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क्या हम “राष्ट्रीय स्वाभिमान” भूल चुके हैं? - चार देशों के मामलों की तुलना… National Pride, Rahat Fateh Ali, TriValley University, Raymond Davis

क्या हम “राष्ट्रीय स्वाभिमान” भूल चुके हैं? - चार देशों के मामलों की तुलना… National Pride, Rahat Fateh Ali, TriValley University, Raymond Davis: "


Forgotten Women of the Ramayan, by Aparna Garg

Forgotten Women of the Ramayan, by Aparna Garg: "

One of the oldest epics in the world, the Ramayan has guided people along the path of dharma for thousands of years. Though Ramayan literally means “the path of Ram,” many of its messages are illustrated through the words and actions of other characters, particularly the women. When asked to name exemplary women from the Ramayan, most people would stop after Sita. However, in addition to Sita, there are several other characters who exemplified the principles of dharma. These women set examples for generations to come, and they serve as ideals for men and women of the 21st century.


Mandodari was the virtuous wife of Ravan who had the courage to stand up to her husband when he abducted Sita. Despite being born into a rakshas family, she had the astuteness to distinguish right from wrong and the foresight to see that Ravan’s actions would bring destruction to Lanka. She could have simply ignored this and just enjoyed the luxuries of the palace, but instead she tried arduously to bring Ravan on the right path. Because of her virtuous nature, Mandodari is considered one of the pancha kanya, a group of five women who are especially venerated in the Hindu tradition. She illustrates the importance of being able to stand up to even our family and friends when they are in the wrong.


Sumitra, the mother of Lakshman and Shatrughna, exemplified ideal motherhood. Bearing absolutely no sense of selfish personal ambition, she encouraged her sons to humbly serve their older brothers, teaching them that there is no greater dharma than that of a servant. When Ram was exiled to the forest, and Lakshman insisted on accompanying him, Ram told him that he could only do so if he had the permission of Sumitra and his wife Urmila. Without Lakshman even having to ask her, Sumitra immediately instructed Lakshman to go with Ram. She told him to take such good care of his brother and bhabhi that they would never miss home. Sumitra did everything to ensure that her sons followed their dharma. She shows that sometimes it’s necessary to give up our personal happiness for the greater good of humanity.

अवध तहां जंह राम निवासू तहें दिवस जंह भानु प्रकाशू ||

जौ पै सीय राम बन जाहीं अवध तुम्हार काजु कछु नाहीं (Ayodhya Kand, 74)

Sumitra said to Lakshman, “Ayodhya is there where Ram dwells, just as day dwells only where there is sunlight. If Sita and Ram are really proceeding to the forest, then you have no business here in Ayodhya.”


Trijata was one of the rakshasis whom Ravan ordered to guard Ashok Vatika and torture Sita. However, Trijata was blessed with a virtuous nature and devotion to Shri Ram. She defied her king’s orders and provided Sita with love and friendship. She kept Sita’s spirits high, arranged saatvik food for her, and took care of her just like a mother. When the rakshasis were troubling Sita and Sita’s hopes were falling, Trijata told everyone about her dream in which she foresaw Ram’s triumph over Ravan. This prompted the rakshasis to beg forgiveness from Sita and raised Sita’s hopes once again. Trijata proved that it is one’s actions and not one’s birth that defines a person.


Of all the women in the Ramayan, Urmila made one of the greatest silent sacrifices. She initially wanted to go with her husband Lakshman to the forest, but she realized that with her presence, Lakshman would not be able to completely fulfill his responsibilities towards Ram and Sita. So she instead stayed in Ayodhya and bore the pain of separation from her husband for 14 years; all the while, she took care of her mothers-in-law with love and affection. Lakshman asked Urmila not to shed a single tear when he left, so that he could carry in his heart the image of her face which would keep him inspired for 14 years. It was because of Urmila’s strength that Lakshman was able to serve Ram and Sita day and night as he did. Rather than entrap her husband in snares of attachment towards her, she inspired him to fulfill his dharma.


The very personification of bhakti, Shabari was a tribal woman who reached Ram through her sincere and pure devotion. In her youth, she left home and began serving the sages secretly, as she was afraid they would not accept her services if they knew that she was the daughter of a hunter. However, one sage, Matang, found out and accepted Shabari as his disciple. Before he attained samadhi, Matang told Shabari that Ram would one day come to her ashram. Everyday Shabari would pluck berries for Ram, first tasting them to make sure they were sweet, and lay a path of fresh flowers leading up to her ashram, in anticipation of Ram’s arrival. When Ram finally arrived, he happily ate Shabari’s half-eaten fruits at a time and said that they were so wonderful that they reminded him of his mother’s food. Touched by Shabari’s simplicity and devotion, Ram told her the nine types of devotion and blessed her with his divine darshan.

These women and others earned their greatness by placing Dharma before all else. Their accomplishments and sacrifices set high ideals for generations to follow.

Aparna is a student at Boston University, doing her bachelor’s and master’s in economics. Her interests include karate, reading, and writing.


Muslims’ conspiracy to convert ‘Maharana Pratap Chowk’ to ‘Mecca–Medina Chowk’

Muslims’ conspiracy to convert ‘Maharana Pratap Chowk’ to ‘Mecca–Medina Chowk’: "Solapur (Maharashtra): News about Muslims’ ploy to change the name of ‘Maharana Pratap Singh Chowk’ to ‘Mecca-Medina Chowk’ on the occasion of ‘Eid’ has been published by ‘Dainik Tarun Bharat’."Model of Mecca was built by Muslims on the occasion of Id


ADVANI GIVES CLEAN CHITS, BJP PAYS HEAVY PRICE: "During the Lok Sabha elections of 2009, to the surprise of many, he took Sonia Gandhi's slave-appointee, Dr. Manmohan Singh, on in a direct Presidential-type fight. In doing so, he took her, his and...

