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महाजाल पर सुरेश चिपलूनकर (Suresh Chiplunkar): राजा बाबू और नीरा राडिया की जुगलबन्दी, 2G स्पेक्ट्रम महाघोटाला और सीबीआई के कुछ गोपनीय दस्तावेज… (भाग-2)...... 2G Spectrum Scam, A Raja, Neera Radia, CBI, PMO (Part-2)

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    • It is said about Ramkrishna that he was much too interested in food; in fact obsessed. That is very unlikely. Even his wife, Sharada, used to feel very embarrassed; because he was such a great saint, only with one flaw – and the flaw was that he was much too interested in food. He was interested so much that while he was giving satsang to his disciples, just in the middle he will say, ”Wait, I am coming,” and he will go to look into the kitchen, what is being cooked. He will just go there and ask, ”What is being prepared today?” and then will come back and start his satsang again.

      His closest disciples became worried. They said, ”This doesn’t look good, Paramhansa. And everything is so perfectly beautiful – never has there walked such a beautiful and perfect man – but this small thing, why can’t you drop it?” He will laugh and will not say anything.

      One day his wife Sharada insisted too much. He said, ”Okay, if you insist, I will tell. My prarabdha is finished; and I am just clinging with this food. If I drop that I am gone.” The wife could not believe this. It is very difficult for wives to believe in their own husbands – even if the husband is a Paramhansa it makes no difference. The wife must have thought that he is befooling, or he is trying to rationalize. Seeing that, Ramkrishna said, ”Look, I can see that you are not trusting me, but you will know. The day I am going to die, just three days before that day, three days before my death, I will not look at the food. You will bring my thali in, and I will start looking in another direction; then you can know that only three days more am I to be here.”

    • He was clinging in compassion, just trying to create a bondage with one chain. The imprisonment is gone; the prison has disappeared. Out of compassion he was trying to cling, to linger a little longer on this shore, to help those who had gathered around him.

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GVLN Rao Blog » Blog Archive » EVMs can be manipulated in elections: Election Commission

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    narasimha row
    • G.V.L. Narasimha Rao, 45, is a leading election analyst and a political commentator in India.
    • The Election Commission of India has made an amazing confession: that the security and integrity of the entire election system will be compromised if the EVM software and the hardware design becomes known.
    • The above revelation was made by the Election Commission in a letter dated March 30, 2010 to V.V. Rao, petitioner in the Supreme Court on the EVMs. I quote below:

      ”…The Commission is concerned that commercial interests could use the route of reverse engineering (a process by which the original software and hardware configuration can be accessed) which may compromise the security and sanctity of the entire election system.”

      “…It is once again made clear that any demonstration of alleged tamperability cannot include reverse-engineering as it compromises security and sanctity of the entire election system.”

    • This statement of the Election Commission raises several questions that impinge on India’s electoral democracy.

      1. Why has the Election Commission repeatedly misled the nation so far repeatedly claiming that its EVMs are tamper proof and unriggable?

      2. Given that for a reverse engineering operation, one requires access to only a single machine of each make/ model (there are only four models in use), what is the guarantee that people have not gained unauthorized access to EVMs? Over 13 Lakh EVMs are lying all over the country in the districts and it is easy and simple to get a few of them.

      3. Manufacturers, software programme developers, other employees, private foreign companies involved in software fusing etc. have access to the machine software and hardware specifications. What is the guarantee that they have not used such knowledge to “fix” elections in the country? In the light of the ground level reports that such insidious operatives are at work, isn’t it silly to make such assumptions? (Refer my book “Democracy at Risk: Can we trust our EVMs?” for vivid accounts of such murky operations.)

    • 5. Why has the Election Commission chosen to blindly trust the EVM manufacturers when it has a splendid record in taking officials involved in elections to task for even minor aberrations? Is it its helplessness or lack of technical familiarity that made it blindly trust the manufacturing PSUs?

