Saturday, February 19, 2011

latest ELM scam: putting words into advani's mouth

latest ELM scam: putting words into advani's mouth: "feb 18th, 2011 CE

RajeevSrinivasa @montouche
advani letter was diversionary tactic du jour to take attention off scam. Now for 2 weeks, there is cricket garbage as opiate
RajeevSrinivasa @montouche
advani was made to look like he was exonerating dynasty, rejecting task force report. This is twisting news to favor congress
RajeevSrinivasa @montouche
I have no inside info. Advani letter published, see rt below. Strange nobody published sonia letter
RajeevSrinivasa @montouche
based on what I see on twitter, advani merely expressed regret, which is not same as apology which is an admission of guilt
'Doubt is our product': cig'ret cos lying on smoking cancer link. Applies to barkha'ing of news, eg advani 'apology'