An analysis of the political, societal and security related developments that affect India as it readies to reclaim its place among the great nations of the world.

If Advani did not understand the ramifications of what he was writing, then he should gracefully drive himself into oblivion, and those responsible for drafting it publicly driven out of the BJP. If he did read and comprehend what he was signing, then the matter is even more serious.

Then the needle of suspicion points to the possibility that he and his coterie stand seriously compromised personally and that Sonia holds the key. This also helps explain their consistent reluctance to blame Sonia for anything and their limiting their attacks to her dummy PM who has displayed despicable lack of spine in standing up to her, and who has let her thugs plunder this country fearlessly. Since he will not be Congress' PM candidate in the next elections, hitting him makes no sense because it does only one thing: it enhances the images of Sonia and Rahul and conceals their monumental failures that should have seen them on the street by now.

I have no idea who the leaders of the coterie that needs to be dismantled pronto are. But, if one pay attention to the names that NDTV, virtually the Congress party’s own channel, speaks favourably of as BJP’s PM candidates, then only two names emerge: Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj, with the former being its first choice by many a mile. As per The Pioneer, owned and edited by BJP MP Chandan Mitra, even Ambika Soni spoke of them in response to questions on Advani's apology. Coincidentally, they are also among the most homogenised of the next lot of leaders.



Karnataka is considered as the bastion of Sangh Parivar. This is the place where we Hindus have managed to silence the barbaric “minority” terrorists.

Yet, despite the BJP being in power. Yet, despite our reach, the crafty Missionaries have fooled us in our own terrain.

Let me tell you four areas where these crafty missionaries have succeeded in foiling the Sangh Parivar “master organisers”.

1. The orchestrated media-missionary campaign on the Talibanisation of Mangalore: It was a pure canard. Some local events were blown out of proportion. A few stone throwing was made an international issue. To add fuel to the fire, that bastard Bishop Moraes took the State Chief Minister BSY to task in his anglicized Kannada. It proved the media fire power of the missionaries.

2. Maligning Nithyananda Paramahamsa with a fake video: First things first, Nithyananda openly said it that neither did he have physical relationship with someone, nor did he do anything illegal. However, the missionary plant Lenin Kurupan did a plant along with the well-oiled missionary-media nexus. The dossiers reached our Parivar strongmen who fell hook, line and sinker with the missionary scheme. It took well over two months for the VHP chief Ashok Singhal to reach out to Nithyananda Paramahamsa. By that time, the damage was done. Now the video is being analysed in US as the one in Hyderabad turned out to be a Christian bait. BTW, I always supported Nithyananda Paramahamsa as I always knew that the missionaries have their eyes set on maligning upcoming Hindu Gurus with a vengeance.

3. The shootout in Sri Sri Ashram: It was a case of a storm in a tea cup. However, the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram took out a press conference and said that the shootout was a result of infighting among the Ashramites. Just check out how the anti-Hindu media always deals with the negative first.

4. Temple Demolition Drive: This is an issue that has been kept under warp.

Deft maneouvering from the missionaries has led to the verdict for the demolition of nearly 126 Temples. Local anger has prevented this from conversion into reality.

All these four incidents happened right under the nose of the Parivar strongmen. No missionary foul play was suspected, although their involvement was crystal clear.

Now Karnataka is seeing beyond the Parivar. Next time, the media-missionary nexus breaks out, they will have a bleeding nose from their beloved masses and the soldiers of Christ.

Postscript: It is very clear that the Sangh Parivar is doing media appeasement. I have been a strong advocate of a firm anti-Media stance. The Media is nothing but the PR front for missionaries. They have to be dealt with a firm hand. The Rajyotsava Award to anti-Hindu journalists like Ravi Belegere and B V Seetaram is a case in point. Why bootlick your critics and distance your friends?




There are two stories on the glories of Ramnaam (the chants of Ram) in the Puranas (Hindu scriptures).

The first one relates to Hanuman. When Hanuman wrote Ram Naam on the stones to build a bridge to Lanka, the stones started floating. However, when Ram himself put the stones, it sank. The message was clear: Ram Naam is superior to Ram (God). The other related to Sage Valmiki who was told to recite Ram Naam in order to atone for his sins. Ratnakara the dacoit turned out to be Sage Valmiki thanks largely due to the glories of Ram Naam.

In occult terminologies, the word “Ra” stands for the Muladhara Chakra (the power at the base of the spine), while “Ma” stands for the Sahasrara Chakra (the power at the top of the head.

Ram Naam balances bio-energy in a proper manner and leads to divine evolution. That is why the pre-eminence of Rama.

Ram is not a human being.. nor is it God.. It is supposed to be the creative power of the universe.

That is why Ram still continues to be a potent force despite the rabid anti-Hindu media propaganda.



Why are Hindu leaders intellectually dumb?

Why are Hindu leaders intellectually dumb?: "

....I must confess that I am hugely disappointed with Hindu leaders — whether religious, political or spiritual. I have seen them from a close angle and even interacted with them.

Their IQ can even put a baboon to shame. As one of my friend said, “The Hindu leaders are nothing but 21st century technology embedded on 16th century mind”. Koenraad Elst rightly compared them to a dinoasauraus. It expired because it had a small brain with a large body.

