Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friends like these -

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    • Pakistan must count itself as very lucky to have a friend like the US. Whatever the provocation, the US seems to find enough rationalisation to stand by it.

      Nations which have displeased the US in the past have faced consequences, but not Pakistan. The latest revelation, that an American of Pakistani origin was behind the botched attempt to set off a car bomb in the crowded Times Square area of New York, has forced the US to rap it on the knuckles.

      But that’s about it.

    • The world can see that the US is weak when it comes to Pakistan and has started to voice its own fears. As the most important component of the erstwhile Soviet Union, Russia has a stake in the area. The US must sooner rather than later reassess its Pakistan policy.
    • It is now clear that the terrorism that emanates from our western neighbour has long surpassed its stake in the so-called Kashmir dream and is now taking on the world.

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