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Protest against defamation of Hindu Icons by Mail Today - Hindu Deities |

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    • Contact Address:

      Registered Office: F-26, 1st floor Connaught place, Delhi-110001

      Bharat Bhushan,
      Editor, Mail Today,
      13th Floor,Videocon Tower,
      E-1, Jhandewalan Extn.,New Delhi - 110 055
      Write to the Editor:

      Sales and Marketing:
      15/17, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg,
      Near Gole Market, New Delhi - 110 001.
      Ph: +91 11 2346 8000.

      Mail Today has printed  offensive cartoons of Hindu idols by cartoonist R. Prasad on June 23 and June 25

    • Picture 1 : The cartoonist has compared wolf's howling to the chanting of Om.

    • Picture 2 : Lord Rama deployed as security guard outside BJP headquarters till its leaders redefine Hindutva.

Samarth: Honest, Righteous & Devout Hindus are needed! - Samarth |

Muslims corporators get angry after hearing 'Sambhajinagar' - Attacks |

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    • Sambhajinagar (Maharashtra)
    • In a general body meeting of the Municipality, hearing Nagarsevaks uttering Sambhajinagar in place of Auragabad, Muslim Nagarsevaks got infuriated.
    • They started shouting, ‘Allah Ho Akbar’ climbing on the tables.
    • Nagarsevak, Shri. Ganu Pande of Municipality under the rule of alliance of Shivsena  and BJP took the name of the city as Sambhajinagar. Hearing this expression Nagarsevak of National Congress, Salim Maula started shouting on loudspeaker that the members would have to refer to the city as Aurangabad only.

I am sorry: Chidambaram tells Kandhamal riot victims

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    • The Home Minister, who is on a two-day visit to Orissa, met the victims living in relief camps set up after a series of communal clashes following the killing of 85-year-old VHP leader Swami Laxmananda Saraswati in August last year.


      "I am sorry that certain things happened last year and you have been brought to these camps. But you must go back to your villages. I am here to tell you, don't fear," he said.

    • "Whatever happened was wrong. Build your churches and practice your dharma," he said.


      When some refugees spoke of fear of RSS and Bajrang Dal, the Home Minister assured then that the guilty will be "prosecuted and punished."

Hindu extremist accused in murder and vandalism arrested

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    • By: Babu Thomas
    • Shailendra Chauhan alias Uday Singh, an alleged aide of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, prime accused in 2008 Malegaon blasts case, was arrested for his involvement in several attacks on churches, police sources said.

      In 2008, October 19, the accused murdered Fr Conrad Dominic Xavier (25) at Sector 20 in Noida. Again early this year, the 25-year-old radical Hindu allegedly attacked a Christian priest with a poison filled injection.

      During investigation it was revealed that Chauhan was a close aide of Sadhvi Pragya Singh and is a member of two right wing extremist organisations - Vishwa Hindu Mahasangh and Abhinav Bharat.

Hindu priest's family attacked in UK - Indians Abroad - World - The Times of India

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    • LONDON
    • Northern Ireland police have beefed up security at the Indian Community Centre in North Belfast after family of a Hindu priest came under racial attack by a gang of youths.
    • Bidit Dey, office manager at the centre said, "police did not actually stop by or call in to see her after the attack."
    • A police spokeswoman on Saturday said a police unit patrolled the area in response to the reports of the attack but did not enter the building itself.

The New Straits Times Online: Appeals Court reinstates suit in conversion case

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    • PUTRAJAYA: The Court of Appeal yesterday reinstated a suit filed by a storekeeper for several declaratory relief on his legal status as a Muslim.
    • Zaina, 58, and his three children,
    • In his affidavit, Zaina said his father converted to Islam for the purpose of marriage but he (the father) continued to live as a Hindu.

      As such, Zaina said, he too continued to practice Hindu rituals and customs.
    • In 1980, Zaina registered a non-Muslim marriage and all his three children carried Hindu names.
    • However, his identity card and other official records carried the Muslim name.

