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स्टॉक(staak) बहुत है.

स्टॉक(staak) बहुत है.: "

A Sad Story of Study in Sanskrit

A Sad Story of Study in Sanskrit: "

*** Sad Story of Study in Sanskrit
by Dr Jyotsna Kamat ***

Meanwhile Arvind was trying for a teaching job in school or college throughout the state. Corruption is rampant every where in India. A huge amount is expected as donation by the institutions, which advertise the post. The government is the only employer and pressure for employment is such that entrance examination for teachers’ jobs has become compulsory. Qualifying age is increased and job aspirants’ numbers are mind boggling. Arvind is ready to take any job, clerical, teaching or management.

P.S. Please do leave a comment here in case you are aware of any suitable employment opportunities for Arvind. I hope to speak to him sometime over the next few days and will be mentioning about these two posts to him: Public Service post on Positions, Vacancies in Indic Studies and Mathematics, History and worms eating manuscripts…

Picture of Sanskrit Scholar Arvind Shanbhag, courtesy Dr Kamat

Protest: Auction of M F Husain's paintings by AstaGuru

Protest: Auction of M F Husain's paintings by AstaGuru: " is an online auction house and it has kept paintings by Anti-Hindu and Anti-National painter M F Husain on sale. All Hindus and patriotic Indians should protest lawfully against it."

Defamatory painting of Sri Shiva, Sri Parvati and Sri Ganesh by Anti-Hindu M F Husain

ppeal to devout Hindus is an online auction house and it has kept paintings by Anti-Hindu and Anti-National painter M F Husain on sale. These paintings also contain semi nude painting of Hindu Gods viz. Sri Shiva, Sri Ganesh and Sri Parvati. is glorifying pervert painter like M F Husain. It is duty of all Hindus to protest lawfully against the website so that it should remove pictures of Anti-Hindu M F Husain and it should also render unconditional apology for hurting sentiments of Billions of Hindus and Indians.

The link for the auction page is :

Protest: Auction of M F Husain's paintings by AstaGuru

Protest: Auction of M F Husain's paintings by AstaGuru: " is an online auction house and it has kept paintings by Anti-Hindu and Anti-National painter M F Husain on sale. All Hindus and patriotic Indians should protest lawfully against it."

1. Dnyanesh Maharao, the play-wright says in the beginning of the play that – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was not religious. He believed in humanity and believed in the principle that ‘all religions are equal; therefore, people still remember him.”

2. All religious people are cunning.

5. Maharaj asks his devotee to call Kubera when a person tells him about his financial problems. The devotee says that the Deity of wealth is Lakshmi. Maharaj says, “Lakshmi does not keep her promises; therefore, call up Kubera only.”

6. There is a sentence in the play that ‘The father of Gods is thief.”

7. One devotee asks, “ When I perform ‘shraddha (post-death rites)’ because my father is dead; a crow flies to 3 windows and pecks in the food. That means how many affairs did my father have?”

9. There is a statement that “Politicians’s step is like the step of Namdev.”

10. A person is looking at a woman in indecent manner when recitation of ‘Ghalin Lotangan…’ is going on.

11. When devotional songs by Saint Tukaram are sung, the men and women are indulging in some pranks.

INDIAN MEDIA’S LATEST STRATEGY: Ignore Sonia loot. Focus on Jaitley misquote.

INDIAN MEDIA’S LATEST STRATEGY: Ignore Sonia loot. Focus on Jaitley misquote.: "

I hope you got it.

Sonia has looted nation’s exchequer to the tune of lakhs of crores.

She has made a mockery of democracy by purchasing MPs for 10 crore apiece.

She has made a mockery of Hindutva through fake charge on terrorism.

And… yet, all that our honourable media does is to focus on Arun Jaitley’s misquote.

Arun Jaitley is just a red-herring. Sonia is the real thing. Nothing official about it.


Delusions of Intellect

Delusions of Intellect: "

Ramachandra Guha is a deconstructionist’s delight, a hypocrite’s role model and a template for aspiring court historians. What does St. Stephen’s feed its wards that entire armies of them become Hindu haters and gatekeepers of the West? The list of its alumni who’ve made it big is truly horrifying: Natwar Singh, Digvijay Singh, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Khushwant Singh, Barkha Dutt, Mukul Kesavan, Prem Shankar Jha, Samir Jain, Vikram Chandra, and Ramachandra Guha. All of them, ultra-careerists endowed with a special knack of recognizing the buttered side of the bread, all of them united by the tough fibre of visceral hatred for the Sangh Parivar and the BJP. And of late, Narendra Modi.

