Saturday, February 19, 2011



Karnataka is considered as the bastion of Sangh Parivar. This is the place where we Hindus have managed to silence the barbaric “minority” terrorists.

Yet, despite the BJP being in power. Yet, despite our reach, the crafty Missionaries have fooled us in our own terrain.

Let me tell you four areas where these crafty missionaries have succeeded in foiling the Sangh Parivar “master organisers”.

1. The orchestrated media-missionary campaign on the Talibanisation of Mangalore: It was a pure canard. Some local events were blown out of proportion. A few stone throwing was made an international issue. To add fuel to the fire, that bastard Bishop Moraes took the State Chief Minister BSY to task in his anglicized Kannada. It proved the media fire power of the missionaries.

2. Maligning Nithyananda Paramahamsa with a fake video: First things first, Nithyananda openly said it that neither did he have physical relationship with someone, nor did he do anything illegal. However, the missionary plant Lenin Kurupan did a plant along with the well-oiled missionary-media nexus. The dossiers reached our Parivar strongmen who fell hook, line and sinker with the missionary scheme. It took well over two months for the VHP chief Ashok Singhal to reach out to Nithyananda Paramahamsa. By that time, the damage was done. Now the video is being analysed in US as the one in Hyderabad turned out to be a Christian bait. BTW, I always supported Nithyananda Paramahamsa as I always knew that the missionaries have their eyes set on maligning upcoming Hindu Gurus with a vengeance.

3. The shootout in Sri Sri Ashram: It was a case of a storm in a tea cup. However, the Union Home Minister P Chidambaram took out a press conference and said that the shootout was a result of infighting among the Ashramites. Just check out how the anti-Hindu media always deals with the negative first.

4. Temple Demolition Drive: This is an issue that has been kept under warp.

Deft maneouvering from the missionaries has led to the verdict for the demolition of nearly 126 Temples. Local anger has prevented this from conversion into reality.

All these four incidents happened right under the nose of the Parivar strongmen. No missionary foul play was suspected, although their involvement was crystal clear.

Now Karnataka is seeing beyond the Parivar. Next time, the media-missionary nexus breaks out, they will have a bleeding nose from their beloved masses and the soldiers of Christ.

Postscript: It is very clear that the Sangh Parivar is doing media appeasement. I have been a strong advocate of a firm anti-Media stance. The Media is nothing but the PR front for missionaries. They have to be dealt with a firm hand. The Rajyotsava Award to anti-Hindu journalists like Ravi Belegere and B V Seetaram is a case in point. Why bootlick your critics and distance your friends?