Monday, May 30, 2011

astonishing: india and pakistan speak as one on the desirability of a taliban-run afghanistan!

astonishing: india and pakistan speak as one on the desirability of a taliban-run afghanistan!: "
may 29th, 2011 CE

i guess the next thing the UPA will be announcing is a complete meeting of minds on kashmir too as far as the ISI and the UPA are concerned.

india's policy in the past has been consistent: to always oppose those who support the pakistani pipe-dream of 'strategic depth' by making afghanistan a colony. this has meant supporting the erstwhile northern alliance, in particular ahmed shah massoud and his tajik panjshiris.

now that has been discarded. china is entrenched in PoK. india will support the likes of mullah omar, jalaluddin haqqani, and gulbuddin hekmatyar.

nice going indeed.

positive signs, my foot. it only means that obama has changed his afghan policy from 'declare victory, outsource the region to the ISI, run like hell' to 'declare victory, outsource the region to the ISI and china, run like hell'

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WaPo, 26/5/2011

Positive Signs in Afghanistan

By David Ignatius

WASHINGTON -- The "fighting season" has started in Afghanistan, with deadly attacks almost every day. But at the same time, diplomats see what one calls "hopeful signs" that a regional framework for peace talks with the Taliban may slowly be emerging.


A second positive trend is that India and Pakistan are speaking in similar language about their support for an Afghan-led negotiated settlement. An important signal came from Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in a May 13 speech in Kabul. He endorsed President Hamid Karzai's "process of national reconciliation" and said India "will respect the choices you make."

Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir used similar language Monday when he backed an "Afghan-led and Afghan-owned" peace process. He was echoing comments made in Kabul in April by Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and Gen. Ashfaq Kayani, the army chief. Indeed, on paper, there's little difference between the Indian, Pakistani and American positions supporting a negotiation that concludes with a Taliban agreement to renounce violence, reject al-Qaeda and support the Afghan constitution.


Singh's speech in Kabul got relatively little attention in the Western press. But diplomats noted this passage: "We hope that Afghanistan will be able to build a framework of regional cooperation that will help its nation-building efforts." That hope is shared by Marc Grossman, the new U.S. special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, who has been pushing for a "diplomatic surge" on various fronts.

A third positive trend is on the battlefield itself. The U.S.-led coalition entered this fighting season having cleared several major Taliban strongholds in Kandahar and Helmand provinces, providing more leverage. There's some independent evidence that the Taliban is feeling the pressure.

दुष्ट नहीं माने तो हिंसा बहुत जरुरी है..........

दुष्ट नहीं माने तो हिंसा बहुत जरुरी है..........: "

शांति शांति को जपते जपते,हम जड़ हो बैठे,
कोहिनूर सा दुर्लभ हिरा तक भी खो बैठे
खो बैठे कैलाश कबूतर श्वेत उड़ाने में...
अचकन की जेबों पर लाल गुलाब लगाने में..
पर झंडा ऊँचा है ,यदि डंडे की मंजूरी है...
दुष्ट नहीं माने तो हिंसा बहुत जरुरी है..........




Jehad need not necessarily be violent. It can take place even through the sleeper cell. It can take place through subtle brainwash.

.. and our friendly neighbourhood Bollywood is nothing but a large sleeper cell which infiltrate our youth brains.

So, let me tell you how. Watch this: Invariably, the heroes are Bollywood Khans… but the villains are always Hindus. The Heroines are almost always top caste brahmin girls. The best way to insult a man is to flick his woman… right.

Now, let me get it closer. All these Bollywood Khans are anti-Hindu and rowdies to the core. Salman Khan shot blackbucks and ran his car over poor pedestrians and when he got caught, he wore his Muslim skullcap. Then, another friendly Muslim, Shahruk Khan does a movie stating that I am not a terrorist and lies about the terror manual.

Not just that, see the Bollywood flick DABHANG. The villain is a devotee of Hanuman… and Salman Khan finishes him with elan.

We all know that Bollywood is financed by the Islamic underworld.. aka.. Dawood Ibrahim who is cooling his heels in Arab nations.

Shall we know the ulterior motive: It is nothing but jehad. When Hrithik Roshan became a teenie sensation, the underworld tried to finish off his father Rakesh Roshan. What’s that?

So beware of Bollywood brainwash. It dumbs down India.

Haindava Keralam - After Murder, Treacherous Missionary vultures to feed on her family

Shornur: It has been confirmed that the Missionary group 'Akasaparavakal' head quartered in New Delhi were in another treacherous spree to convert the Mother and Brother of Soumya.

Soumya was brutally murdered by Charlie – A High Profile beggar who is part of  the missionary gang 'Akasaparavakal'. Charlie was projected as 'Govindachami' by Kerala media and just like any other naïve Kerala Hindu, there was nothing suspicious they felt about the visists of members of 'Akasaparavakal' to console them following the death of their daughter.

Haindava Keralam -92-yr-old turns ‘young’ after kayakalpa

A 92-year-old ascetic, Yugal Saran Maharaj, who underwent a special 45-day 'kayakalpa' treatment in seclusion, now has black strands sprouting in his otherwise grey beard and also confesses to feeling ‘youthful stirrings.’

Saran Maharaj underwent the treatment in the three-chambered trigarbha graham at Ottappalam in Palakkad district as part of an attempt to create a `miracle' of rejuvenation using kayakalpa rasayana which is extolled in ayurveda texts.

Besides achieving a haemoglobin count of 15.5, uncharacteristic among people of his age, the ascetic has also started experiencing 'amorous feelings' that he abandoned 60 years ago. Likewise, the swelling on his feet and hands vanished a few shaking teeth have now become firmer.

An ayurveda practioner himself, Saran Maharaj came down from Mount Abu in Rajasthan to go through the rigorous kayakalpa process.

“I did this not to become younger but to prove a point ancient ayurveda can do wonders,” he told Deccan Chronicle. “I was associated with a similar treatment for social reformer Madan Mohan Malaviya in 1933.”

The trigarbha was built by ayurveda physician Dr Sethumadhavan as described in ancient texts spending Rs 32 lakh. “In the chamber one undergoes the process of change like an embryo in the womb,” he said.

However, Saran Maharaj cautions that the treatment is not for the fickle-hearted: “Imagine sitting inside a dark chamber with no water or food,” he said. “Think about having only medicines supplemented with a glass of milk.”