Wednesday, August 5, 2009

IntelliBriefs: Is India doling out contracts to China?

Rightwing Rumblings: Raksha Bandhan Shub Kamnaye !!!


India and Pakistan have a long way to go « A wide angle view of India

At this point it is important to know that Hafiz Saeed has a personal vendetta against India. He lost 36 family members in the communal slaughter (where both Hindus and Muslims were killed) that accompanied partition, in 1947. Mass murderers are often mentally disturbed. In any case any man who plotted the Mumbai terror attacks should be in a mental institution.

Any remnants of the Taliban will simply find refuge with the LeT and give birth to a hydra headed monstor. It is difficult to believe that the US doesn’t know this, so the obvious answer is that they are being soft on Pakistan for short term gains.

India is showing its soft side too, like it has done many times in the past.

India should show only contempt for this kind of double speak by the U.S. where their government is concerned only with the safety of their own citizens.