Now let me analyse the reasons for the “dumb status” of our beloved leaders.

1. The Colonial/Islamic hangover & history of successive defeats: It has left a deep scar on the Hindu mind. Even giants like Swami Vivekananda and Osho had to dumb down their message to get acceptability.

2. Gandhian brahmacharya & Ahimsa: This has taken a huge toll on Hindu creative bent. Today, most of the Hindu leaders still swear by this impractical Gandhigiri. Even our great Narendra Modi has to give his “token approval” to our “dumb father of nation”. Most of our leaders are living in a la la land just the way Gandhi lived. Simple chanting of Gayatri & Rama Nama is what they prescribe. I adore their simplicity and bufoonery… but we better do something else.

3. Democracy and Imbecile Media: Due to the compulsions of democracy, the Hindu leaders have an unpleasant job of begging for votes and getting the approval of the vast section of the great “Unwashed” majority. Our Imbecile Media makes the situation worse by being a sitting duck for the violent, agressive, barbaric minority terrorists.

4. Psycologically sick: Most of us are stuck in different mental concepts. As our great seers said, “The world is nothing but a psycological disease. This is what is called as Samsara”. Samsara means seeing the illusion… while sanyas is about seeing the reality. It boils down to the same enquiry.. but to see beyond the illusion and look at reality in its face. This is the major issue.

I feel that we in the Hindu society need an intellectual political leader on the line of Geert Wilders.

I know several intelligent Hindus who have expressed alarm at the dumb status of our leaders and the dumber status of our masses. It’s time that we stopped relying on them and do something pro-active. The buck stops at us. We have to do something about it.


GEERT WILDERS — The Only Politician having the balls to demand ban on Koran

GEERT WILDERS — The Only Politician having the balls to demand ban on Koran: "

I was just wondering if any politician in India has the courage to call a spade a spade.

Read the SPIEGEL Interview with Geert Wilders

“Israel Is Fighting Our War”PDFPrintE-mail

maandag, 22 november 2010
Below is an interview with Geert Wilders from the Israeli newspaper Yedioth, published on November 19, 2010 (print edition only).

Many thanks to DarLink for translating it from the Hebrew:

“Israel is fighting our war”

Even a journalist from a friendly country such as Israel does not escape invasive hands of the security guards who protect Geert Wilders. At the entry point to the interview with Holland’s extreme politician, founder and leader of the anti-Islamic “Party for Freedom” [PVV], bodyguards do not hold back, and run extensive security checks. Time and again they recheck my identity, making sure that I possess nothing that could potentially turn into a weapon.

Wilders, on the other hand, looks disconnected from the security turmoil around him. It seems that he must be used to it. That’s the way it is if you are one of the most threatened persons in the world.

“To tell the truth, yes, I fear for my life,” he admits.

“I am just a man. The danger does not come only from Holland. It is outside too. There are very serious threats from various terror groups, and when one is aware of the extent of the danger, it is only human to think that something bad will happen. But I cannot allow these thoughts to affect my work. If I moderate my voice because of the threats, stop saying what is on my mind, or quit being a politician, those people will have used anti-democratic means, threats and murders to silence others. They will win. I am not going to let them”.

He has reason to fear. His statements against Islam, his demands to stop immigration of Muslims to his country, the building of new mosques or wearing the veil in public — all that did the job. Although in Europe he is recognized as the most prominent leader of the anti-Islam movement, imams in the Muslim world have sentenced him to death. Terror groups promise to murder him — a man who until recently was an obscure politician with hardly any influence, but now, thanks only to his support, a new Dutch government was formed a few weeks ago.

Wilders says aloud what many Dutch and EU citizens probably think, and he pays a very heavy price for that. He lives under around-the-clock tight protection in a “safe house” provided by the Dutch government. He is the only parliamentary representative with an “unknown” home address.

“It is sad that while fighting for my country’s freedom I lost my own,” says Wilders in a special interview for Yedioth. “I have only freedom of speech and thought. Threats to my life prove that my arguments are just. I am sure that if I spoke with criticism about Christianity or Judaism, there would be no such radical response. There would be no demonstrations in Vatican. The Dutch flag would not be burnt. A million and a half people who voted for us in the last elections do not see me as a fascist or a racist.”

In two weeks Wilders is coming for a visit to Israel as a guest of a parliament member Ariel Eldad. He is invited to participate in a conference against the two-state solution.

“Israel is the lighthouse and the only democracy in this backward and dictatorial part of the world,” he proclaims. “Israel is very close to us, to our European identity. Israel fights our war.”

It Is Not About Color

Just a few days ago Dutch court decided not to punish a Muslim rapper who wrote in one of his songs that he is going to attack Wilders. “Geert, this is not a joke. Last night I had a dream about taking off your head,” the rapper sings and promises “Anyone who talks about Muslims will be killed.”

There are many rumors about Wilders’ way of life. They say that he does not sleep in the same place twice in a row, that he does not see his wife for months.

At first, six years ago, when the government did not have “safe houses”, “My wife and I stayed for a few months in a prison,” he says. “The cells we lived in had been previously occupied by two Libyan agents, responsible for “Pan Am” plane slaughter. We were not there as prisoners, but as protected personas. We also slept on military bases around Holland and military planes took us, if need be, to our meetings. It was insane. There were times when I had to put on a wig, a false mustache, and a pair of sunglasses to prevent others from recognizing me.”

Wilders stands out as a leader of anti-Islamic movement in Europe. Six years ago he left the Liberal Party [VVD] and founded an independent fraction. His party’s unpredicted success in last year’s elections to EU Parliament stunned the political arena.