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Haindava Keralam - Divine kisses inside Confession Chamber

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Haindava Keralam - Evil triumphs due to inaction, silence and indifference by Hindus

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    • Evil triumphs due to inaction, silence and indifference by Hindus
    • Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.” Haile Selassie quotes (Ethiopian Statesman and Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974)

      "In proportion to the extent of one's religious or irreligious actions in this life, one must enjoy or suffer the corresponding reactions of his karma in the next."
      Bhagavat Purana 6.1.45;

      Hindus are largely if not totally, entirely, absolutely responsible for every thing that is happening at present – depletion of Hindu population; doubling of the size of other religious population;
      denying dalits to enter the Temples; treating dalits as second class citizens; allowing the conversion of their fellow Hindus to other religions under their nose; increasing the reservations in the educational institutions, work force and even in promotions, use state and Temple resources to send Muslims and Christians to the their pilgrimage centers;  increased infiltration of Muslims to border states Bangladesh, their total neglect of their obligations to their
      own religion; their near neglect of their social responsibility to fellow human beings because of their caste, status, positions and prestige; their false concept of thinking that all religions are same;their passion to criticize the supposed follies of their own religion without having an iota of knowledge; their glee in taking pride to stab their own religious practices not knowing how scientific they are; their eagerness to defend the rights of other religions at the expense of their own rich cultural heritage; their total unawareness of their government’s misuse and abuse of Hindu Temples; their utter negligence to take active role in bringing changes in the government
      to support equality of religions; their show of blindness to the destruction secular concept is causing to Hinduism while promoting other religions; their failure to defend their religious leaders from the defamation by the media, secularists, communists, Christians, Muslims and others; and the list goes on.

       If Hinduism is to survive in this modern world, Hindus have to defend their religion; sacrifice their resources; shed their blood; attack the deception practices of other religions; expose the
      dark side of the Abrahamic religions; assail their evil, sinful,malicious tactics of conversion; eliminate reservations for all religions; and reconvert all the converts back to Hinduism.

      As mentioned in Bhagavata Purana that we will pay dearly for our inaction and suffer the consequences.

      Hindus should reverse the trend, revitalize the Hindu cause, awaken the Hindu mind, foreclose the pathways the government has adopted to discriminate against Hindus, shut out all the loopholes the government created for the so called minorities, plug out all the resources coming from foreign countries for the purpose of conversion, and work toward changing the so called secular country by creating a spiritual country.
    • For more information

                                 Please visit our website:

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Haindava Keralam - Vaak, A Newspaper in Sanskrit.

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    • More than three decades ago, when Buddha Dev Sharma was young and nervous about English, he subscribed to a newspaper in English to overcome his fears and learn the new language. Today Buddha Dev Sharma writes, edits and publishes Vaak, Uttarakhand’s only Sanskrit newspaper.
    • In the four color pages in each edition, the fortnightly newspaper touches upon current affairs, a crossword puzzle and a column for general knowledge questions, the newspaper’s most popular section. The range of news is contemporary–the Copenhagen summit on climate change, political leadership changes in the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party, and the updates on Indian Premier League cricket matches.
    • Sanskrit News paper-Sudharma
      Good news indeed. There is another daily news paper sudharma, which is published from Mysore. This paper is being published for more than 25 years. Though it is a single sheet, it covers the topics and also the readers contributions. They have a online edition.
    • Srinivasan

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Parivar divided over caste-based census

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    • Suman K Jha
    • Sharp differences have emerged in the Sangh Parivar on caste-based census, with BJP president Nitin Gadkari coming out in the open against the idea, arguing that a caste-based census may not be desirable. Deputy Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Gopinath Munde had argued in the House last week that the country “needed a caste-based census” following which Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj had said “this was the party’s position on the issue as well”.


      The RSS has now jumped into the fray, with the editorial in the latest issue of Organiser arguing that “our only identity is Indian nationality” but “in the last two decades the politicians have revived casteism and now it has become a political agenda”. The RSS organ, in its latest issue, has further argued that “government policies, reservation benefits and economic interests have perpetuated the caste system”, and that “caste often undermines a collective Hindu personality”.

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Kerala govt gets notice on quota - India - The Times of India

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    • Two years after okaying 27% quota for OBC students in government educational institutions, the Supreme Court on Tuesday issued notice to Kerala government on a petition challenging the state's decision to extend 10% quota to economically backward students from forward castes.

