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Organiser - Enough is enough! Stop looting! Don’t try patience of Hindus

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    • Enough is enough! Stop looting!
      Don’t try patience of Hindus
    • By Dr Pravin Togadia
    • When STs convert and join the Christian community, they start enjoying privileges like biggest hospitals, convent schools and special colleges. They are even sent abroad for education! How can such a privileged lot be called underprivileged, and be given double benefits? When it comes to looting Hindus and snatching Hindu SCs’, OBCs’ and STs’ benefits, suddenly Muslims and Christians say, "Caste is a social reality and by changing religion it does not go away."
    • Why Muslims and Christians dare to behave undemocratically in Bharat and yet get away with it? It is because of the vote-bank politics. Hindus, who were hoarded out of PoK at the time of Partition, have yet not been given Indian citizenship by the great Indian government. It is more than 62 years now! But those Muslims who ‘invaded’ Assam and Bengal as refugees from Bangladesh are now occupying huge lands snatched from local Hindu tribes and have their voter IDs! All this is a political drama and Hindus are made out to be puppets in the Indian political opera. Sachar Committee or Ranganath Commission is not the beginning or the end!
    • Muslims ruled this nation for over 400 years and Christians ruled this nation for 250 years. Apart from breaking and looting various rich temples all over Bharat, Muslim rulers slapped jazia on Bharat and fleeced Hindus dry. Although their administrative rule withered away from Bharat, Islam did not go away; instead it crept into various aspects and systems in Bharat in such a way that today Islam is taking and further demanding a huge slice of the Indian pie, which has been created by Hindus through their conscientious hard work and hard-earned money.
    • Even if some of them were forced to convert to Islam, ultimately as a part of Islam, the rulers gave them all benefits from jobs in military to lands to status. So, Muslims in Bharat are the beneficiaries of the ruler privileges and yet are now claiming to be underprivileged! This must be the first case in the history of the world that those who ruled the nation are pretending to be underprivileged and poor after looting the original people of that nation!

      Similar is the case with Christians. Through East India Company they entered Bharat. They too militarily ruled Bharat, slapped various taxes, looted the then kings and again fleeced Bharat dry. East India Company had directly been giving money officially since 1811 for conversion of Hindus to Christianity. British, Portuguese, Dutch and French left Bharat but after completely looting Bharat and leaving behind large missionary groups, which have huge funds available to run their big number of hospitals and schools that have been directly and indirectly used to lure and convert Hindus to create a brigade to again snatch a large chunk of the remaining Indian pie.
    • And why Muslims and Christians dare to behave in such a way today? In any democracy, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, gender and religion people should be treated equally. But there is an anti-Hindu contradiction in Bharat’s Constitution itself. Instead of the true form of equality, Articles 25 to 30 give more privileges to minorities than that to the majority treating Bharat as an animal farm where some are more equal than others! Why does the Constitution do so? Because it believes that these are the injusticed classes. This is the real logical and historical fallacy. Historically though, in Bharat, Hindus were the most injusticed lot being looted and subjugated by first Muslim and then by Christian invader rulers. So even if one agrees that the traditionally injusticed ones should get reservations, then it should be Hindus in Bharat who were poor pay to invasions after invasions and also of the cruelest ever rulers like Khilji, Aurangzeb, Lord Curzon and so on. Under Islamic and Christian rules Hindu was the most politically, economically and socially oppressed, obstructed, deprived and harassed class.
    • n Kerala literacy of Muslims is higher than that of Hindus but the rate of vasectomy and tubectomy is lower than that of Hindus. So, if Muslims claim that they are poor and illiterate therefore their women produce more children, then it is humbug. They do it in the name of religion to systematically increase Muslim population in Bharat so that they get more strength socially as they did in Indonesia, Malaysia and in many other countries.

      Recently Jamait-e-Ulema-e-Hind’s Moulana Madni bragged on a TV channel, "Don’t call us minority; we are the second largest majority in India." Here is the catch. All they are aiming at is increasing their population so much that Hindus finally become a minority and Muslims once again start ruling Bharat through majority power.

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    • Reopening of Mughal Road: History will not forgive BJP
    • Hari Om
    • Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, father and founder of the National Conference and who usurped state power in 1947 with the full backing of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, much to chagrin of the people of Jammu province, was a known protagonist of Greater Kashmir comprising Kashmir province and the Muslim-majority areas of Jammu and Ladakh regions.


      One of his plans was to make the medieval and dysfunctional Mughal Road connecting the Muslim-majority Poonch-Rajouri belt with the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley fully functional, so that he could play his nefarious games in the area and induce the Muslims of Poonch-Rajouri belt to help him achieve his ulterior goals.

