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The so-called “Mother Theresa” played the Trojan Horse and Sonia Gandhi is ready to play “Emperor Constantine” for the criminal spread of Christianity in India -- Hans Atrott

The so-called “Mother Theresa” played the Trojan Horse and Sonia Gandhi is ready to play “Emperor Constantine” for the criminal spread of Christianity in India -- Hans Atrott: " Also Read:

================================Christianity is the top Threat for Humankind because of its dastardly criminal Nature -- By Hans AtrottHans Atrott's book: "Jesus' Bluff - The universal Scandal of the World" and the Christians' War on India================================

In ancient Rome, there were only five per cent Christians when, backed by a Christian Emperor (Constantine), this organized criminal group raped 95 per cent of the Romans to accept Christianity. This is what the fake religion of Christians (now making 6 per cent of Indian population) is going to perpetrate in India after the so-called “Mother Theresa” played the Trojan Horse and Sonia Gandhi is ready to play “Emperor Constantine” for the criminal spread of Christianity in India

  • Beware of the enemies of God! Either you constrain the Christians in India, or the Christians will extirpate you as they did so in ancient Rome and all over Europe! The Christians will commit a genocide of Hindus, as they committed the holocaust on the Jews, from 1933-1945.
  • The Christians will destroy the unity of India and will instigate mass-murders of those that do not cringe before them. They put up the Christianizing of the American continent with mass-murders of about 150 millions of native inhabitants

A Clarion Call by Telangana Women

A Clarion Call by Telangana Women: "
Telangana Women Shows The Way .

Minority government of UPA-II at the Centre should quit. President should declar financial emergency and constitute a National Govt.

Minority government of UPA-II at the Centre should quit. President should declar financial emergency and constitute a National Govt.: "


With the withdrawal of ministers by DMK from the Central Cabinet, strength of UPA-II is reduced to 256 while the half-way line is 272 in Lok Sabha. Offers of issue-based support or support from being outside of governance are copouts by splinter groups who care little for protecting nation’s wealth.

If UPA-II doesn’t suo moto quit, President should dismiss the UPA-II council of ministers, disband the Parliament and declare the constitution of a Constituent Assembly to revamp the Constitution which has been subverted denying access to the nation’s wealth to its people.

SoniaG should disband the UPA-II and President should call for the constitution of a National Government to ensure restitution of the nation’s wealth held abroad.

The following provision for declaring a Financial Emergency should be invoked to ensure that the funds held abroad are recovered into the Consolidated Fund of India. An ordinance should be issued nationalising all wealth held abroad by Indian citizens.

360. Provisions as to financial emergency.- (1) If the President is satisfied that a situation has arisen whereby the financial stability or credit of India or of any part of the territory thereof is threatened, he may by a Proclamation make a declaration to that effect.

_334[(2) A Proclamation issued under clause (1)-

(a) may be revoked or varied by a subsequent Proclamation;

(b) shall be laid before each House of Parliament;

(c) shall cease to operate at the expiration of two months, unless before the expiration of that period it has been approved by resolutions of both Houses of Parliament:

Provided that if any such Proclamation is issued at a time when the House of the People has been dissolved or the dissolution of the House of the People takes place during the period of two months referred to in sub-clause (c), and if a resolution approving the Proclamation has been passed by the Council of States, but no resolution with respect to such Proclamation has been passed by the House of the People before the expiration of that period, the Proclamation shall cease to operate at the expiration of thirty days from the date on which the House of the People first sits after its reconstitution unless before the expiration of the said period of thirty days a resolution approving

the Proclamation has been also passed by the House of the People.

(3) During the period any such Proclamation as is mentioned in clause

(1) is in operation, the executive authority of the Union shall extend to the giving of directions to any State to observe such canons of financial propriety as may be specified in the directions, and to the

giving of such other directions as the President may deem necessary and adequate for the purpose.

(4) Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution-

(a) any such direction may include-

(i) a provision requiring the reduction of salaries and allowances of all or any class of persons serving in connection with the affairs of a State;

(ii) a provision requiring all Money Bills or other Bills to which the provisions of article 207 apply to be reserved for the consideration of the President after they are passed by the Legislature of the


(b) it shall be competent for the President during the period any Proclamation issued under this article is in operation to issue directions for the reduction of salaries and allowances of all or any class of persons serving in connection with the affairs of the Union including the Judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts.



Godhra massacre of Hindus: It was not a random attack on S-6 but kar sevaks were targeted, says judge

Godhra massacre of Hindus: It was not a random attack on S-6 but kar sevaks were targeted, says judge: "

The relatives of the slain karsevaks remember them on their death anniversary.

The Hindu Photo Library

The special fast track court, which tried the Godhra train carnage case, was in agreement with the prosecution that a large number of local Muslims did gather “within minutes” of stopping the Sabarmati Express on the outskirts of the railway station on February 27, 2002, and they had stocks of petrol with them.

