Saturday, February 19, 2011

Why are Hindu leaders intellectually dumb?

Why are Hindu leaders intellectually dumb?: "

....I must confess that I am hugely disappointed with Hindu leaders — whether religious, political or spiritual. I have seen them from a close angle and even interacted with them.

Their IQ can even put a baboon to shame. As one of my friend said, “The Hindu leaders are nothing but 21st century technology embedded on 16th century mind”. Koenraad Elst rightly compared them to a dinoasauraus. It expired because it had a small brain with a large body.

Now let me analyse the reasons for the “dumb status” of our beloved leaders.

1. The Colonial/Islamic hangover & history of successive defeats: It has left a deep scar on the Hindu mind. Even giants like Swami Vivekananda and Osho had to dumb down their message to get acceptability.

2. Gandhian brahmacharya & Ahimsa: This has taken a huge toll on Hindu creative bent. Today, most of the Hindu leaders still swear by this impractical Gandhigiri. Even our great Narendra Modi has to give his “token approval” to our “dumb father of nation”. Most of our leaders are living in a la la land just the way Gandhi lived. Simple chanting of Gayatri & Rama Nama is what they prescribe. I adore their simplicity and bufoonery… but we better do something else.

3. Democracy and Imbecile Media: Due to the compulsions of democracy, the Hindu leaders have an unpleasant job of begging for votes and getting the approval of the vast section of the great “Unwashed” majority. Our Imbecile Media makes the situation worse by being a sitting duck for the violent, agressive, barbaric minority terrorists.

4. Psycologically sick: Most of us are stuck in different mental concepts. As our great seers said, “The world is nothing but a psycological disease. This is what is called as Samsara”. Samsara means seeing the illusion… while sanyas is about seeing the reality. It boils down to the same enquiry.. but to see beyond the illusion and look at reality in its face. This is the major issue.

I feel that we in the Hindu society need an intellectual political leader on the line of Geert Wilders.

I know several intelligent Hindus who have expressed alarm at the dumb status of our leaders and the dumber status of our masses. It’s time that we stopped relying on them and do something pro-active. The buck stops at us. We have to do something about it.