Border tense ahead of Suthep visit -

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    • Border tense ahead of Suthep visit
    • The situation remains tense along the border near Preah Vihear after Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's refusal to discuss the Hindu temple during Thai Deputy PM Suthep Thaugsuban's visit today.
    • Tensions have been mounting along the border near the Hindu temple since last week, when the Thai government decided to maintain its objection to Preah Vihear's World Heritage inscription.

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Training camp by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA

    • The Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) has planned to conduct a Training camp named Sangh Siksha Varg 2009 from June 28th 2009 to July 5th 2009 at Mount Kare CA and Camp Wrightwood CA, respectively.
    • The Sangh Siksha Varg is an excellent opportunity for young and adults to learn about Hindu heritage through the various Shakha activities while at the same time having fun and making new friends. The camp also encourages parents to accompany their kids so that even the adults can be in touch of their Hindu culture and heritage. Please register  in  to receive an email about the camp details.

Hindus, Muslims and Hindi films - Columns -

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    • First Cut | Priya Ramani
    • In 2005, a colleague calculated that the net box office impact of the three Khans of Bollywood, since they first hit the big screen was an astounding Rs1,906 crore
    • All the three Khans are liberal Muslims who until recently never really discussed their religion or religious identity.
    • Salman Khan was born to a Hindu mother and a Muslim father. Aamir Khan divorced a Hindu woman, then married another Hindu woman. And Shah Rukh Khan? Everyone knows the story of how he wooed Delhi girl Gauri Chibba and married her more than 15 years ago.


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    • Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari
    • Distorted History of Qutb Minar:
    • Firstly, all the barbaric Muslims invaders, like Muhammaf Ghori, Qutb-ud-din Aibak, Firuz Shah Tughluq and their lot, came to India to plunder its wealth and not to erect a minaret, like the Qutb Minar, by spending money.
    • Though the so called secular historians are projecting these barbaric invaders as great builders and great admirers of art, sculpture and architecture, it becomes hard to believe that those cruel killers and lecherous vandals had any affinity for art and culture.
    • Thirdly, Hasan Nizami, the court chroniclers and biographer of Qutb-ud-din, has narrated so many events of the times of Qutb-ud-din, in his Taj-ul-masir. Then how it comes that he forgot to mention erecting a splendid and magnificent exhibit of architecture like Qutb Minar by his master, in his Taj-ul-masir?
    • The locality of Delhi where the so called Qutb Minar stands, with its head high penetrating the sky, is known as Meherauli. Where from the name Meherauli has been derived?
    • So, it becomes evident that the place was once upon a time linked to a renowned personality called Mihir. Most of the scholars agree that this Mihir was no other than Varaha Mihira, the great mathematician and astronomer who used to grace the Royal Court of Emperor Vikramaditya Chandragupta-II and was one of the nine luminaries (Navaratna), called jewels, of his Court.
    • Real History Minaret, Now called Qutb Minar:
    • was a seat of learning or a university, where students used to come from far away places to learn and do research on mathematics, astronomy and astrology.
    • There were several residential buildings for the students and the teachers and 27 temples dedicated to 27 asterisms.
    • The pillar or the minaret, now called Qutb Minar, was used by the researchers as the astronomical observation tower and at that time, it was known as Meru (pole) Stambha (pillar).
    • According to another group of scholars, the other name of this pillar was Vishnu Dhwaj (Banner of Lord Vishnu) and the scholars agree that it was authored by the great astronomer Varaha Mihira.
    • It should be mentioned here that, like the Meru Stambha in Delhi , Varaha Mihir built a similar pillar in Ghazni , Afghanistan , but with bricks, in stead of sandstone. So, it becomes evident that both the Qutb Minar and the minaret at Ghazni were built nearly seven centuries before the arrival of the Muslim invaders and hence they were superb examples of Hindu architecture.
    • many of the fundamental forms of Persian architecture, such as the pointed and trefoil arches, the transverse vault, the octagonal form of building, the dome etc. were originated in India . … It is through such cultural contacts that art in the West acquired substance and individuality which the establishment of Islam could hardly change or alter.
    • It should also be mentioned here that, according to John Marshall, Qutb-ud-din built the Qutb Minar as a part of the Qutb-ul-Islam mosque for giving call to prayer or azan.[7] But this argument is not tenable due to two reasons.
    • Firstly, the Muslims build a minaret as a part of every mosque for giving call to prayers and sighting the moon during Eid-ul-fitr. But the distance in between the Qutb-ul-Islam mosque and the Qutb Minar renders the above argument not only absurd but ridiculous.
    • Secondly, considering the dimensions of the Qutb-ul-Islam mosque and the Qutb Minar, perhaps no one would be ready to accept that the latter is a part of the former because in that case, the chip would be tougher than the old block.
    • Thirdly, according to the Muslim chroniclers, Qutb-ud-din built the Qutb-ul-Islam mosque with the raw materials collected from the demolished 27 temples of the Qutb Complex. So, it becomes really difficult to believe that Qutb-ud-din built the main structure, the Qutb-ul-Islam mosque, with the raw materials of the demolished temples while he built the auxiliary structure, the Qutb Minar, with fresh raw materials by spending so much money.
    • It should be mentioned here that, Sir Syed Ahmed, the founder of the Aligarh Muslim University, used to believe that Qutb Minar had been authored by the Hindus and not by the Muslim rulers. In this context, it should also be noted that General Cunningham, the first Director of Archaeological Survey of India, used to hold the same view. [3]

