Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shadow Warrior: Who rules Kerala now?

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    • the cry of the dispossessed hindu minority in kerala. demographics: 30% christist, 30% mohammedan, 30% communist, 10% hindus
    • Generally speaking, the Christian-Muslim power elite determine the outcome of every policy.
    • The disorganized majority Hindus can only participate in the election process and they have no organized voice in candidate selection or in any policy formulation that affects the majority Hindus. The numerical Hindu majority have no political content whatsoever in determining crucial issues affecting them. Whether it is Devasom Bill, Sabarimala or the management of Hindu Temples, Hindus stand alone on the sidelines. Marxist or Congress MLAS with a Hindu name are very eager to "go along to get along" –and they are available to help the Christian-Muslim power-elite and the phony secular party bosses.
    • There is not a single MLA in Kerala assembly dares to say in public "I am Hindu".
    • The mass media-newspapers, magazines, television and radio in Kerala are one outlet for Christian-Muslim opinion shaping network.
    • It is time for caste based organizations to reformulate their strategies based upon Hindutva. Through the years they have groped for ways to unite their caste followers. It was not altogether successful. In response to the social-political and economic forces impinging upon Hindus, the caste organization must join together and work for Hindu unity.
    • Hindus must assert themselves and demand redress from their tormentors. Currently, Hindus are dangerously defensive and protecting themselves by denial, passivity, apathy, and indifference.