      A Bench comprising Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justice S H Kapadia sought the response of the Achuthanandan government on petitions filed by Kerala Muslim Jamaath Council and Christian Service Society.

      Petitioners through senior advocate R F Nariman contended that the Constitution, while allowing the state to provide reservation, had limited it only to socially and educationally backward sections of society.

      The petitioners said the government was trying to appease Hindu forward castes by extending them reservation upto 10% in government educational institutions in graduation and post-graduation courses.

      The state had by an order dated September 4, 2008, decided to reserve 10% of seats in all graduation and post-graduation courses in government colleges and 7.5% of seats in universities for students belonging to economically backward sections of forward communities below the poverty line.
    • Alleging that reservation for forward caste students could shrink the benefit intended for socially and educationally backward communities, the Muslim body said, "This is nothing but appeasement of forward communities which constitute majority of the population. Majority of the aided and unaided educational institutions in the state are under the control of the forward communities and Christians. Students belonging to Muslim community, which are admittedly a socially and backward segment, are unable to get admission to these institutions."

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77 per cent oppose same gotra marriages: HT survey- Hindustan Times

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    • Even as the government proposes tougher laws against honour killings sanctioned by khap panchayats, a survey carried out by Hindustan Times in Haryana shows most people are against same gotra (sub-caste) marriages.

      The survey shows as many as 77 per cent of the respondents do not support same gotra marriages. The survey was carried out in Chandigarh, Rohtak, Jind, Bhiwani and Kurukshetra. Surprisingly, even in Chandigarh, 65 per cent of the respondents have opposed same gotra marriages.

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Electoral consideration can't be ignored: PC on Naxalism- Hindustan Times

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    • Categorically ruling out the use of military to counter the Maoist threat, Home Minister P Chidambaram on Tuesday suggesting government cannot be dictatorial as there ethical and electoral considerations involved.
    • The massacre of 76 CRPF jawans by Maoists in Chhattisgarh last month had brought up the demand from certain quarters for use of armed forces to tackle the Naxals.
    • He said containing cross-border terrorism was more difficult compared to Northeast insurgency issues or Naxalism.

      "I believe that the problem of insurgency in the Northeast is within our control. By and large, it is a problem that we can contain, control and resolve.

      "Likewise Maoism or Naxalism is also within our control. We are still debating how to control it," he added.

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Court frees 75-yr-old of 'obscenity' tag in Mumbai -

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    • Hetal Vyas / DNA
    • Almost 15 years after he was booked in a case of ‘obscenity’, 71-year-old Harkishan Chhatlani is finally breathing easy. Taking note of a total failure on the part of the Social Service Branch of Mumbai police to prove a case of alleged obscenity against the South Mumbai-based senior citizen, a magistrate’s court acquitted him of all charges early this week.
    • Mumbai:
    • Chhatlani was booked by the Social Service Branch in July 1995, for allegedly importing American magazines, which allegedly contained obscene photos of a man and woman resembling a Hindu god and goddess in the nude.

      Chhatlani, owner and partner of India Book Distributors at Nariman Point, was also charged with intent to insult the sentiments of Hindus by deliberately distributing copies of the magazines.

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Declassifying India

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    • B G Verghese
    • In 1948, the US endorsed ‘the legal validity of Kashmir’s accession to India’.


      Yet, this understanding ‘was not set in concrete’ and ‘was later superseded by a more authoritative state department finding that backed away from that conclusion’. When and why did this tectonic shift occur in face of the UN’s stated understanding of the matter? After Pakistan formally became a military ally? In the same manner in which the US unilaterally redrew the northernmost segment of the ceasefire line to run northeast to a point near the Karakoram Pass at India’s cost, during the period 1967-’70 when Pakistan had become a diplomatic conduit to China?


      Shaffer tells us that pessimism over Frank Graham’s mediatory role in J&K, led the US to contemplate asking the Security Council to recommend seeking from the International Court of Justice an advisory opinion on the legality of Maharaja Hari Singh’s accession to India to ‘knock out’ India’s arguments for its ‘occupation’ of Kashmir. And in due course the Kashmir ‘Question’ has become the Kashmir ‘Dispute’.
    • Schaffer’s is not a bad book. It is valuable as an exposition of the American point of view. But when shall we read an Indian book based on solid Indian source material? This is, alas, still squirreled away for termites to eat, as happened again this year with India’s huge wheat hoard while people starved.

