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    • Sandhya Jain
    • Yet on 12 May 2009, the Jerusalem Post reported – “Vatican to stop missionizing Jews” (by Abe Selig). During his historic journey to Jerusalem last month, Pope Benedict XVI met the chief Sephardic and Ashkenazi rabbis at Heichal Shlomo and agreed that the Catholic Church would cease all missionary activity among Jews.

      Christian friends say this abject surrender of the Church’s mission to evangelise the world before the Jewish community with which the Church has been in fratricidal conflict since its inception two millennia ago, is the culmination of the Second Vatican Council – a little-understood but immensely significant meeting which entrenched the Jewish Bible (Old Testament) as the fountainhead of Christian theology. This completely undermined Christian resistance to Jewish religious supremacy.

    • Does this help Hindus?
    • No doubt, the international Jewish financial clout (read stranglehold) has something to do with this development, but it demonstrates what a determined leadership can achieve for its people. Sri Lanka’s Buddhist Mahasangha is currently asserting itself against all Christian denominations in the island in the same spirit, and is bound to achieve its goals.
    • A chorus of Hindu voices proclaiming Christianity as the Religion of Colonial Powers, and freedom of religion a mask for the political subversion of native faiths, could put all Christian forces on the defensive.
    • Conversion is nothing but cultural rape and religious annihilation.
    • Hindus should demand that the United Nations (another western stooge) declare missionary activity a crime against humanity.
    • Christianity is a political religion and it remains a political tool to penetrate and subjugate former colonies and semi-colonies.
    • we must not neglect to ask the holy father what exactly the Bible means when it says ‘love thy neighbour as thyself.’

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VIGIL Public Opinion Forum - Inter-faith dialogue: Vatican in sheep’s clothing - 2

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    • This Council made the startling submission that the Catholic Church acknowledged that while all religions had some elements of truth in them, only the Christian faith had all the truth and that the Catholic Church alone was the repository of that truth.
    • At the end of all such ‘dialogues’ Hindus have either failed to assert their position or ended up signing documents and resolutions most insulting to Hindus.
    • Mathathipathis, Adeenams and Mandaleshwars do not act as individuals driven by personal beliefs or fleeting interests and are therefore very unlikely to give in to any demand from the Church and even more unlikely to make any concession harmful to Hindu dharma or dharmi. And that is why at all these dialogues we find only Hindu religious leaders from non-traditional streams engaged in a dialogue with the Church, in the Church’s own territory or in territory loyal to the Church.
    • When Hindus sit down to ‘dialogue’ with the enemy, they must keep the following in mind –
    • The White Church began by first controlling the Sovereign (King) and then expanded its horizons by controlling/converting peoples, then nations and then continents

    • The White Catholic Church, White Christian Empires and White agents of Trade have not just worked in tandem but have walked hand in hand to the mutual benefit, growth and entrenchment of all three

    • For better understanding of what follows, it must be borne in mind that Christianity and Islam have NO native land because they are both only derivatives of the parent religion – Judaism. Therefore they do not subscribe to concepts like matrubhumi, and pitrubhumi (not fatherland but land of our pitrus or ancestors).
    • The first is that the converts who join the great translocal religious traditions (such as Christianity or Islam) come largely from local, oral traditions. Indeed, history would seem to indicate that people in local, oral traditions (sometimes called indigenous religions) shift rather readily to join a translocal tradition such as Christianity, Buddhism, or Islam. But once having done so, they are unlikely to move from one translocal tradition to another. Only those who have not yet been fully integrated into the translocal tradition or those who have been alienated from it are likely to change their affiliation. If that is indeed the case, then mission ad gentes will end for Christianity (and Islam) when the final indigenous peoples have been reached.”
    • This is full of significance for the way the Church in India operates to pressure Indian polity for concessions for so-called dalit and BC Christians. Ditto with how the Muslims pressure Indian polity to keep the Muslim flock contented in the pen. And that is why the Sachar Committee report assumes significance for Hindu nationaists
    • The Superiors General, the White Catholic Church has nothing to hide because there are in effect, no real challenges to their agenda, which they have articulated with an openness that is insulting but which is a commentary on Hindu powerlessness to deal with this agenda. The Church is backed and supported thoroughly by the US and the EU. The US and the EU will first create, trigger and nurture conflicts around the world (and these are always countries and regions where the Church has not been successful so far) and once the people have been devastated by prolonged conflict, then the Church will step in to administer the healing touch!
    • This Chidananda Saraswati signed the Delhi Declaration which also stated that he deplored not only “unethical religious conversion’ but also “unethical re-conversion”. He deserves nothing but the strongest condemnation not only for his pathetic understanding of religious conversion but also for his poor understanding of the critical necessity for re-conversion on Hindu bhumi to the parent religion.
    • Radha Rajan