In last summer’s elections to the Dutch parliament, The Party for Freedom tripled its numbers and became the third largest party in The Hague’s House of Representatives [Tweede Kamer]. The latest polls show that if new elections were held today, his party would be the largest, with 31% of the vote.

The standoff between the two largest parties — Liberals [VVD] and Social-Democrats [PvdA]— left the coalition negotiations stranded until they decided in a surprising move to form a minority government that will be supported by the Party for Freedom. From now on Wilders is an officially recognized and accepted part of Dutch politics.

Extreme right? Racist? Fascist? “I am the direct opposite of all this,” protests Wilders. “We use democratic means only. We are definitely not racists; we do not care about the people’s skin color. It is ridiculous to claim that all of our voters are fascists. It is an insult — not just to me, but to them as well. There are not that many insane people in Holland. But the political elite, who failed to solve the problems we talk about openly — massive immigration, crime rates, Islam — still thinks that it is not politically correct to talk about that. They see us getting wide support and they demonize us in response.”

Wilders says that well-established parties around Europe have no idea how to treat parties like his. “They try to stick all kinds of labels on us and then they copy what we do. A few weeks ago I made a speech in Berlin. I told Germans “Please forget your past. New generations are not responsible for what happened. Get rid of your past, because it prevents you from speaking freely about problems created by mass immigration and Islam.

“Angela Merkel and half of the government ministers criticized my speech and stated that I had no right to say things like that. A few weeks later, when surveys showed that if a party similar to mine were to be founded in Germany, it would get 20% of the voters’ support, Merkel changed direction and proclaimed the failure of the multicultural society.”

By the way, Islam is not a religion, in Wilders’ opinion. “It is a totalitarian ideology. There is no place in it for anything but Islam itself. It wants to control not only one’s private life, but the society’s life as well. If you are an atheist, a Christian, or a Jew living in a society where Islam is dominant, your life is very difficult. That’s why comparisons must be made between Islam and other totalitarian ideologies like communism and fascism.

“I have nothing against Muslims as human beings. Most of them are law-abiding people like you and me. But I am against mass immigration from Muslim countries, because immigrants will bring their culture here, which, if permitted to be dominant, will change our society. Already in countries with a sizable Muslim minority, those changes for the worse can be seen.”

In your struggle, you find yourself in the company of some very problematic parties such as Party for Freedom of Austria or France’s National Front.

“We do not have and never will have anything in common with those extremist parties. They are very different from us. We are conservative on issues concerning our culture and liberals on many other issues. The majority of Holland’s gays vote for us — they would never do that if we were extremists.”

Ariel Sharon As An Example

Wilders (47) is one of the most ardent and loud of Israel’s supporters in Europe, and contrary to many others he does not bother to hide this. He had even insisted on including in the platform of the new Dutch government the intention to improve relations with Israel.

“I am very glad that Israel is the only country mentioned by name in the platform; this will get it the needed attention,” he said “We are Israel’s best friends and we will support it in any way possible.” He bursts out laughing when asked about allegations of his being an “Israeli agent”.

“Common!” he says “It is obvious that I am not an Israel’s spy. It is insane. I am a Dutch politician and I work for Holland and what is best for its citizens. But I am a friend of Israel, and I am not afraid to say so. Because of my open support of Israel, people who do not like me invent these stories. The Iranian press states that I am a Mossad agent. Jordanians call me Shabak’s man. It’s nonsense.”

His romance with Israel started when he was 17 years old and came here to work as a volunteer for a year. “I enjoyed it very much, and not only because of the beautiful Israeli girls,” he recalls. “I was not involved in politics back then at all. I worked in the tourist industry in Eilat, a bakery plant in Jerusalem, and the cooperative settlement Tomar in the Jordan Valley. I went through some tense times in Tomar because the border with Jordan was not very secure. We had to take shelter from time to time when terrorists managed to cross over. We saw the arrival of IDF helicopters — for someone from the south of Holland who went to Amsterdam just a few times, those were very impressive experiences.”

Over the years Wilders visited many Muslim countries, including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia and Afghanistan. “I’ve met with some very friendly people over there, too,” he clarifies, “but the power in those countries is in the hands of the dictators. These people deserve better living conditions.”

He has many friends in Israel, and some of them are politicians. He had a very warm relationship with Ariel Sharon for example, whom he still admires. “Sharon was demonized in the West, too, but he was a great politician, and I take an example from him,” Wilders emphasizes.

“I believe that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians is not territorial. Anyone who claims otherwise has no idea what he is talking about. If you gave up Western Bank and East Jerusalem and let the Palestinians have it, that would not end the conflict. It will take some time — a month, a year, ten years — but they will demand the rest of your country, because it is an ideological conflict. The solution therefore could not be territorial; it has to be ideological.

“Palestinians believe — and this is the nature of Islam — that Israel is theirs, and through the struggle with Israel they fight the non-Muslim West. The fight against Israel is the fight against us. We are Israel. The reason for Dutch parents’ good night sleep with no worries for their children is that parents in Israel go through sleepless nights because their children are in the Army. It does not mean that Israel cannot be criticized, but I am not ashamed to fight for Israel.”

At the conference Wilders will try to convince the public that Palestinians already have a country of their own. “Jordan is Palestine,” he states. “This was true in the past after Sykes-Picot agreement, and thus it is a solution to the conflict. Even the Jordan kings, Abdulla and Hussein, said so in the past. Only after they realized that these statements could endanger their reign, because Palestinians are a majority in Jordan, did they change their minds. I am against the idea of transfer or ethnic cleansing, but if Jordan became Palestine, it would be possible to encourage Palestinians to move there. Of course I will not be the one who decides how to end this conflict. Israel is a democracy and will decide for itself which solution is best for it. It is your decision.”