    • In the period between 1953 and 1975, no one in Kashmir dared rake the issue of Mughal Road as Kashmiri rulers knew that New Delhi was opposed to the idea of the abandoned Mughal Road being made operational. New Delhi’s opposition stemmed from the fact that the Army and Intelligence agencies were of the considered view that reopening the Mughal Road would help Pakistan create troubles in the State’s border belt and endanger national security. Opposition also stemmed from the fact that reopening of the Mughal Road would make easy the task of those working for segregation of the Muslim-majority areas from Jammu and Ladakh regions and integrating them into Kashmir province.
    • It was Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral who, according to Naeem Akhtar, during a visit to the state, “announced that the central government would fund half of the cost of the road which would be the state subject”. Thus it was Inder Gujral, well-known for his notorious Gujral Doctrine (read pro-Pakistan line), who sided with the votaries of Mughal Road. But nothing came of it as the Border Roads Organization (BRO) refused to “prepare a detailed project report on the road which was a prerequisite to qualify for central funding”. The argument advanced by BRO was that it could not hand over “execution” of the project to the state government.


      Work on the Mughal Road project started in right earnest during the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) rule, courtesy Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his BJP, which describes itself as an ultra-nationalist party and dubs most other political parties as pseudo-secular and consistently accuses Congress of being soft towards terrorism and the separatists!


      The BJP-led-NDA took this dangerous decision ignoring past history and against the wish of Congress Works Minister Madan Lal Sharma, who told the Assembly in 2003 that the project could not be taken up for “security reasons”.

    • Work on the Mughal Road is in progress and reports suggest it may become operational very soon. The reopening of the Mughal Road would not only help the protagonists of Greater Kashmir to accomplish their most cherished dream and de-link the Muslim-majority Poonch-Rajouri belt from Hindu-majority Jammu province, as Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah did in 1979 in the case of the Muslim-majority Kargil area in Buddhist-majority Ladakh and in 1948 in the case of the Jammu’s Hindu-majority Udhampur district.


    • The author is Chair Professor, Gulab Singh Chair, Jammu University, Jammu               

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Organiser - Sachar to Ranganath Cannibalizing Hindu society

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    • Sachar to Ranganath
      Cannibalizing Hindu society
    • By Sandhya Jain
    • Racism is a child of colonialism. When White Christians went to other lands and enslaved people (Africa) or colonised them, the discriminatory relationship between the ‘Master Race’ and the colonised was called ‘Racism’. Based mainly on colour consciousness, it held that the enslaved/colonised were inferior human species, worthy of subjugation.

      The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance has, in successive incarnations, been determined to give Muslims and Christians extraordinary precedence and weightage, with a clear long-term objective of driving Hindus out of public spaces.

    • Reservations to converts are a ruse to finance conversions through the public exchequer. Soon evangelists will demand access to SC/ST seats in the Parliament and the State Assemblies - political reservations by the backdoor!

      The critical issue is ‘Caste’. The British realised caste was the iron curtain which frustrated attempts to convert the population, and hence attacked caste. But evangelists realised that the best way to increase their numbers was by gaining access to caste-based reservation benefits. After Mandal Commission listed some ‘Muslim castes’ among OBCs, Christians began to press for SC/ST benefits for ‘Dalit Christians.’
    • (The author is a senior columnist.)

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Organiser - # What Justices Sachar and Misra knew, but ignored

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    • What Justices Sachar and Misra knew, but ignored
    • By Radha Rajan
    • Under the Gandhi-Nehru-inspired secular political dispensation, Hindu OBCs and Hindu Scheduled Tribes are being systematically disempowered economically. The economic and political disempowerment of the Hindus is directly proportional to the empowerment of the two most well-organised so-called global Abrahamic minorities.

      Economically backward Hindus are kept out of the empowering quota regime because of their ‘caste’ but Christians and Muslims are brought into the fold in the guise of ‘class’. What is not known at all is that Muslims and Christians continue to retain their specific caste and community identities even after conversion to Islam and Christianity thus nullifying the dishonest justification for religious conversion due to caste oppression.

      Keeping Hindus out of reservation on the basis of caste but bringing in the Christians and Muslims into the quota regime with the fig-leaf of community and class is disempowering more and more socially and economically backward Hindus. Classifying Christians as backward is a stratagem just to enable them to corner the empowering benefits of affirmative reservations in higher education and government employment.
    • Around 40 per cent of all Muslims are already enjoying the benefits of reservation under the OBC quota
      • All-India population as per 2001 census- 2.3 per cent or 24.2 million.

      • About 1/3rd of all Christian population is tribal. Of the remaining 2/3rd, around 70 per cent claim backward class (BC) status.

    • Only 10 per cent of all Christians in the country are not availing of any kind of reservation and these would be largely the Goan and the Syrian Christians, the majority of whom belong to the forward castes.
      • All-India reservation-Total 50 per cent. STs 7.5 per cent, SCs 15 per cent, OBCs 27.5 per cent.

      • All-India tribal population stands at 8.2 per cent while all-India SC population is 16.2 per cent.

      • Christians constitute only 10 per cent of the total tribal population but they corner 90 per cent of all ST reservation quotas in higher education and government employment.

