Monday, January 25, 2010

Organiser - Sachar to Ranganath Cannibalizing Hindu society

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    • Sachar to Ranganath
      Cannibalizing Hindu society
    • By Sandhya Jain
    • Racism is a child of colonialism. When White Christians went to other lands and enslaved people (Africa) or colonised them, the discriminatory relationship between the ‘Master Race’ and the colonised was called ‘Racism’. Based mainly on colour consciousness, it held that the enslaved/colonised were inferior human species, worthy of subjugation.

      The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance has, in successive incarnations, been determined to give Muslims and Christians extraordinary precedence and weightage, with a clear long-term objective of driving Hindus out of public spaces.

    • Reservations to converts are a ruse to finance conversions through the public exchequer. Soon evangelists will demand access to SC/ST seats in the Parliament and the State Assemblies - political reservations by the backdoor!

      The critical issue is ‘Caste’. The British realised caste was the iron curtain which frustrated attempts to convert the population, and hence attacked caste. But evangelists realised that the best way to increase their numbers was by gaining access to caste-based reservation benefits. After Mandal Commission listed some ‘Muslim castes’ among OBCs, Christians began to press for SC/ST benefits for ‘Dalit Christians.’
    • (The author is a senior columnist.)

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