What is your opinion on Israel’s debate concerning the “loyalty oath”? Could it be implemented in Holland too?

“I think it is a good idea. Even though the background in Holland is different, I think that a pledge of allegiance to the country is a good thing. We will not be able to pass such legislation with the current government in Holland. I talked in the past about an integration agreement between the state and the immigrants or a loyalty oath, which will show their commitment first of all to our country and our values, our constitution, and our culture. It would be a positive step to take. The people of Europe have no idea who they are anymore, that’s why they do not know what to fight for. We have to reinvent our identity. In France, for example, before every speech by the president, the French flag is displayed and the national anthem is played. If someone tried to do that in Holland, everyone would think that he was out of his mind. We do not have a flag even in Parliament. You are not a racist if you are proud of your national uniqueness and fight to preserve your culture. The idea that all cultures are equal was forced on us by the left and the liberals, and is in fact the Europe’s worst sickness. People cannot see any difference between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam anymore despite the fact that they are worlds apart and are different in a thousand ways. We are fighting this idea, and we are slowly winning.”

Europe Is Not a Friend

Wilders does not hide his support for military action against Iran. “Iran is the biggest geopolitical threat to Israel, to the stability of the Middle East region, Europe, and the whole world,” he says. “That country is ruled by insane, religious lunatics like Khamenei or other crazies like Ahmadinejad. We can see some changes over there these days. Even the Revolutionary Guard is voicing criticism. Iran could explode from the inside. The danger in countries that deal with such an internal threat is that their regime may react violently and unpredictably. I am afraid of that. Because of the growing internal unrest, we cannot allow them to implement any program that could potentially be put to a military use. They will look for the common external enemy, and Israel would be the first to pay the price. I hope that diplomacy will lead to a peaceful resolution, but if Israel decides it has no other option but to strike Iran militarily in order to defend itself against this existential threat, I will understand. The alternative is the destruction of Israel.”

Is Turkey on its way to becoming a new Iran?

“Turkey is a very complex country. We have good relations with Turkey. It is a respected NATO member. But at the same time it is a country which can easily turn to the ways of Islam. I am against the American pressure on the EU to grant membership to Turkey. Europe does not need such a large country, where Islam is dominant, as a member. A good neighbor is not the same as a family member. If Turkey were to become a EU member, it would be required to fulfill certain criteria, one of which is to dismantle the army. I am quite uneasy about this. The army is Turkey’s only balancing power. If the army is dismantled, people like Erdogan could accelerate the Islamization process, which will turn Turkey into the Trojan horse in the heart of Europe. I also would not want to have a common border with such criminal countries as Iran and Syria.”

And what is your opinion on Israel joining the union?

“I would advise my friends in Israel not to consider such an option. The Union has always supported Palestinians. Israel has a lot of friends in Europe, but Europe is not a friend to Israel.”


Hindu Jagaran Around the World

Hindu Jagaran Around the World

Hindu Jagaran Around the World
03/02/2011 15:54:12 Compiled by Ravi Kumar

Did anyone say Muslims cannot be converted to other religions??

1. Over 10 lakhs of Muslims in Indonesia (Java, Kalimantan, Borneo, Sumetra provinces) have returned to their ancestral Hindu religion. Over 1 lakh Muslims in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have returned to Hindu fold in recent year

2. Over 20 lakhs Muslims in Indonesia have become Buddhists.

3. Lacs of Muslims including Mullas and Imams are getting converted to Christianity in African war-torn countries every year on an average for a few grains of bread and jam. This is a huge loss and yet rich Arab countries are busy in entertainments. So much for Islamic Brotherhood.

4. Churches are being auctioned in western countries and are being purchased by ISKCON, Swami Narayan Groups, Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus, Afghan Hindus, Sanatani Hindus from Bharat, West Indies and Fiji. Once a Hindu temple for Lord Shiva, Ram, Vishnu, Ganesh or Mata Parvati is built not only Hindus but Whites also visit in large numbers. Britney Spear visits Ganesha temple in Washington with her son.

5. Pope Benedict XVI is going from country to country seeking apology for thousands of cases pending in courts for rape, sex abuse, child sex scandals, pedophiles by Catholic priests, bishops, and choir singers. More than 192 Christian clergy are in jails of Kerala for various charges ranging from rape of nuns, murders to swindling churh and public money.

6. Earlier Pope John Paul II went to several countries seeking apology for wiping out tribes, aborigine clans, culture, languages, arts, music and religious practices in the most brutal manner. Goa inquisition remains one of the most atrocious, wicked embarrassments for the church in Bharat.

7. Yoga and Meditation is increasingly becoming popular in the West. Many leading personalities in sports and entertainment field are practicing yoga for maintaining their health and figures. Yoga and Meditation is a Rs 15,000 Crore business in USA alone. More than 10% of the whites and blacks in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand practice Yoga and Meditation in spite of opposition from church groups. Perhaps there are more yoga centers in west than in Bharat.

8. Fear of Cholesterol and obesity is driving many especially the youth in the west to turn to vegetarianism.

9. There are many Ayurvedic centers in Brazil perhaps next only to Bharat. Many universities around the world have started courses in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Burqa is in demand in the Arab world.