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VIGIL Public Opinion Forum - Inter-faith Dialogue: Vatican in sheep's clothing - 1

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    • we firmly dismiss the very idea of inter-faith dialogue because, by the Vatican’s own admission, dialogue is only Church ploy to seek accommodation in non-Christian, non-Islamic nations and societies to carry out its only mission – to Christianize the world.
    • The Christian church and the Muslim mosque are not sacred places like the Hindu temple. These are places for the faithful to congregate for prayer and politics while our temples are abodes of the divine;
    • The village and village temples were therefore self-governing autonomous units linked by a common worldview defined by dharma, karma and the purusharthas to the larger pradesa, desa and rajya.
    • In essence, the Vatican has absolved itself of ‘offensive and unethical’ religious conversion. It is our responsibility to prove that the Vatican is lying through its teeth in the hope that it can still get away behind the veil of Hindu ignorance/tolerance and its own notorious secretive modus operandi.
    • Fascism is inherent in Christ’s proclamation that it is not enough to believe, but the faithful have to be baptized (self-perpetuating church)
    • Ad Gentes says the Church is missionary be nature. This means the Church’s whole purpose of existence is only its mission to take the Gospel to those who have not heard it. In brief, Christianize the world.
    • Inter-faith dialogue is the weapon of the Catholic Church crafted in the Second Vatican Council for easy penetration not of societies but penetration of Hindu and Buddhist religious leaders through access during these dialogues.
    • Radha Rajan

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Muslims pelt stones on Hindus in Maharashtra - Attacks |

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Global Times - India’s unwise military moves

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    • But India can’t actually compete with China in a number of areas, like international influence, overall national power and economic scale. India apparently has not yet realized this.
      Indian politicians these days seem to think their country would be doing China a huge favor simply by not joining the “ring around China” established by the US and Japan.

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Shadow Warrior:

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    • Digging deeper, racism seems a convenient but inaccurate excuse for problems. Disinformation conspires with social and economic factors, compounded by the absence of a concerted effort to accommodate the new visitors, and points to a systemic problem that finds its roots back in India.

      Many students relate accounts of unscrupulous education agents wooing hapless students Down Under with the promise of safe streets, cheap living, unlimited work rights and abundant opportunities. The reality is far less alluring. Many tell of brokers misrepresenting the courses offered and the fees incurred, of coming to Melbourne to enrol in colleges staffed by unqualified teachers who accept kickbacks for an upgrade of marks.

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Shadow Warrior: on BJP losses and blame games

  • Shadow Warrior: on BJP losses and blame games

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    • If you look closely at the NDA government, you will realise that the best ministers are the ones to come from outside the Sangh-Parivar traditions (Arun Shourie, Jaswant Singh, B C Khanduri in that order; yes I have omitted George Fernandes from the list). These are folks who followed their own intellectual or moral pathways – instead of being parivar automatons
    • There is also a need to nurture truly popular vote catchers that the masses adore. There is only one of those in the BJP right now

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पुण्य प्रसून बाजपेयी: बीजेपी के ग्राउंड जीरो पर मोदी-आडवाणी