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Rising Kashmir - A case for third party mediation on Kashmir

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    • Abdul Majid Zargar
    • Why does India oppose a third party mediation or international interference on Kashmir issue. Firstly India has never really been sure that the world, by and large, accepts the legitimacy of its control over Kashmir. There are other reasons for India's hesitation which have been articulated often by different representatives of the government. Some of these are:

      1. That Kashmir being an integral part, is India’s internal issue which brooks no outside interference.  The reason that this is reiterated at any given opportunity is essentially because New Delhi worries that the United States might use its might as the world’s superpower to impose a solution to Kashmir.

      2. India being a pluristic society is afraid that it might follow the fate of the Soviet Union once it is compelled to offer concessions on Kashmir. Indian elite considers Jammu and Kashmir, the only Indian state where the majority of the population is Muslim, to be the weakest link in a Hindu-majority country.

      3. India is also apprehensive that any concessions given to Kashmir will, in turn, open the floodgates for demands in other states.

      Are India’s above concerns or apprehensions genuine?
    • It is therefore in India's interest to engage Pakistan over Kashmir through a third party.  Pakistan still reiterates its demand for such mediation on Kashmir, and thus would be hard-pressed to reject this approach.

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Ranbir Kapoor in Mani Ratnam’s next -STAR Box Office – News

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    • The latest is that Mani Ratnam has signed Ranbir for his next project. A source close to the actor confirmed the news. The source also revealed that the script is a love story about a boy from Pakistan and a girl from India and is has a Hindu-Muslim angle. The film is tentatively titled ‘Azaan’ which also might be the name of the lead character. The film is likely to kick start in early 2011. However, no formal announcements have been made yet.

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Friends like these -

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    • Pakistan must count itself as very lucky to have a friend like the US. Whatever the provocation, the US seems to find enough rationalisation to stand by it.

      Nations which have displeased the US in the past have faced consequences, but not Pakistan. The latest revelation, that an American of Pakistani origin was behind the botched attempt to set off a car bomb in the crowded Times Square area of New York, has forced the US to rap it on the knuckles.

      But that’s about it.

    • The world can see that the US is weak when it comes to Pakistan and has started to voice its own fears. As the most important component of the erstwhile Soviet Union, Russia has a stake in the area. The US must sooner rather than later reassess its Pakistan policy.
    • It is now clear that the terrorism that emanates from our western neighbour has long surpassed its stake in the so-called Kashmir dream and is now taking on the world.

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Cross-border terror extends beyond Pak: PC

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    • Home Minister P Chidambaram has said there is a need to redefine the idea of cross-border terrorism to include terrorists from beyond Pakistan, to include the Middle East also, besides pointing out that one of the bigger challenges faced by the security set-up is the threat of homegrown Islam or Hindu terror groups.
    • Chidambaram, who spoke on security scenarios, ruled out any military options to tackle the Maoist movement but pointed that there were new dimensions of terror groups like homegrown Hindu fundamentalists and to a smaller extent extreme Sikh groups. The Home Minister said while India had the means to “contain, control and resolve” the Maoist menace in central India and North-East insurgency, it would be more difficult to deal with religious terrorism.

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Telegraph Nepal : Nepal disorder due to New Delhi sponsored 12 pt. accord: Kamal Thapa

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    • Kamal Thapa, Chairman of Rastriya Prajatantra Party-Nepal, who returned home Tuesday May 11, 2010, participating in the three day ‘World Hindutwa Conference’ held in Mumbai of India told journalists at Kathmandu’s International Airport that the New Delhi structured and engineered 12-Poins Agreement signed by Nepal’s political parties was a faulty one.

      The current political deadlock in the country is the result of the flawed New Delhi agreement”, he continued.

    • “In order to save the country from constitutional crisis, restoration of World’s only Hindu Monarchy was the only option left”, he said and added “If the people so desire, Monarchy can be revived.”