Additional sessions judge P.R. Patel held 31 persons guilty of a “pre-planned conspiracy” and setting fire to coach S-6. In the incident, 59 people, mostly Vishwa Hindu Parishad kar sevaks, were killed. Of the 31 found guilty, the court sentenced to death 11 convicts, particularly those it believed were present at a meeting, held the previous night, where a conspiracy was hatched, and those who, it agreed, had actually entered the coach and poured petrol before setting it afire. The other 20 convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to some of the observations made by the judge, the court believed that had there been no pre-planned conspiracy, “it would not have been possible to gather Muslim persons with deadly weapons within five to six minutes and reach near “A” cabin on the railway track” after the train was made to stop by chain pulling a second time.

The judge also accepted the prosecution theory of the perpetrators having collected petrol the previous night, after the meeting at the Aman Guest House. Had petrol not been kept ready in loose form in carboys the previous night near Aman Guest House, “it would not have been possible to reach with carboys containing petrol in a huge quantity immediately, that is within 5 to 10 minutes, near coach S-6.”

Taking the conspiracy theory forward, the court maintained that it was not a random attack on S-6, but was specifically targeted at the kar sevaks. “The target of the assailants were not all passengers of this train or any other train or any other Hindus, but definitely the kar sevaks who were travelling in this train,” the judge wrote in his 826-page judgment.

“Shouting of slogans by the assailants and announcement over a loudspeaker from a nearby mosque also clearly suggest motive and pre-plan.” The judge disagreed with the defence submission that the attack could be “reactions” to the alleged “misbehaviour” by the kar sevaks with some Muslims on the Godhra station platform, pointing out that skirmishes had taken place earlier at other railway stations too but there was no such violent reaction. “That the quarrel took place on the platform or misbehaviour with Muslim girls by kar sevaks was the only the cause for spontaneous reactions can never be accepted because as per the evidence on record, such quarrel had also taken place earlier at the Rudroli station in Uttar Pradesh, and at the Dahod station in Gujarat. However, it did not result in such serious reactions,” the court observed.

“Taking advantage of the alleged misbehaviour by kar sevaks with Muslim girls, the absconding accused Salim Panwala and accused Mehboob Ahmed alias Latiko raised shouts, called Muslim people from the nearby area of Signal Falia, misleading [them] that kar sevaks were abducting Muslim girl from inside the train, and also instructed [them] to stop the train by pulling the chain,” the judgement said. “Immediately a mob of more than 900 Muslim people attacked the train with sticks, iron pipes, iron rods, dhariyas, guptis, acid bulbs, burning rags, and the crowd was instigated by announcements over loudspeakers from the nearby Ali Masjid.”

The judge also said “by creating such tense atmosphere, the passengers were prevented from jumping out of the train.”

The judge went into the history of Godhra and the communal situation in the central Gujarat town, where the population between the two communities was almost equally divided. “Godhra is known for its history of communal riots. For Godhra, this is not the first incident of burning alive innocent persons belonging to the Hindu community,” he said. He quoted some 10 incidents of communal clashes in Godhra between 1965 and 1992, and said during many riots Hindus were “burnt alive and shops and houses came to be destroyed by fire.”

Going into the technicalities of the offence to constitute a “criminal conspiracy,” the judge said a “criminal conspiracy is complete as soon as two or more persons agree to do or cause to be done an illegal act. It is immaterial whether the illegal act was the ultimate object of such an agreement or was merely incidental to that object. The agreement in itself is enough to constitute the offence.”

Godhra massacre of Hindus: Antonia Maino’s connection should be probed


Changing scenario of the acceptance of Indian culture and Spirituality

Changing scenario of the acceptance of Indian culture and Spirituality
06/03/2011 00:49:08 Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage News Letter


? In olden days visiting Mount Kailas was something impossible except for those who have unusual mental and physical strength. Now a days thousands of pilgrims are visiting Mount Kailas. Majority of them are middle aged and youths!

? Extremely high response could be seen in the number, quality and devotion in the people who conduct Haridwar and Risheekesh pilgrimage, (This has been mentioned in the last Thursday message) !

? Thousands of foreign spiritual tourists majority of them, again middle aged are attending the meditation, yoga, astrology, Veda classes and Ganga pooja in Rishikesh and haridesar ashram.

? The number of people who took bath in Ganga water during Kumba mela (2010 March) was 80 million last year. This is the largest pilgrimage in the world.

? The number pilgrims taking dip in Ganga river every day is increasing geometrically which is now a days over a million in Haridwar alone, even during non auspicious days.

? The number mothers attended the maathru pooja in the schools of Vivekananda Kendra Arunachal Pradesh has been the highest this year. Such an approach has never existed in that state where conversion to Christianity is going on in full swing.

? The response of the people in North East who attended the lecture of Swami Baba Ramdev (during the middle of 2011 Feb) two weeks ago was beyond the level of imagination.