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    • लेकिन 2009 के लोकसभा चुनाव में बीजेपी राजकोट में कांग्रेस से हार गयी। बीजेपी के युवा कार्यकर्त्ताओ की माने तो बीजेपी कांग्रस से नहीं बीजेपी के कांग्रेसीकरण से हार गयी।
    • मोदी की लोकप्रियता का यह अंदाज मोदी को आरएसएस की उस राजनीतिक ट्रेनिंग से अलग खड़ा करता है, जिसमें वैचारिक शुद्दता के साथ आदर्श समाज की परिकल्पना हो।
    • जिन्हें टिकट दिया गया, उनका वास्ता संघ से रहा नहीं और सामाजिक पहचान बीजेपी के बीच की है नहीं। हां, बाजार और पूंजी से पहचान बनाने वाले बीजेपी के उन समर्थको को मोदी ने न सिर्फ टिकट दिया बल्कि गुजरात बीजेपी में उनकी राजनीतिक हैसियत भी बढ़ायी।
    • कल तक जो घन्नसेठ फक्कड और मुफलिस संघी स्वसंसेवक या बीजेपी नेता को अपने घर में ठहरा कर भोजन करा कर घन्य समझता था, वही सेठ नेता बनने के लिये अब जोड-तोड़ भी कर रहा है और वैचारिक तौर पर खुद को ज्यादा समझदार नेता भी मान रहा है और फक्कड-मुफलिस संघी को बाहर से ही बाहर का रास्ता दिखाने से नहीं चूक रहा।
    • सत्ता का रास्ता बीजेपी के लिये तभी तक मान्य है, जबतक वह कांग्रेस की बनायी लीक का विकल्प दे सके। असल में बीजेपी सत्ता के लिये अपनी उस लकीर को ही मिटाना चाह रही है, जो कांग्रेस की राजनीति से अलग बन रही थी। कांग्रेस के एनजीओ स्टाइल के सामानांतर संघ के करीब चालीस संगठन और को-ओपरेटिव व्यवस्था का जो खांचा बीजेपी को राजनीतिक लाभ पहुचा सकता था, उसे बीजेपी ने खुद ही तोडा ।
    • असल में भगवा कांग्रेसीकरण ने इसी जमीन को हड़पा है। जिसमें गुजरात में मोदी हो या दिल्ली में आडवाणी दोनो ने विकल्प का सारा ताना-बाना खुद के ही हर्द-गिर्द बुनने की जबरन कोशिश की है।
    • इसलिये संघ का वोट बैंक भगवा कांग्रेसीकरण यानी बीजेपी का वोटबैंक नही हो सकता।
    • वाजपेयी ने संघ की समझ को सूंड से पकड कर सत्ता भोगी और आडवाणी ने संघ की समझ को पूंछ मान कर खुद को ही मजबूत नेता माना ।

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DNA: India: Sanyas is 'civil death' under Indian law

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Nothing official about people- Hindustan Times

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    • I have closely watched the Indo-Pak issue for over 50 years, and am dismayed to see that even after 60 years, it is no closer to resolution.
    • My hunt brought me closer to one: the China-Taiwan relationship.
    • While China and Taiwan claim to represent the same country, India and Pakistan don’t.
    • So why is the China-Taiwan issue closer to a resolution? Simply because China has pursued a two-pronged approach towards Taiwan, which I would crudely summarise as follows: squeeze Taiwan politically in international politics, embrace Taiwan economically in cross-strait relations
    • The China-Taiwan and Indo-Pak economic relationships are worth comparing. In both cases, for a long time trade and investment relations were discouraged. Yet, after China opened its economy to the world, it also welcomed Taiwanese investment and trade with Taiwan.
    • India has given Pakistan most favoured nation (MFN) status. Pakistan hasn’t reciprocated.
    • Just as the Chinese and Taiwanese share a common culture and language (Mandarin), so do Indians and Pakistanis (Hindi/ Urdu).
    • After watching the constant political discomfort between India and Pakistan, I came to the conclusion that one practical step that both sides can take is to de-link the people-to-people links from official relations.

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