Why has the BJP been losing its support steadily among the youth and urban educated middle class? | Promise of Reason

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    • BJP for youth
    • Ratnakar Sadasyula
    • The BJP’s right wing Hindutva ideology had large scale support among the urban educated middle classes, while its espousal of a capitalist economy enthused the youth. The reason why youth, including myself, supported the BJP in large numbers was its no nonsense stance on internal security and the country’s safety.
    • One thing needs to be kept in mind, while Hindutva did play a role in the BJP’s growth, it was an issue have a limited shelf time. A vast majority of the youth, who supported the BJP during the 90’s, did so because of its stand on economic issues, internal security and foreign policy.
    • The UPA rule presented many opportunities for the BJP to capture the youth vote bank. The agitation by AIIMS students in Delhi against Arjun Singh’s reservation gimmicks, the bungling in the dismissal of P.Venugopal Rao, the AIIMS head, the UPA’s ineffective management of internal security and most importantly 26/11.
    • And what really made the youth dissociate itself from the BJP has been the pub attacks in Mangalore and the antics of the Shri Ram Sene. I have seen many friends of mine, who were openly critical of their tactics, and mind you most of them are not the pub going, Westernized kind.
    • Trust me the moment the BJP comes up with a plan to revitalize higher education, its going to receive enthusiastic support from the youth. If the youth is veering towards Rahul Gandhi, its not because of his cute dimples, its because they feel that he could understand their concerns better. This is what the BJP needs to do immediately.

Pak PM orders fresh survey of dam site to protect temple

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    • Islamabad
    • Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani today directed authorities to conduct a fresh survey of the site of a dam in Balochistan province to ensure the protection of Hinglaj Mata temple, a shrine of the minority Hindu community.
    • The delegation expressed concerns about the temple being affected by the construction of Hingol Dam at Lasbela in Balochistan. Gilani directed the water and power ministry to carry out a fresh survey of the site to ensure the protection of the temple. He also asked the ministry to hold a meeting with representatives of the Hindu community to address their concerns.

Breaking the silence: ensuring justice for women | Bangladeshi Hindu - Portal to Hindu World!

