Saturday, February 19, 2011

Full texts of Sonia Gandhi’s letter and Advani’s letter of regret

Full texts of Sonia Gandhi’s letter and Advani’s letter of regret: "

– SoniaG should respond to Task Force Report.

– UPA, enforce restitution of nation’s wealth stashed away abroad — to the poor people of Bharat.

The full texts of Sonia Gandhi’s letter and Advani’s letter of regret are presented to complete the account.

It is clear that Sonia Gandhi has NOT read what she calls the “so-called report” of the Task Force and has NOT refuted the specific, authenticated information provided there in. There is NO mention whatsoever in Sonia Gandhi’s epistle about the accounts in tax havens.

It is therefore, surprising that Advani should be sending a letter or regret without asking for action by UPA in which Sonia G is the Cabinet-rank holder as Chairperson of National Advisory Council, on the recommendations made in the Task Force report.

This is a classic instance of how media gets sidetracked by spinmasters spinning out of the main issue: restitution of nation’s wealth now held as loot and plunder of poor peoples’ moneys stashed away, illicitly, in financial institutions abroad without making the money available for development in Bharatam and returning the money to the people of Bharat to whom the stashed away wealth belongs.

Task Force stands by its report (see note attached) and Sonia Gandhi should respond to the report.

If UPA cannot ensure restitution of illicit finances of nation’s wealth held abroad, Singhasan khaali karo ke janataa aati hai.



10 Janpath, New Delhi 110011

February 15, 2011

Dear Shri Advani ji,

My attention has been drawn to a publication titled ‘Indian Black Money Abroad in Secret Banks and Tax Havens’ purporting to be a report submitted by a Task Force appointed by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

This so-called report contains reckless and baseless allegations against me and my family, including my late husband and my mother. These lies, energetically disseminated from time to time by sections of the media and interested parties have so far been treated by me with the contempt they deserve.

But I must let you know that I am surprised and disappointed to find a leader of your stature occupying important positions in the NDA and the BJP endorsing such scurrilous and malicious fabrications through their release at a function presided over by you.

Yours sincerely,

Sd. Sonia Gandhi


Shri LK Advani MP

Working Chairman, NDA & Chairman of BJP Parliamentary Board

30 Prithviraj Road, New Delhi

The text of Advani’s ‘regret’ letter to Sonia Gandhi

February 18, 2011 19:01 IST

Bharatiya Janata Party veteran Lal Krishna Advani’s letter of regret to Congress president Sonia over naming her family in the party task force’s report on illegal Swiss bank accounts has created a sort of crisis within the BJP.

This is the text of Advani’s letter to Sonia Gandhi, dated February 16:

Dear Smt Soniaji,

On my return from Kolkata last night, I found your letter dated 15th February awaiting me.

I am happy that you have denied the reports relating to you and your family alluded to in the Task Force’s Report on Black Money.

If these had been denied earlier, the Task Force would have taken your denial into account. Even so, I deeply regret the distress caused to you.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

L K Advani

‘Advaniji cannot question report’

The BJP-commissioned task force reacted to LK Advani apologising to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi for allegations of stashing away black money abroad

One of the team members, chartered accountant S Gurumurthi, told HT: “We have discussed it and we unanimously stand by everything in the report, including whatever has been written on the Gandhi family.”

He said, “The report does not exclude the BJP. Advaniji is not the author of the report. He can’t say whether the report is right or wrong. He must ask us…without asking he can’t give his opinion.”

Advani: Dropping a letter bomb