      • Around 70 per cent of Christians and Muslims have been brought into the quota regime as backward communities or backward classes.

      • There is no category called Scheduled Caste Christians or Muslims. When the church demands reservation for so-called dalit Christians and God forbid, that it may ever happen, then the church will de-notify large segments of the OBC Christian population and re-classify them as Scheduled Castes so that they can corner all the benefits of Scheduled Caste reservation just as they are cornering all the benefits of the Scheduled Tribe reservation quota.


      "Fifty years ago, such a revolting outrage, committed upon the religious sensibilities of the Hindus, would have resulted in grave complications and Government would have left no stone unturned to propitiate the Hindu Chiefs and the Hindu population, and last, though not the least, the Hindu section of the native army. Today Government officials openly side, presumably with the approval of the head of the Provincial Administration, with those who break Hindu images, desecrate Hindu temples, plunder the houses and shops of Hindus and ravish Hindu women....Have we Hindus become so craven-hearted, so utterly incapable of self-defence, that the Government no longer thinks it necessary to avoid wounding our tenderest feelings or even to keep up appearances? Verily, a nation gets precisely the kind of treatment it deserves." (Aurobindo, Bande Mataram, May 6, 1907)

      (The writer is Editor, Vigil Online.)

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Organiser - The recipe for national suicide

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    • The recipe for national suicide
    • By Dr Subramanian Swamy
    • The Misra Commission has propounded some novel diktats in its report which should be recorded in "Ripley’s Believe It or Not": One is: To deny SC quotas to those who had converted to Islam and Christianity is "religious discrimination"! Another is: The country needs a "totally secular criterion" on who are and are not entitled to reservations.

      *   *   *

      Strange as it may sound, there is no definition of minority in the Indian Constitution [although Articles 29 and 30 make provisions for a minority, religious and linguistic), nor is there a definition in United Nations Resolutions or even an universally accepted definition in international law.

    • The present practice of regarding any group of less than 50 per cent of the population as a minority is ridiculous. The Whites of South Africa are numerically a small number, but they cannot be treated as a "minority" deserving of special protection, reservations, or affirmative action. Parsis in India despite being numerically a microscopic minority, have consistently refused to ask or accept for any Constitutional safeguards. They are therefore not a minority in the Constitutional or statutory dispensation.
    • Some countries such as Thailand and Brazil, refuse to accept that there are minorities in their country. These nations have told the UN Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities that they have no minorities to notify, despite being a multi-religious multi-racial society.
    • In 1992, India’s Parliament enacted the National Commission for Minorities Act, but did not define a minority in it! Section 2 (c) of the Act merely states that minority is what the Government of India will notify in the Gazette!! The Government has notified, without reason or explanation, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Parsis as religious minorities. Why they are so has not been explained. Even the State Minorities Commissions have not bothered to define minorities.
    • In other words, the nation has been discussing minority rights for the last sixty years without defining what or who can be the minorities. How can we identify minorities if we do not have a definition of the term? The Misra Commission ought to have attempted a definition of minority, but it too decided that only Muslims are fit for being called a minority, while Hindus like the Pundits in Kashmir are not.
    • Based on the circumstances arising out of the Indian legacy, and in recognition of defining events of Indian history, I would define a minority in India as follows:

      "A collective of Indian citizens, constituting a numerical minority and situated in a non-dominant position in society, endowed with characteristics which differ from those of the majority, having suffered from imposed deprivation over a long period and thus have acquired disabilities, are a minority if these disabilities cannot be removed except by providing special constitutional protection and facilities for affirmative action".
    • (The writer is the president of Janata Party and former Cabinet Minister for Commerce, Law and Justice, Government of India and can be contacted at

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    • Was Varun Gandhi-the firebrand speaker of the BJP prevented by the BJP High Command from visiting Mangalore on Sunday for the Hindu Samajotsava?  Indicators say affirmative'

      Varun Gandhi is known for his fiery speeches and he got himself entangled into a legal battle with the central government after he made intimidating' statements at a rally in Uttar Pradesh a year back, which had backlashed the BJP in the elections to the Lok Sabha in 2008.

      Organizers of the Samajotsva say that the BJP state leadership was unhappy about the news of Mr. Gandhi arriving for Samajotsava in Mangalore. The home ministry of Karnataka had also told the BJP high command about the shocks that Mangalore will give in case of Mr.Gandhi's presence at the Samjotsava.

      Sources in the home ministry told Mangalorean.Com that even the police were apprehensive about his visit; it appears that the top police officials and intelligence officials had advised the ministry against his visit.

    • The BJP wanted no trouble in the state at this point of time, when the first BJP ruled government in the south was just recovering from a series of shocks after the Reddy brothers, Eshwarappa, Shobha Karandlaje and Renukacharya episode, the BJP's image in the state had taken a severe beating in the past few months and we do not want another episode that will enable the opposition to unleash yet another tirade of criticism, said a source from the party.

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