? The general public literally handled the Member Parliament of Arunachal Pradesh when he insulted Swami Baba Ramdev when the latter criticized the conversion of the innocent poor people. The Swami remarked about that incident thus “ when Muhammad Gazni destroyed Somnath temple, the Hindus were praying to god to protect and save them where as now the ‘scenario’ has changed”.

? Great response from the North eastern could be seen when Sri Sri Ravisankar visited Arunachal Pradesh few months ago.

? International Ayurveda seminar held during the month Feb. had hundreds of foreign delegates. All of them attended the Dhanwantari homa, pooja and Ganga aarati right from 5.30 am in scorching cold wind from Ganga.

? During the last two days of the seminar majority of the delegates from India and abroad attended the pitru karma and pitru tharpana too which gave them unusual experiences, they said.

? Hundreds and thousands of foreign spiritual pilgrims have proved that sanaathana dharma is spreading world over. Now let us play our serious sincere role to spread it fast.

? More than 15,00,000 people attended the 85 th birthday of Satya Sai Baba in Puttaparthy majority of them were foreigners world over .

? The left oriented districts of Kerala is turning sharply towards sanaathana dharma and majority of the people are attending the temples, Bhagavatha sapthaaha and lecture of the TV fame swamijies. Their number has increased to lakhs.

? The people who attended the Pongala worship in Kerala temples are gowning in lakhs which used to be held only in selected temples previously. Now Pongala festival is spreading world over including USA .

? We found that in temples including Padmanabha swami temple and Tirupathy temple and thousands of temples all over India, tens of thousands of devotees mainly from other states are visiting as pilgrims even during the off season which never used to be practice. Majority of them are youths and from the lower strata of the society and that too youths and middle aged.

? The number of pilgrims visiting the temples are shooting up. Various State Govts are appointing meditation teachers in many public parks for the morning meditations.

? The Sivaraatri, navaraatri/ dasara, Vinayaka chathurthi, Ramanavami celebrations are becoming popular world wide like deepaavali celebrations.

? The old traditions, value based learning, Vedic and puranic knowledge dissemination, and morning television programs in many languages in all the tv channels have become an enlightening event for the people in all religions.

? People from all walks of life, all age, all religion are watching the sanaathana dharma discourses given by many swamijies, with a scientific, rational and logic backgrounds. The superstitions and irrational traditions and rituals are being refined and getting accepted all over the world.

? The so called ‘intellectuals’ and atheists are now no more in India and majority of them become believers.

? Heavy crowd could be observed for discourses in temples, ashrams, and even in academic institutions for listening to the Indian heritage both spiritual and other subjects.

? Many Indian heritage exhibitions, material sales, displays including arts and culture are spreading very fast world over.

? Many Indian literature are being ready by youngsters. Internet and Google search, cds, vcds, dvds, are becoming the greatest tools for learning and teaching the ultra ancient heritage of our motherland.

? Many schools have started teaching Indian heritage and giving projects on Indian heritage. Ayurveda, Astrology, Vaastu and many other subjects are spreading systematically with scientific background

? Bhagavath Gita is being taught in management classes as Indian management principles in India and abroad. These heritage subjects are becoming part of the project work for the ? students in many universities.

? The fashion of criticizing Hindus, their traditions, epics and Puranaas is getting stopped slowly. The screaming of the politicians against Indian culture has almost come to an end including those of the atheists, who never say any words against customs of the Christians and Muslims.

? The media has started popularizing heritage knowledge in the true scientific and logical applied spirit and methodology.

? Blaming every Hindu activities as RSS, VHP communalism has also reduced significantly. Now smearing the sandal wood paste, Bhasma, and participating spiritual activities have become a well accepted practice.

? Much more than all these the criminal background of many Christian priests and nuns, the cheating done by the Christian missionaries and adopting crooked methods for converting Hindus are all coming to the awareness of the public through various media which erased off the great acceptance of the Christian priests, on the one hand and the terrorism and related activities world over through the Muslims have also created an awareness among Hindus bout the peaceful and glorious nature of sanaathana dharma and the greatness of Indian culture.

? Many Christians and Muslims are adopting the Hindu way of life, in their family, society and in personal and official life. Hind traditions are getting full accepted in public activities also.

? Let us all learn and teach the Indian culture, do the best for stopping conversion and denigrating our culture and knowledge. Let anyone accept any pathway of worship, but let not anyone get cheated in the name of any religion and spirituality. Let not the foreign money be utilized for changing the mind of Indians against India, in the cover of service and charitable work.

Sincere Appeal to the Advocates proud of Society, Nation and Dharma !

Sincere Appeal to the Advocates proud of Society, Nation and Dharma !: "O Advocates ! if you stand up for the implementation of any of the issues given further relating to Society, Nation and Dharma, being the fundamental constitutional rights of citizens. it will help in serving the Nation as also you paying off some of your dues towards the society."