      Thapa told journalists’ that the outcome of the Hindutwa conference has been that Hindus spread world over should unite to restore Nepal as a Hindu State.

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Toronto Star - Nepal dispatches: 'I bow to you'

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    • “Namaste,” pronounced Nam-a-stay. It’s a word you hear so often in Nepal it becomes as common as the frenetic sounds of car horns or motor bikes.
    • I remember this little boy had his hands clasped together for quite some time. I didn't realize he was waiting for me to turn around so that he could say "Namaste."
    • Whether you're walking the streets of Kathmandu or trekking through the mighty Himalayas, the Nepali people always have time for a heartfelt “Namaste.”
    • An ever so slight bow of the head comes in tandem. It is this one simple gesture that gives me butterflies. Amidst the difficult grind of daily life and the political uncertainties currently strong-arming the nation, for me, it speaks volumes about the amicability of the Nepali people.
    • “It’s different from where you come from,” my friend Aruna, who has been helping me film here in Kathmandu joked with me recently. “Here in Nepal, we always have time to stop, to greet, to say hello.” It is a lesson I will take with me always - as a friend, a daughter, a journalist and also a perfect stranger. Palms touching, hands in-front-of-heart, the collective ability of the people to take a literal breath and acknowledge one another is the most beautiful thing I have seen during my time here in Nepal. Namaste. I bow to you. Isn't it just lovely?
    • Jayme Poisson is a Master of Journalism student at Carleton University. She will be trekking through Nepal during May while making a documentary about delivering maternal health services to remote and conflict-affected areas. In mid-June she will join the Star's summer intern program. She will be blogging regularly from the field.

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Bill Gates to turn Rahul Gandhi’s power base into IT hub | beyondbrics |

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    • For now, 39-year-old scion of the Gandhi-Nehru dynasty is focused on developing one of India’s poorest states Uttar Pradesh (UP) and in particular his constituency Amethi, a family seat that was held before him by his great-grandfather, his uncle Sanjay Gandhi and his father.

      Rahul’s latest coup in his mission was to get Bill Gates, the world’s second richest man, to promise that he would turn Amethi into an information technology hub.

      Here is what the Hindu reported:

      “Addressing a meeting of women self help groups (SHGs) under the Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojana, Mr Gates stressed the importance of computer education in this age of internet and said that he would do his best to develop Amethi as an IT hub.”

      Gates is not the first to have visited UP with Rahul. Before him came David Miliband, the now former British foreign minister and likeliest candidate to succeed Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party, and several other foreign executives. Miliband also spent a night in a small village with a Hindu lower-caste Dalit family (check out the pictures).

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The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Nation | BC, DC or EC? What lies ahead of the census

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      • Census officials speak to villagers in Bengal’s Lalgarh. The Bengal administration was the only state government to have asked for a caste-based census, a demand initially rejected but accepted later by the Centre

      When officials carrying out the 1931 census, the last to take account of caste, asked a “waterman” on the Coorg border his place in the social hierarchy, the answer left them amazed.

      The “extremely dark individual”, wrote then census commissioner John Henry Hutton in his report, said he was from the Suryavamsa (family of the Sun).

      The focus on skin colour probably reflected Hutton’s own prejudice, but the British official anyway thought the waterman would be from a low or intermediate caste, perhaps even an untouchable.

      He noted in his report that some people were using the census as a ladder to ascend the social order.

      Today’s census officials, as they carry out a caste count almost 80 years later, could face the opposite problem, with the lure of reservation inflating the Other Backward Classes’ numbers.

      But that is not the only reason officials say verifying every Indian’s caste identity will take at least five years after the 2011 census simply records citizens’ own claims on the matter.

      Cataloguing the labyrinth of castes, sub-castes and sub-sub-castes — differing from region to region — will be an enormous task because the key issue of who belongs to the Other Backward Classes has historically meant different things in different places, and to different people and politicians.