10. Sanskrit is taught in more than 200 universities around the world. There is more and more demand for software professionals with knowledge of Sanskrit for developing softwares for Robots and Artificial Intelligence. NASA and other research institutes are looking for Sanskrit knowing professionals. President of Greece welcomed President APJ Abdul Kalam in Sanskrit. Mbeki, President of South Africa and Wen Jiabo, Prime Minister of China quote from Vedas.

11. In US senate, many state parliaments and convocation at MIT were inaugurated with Vedic chantings. 30 selected mantras of Vedas have been preserved as World Heritage. UK has started a Vedic Heritage school for children. Mbeki, President of South Africa recited mantras from Rig Veda to emphasize Unity in Diversity. Wen Jiabao,

12. Tony Blair warned with economic sanctions Russia and Kazakhstan for bulldozing Hindu temples. Moscow is now rebuilding the temple at a new location. Prime Minister of Thailand personally took part in the installation ceremony of Lord Brahma statue at Wat Erawan. (The statue was broken by a Muslim fanatic earlier and the Thai public beat him to death in anger).

13. Govt of India awarded Padma Bhushan to Chinese Sanskrit scholar Ji Xianlin who has translated Ramayan into Chinese. Mahabharat has been translated by some of his students. PM Wen Jiabo learnt Sanskrit from him.

14. Gita is taught in leading Management Institutions of the world including Stanford. They arrange lectures by Gita scholars like Swami Parthasarathy.

15. There is lot of scope for movies and cartoons based on Vikramaditya tales, tales from Panchatantra, Puranas, Hitopadesa, Hanuman, Ganesha, Ramayan and Mahabharat to replace Harry Potter.

RSS for re-conversion if conversion continues

RSS for re-conversion if conversion continues
Organiser wrote, “If the Christians and Muslims have a right to carry on conversion, using means foul and unethical, the Hindus have double the right to bring the converts back to their original faith.”

Traitorous Islamic jihadists use Kerala as a stepping stage

Traitorous Islamic jihadists use Kerala as a stepping stage: "

Proliferation of jihad CDs worries Kerala cops

KOCHI: Confirming fears of jihadi operatives still active in Kerala, the police have revealed wide circulation of foreign-origin CDs capable of triggering violent and seditious feelings in the state’s youth. Suspected fundamentalists are carrying out the operation through ideological camps, they said.A copy of one such CD, seized by the police during a raid on the premises of a suspected fundamentalist, accessed exclusively by the Express from official sources, confirmed that the contents are ‘highly seditious and antinational in nature.’‘‘The CD was seized by the Special Investigation Team during the raids launched in connection with the palm-chopping incident of Thodupuzha Newman College lecturer T J Joseph,’’ a senior police official said. Though the police have ascertained the circulation of such CDs in the state after seizing one from the residence of a suspected Popular Front of India (PFI) activist in Aluva on July 8 last year, they are still not sure of the total number of such CDs being distributed in the state and from where these are sourced by fundamentalists for the purpose of indoctrination.“These CDs are still being circulated in the state and are used to brainwash the youth,’’ a senior police official said adding that the Internal Security InvestigationTeam currently probing the CD seizure case is yet to move an inch forward in the case nine months after its seizure. According to top police officials, the CDs are reportedly prepared by foreign terrorist agencies, mainly the Taliban, and are circulated among certain organisations in the state to instigate hatred and violence in the minds of youngsters and prepare them for cold-blooded murders.‘’There are video clippings of various incidents where people are beheaded and violated. Certain videos depict the brutal murder of hostages taken into custody by the Taliban and other similar terrorist organisations.”"The contents are horrifying. The CDs depict the various means used to finish off a person. Repeated watching of such brutal visuals will upset the mental balance of an individual, affect his logical judgment and make him resort to violence,” said the police official.


Two citizens’ organizati​ons formed for getting back looted wealth to the poor people of India.

Two citizens’ organizati​ons formed for getting back looted wealth to the poor people of India.: "

NITI नीति and ACCF: Two citizens’ organizations for getting back looted wealth to the poor people of India.

NITI stands for National Initiative for Transparency and Integrity.

ACCF stands for Anti-Corruption Citizen’s Forum.

Both together can say:

singhasan khaali karo ke janataa aati hai.


Citizens forum against corruption launched

Special Correspondent, The Hindu, 14 Feb. 2011

Body formed to curb menace, put pressure on governments to take action against offenders

HYDERABAD: A new organisation, Anti-Corruption Citizen’s Forum (ACCF), an initiative by a group of concerned citizens including former judges and former IAS officers was formed here on Sunday with the objective of curbing the menace, build pressure groups and urge the government to take action.

In a 20-point charter that was released here, the meeting called for ensuring transparency in government, judicial and quasi-judicial appointments and constitute inclusive working committees at the State, district and mandal levels and improve awareness on corruption among people.

The charter also mentions creation of networks to work with civil society organisations at the State and national level and motivate people to use the Right to Information Act, internet and leverage the reach of social networking sites in what is meant to be a people’s drive against corruption.

Among those in the core group that worked to form the ACCF and who addressed an impressive gathering of like-minded people at the Jubilee Hall here, were former Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court A. Lakshmana Rao, former Supreme Court judge B. P. Jeevan Reddy, former High Court Judge Reddappa Reddy and former Lok Ayukta Justice Ramanujam, former IAS officers K. R. Venugopal, K. Padmanabhaiah, C. Umamaheswara Rao and Chairman of Centre for Media Studies N. Bhaskara Rao.

Apolitical platform

Mr. Jeevan Reddy said that a notice was enough to attach the properties of the corrupt. Mr. Lakshmana Rao said once the organisation was formed in full, they would monitor government action in high-profile corruption cases where prima facie evidence existed. He reiterated that the ACCF was completely ‘apolitical’, and anyone from any section of society was welcome to become a part of it.