Guha’s latest piece is a generous outpouring of smelly textual excreta that flows over 1286 words. And that’s putting it charitably: you can’t dignify this horrendous retching by terming it a personal attack on Narendra Modi. Guha doesn’t have a point unless you want to call vile pamphleteering as a point. And he fails spectacularly at the said vile pamphleteering. Mr. Guha, I’ll show you how it’s done.

Ram Guha is the latest proof that Mahatma Gandhi still retains career-making prospects of epic proportions. From a cricket commentator-historian to Pontificator on Everything From Ecology to Arundhati Roy to Hagiographer as Historian , Guha has traversed thousands of miles. On occasion, he loves to share his wet dreams about the fact that he’s engaged in researching on the Mahatma and that it’s educative, transformative, blah blah blah. The one thing he doesn’t say is this: how much of what he’s learnt from Gandhi does he actually practice. Your answer is as good as mine: none. Gandhi was the king of frugal living. Guha wears his suits, knows his cocktails, travels by cars and flights and attends expensive book release functions. This is a gushing, fawning, almost-slavish and for those very reason, very accurate “profile” of the guy who goes around today preaching about the subliminal impact Gandhi can have on your life. Gandhi preached and practiced the dictums of hate none and forgive thy enemy. Guha has left behind massive trails of undisguised BJP, Hindutva, Modi, and Sangh Parivar-bashing. Gandhi’s ishta devata (personal God of choice and liking) was Rama while Guha’s mouth-frothing incoherence on the Ram Mandir issue is well-known. Gandhi spun the charaka as a means to cleanse the soul of impurities. We know what Guha spins.

Are these the transformative experiences Guha has had in his soul-altering research on the Mahatma including the stuff about the Sabarmati Ashram?

Here’s the thing Mr. Guha: you see what you want to see. There’s no other way or explanation. You travel to Ahmedabad and fail to see the commendable BRT implementation in the city. Instead, you see some monument built to honour Mahatma Gandhi and get all riled up like a braindead model who found a pimple on her cheek. Really, who’s paranoid here, Mr. Guha? Finally, if you hate Modi so much, you should as a matter of principle, stay away from Gujarat.

Mr. Ramachandra Guha, how can you look at yourself in the mirror?

Astological Prediction over Telangana formation

Astological Prediction over Telangana formation: "

Telangana will be a reality during June 22-26 2011 ,
Says Prominent Astrologer Sri VBN Sharma

The following article is published in Andhra Jyothy daily on March 16 2011 . I’am reposting the same . Dr. V B N Sarma Kulapati (Jyothisha Vignana Peetam) Visiting Professor (Potti Sriramulu Tel. Univ.) Experience of more than 70 years in the field of Astrology. Learnt KP system from Sri KS Krishnamurti. VBN Sharma is resident of Hanumakonda .

Shivsena, BJP enraged over the writing based on ‘caste’ on the floats by PMC

Shivsena, BJP enraged over the writing based on ‘caste’ on the floats by PMC: "Shivsena, BJP enraged over the writing based on ‘caste’ on the floats by Pune Municiapal Corporation (PMC) ! PMC's communal attitude expressed in the procession on account of Shiv-jayanti (Birth Anniversary of Shivaji Maharaj)"

Revival of the mosque on the road where temple was demolished by PMC stayed

Revival of the mosque on the road where temple was demolished by PMC stayed: "Pune (Maharashtra): PMC had demolished a Temple in Khanduji baba square citing obstruction to the palanquin. But allowed revival of a mosque at the same place. Now the revival has been stayed after opposition by Pro-Hindus."

Stop grave denigration of Sriram and Sita on FACEBOOK

Stop grave denigration of Sriram and Sita on FACEBOOK: "A page has been created by some miscreants on Facebook on which Hindu gods and goddesses are denigrated in a most malicious manner. It is duty of all Hindus to protest against it, so that Facebook will remove defamatory page."

