Saturday, February 19, 2011

Traitorous Islamic jihadists use Kerala as a stepping stage

Traitorous Islamic jihadists use Kerala as a stepping stage: "

Proliferation of jihad CDs worries Kerala cops

KOCHI: Confirming fears of jihadi operatives still active in Kerala, the police have revealed wide circulation of foreign-origin CDs capable of triggering violent and seditious feelings in the state’s youth. Suspected fundamentalists are carrying out the operation through ideological camps, they said.A copy of one such CD, seized by the police during a raid on the premises of a suspected fundamentalist, accessed exclusively by the Express from official sources, confirmed that the contents are ‘highly seditious and antinational in nature.’‘‘The CD was seized by the Special Investigation Team during the raids launched in connection with the palm-chopping incident of Thodupuzha Newman College lecturer T J Joseph,’’ a senior police official said. Though the police have ascertained the circulation of such CDs in the state after seizing one from the residence of a suspected Popular Front of India (PFI) activist in Aluva on July 8 last year, they are still not sure of the total number of such CDs being distributed in the state and from where these are sourced by fundamentalists for the purpose of indoctrination.“These CDs are still being circulated in the state and are used to brainwash the youth,’’ a senior police official said adding that the Internal Security InvestigationTeam currently probing the CD seizure case is yet to move an inch forward in the case nine months after its seizure. According to top police officials, the CDs are reportedly prepared by foreign terrorist agencies, mainly the Taliban, and are circulated among certain organisations in the state to instigate hatred and violence in the minds of youngsters and prepare them for cold-blooded murders.‘’There are video clippings of various incidents where people are beheaded and violated. Certain videos depict the brutal murder of hostages taken into custody by the Taliban and other similar terrorist organisations.”"The contents are horrifying. The CDs depict the various means used to finish off a person. Repeated watching of such brutal visuals will upset the mental balance of an individual, affect his logical judgment and make him resort to violence,” said the police official.