Mr. Ramanujam said it was imperative for people today to leave behind a corruption-free society for future generations.


Full texts of Sonia Gandhi’s letter and Advani’s letter of regret

Full texts of Sonia Gandhi’s letter and Advani’s letter of regret: "

– SoniaG should respond to Task Force Report.

– UPA, enforce restitution of nation’s wealth stashed away abroad — to the poor people of Bharat.

The full texts of Sonia Gandhi’s letter and Advani’s letter of regret are presented to complete the account.

It is clear that Sonia Gandhi has NOT read what she calls the “so-called report” of the Task Force and has NOT refuted the specific, authenticated information provided there in. There is NO mention whatsoever in Sonia Gandhi’s epistle about the accounts in tax havens.

It is therefore, surprising that Advani should be sending a letter or regret without asking for action by UPA in which Sonia G is the Cabinet-rank holder as Chairperson of National Advisory Council, on the recommendations made in the Task Force report.

This is a classic instance of how media gets sidetracked by spinmasters spinning out of the main issue: restitution of nation’s wealth now held as loot and plunder of poor peoples’ moneys stashed away, illicitly, in financial institutions abroad without making the money available for development in Bharatam and returning the money to the people of Bharat to whom the stashed away wealth belongs.

Task Force stands by its report (see note attached) and Sonia Gandhi should respond to the report.

If UPA cannot ensure restitution of illicit finances of nation’s wealth held abroad, Singhasan khaali karo ke janataa aati hai.



10 Janpath, New Delhi 110011

February 15, 2011

Dear Shri Advani ji,

My attention has been drawn to a publication titled ‘Indian Black Money Abroad in Secret Banks and Tax Havens’ purporting to be a report submitted by a Task Force appointed by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

This so-called report contains reckless and baseless allegations against me and my family, including my late husband and my mother. These lies, energetically disseminated from time to time by sections of the media and interested parties have so far been treated by me with the contempt they deserve.

But I must let you know that I am surprised and disappointed to find a leader of your stature occupying important positions in the NDA and the BJP endorsing such scurrilous and malicious fabrications through their release at a function presided over by you.

Yours sincerely,

Sd. Sonia Gandhi


Shri LK Advani MP

Working Chairman, NDA & Chairman of BJP Parliamentary Board

30 Prithviraj Road, New Delhi

The text of Advani’s ‘regret’ letter to Sonia Gandhi

February 18, 2011 19:01 IST

Bharatiya Janata Party veteran Lal Krishna Advani’s letter of regret to Congress president Sonia over naming her family in the party task force’s report on illegal Swiss bank accounts has created a sort of crisis within the BJP.

This is the text of Advani’s letter to Sonia Gandhi, dated February 16:

Dear Smt Soniaji,

On my return from Kolkata last night, I found your letter dated 15th February awaiting me.

I am happy that you have denied the reports relating to you and your family alluded to in the Task Force’s Report on Black Money.

If these had been denied earlier, the Task Force would have taken your denial into account. Even so, I deeply regret the distress caused to you.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

L K Advani

‘Advaniji cannot question report’

The BJP-commissioned task force reacted to LK Advani apologising to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi for allegations of stashing away black money abroad

One of the team members, chartered accountant S Gurumurthi, told HT: “We have discussed it and we unanimously stand by everything in the report, including whatever has been written on the Gandhi family.”

He said, “The report does not exclude the BJP. Advaniji is not the author of the report. He can’t say whether the report is right or wrong. He must ask us…without asking he can’t give his opinion.”

Advani: Dropping a letter bomb


Open letter to Sonia Gandhi from young India

Open letter to Sonia Gandhi from young India: "
Dear Soniaji,

I've never been much of a fan of open letters. After all, why make public something meant for one person. However, I don't have your email ID; you don't seem to be on Facebook (and certainly not on Twitter). Regular mail will never get past your sycophants and reach you. Hence, this seems to be the best option. Also, i don't speak only for myself.

It's something a lot of young Indians currently feel. However, we don't know the right channel to express this and get it addressed.

The issue is simple: India must get rid of corruption. Whatever the solution, you will have a pivotal role in implementing it.

I don't think you would have a personal interest in being corrupt. Money would hold little significance for you at this stage of life. Neither do you come across as someone who aspires to a lavish lifestyle. Yes, the compulsions of running a political party require vast amounts of funds. This brings in cronies and moral compromises, which have become part of any Indian politician's life.

In recent times, however, there have been too many of these compromises. Amounts have reached levels that cannot be computed on a digital calculator. Scam after scam (and these are only the unearthed ones) show how we have created a monster of a system that rewards the evil and threatens the dream of India becoming a 'first world' country.

Recently, your son spoke about how corruption prevents the benefits of globalization from reaching the common man. This is absolutely true. In fact, it not only cuts existing benefits, it cuts out future opportunities for the young. Corruption is worse than terrorism. Terrorists blow up existing infrastructure such as roads, airports and power plants. Corruption prevents such infrastructure from being made in the first place. Terrorists take innocent lives. Corrupt politicians prevent hospitals from being built, which means innocent lives that could be saved are not.

