Saturday, September 8, 2012

If Gandhi and Nehru were not representatives of the Hindus, why did they assume power in truncated India?

Gandhi and Nehru did not say publicly even once in their whole life, that they were representatives of the Hindus. One of the serious charge against them is. “What right had they to assume powers to rule Truncated India, which was meant to be homeland for the Hindus, even as per statements of Jinnah. If they had any moral courage, they should have told the Viceroy that they did not represent the Hindus, and power should be handed over to the representatives of the Hindus.

Even the British government transferred power to Nehru and the Congress under the impression that they represented Hindus. In December 1946, when Baldev Singh along with Nehru and Jinnah went to London, they were mentioned by the British press as representatives of the Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs (the Tribune dated 27-1-1948). It is clear that Nehru went there as a representative of Hindus, but he never preformed his duties towards Hindus. This shows that when they attended the meetings with the British govt. or with Mr. Jinnah, they behaved, posed as representatives of the Hindus only to get hold of the share of the Hindus, but betrayed them later. Their followers should explain this misconduct of their leaders.


  1. Preface
  2. Cruelty unlimited committed by Gandhi
  3. Gandhi and Nehru family guilty of killings of 4 million Hindus
  4. Gandhi in aid of Muslim killers of Kolkata Hindus
  5. Gandhi prevented Muslims of East Punjab from migrating to Pakistan in 1947.  Master Tara Singh opposed Gandhi.
  6. Gandhi and Nehru created Kashmir problem, and responsible for killings of Hindus.
  7. Gandhi’s treacherous Non-violence, Ahimsa.
  8. Gandhi’s opposition to Hindi and support of Urdu.
  9. Gandhi’s opposition to Hindi and support of Urdu – continued.
  10. Gandhi Suggested Dalits-weaker section of Hindus to embrace Islam and Christianity. Hindus should be grateful to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
  11. According to Gandhi, Lord Rama and Krishna never existed.
  12. Gandhi denounced Arya Samaj and Swami Dayanand.
  13. Gandhi’s treacherous behavior on Martyrdom of Swami Shardhanand and Sardar Bhagat Singh.
  14. He denounced Arya Samaj and Hindu Mahasabhas non-violent movement as communal and anti-national, and supported the oppressor Nizam, the Muslim Ruler of Hyderabad.
  15. Gandhi’s treacherous truthfulness, and telling that Pakistan could be created over his dead body.
  16. Gandhi was a coward. He did not say “Hey  Ram”, but urinated. Frothing and fuming in his mouth.
  17. Mr. Jinnah was reasonable to Hindus. It was Gandhi who betrayed Hindus.
  18. If Gandhi and Nehru were not representatives of the Hindus, why did they assume the power in Truncated India?
  19. Gandhi said that Army should clear latrines. Insult the brave soldiers.
  20. Gandhi and the Gandhians are the biggest enemy of India.
  21. Gandhi’s son Ramdas Gandhi, castigated his father and said that “your life has become curse for Hindu Jati”.
  22. Gandhi and Gandhism has given to India, inauspicious days of 15th August, 26th January and insult in the shape of Tricolor flag.
  23. Gandhi’s claim of direct communication with God.
  24. He indulged in self-praise. Tried to justify himself as father of the Nation.
  25. Gandhi encouraged sings and Adharma.
  26. Gandhi’s Jawahar “A gem” was drinking alcohol on the mid-night of 14th-15th  August 1947.
  27. Gandhi’s simple living was humbug.
  28. Mr. Jinnah as Governor General of Pakistan, did not allow Gandhi to meet him.
  29. Homage to Nathu Ram Godse and assassination of Gandhi.
  30. All followers of Gandhi are sinful criminals.