Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shades Of Saffron: Cruel Aurangzeb and soft hearted Hindus

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    • When Aurangzeb imposed Jizya tax on Hindus, about thousands of Hindus went to Delhi to meet Aurangzeb. Their intention was to plead before Aurangzeb untill he feals pity for them. They thought that if they plead before the Badshah, cry for justice and ask him to beat them as much he can, then he will feel guilty and scrap the Jizya tax.

      About thousands of Hindus gathered around the fort. On Friday the Badshah was suppose to go to the Masjid. Aurangzeb sat on the Royal elephant and marched towards the Masjid. The Hindus decided to block his way and stage protest. Aurangzeb stopped for sometime, until a Mullah said, "If you wait for any more time you'll be late for the Namaz". Aurangzeb then ordered to let the elephant proceed by stamping Hindus. Finally Aurangzeb reached at the Masjid for Namaz on time by letting Hindus die like worms and insects.

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      Article published on 'Sanatan Prabhat' which was extracted from 'Swatantraveer, Diwali Visheshank 2006', written by Swatantraveer V. D. Savarkar.

      The act of Hindus who died was no different from Gandhiji's 'Gandhigiri'. O Hindus! if you continue following Gandhigiri you tend to be killed by terrorists (or modern day Aurangzebs). It is need of the hour to use weapons and teach all anti hindus a lesson of a lifetime.

Mangalorean.Com- Muslim girl students can wear Burkha in uniform colour, Bharath gets threat calls

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    • Puttur/Mangalore
    • In a bid to solve the controversy in SVS College, Bantwal over the ban on Muslim girls wearing the traditional burkha, the management of Uppinangady Govrernment First Grade College today took the decision to allow the students to wear headscarf in the college uniform colour.
    • Threats

      The SVS college union president Mr Bharath Kulal today lodged a complaint with the Bantwal Town police alleging that he has been receiving threat calls on his cell phone.

      Addressing the presspersons here today Bharath said he has received four threat calls so far with the first call on Tuesday, a day after the veil controversy was unfolded by the media. He said he received two more calls on Wednesday and also on Thursday from an international number presumed to be through VoIP as the number was prefixed with +12053 and +4044. The caller who refused to identify himself spoke in Tulu and reportedly threatened Bharath of dire consequences.