You say corruption is a disease. But that sounds a little defeatist. A disease is something inflicted upon us by nature. Corruption isn't caused by little bugs falling from the sky. Corruption comes from unchecked power. Take the example of electric power, a wonderful invention that brings light and comfort to our homes. But, before this power reaches us, it is kept under control at various sub-stations to limit voltage and current. If electric power is unchecked, it can burn our homes. Political power is unrestrained in India. Like little kings, our MPs roam around with their sycophants, blocking traffic, openly defying quotas and doing anything and everything possible to exploit their power. If you want to fix this 'disease' —and you can do it - you need to pass a 'political accountability Bill' in Parliament. Also, an independent council against corruption needs to be set up. It should not be under the control of politicians and should have the power to prosecute politicians (almost all 'first world' countries have this). Without these changes, no matter how many wonderful speeches are made, the disease will remain uncured.

Mechanisms to punish errant politicians are one aspect. It's equally important to understand why so many politicians err in the first place, and the reforms required to prevent that. Some of your party's ideas seem well intentioned – particularly the massive push to bring young people into politics. Your son has travelled across the country to spread this message.

But, i want to ask -—what happens when a young man joins Youth Congress (or another party's youth wing). To do well, he will need to spend most of his energies serving the party. Parties do not have a formal stipend or salary system, so how is the young man expected to survive except through petty corruption? This is how a fine young man is forced to take small steps towards becoming corrupt. In such a scenario, would you advise educated, intelligent young people to join politics? Instead, if a proper stipend system were put in place, strong performers would have a mechanism to rise and contest elections and you would have a whole new class of talent in the profession of politics. Unless these reforms happen, including youth in our politics will be nothing but one of the specialties of our politicians – empty talk.

Other nonsensical rules in Indian politics include the Rs 25 lakh limit on electoral campaigns. The actual average spend, my MP friends tell me, is around Rs 6 crore per constituency. Where does this unaccounted money come from? Obviously, one stands little chance if one is not corrupt. Can we not remove these impractical and outdated limits? Why not define legitimate fundraising methods? If we do that, many good people would enter politics and change the face of this nation.

As a nation we have enormous expertise in covering our backs and not rocking the boat. Right from school, Indians are taught to shut up and not question anything. Thus, even though some of the above things are obvious, nobody important will sit up and say 'We need to change things'.

It isn't easy to change things but it needs to be done. And you, of all people, have the best chance of taking this archaic bull by the horns and showing it the right direction.

The question hundreds of millions of young people are asking is: Are you up for it?

Young India


rajeev in rediff on the limits to twitter revolutions

rajeev in rediff on the limits to twitter revolutions: "feb 11th, 2011 CE

twitter is all very well, but revolutions need blood, sweat and tears.

are indians willing to give this? our ancestors were, but i don't know if the current generation is.

it takes martyrs to get rid of tyrants; and the martyrs' sacrifices may not ever work the first time.


Thus, it may well be the case that revolutions have to be made the old-fashioned way: you earn the right to overthrow by putting yourself in the line of fire; and revolutions run on the blood, sweat and tears of real people facing real bullets and truncheons.

This is not to, by any means, diminish the substantial role social media has in creating an alternative channel of information, less susceptible to disruption and massaging by the authorities. It may well be that social media is neither necessary nor sufficient for revolution, as the Economist opined in a podcast; it may act only as a catalyst or an accelerant.

It may also be that social media is more effective in certain areas than in others. For instance, it is likely that the Radia tapes incident in India [ Images ] would have been buried by the mainstream media, certainly because it affected several mediapersons, and the media, as is its wont, closed ranks. However, the issue was kept alive on Twitter, and the journalists involved lost credibility.

However, one of the impugned journalists has not stepped down, and acts as though she were innocent and wrongly accused. It is a tribute to the powerlessness of social media that this person, and her employers, have not felt the need to accede to popular outrage. They have chosen to brazen it out, confident that they can ride out this storm.

Therefore, if social media cannot even force a tainted journalist to resign, it stands to reason that it will not be able to force a ruler to step down, much less one who is entrenched and resourceful. Thus, all the outrage on Twitter about corruption, dynastic rule and lack of governance in India may amount to nothing. The powers-that-be have too much control.

Notably, Egypt cut off the Internet and cellular phones, but that did not have a very big impact on the struggle; so much so that they were turned back on.

where are the 'rationalists' when this woman talks of soul-harvesting?

where are the 'rationalists' when this woman talks of soul-harvesting?: "feb 18th, 2011 CE

Funny how 'rationalists' don't challenge this RT
: Presenting Mira Bhupathi, mother of Mahesh Bhupathi:
Dangerous paranoid delusion, next 'saint' RT
: Presenting Mira Bhupathi, mother of Mahesh Bhupathi:

My burden is for India, since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods. And the Lord is moving in such amazing ways. My walk with the Lord has not been easy. I’ve gone through the fire, but did not get burned. The Lord has always been holding my hand.

I am also very blessed to be associated with ADHONEP (The international association of Full Gospel Businessmen). I am really touched that ADHONEP has such a great burden for India. I am sure that the Lord will do great thing for them in return.

latest ELM scam: putting words into advani's mouth

latest ELM scam: putting words into advani's mouth: "feb 18th, 2011 CE

RajeevSrinivasa @montouche
advani letter was diversionary tactic du jour to take attention off scam. Now for 2 weeks, there is cricket garbage as opiate
RajeevSrinivasa @montouche
advani was made to look like he was exonerating dynasty, rejecting task force report. This is twisting news to favor congress
RajeevSrinivasa @montouche
I have no inside info. Advani letter published, see rt below. Strange nobody published sonia letter
RajeevSrinivasa @montouche
based on what I see on twitter, advani merely expressed regret, which is not same as apology which is an admission of guilt
'Doubt is our product': cig'ret cos lying on smoking cancer link. Applies to barkha'ing of news, eg advani 'apology'