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    • 12 May 1710 – Sikhs defeated Mughal army at Chappar Chiri
    • By Gurmukh Singh (UK)

      The Indian Mughal empire never recovered from the defeat inflicted on the Mughal army in the battle of Chappar Chiri near Sirhind, by the people’s Khalsa army led by General Baba Banda Singh Bahadur 300 years ago, on 12 May 1710.

      The historic battle showed that the well equipped and highly trained Mughal army was not invincible. The foundation for people’s Khalsa raj had been laid by Tenth Nanak, Guru Gobind Singh, who had promised that his “sparrows” i.e.  ordinary people armed with the Guru’s egalitarian and liberating ideology, shall hunt and kill the Mughal “hawk”.  And so on 12 May 1710, led by one of the greatest generals in human history, the sparrows went for the jugular of the Mughal empire. This was  the lifeline of the empire connecting north-west frontier and provincial capital Lahore, with Delhi. Starting with the earlier demise of the significant centre of Mughal aristocracy, Samana (26 November 1709), The Khalsa army held on for nearly six years to end 1715.

    • Even in retreat, the Guru showed unmatched military skill at Anandpur, Chamkaur and Muktsar. Despite treachery and false promises of safe passage from Anandpur, the combined forces of the hill rajas and the Mughal army, were unable to capture or kill him in battle.

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Marrying in Aug-Oct? Don't do it in Delhi - Hindustan Times

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    • Delhi weddings between August and October are faced with a strange predicament — the Commonwealth Games.

      With Delhi Police taking over 50 community centres — all in prime south, central, west and east Delhi locations —
      there's not enough venues left to hold the functions.

      "The community centres have been given out from August 20 to October 20 (to house Central paramilitary forces)," Deep Mathur, Municipal Corporation of Delhi's Director, press and information said.

      "Bookings for weddings and social functions have been suspended for the period."

      Call it cosmological irony: the August-October period also offers the maximum auspicious days in the year. There are more than 25 auspicious days in August alone, 16 in September and nine in October.

    • Delhi was already facing a crisis after the Delhi High Court banned weddings in around 675 municipal parks from January this year. The current problem may force families to look at the 50 community centres in far-flung areas of the Capital that are accepting bookings for social functions.

      The other alternative could be the 60-odd farmhouses and some 100 MCD parks in the city.

      "The farmhouses and banquet halls are few in number and very expensive.

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चिदंबरम का हिन्दू आतंकवाद संबंधी बयान दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण

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    • केंद्रीय गृहमंत्री पी. चिदम्बरम के कथित हिंदू आतंकवाद संबंधी बयान को दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण बताते हुए विश्व हिंदू परिषद के अध्यक्ष अशोक सिंहल ने कहा है कि चिदम्बरम यह बताएं कि अगर देश में हिंदू आतंकवाद है तो यह है कहां।
    • लखनऊ।
    • उन्होंने कहा कि देश के हिंदुओं के खिलाफ एक अंतर्राष्ट्रीय साजिश चल रही है जिसके कारण ऎसे बयान जारी किए जा रहे हैं। उन्होंने कहा कि इस तरह के बयान हिंदू जनता का अपमान है लेकिन जनता केंद्र सरकार के सारे पैंतरे समझ चुकी है।

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तोगड़िया का एसआईटी को नोटिस - notice to SIT from praveen togadia -

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    • अहमदाबाद
    • विश्व हिंदू परिषद के फायरब्रांड नेता डा.प्रवीण तोगड़िया ने गुलबर्ग कांड के संबंध में पूछताछ के अगले ही दिन विशेष जांच दल (एसआईटी) को कानूनी नोटिस थमा दिया है। इसमें जांच एजेंसी से सवाल-जवाब के दस्तावेजी प्रमाण सहित कई कागजात मुहैया कराने की मांग की गई है।

      तोगड़िया सोमवार को ही जांच एजेंसी के समक्ष पेश हुए थे। उन्होंने एसआईटी के जांच अधिकारी एके मल्होत्रा को भी चपेट में ले लिया है। नोटिस में मल्होत्रा से सवाल-जवाब के सिलसिले में मीडिया में आईं खबरों के लिए स्पष्टीकरण मांगा गया है। विहिप पदाधिकारी का दावा है कि मीडिया में आईं खबरे सत्य से परे हैं।

