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Future of Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus – III

Future of Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus – III

B R Haran

Buddhist-Hindu unity needed to extinguish external forces

Apart from western forces, two more outside forces, Pakistan and China, could also spoil Indian attempts to move close to Sri Lanka.

The Northern Province also needs a Chief Minister and in the race are Samuel Chelvanayakam Chandrahasan, son of Samuel James Velupillai Chelvanayakam, Federal Party stalwart who fled the country in 1984 and did not return; and Anandasangaree, president of TULF, who consistently fought for the Tamil cause democratically and did not flee despite grave threats to his life.

Though both are against the LTTE, Anandasangaree commands more respect and affection from the Tamil community for staying with them and fighting for their rights. He is a Hindu and understands the aspirations of Tamil Hindus, who comprise 85 percent of the community. Yet political analysts feel India may attempt to get Chandrahasan as Chief Minister of the Northern Province as he is a Christian and may be preferred by the ‘Dravidian’ politicians of Tamil Nadu, who do not favour Anandasangaree. It would be better for Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus to choose Anandasangaree as their chief, as he would be a peaceful negotiator with the Sinhalese and would not become a puppet in the hands of the Dravidian-Christian nexus, besides being a senior political expert and sincere guide to Pillaiyan and Karuna (both Hindus).

They should be reminded of the Christianisation of Buddhist countries like South Korea. The Buddhist clergy must be enlightened about the importance of Buddhist-Hindu unity, which would in turn help the easy revival of peaceful co-existence between the communities.

Future of Sri Lanka’s Tamil Hindus – II

Future of Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus – II

B R Haran

Sinhala chauvinism may raise its head!

As almost 85% of Sri Lankan Tamils are Hindus, the re-Hinduisation of their Tamil identity must be taken up on war footing as the Dravidian-Christian combo is in doldrums after the defeat of the LTTE, and will take time to recoup.

President Rajapakse specifically mentioned Buddhist kings (Dutugemunu, Valagamba, Dhatusena and Vijayabahu) who defeated Tamil Kings (Datiya, Pitiya, Palayamara, Siva and Elara). He specifically addressed the Tamil Kings as “invaders.”

Any leader genuinely striving to ensure the freedom and equal rights of the largest minority would not have made such a prejudiced and divisive speech.

However, as a silver lining, a section of Sinhalese has been affectionate and helpful to Tamils. Several organizations from the south have been voluntarily sending food, clothes, etc to the relief camps in the north and many Sinhala doctors and paramedical staff have volunteered to work in the Vavuniya hospital to attend to injured Tamils.

It is the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora that is disgusting.

; a major section of the diaspora is either Christians or converted. This section willingly funded the LTTE, the other section did so out of compulsion. Last year, LTTE banned Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, including the ‘coconut breaking ceremony,’ and asked the Diaspora to send the funds earmarked for the celebration to the Tigers;

Reliable sources say some Buddhist monks have cautioned the President not to make any concessions as “winners do not make concessions” and that the roads in the north (Tamil areas) be renamed after war heroes.

, “Naked triumphalism is like salt to a wound.”

'Religious ceremonies responsible for water pollution!'

'Religious ceremonies responsible for water pollution!'

(Several factories that are leaving effluents into the sea and rivers are causing real pollution as it adversely affects sea or water beings. Compared to such pollution, the pollution caused due to performance of religious rites and rituals is negligible. But the anti-Hindu Yashawantrao Chavan Open University (YCOU) is holding religious rites responsible for pollution. – Editor).

करकरे, विनायक सेन, साध्वी प्रज्ञा, शहीद जवान

नईदुनिया अखबार (27 मई) में प्रकाशित समाचार के अनुसार मुम्बई हमले के शहीद हेमन्त
की पत्नी ने बताया है कि उन्हें रुपये 15,000/- का करकरे के "अन्तिम संस्कार
का बिल"(???)
दिया गया है। इसी प्रकार परिजनों को 25 लाख रुपये देने की घोषणा हुई
थी जिसमें से अब तक सिर्फ़ 10 लाख रुपये ही मिले हैं।

14 year Hindu boy grievously murdered, gets his face smashed by mohammedans for 'befriending' their 'sister'

14 year Hindu boy grievously murdered, gets his face smashed by mohammedans for 'befriending' their 'sister'

The 'secular' spindian express glossed over the mohammedan angle

The DNA reported the facts but ignored the 'communal angle'.
If a hindu had done this, this would have been a "brutal honour killing"

Punjab Burnt for a day

Punjab Burnt for a day

Manmohan Singh

Ravidasis are backward, not accepted socially by high cast Sikhs (Jats agrarian class). These Ravidasis are landless laborers and workers though some of them have non agricultural industries like leather processing units.

Punjab government allowed the situation to worsen to be en cashed for the coming bye-election.

Agitators were from the section of youth, with no work, from the group of unemployed numbering 18 lacs in Punjab.

On the government part youth of the Punjab need work and employment. This is to be started now unless the things take ugly turn and politicians utilize the situation for their ends, with fresh wounds to be healed for the decades to come.

Complete truth and history of Ayodhya

Complete truth and history of Ayodhya

* VivekaJyoti *

from savarkar_vinayak
subject You Know Truth Of Ayodhya?

We seen Ayodhya as a birth place of Ram or A place where Babar attacked....or a disputed land for media and a Ram mandir place for Hindus from years. But whats complete truth and history of Ayodhya if want to know visit RSS youtube channel.

Channel Link :-

Links of Video
Part 1:-
Part 2:-
Part 3:-
Part 4:-
Part 5:- com/watch? v=bHkCVRl1 n4k

Could US Credit Fuel India's Rise?

Could US Credit Fuel India's Rise?

Shadow Warrior

The carry trade. That's when countries with low-interest policies see their money borrowed out and invested in other countries where the interest rates are high. That description fits the US and India quite accurately right now. Could the flood of cheap credit in the US result in a massive influx of investment capital into India?

Well, at least we don't have to bomb our own people for cash, like the Pakistanis.

BJP after its defeat: Hand-wringing is not introspection

BJP after its defeat: Hand-wringing is not introspection

Agent Provocateur
Kanchan Gupta

What has not been highlighted is the BJP's victory in Malegaon (Maharashtra) which has a huge Muslim population (said to be 50 per cent).

It is not surprising that this minor detail should have been ignored both by 'secular' media and those in the BJP who are wringing their hands for not sacking Varun Gandhi for his intemperate comments which, they believe, contributed to the party's defeat in the polls.

Till now there are no indications of any honest introspection by the BJP or an attempt to do a proper analysis. Everybody's covering up for everybody, which makes sense: Maintain the status quo so that nobody's affected.

Here are some random causative factors that contributed to the BJP's humiliating defeat in Election 2009:

1. BJP lacks credibility. Voters don't trust the BJP, or what its present leaders have to say. For instance, when the BJP talks of terrorism, its record in office tells a different story.

2. BJP lacks moral authority. It's not enough to preach. You should be seen to be practising rectitude.

3. BJP is neither fish nor flesh. Desperate to be endorsed by the 'secular' media, the English-speaking commentariat and the social elite of Delhi and Mumbai, the BJP has transmogrified itself into a 'B' team of the Congress.

Frankly, it all boils down to the BJP's 'IQ' -- Integrity Quotient.

The BJP today reminds me of Sisyphus.