे हुए थे और सैनिक अधिकारियों को जंगली जानवर पकड़ कर लाने के लिए कह रहे थे।

      मेजर के वी एस खुराना ने भी चेतावनी का पत्र लिखा था और यह सब सेना के रिकॉर्ड का है। फिर जब कारगिल में वह सब हो गया जिसकी चेतावनी दी गई थी और हमारे बहुत सारे जवान और अधिकारी मारे गए तब किसी पर तो इल्जाम मढ़ना ही था और भारतीय सेना कानून के तहत सुरेंद्र सिंह पर ही मुकदमा चला दिया गया।

    • बाहर किसी को कानों कान खबर नहीं हुई और बजरंग पोस्ट खाली करने के मामले में लापरवाही बरतने के मामले में उन्हें सेना से बर्खास्त कर दिया गया। कारगिल की असफलता के कारणों की जब एक जांच समिति द्वारा पड़ताल की गई तो देश के सुरक्षा हिताें को बहाना बना कर इस रिपोर्ट को परम गोपनीय बनाए रखा गया। कारगिल पाकिस्तान की शैतानी, हमारे जवानों के पराक्रम और हमारी रक्षा नीतिया बनाने वालों की राष्ट्रीय शर्म भी है।

JHAROKHA jindgi ka: नमस्कार......देखें कुछ बज्तूंस...

Legalise gay sex to clean up monasteries, says nun

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    • The bishops may be crying foul over the move to decriminalise homosexuality, but a former nun reminds that Catholic institutions of celibacy are havens for gays. Sr Jesme, who exposed the underbelly of the convents and other church institutions in her bestselling autobiography, hopes the legalisation of homosexuality would help monasteries to maintain their sacredness.

Tarun Vijay: No Lalgarh in red China

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    • Tarun Vijay
    • The Chinese are patriotic people. They don't allow any Lalgarhs to emerge with Maoists of some sort championing the cause of the poor by killing security personnel.

      They have a portrait of Mao at the Tiananmen square but have reduced his biographies in textbooks to almost a formal mention. It's nationalism everywhere, staunch, undiluted and single-minded "China first".
    • The Chinese hunger to gain more knowledge, more military power, more prosperity and definitely a decisive say in global matters has become one of the most significant stories of our times.
    • President Hu represents a major policy shift in China since Jiang Zemin's regime. He changed the earlier "city first" policy into rural area-focused planning, pumping millions of RNBs into the rural sector.
    • With a shift in the global power centres imminent, China is yet to make up its mind for a new global strategy post-Deng era. Hence it is adopting a hedging strategy without siding clearly with any power centre and keeping its options open.

      The only factor that China thinks will help it is a strong urge to remain nationalist. It was quite evident wherever I went in Beijing and around it.
    • Though unlike India, China began opening up and implemented reforms only after having its agriculture and the manufacturing sector strengthened. Then it aimed to quadruple its GNP of 1980 by the end of 2000, which it achieved in 1995, five years ahead of the schedule. Now it has set an objective to double the GNP of 2000 by 2010 and reach the level of a fully developed nation by 2050.

      It has controlled the population growth, increased the defence budget to $22.4 billion, has taken the industrial growth to 12.6% , remains as hard as ever on Tibet and other such issues, taken control of Hong Kong and Macao, doesn’t care about Taiwan’s gestures and indications to come back, in fact the biggest investors to China come from that land.
    • China is facing challenges on two major fronts. First, finding a position geopolitically commensurate with its newly gained status on the diplomatic front and cultural and administrative reforms domestically.

      On the cultural front China is encountering a vacuum created by the Cultural Revolution. There is no visible cultural inspiration left to the younger generation, which is fast getting Americanised.
    • Civilisational and cultural pride in their national history and heritage has become so visible and underlined at every monument of the historical importance that one wonders whether one is in a land of believers or atheist communists. In this context it would be interesting to know that Buddha, though more in a political and a strategic way, is returning to China in a big way.
    • In the field of administrative reforms, corruption is rampant in the party, in the administration, in the entire state-run machinery.