It is high time all ardent Hindus registered protest with Facebook management and ask it to delete the page. As per the procedure, when maximum number of protests are received by Facebook management, it removes the page.

The Hindus should use the following links to request Facebook to remove the page :

1) Go to

2) Click on 'Report page' option which is on the left side.

3) Click on 'Contains hate speech or attacks on individual'.

4) Click on 'targets a religious group'.

5) Click on 'Submit'

Systematic Glorification of ‘love jihad’ at Nagothane

Systematic Glorification of ‘love jihad’ at Nagothane: "Nagothane (Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra): In a program held recently by Sarpanch Farman sheth Dafedar, a Muslim advocate Neha Raut (Hindu before marriage) glorified the ploy of ‘love jihad’."

Advocate Mrs. Neha Raut said, “I was a Hindu; but I converted to Islam after marrying a Muslim. My mother-in-law taught me to read ‘namaz’ whereas my father-in-law taught me to cook kabab-biryani.”

She also said that since there is likelihood of the ‘mangalsutra’ getting robbed, there was no need to wear it.

Swamy asks PM not to attend India-Pakistan semis

Swamy asks PM not to attend India-Pakistan semis: "

CHENNAI: Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy today asked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh not to attend the India-Pakistan cricket World Cup semi-final at Mohali next Wednesday, saying it would create “undue pressure” on Indian players.”It also would amount to betrayal of National Security Guard (NSG) jawans who laid down their lives during the 2008 Mumbai attacks. For March 30 is also the founding day of NSG,” he told reporters here.He said Manmohan Singh was scheduled to attend an NSG function in the morning and attend the match in the afternoon that day.Prime Minister had invited Pakistani to watch the match.”We have centrally held Pakistan guilty of the Mumbai attacks. It won’t be proper for him to share the dais with Pakistani leaders which is a betrayal of NSG jawans’ sacrifice,” he said.He suggested that the Prime Minister may host the winner of the semi-final clash at his house later.


Kerala Christian joins BJP

Kerala Christian joins BJP: "
mar 25th, 2011 CE

bjp begins self-destruction act, yet again.

alphons is best-known for self-aggrandizement. and for complete lack of scruples.

he was a CPM-supported independent MLA till recently. and there were news reports that alphons was summoned by rahul to be on some panel of high muckity-mucks.

so alphons' loyalty -- such as it is -- is worth pretty little.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sri
Date: Fri, Mar 25, 2011 at 6:28 PM
Subject: Kerala Christian joins BJP

Ex-IAS officer K J Alphons joins BJP


Agitated crowd attack Swami Agnivesh in Chhattisgarh

Agitated crowd attack Swami Agnivesh in Chhattisgarh

Dornapal (Dantewada) :Agitated crowd, comprising of women and a group of Special Police Officers (SPOs), threw eggs at social activist Swami Agnivesh, hurled abuses, pulled him out of his car, pushed him around and forced him to return as he was proceeding towards Tadmetla near Chintalnar where the security forces had allegedly set more than a 100 houses ablaze following the death of their three colleagues in an encounter with Maoists on March 14.

Swami Agnivesh, accompanied by Acharya Rishi and other representatives of Art of Living, had left the rest house at Sukma early in the morning on their way to Chintalnar to meet the people whose houses where burnt by the security forces and to provide relief material to them. Unknown people, suspected to be SPOs belonging to the Koya Commandos, followed the three member delegation and the media personnel accompanying Swamy in vehicles without number plates throughout the nearly 40 Kms stretch up to Dornapal.

A large number of people, including women, were present at Dornapal crossing, blocking the road that leads to Chintalnar. As Swamy Agnivesh’s vehicle stopped, few people gathered around his vehicle and shouted “Are we all animals? Don’t we have any human rights? See these women. They are widows of Errabore, where the Maoists had set ablaze a relief camp killing more than 33 people few years ago”.

Even as few people were shouting at Swamy Agnivesh and others, few women forcibly opened the vehicle’s door and pulled him out and pushed him around while a group of youths searched his vehicle and took away bags and other valuables. These youths also snatched camera, mobile phones and bags from a couple of media personnel and pushed them accusing the media of playing into the hands of rights activists and directly and indirectly supporting the Maoists. The youth, apparently SPOs, were alert to ensure that no photographs are taken.