    • बहरहाल, नोटिस में दिवंगत सांसद एहसान जाफरी की विधवा जाकिया जाफरी, स्वैच्छिक संगठन सिटीजन फॉर जस्टिस एंड पीस तीस्ता शीलतवाड द्वारा की गई शिकायत, सर्वोच्च अदालत द्वारा इस संबंध में समय -समय पर दिए गए आदेश की छायाप्रतियां आदि की मांग की गई है। तोगडिया की ओर से यह भी कहा गया है कि पहले भी जांच एजेंसी से चिंहित दस्तावेज मांगे गए थे । बावजूद इसके अब तक कुछ नहीं दिया गया है।

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Jagran - Yahoo! India - आज के जिन्ना हैं मनमोहन और सोनिया : तोगड़िया

Jagran - Yahoo! India - News

  • विश्व हिन्दू परिषद के अंतरराष्ट्रीय महामंत्री डा. प्रवीण भाई तोगड़िया ने मुस्लिम व ईसाई समुदाय को आरक्षण देने की खिलाफत करते हुए प्रधानमंत्री मनमोहन सिंह और यूपीए की अध्यक्ष सोनिया गांधी को आज का 'जिन्ना' बताया।
  • इलाहाबाद
  • उन्होंने कहा कि देश में मुस्लिमों को दस प्रतिशत और ईसाई समुदाय को 5 प्रतिशत आरक्षण देने की बात कही जा रही है। यह हिन्दुओं की शिक्षा और रोजगार के अधिकार छीनकर मुस्लिमों और ईसाइयों को देने की केन्द्र सरकार की साजिश है। यह भी सवाल उठाया कि यह 15 प्रतिशत आरक्षण सरकार देगी कैसे! देश के राज्यों में अनुसूचित जाति, जनजाति, ओबीसी समेत अन्य विभिन्न जातियों के लिए 47-49 फीसदी आरक्षण है जबकि 50 फीसदी सामान्य वर्ग के लिए है। जाहिर है कि सरकार मुस्लिमों और ईसाइयों को हिन्दुओं की विभिन्न जातियों के हिस्से का आरक्षण चुराकर देगी। उन्होंने यह भी चेतावनी दी कि अगर कोई 'जिन्ना' बनकर मुस्लिमों और ईसाइयों को आरक्षण देने का कार्य करेगा तो हम भी चुप नहीं बैठेंगे। कहा, कि संगठन इसके खिलाफ देश भर के हिन्दू छात्रों और बेरोजगारों को जागृत कर सड़क पर उतरने की मुहिम छेड़गा। डा. तोगड़िया ने हिन्दुओं से आह्वान किया कि वे इस साजिश के खिलाफ एकजुट हों। हर हिन्दू जागरूक और सक्रिय बनें। उन्होंने यह भी कहा कि देश में हिन्दुओं की रक्षा तभी हो सकेगी, जब भारत का संविधान बदलकर देश को हिन्दू राष्ट्र घोषित किया जाएगा। जिस ऐसा होगा हिन्दुओं की सभी समस्याएं खत्म हो जाएंगी। राम सेतु तोड़ने की कोई नहीं सोचेगा। वंदेमातरम् का विरोध नहीं होगा। गौहत्या नहीं होगी। कहा कि हिन्दू राष्ट्र में मुलायम सिंह यादव भी प्रधानमंत्री बनेंगे तो राम जन्म मंदिर बनवाने की वकालत करेंगे। डा. तोगड़िया ने यह भी स्पष्ट किया कि देश हिन्दू राष्ट्र बने, इसके लिए विहिप ने अभियान छेड़ दिया है। धर्म रक्षा निधि अर्पण इसी का हिस्सा है। उन्होंने सभी हिन्दुओं से अपील की कि वे रोज एक मुट्ठी अनाज और एक रुपये दान करें ताकि देश में कोई गरीब हिन्दू भूखा नहीं रहे। वह मजबूरी में धर्मातरण के लिए बाध्य नहीं हो। समाज के छोटे-बड़े वर्ग के लोग धर्म रक्षा में आर्थिक सहयोग करें।