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    • Child Prostitution in Bangladesh
    • Child Prostitution in Bangladesh
    • The whole system in Bangladesh is male-dominated, inspired by common prophet religions that have a culture of suppressing woman historically. We need to deal with these oppressors first. Many aw and wonderful steps had taken to bring an end to the suppression to woman and children but hopefully none of them succeed.
    • A Woman is Harassed by Police in Bangladesh
    • More than anything, the religion of Islam encourages the majority of people in Bangladesh in the historical cultural traditions of oppressing women. Laws can change, while religion inspires adherents through heaven and hell; in this light, how will jail or capital punishment be able to make any significant change?
    • A Woman is Harassed by Police in Bangladesh
    • The Prophet Mohammed said, “I was standing at the edge of the fire (hell) and the majority of the people going in were women.” When the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed guide the majority of people in Bangladesh, and the Quran (4:34) orders a man to beat his wife if she doesn’t obey him, how will the law prevent the beating of women? Laws and conventions contradict the holy sayings of the Prophet and Allah and will surely fail to ensure the rights of women.
    • William Gomes is an independent human rights activist ,Freelance Journalist and a political analyst. He can be reached at .

» Blog Archive » चांद मोहम्मद

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    • अक्षय कुमार
      डेटलाइन इंडिया
    • शिवसेना कार्यकर्ताओं ने फिजा के घर पर जाकर दोनों के खिलाफ नारेबाजी की। शिव सैनिकों ने कहा कि दोनों हिंदू होते हुए भी खुद को कभी मुस्लिम तो कभी हिंदू कहते हैं, यह बहुत गलत बात है। शिव सेना के चेयरमैन निशांत शर्मा ने कहा कि अगर चांद मोहम्मद अब चंद्रमोहन के नाम से कोई कार्यक्रम करते हैं तो इसका विरोध किया जाएगा। बाद में पुलिस ने उन्हें वहां से हटा दिया।

» Blog Archive » कश्मीरी लड़की ओबामा को सिखाएगी इस्लाम

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    • सुप्रिया रॉय
      डेटलाइन इंडिया

    • kashmiir के सोपिया शहर में इन दिनों जश्न मनाया जा रहा है। यहां की एक लड़की फरहा पंडित को अमेरिकी विदेश मंत्री हिलेरी क्लिंटन ने राष्ट्रपति भवन व्हाइट हाउस में मुस्लिम समुदाय का प्रतिनिधि नियुक्त किया है। किसी भारतीय को पहली बार यह सम्मान मिला है।
    • भारतीय कश्मीर की एक मुस्लिम महिला को व्हाइट हाउस में पूरे अमेरिका के मुस्लिमों का प्रतिनिधि बनाने को ले कर पाकिस्तानियों का नाराज होना समझ में आता है। पाकिस्तान सरकार ने तय किया है कि इस संबंध में वह व्हाइट हाउस से जवाब तलब करेगा।
    • पंडित परिवार 1970 में अमेरिका चला गया था जब फरहा सिर्फ चार साल की थी। उनके पिता मोहम्मद अनवर पंडित के पूर्वज पहले हिंदू ही थे मगर बाद में उन्होंने धर्म परिवर्तन किया मगर अपने नाम के आगे लगा पंडित शब्द नहीं छोड़ा।

» Blog Archive » सूचना का अधिकार कश्मीर में भी लागू होगा

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    • आलोक तोमर
      डेटलाइन इंडिया
    • अब कश्मीर में भी सूचना का अधिकार लागू होगा। कश्मीर को यह विशेषाधिकार प्राप्त है कि किसी भी केंद्रीय कानून को वह अपने यहां लागू करने से रोक सकता है। इसीलिए सूचना का अधिकार भी यहां लागू नहीं हो पाया।
    • जब देश की संसद एक कानून को लागू करने के लिए संसद से प्रस्ताव पारित करवा सकती है तो अक्षम्य और लगभग आपराधिक धारा 370 को हटाने के लिए कानून जारी क्यों नहीं कर रही, यह सोचने की बात है।