“Where were you when 76 security personnel were massacred by the Maoists at Tadmetla in April last year? Where were you when the Naxalites set the relief camp on firefew years and burnt 33 people, including children, alive few years ago?”, the agitated crowed threw questions at Swamy Agnivesh, Art of Living Gurus and at the media personnel accompanying them.

Agnivesh’s reply that he and others had always condemned all acts of violence provoked the agitators, including women, who hurled abuses at them raising slogans “ Pakdi wale vapas jao”. The people also deflated the tyres of the vehicles, saying that they would not allow them to proceed to Chintalnar. However, someone in the crowd was heard asking the youth the return the belongings, including those of media personnel, before they could return.

Later, the mob took Swamy Agnivesh and others to their vehicle and forced them to leave. A group of tribal women and others got on to other vehicles and followed his vehicle for about 20 Kms so as to ensure that the team did not return to Dornapal. The people also snatched blankets and other materials which were meant to the distributed to the people of three villages whose houses were burnt down in the second week of this month.

After Swami Agnivesh and others left, the villages blocked National Highway 30—which connects Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh—to prevent movement of people towards Chintalnar.

As everyone was returning to block headquarters Sukma, this correspondent got a call on cell phone and the female voice on the other side identified herself as Comrade Niti, commander of CPI (Maoist) East Batar Divisional Committee. She read out a statement condemning the burning of houses by the security forces and communicated CPI (Maoist) decision to call a bandh in April against the “police brutalities”. She said there would be an “economic blockade” next month but schools, hospitals and colleges and other essential services would be exempted.

Comrade Niti and her team had abducted five policemen few months ago and later they were released after Swami Agnivesh, Rights activist Gautam Navlaka mediated for their release from captivity.

Apart from Dornapal, hundreds of people, who are staying in the relief camps at Errabore and Pollampalli, had gathered on the way from Dornapal to Chintalnar to prevent Swamy Agnivesh and media personnel from reaching Tadmetla. Most of the relief camps—which were set up by the government after the Salwa Judum movement— are being guarded by the Special Police Officers (SPOs), the local youth recruited on honorarium basis, to assist the security forces.

“Every action seemed that someone had taught them to do so. I am going back to Sukma and wait to talk to Chief Minister Raman Singh. Suspicious people are following us in vehicles without number plates. What does it mean? “, Swami Agnivesh told the Indian Express while returning from Dornapal.

The situation in this entire tribal region is tense for more than a week—resembling a police Raj-- as the security personnel, mostly SPOs belonging to the Koya Commando are carrying out searches of vehicles to prevent outsiders from visiting Tadmetla, Morpalli and Timmapuram villages. Media personnel from Andhra Pradesh as well as Chhattisgarh were not allowed to proceed to these villages, citing one reason or the other and drivers are being threatened not to take any passengers to the area.

Even the local government staff is scared of the SPOs said a group of government staff, who went to these villages yesterday to supply relief material and food to the affected tribals, were threatened by the SPOs not the visit this area again. “SPOs have become reckless. Somehow we managed to return to Dornapal”, a government who accompanied the team said.

The latest incident of burning of houses has resulted in escalation of tension in the area with the local, supported by the police and the SPOs, on one side and the Maoists and their supporters on the other side.

It is time for Indians to question Chinese rule over Tibet (Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva)

Separating North East from India via invading Arunchal says Chinese blog by D S Rajan: "
mar 27th, 2011 CE

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: sanjeev nayyar

Interesting blog. Indian Army should be prepared to fight on various fronts in the case of a Chinese attack in Arunachal. One is in Arunachal. Two in Ladakh. Three in Jammu and Kargil (Chinese in Gilgit0. Four unrest in Himachal Pradesh in case Tibetan refugees or Chinese moles create problems and Five in Punjab. The Pakis might not attack us but could have their tanks on the Punjab border creating a pressure point.
China lays its claim to Arunachal on the premise that Tibet is hers. It is time for Indians to question Chinese rule over Tibet. Tibet was never theirs. If at all it was always part of India, in a deeper spiritual sense. Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva is in Tibet never China. GOI might not question publicly but INDIANS CAN.